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  1. I don't intend to make the ability kill, i want to make it viable without having to basically spam it all the time. the augment helps, but imo, is a waste of slot
  2. I don't play with Nyx that often, in fact, it's the first time i've played with her since i got her on the last unvaulting, but if anyone is interested, here are my 2 cents on her. I think DE is definetely taking a step in the right direction. First and second abilities seem alright with the rework changes, power with scalability is always nice if not a most in higher levels, that said, i agree with @HuskyTheMilo, Chaos should get a look too, enemies barely do anything except standing there, and because of that, i just use 3, kill the enemies, and move on, while the ability isn't even a third of the way through its duration, so i have to pop it back in for the next "batch" (maybe i'm playing her wrong, but i like to always be moving, which seems to be a key part of this game). Chaos, here's a few ideas: 1. Each enemy affected by chaos offers enemies or allies in range a damage buff, buff also scales with power strength, (too OP?). 2. Enemies that attack you charge a multiplier that affects the damage of your next ability, but if Chaos is recasted it gets another 10 meters added to its the range (not affected by range mods). 3. Each enemy in range gives you 1 health/s for 5 seconds.
  3. Are you delaying Fortuna launch because of garuda, or bugs? both? Or something else entirely?
  4. Thnk you for the update. Auto-install on sculptures is awesome I found a few problems: Limbo Catalysm makes arbitration drones invulnerable. Arbitrations still have low spawn rate to hold up survival missions.
  5. Now that the archwing launchers are infinite. why do we need the blueprint to make 50 of them? Suggestion: reduce the cost since we no longer need such a hefty price to make 49 unusable archwing launchers. we also don't need it to be reusable. i had to make 50 archwing launchers just to be able to use it in the plains again.
  6. Pablo already confirmed the auto install button on ayatan stars it's coming
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