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  1. It honestly could be client related.. at the moment I can't remember if I was in a squad or solo. I just know I was mostly doing Lich related stuff this past couple weeks and I do those solo. I'll have to check again when I can and make an edit. Hope at least the accidental Heavy Attacks is handled though.
  2. Doesn't seem like the proper area to post this, but there wasn't any weapon specific sections. Anyway.. Firstly, since the last update I realized that Long Press for Heavy Attack came back. Major problem though is it seems to work accidentally and is interrupting my combos. Worse yet, the accidental Heavy Attacks are now making me essentially, for no reason, waste the combo counter I was building. Considering you can completely miss any targets and it'll still deplete completely, this problem is exacerbated further.. I thought maybe I was pressing the Melee button too quickly, but then soon realized that it would happen even if I quickly tapped the button once. Then I thought maybe my PC has some stuck keys, but no, the problem persisted no matter where I mapped my Melee button. It feels like a bug, but if it is intentional, please allow players to use the button they mapped themselves for melee attacks. Holding Melee (if you're adamant about keeping it) should be an option we can turn off. I much prefer where I mapped my keys, and at least then there will be no such thing as an accidental button press or a misinterpretation by the game on whether I want to use the Heavy or not. (What made me sure it was more likely a bug was the fact that this does not happen when using exalted weapons. Holding Melee button does nothing.) Next issue is Life Strike. It seems to work fine on most of my melee weapons so far, but not on the Skiajati. At first I thought it was me missing the enemy, but after testing it, it seems not to matter if I cut the enemy clean in half with one swing. Life Strike works maybe... 10% of the time. I'd do 6 heavy attacks back to back, and I'd see my health hasn't changed at all. Idk if there's another weapon with this issue, but so far it's only on my Skiajati. Thank you for your time DE, or any relevant authority. Looking forward to a fix for both issues. Edit: Been playing on solo for a while and noticed the Life Strike issue with the Skiajati happens a lot less frequently. Still not sure what's going on or why it happens, but now the success rate is closer to 80% on a hit, maybe more. Still don't see the same problem on other weapons. Also the accidental Heavy Attacks almost seemed to get worse. Either that or it's becoming more and more noticeable the more I try to use my melee combos. I remember building a combo up to hit a Lich-Rank 5 Nox Thrall and bam! Random Heavy Attack. Swung at nothing. Sigh....
  3. I tried re-logging and it still persists. When I try to "Polarize" my weapon with forma, instead of using the forma I have, it brings up a prompt to buy forma for platinum. A single forma or the three forma bundle. Weirdly, very Polarization box says that I do in fact have forma to use, but still tells me buy instead. I checked to see if it was weapon specific, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Help would be appreciated. First noticed this a moment ago on my Komorex (currently 0 forma on it) in case that info is important. Sorry if this was the wrong channel to use... Update: I built another forma, and now the game says I have two forma. However, even though it allows me to forma now, it is still insisting the second forma does not exist despite it clearly saying 2 Forma. Pretty sure I'm not mistaken also. I started building forma two days ago, finished one, started another (which I just claimed), but I can't use the first one.
  4. Maxed with Vazarin & Zenurik waybounds. Perfection 💫
  5. I've even tried this set up😅. That "warm up" can be deadly. If I start the mission with EB I can build the counter, but I tend to only use EB when my regular melee weapon is struggling too much. Edit: if we're talking level 100+ it sorta takes too long. I'd have to stack the furious javelin with radial blind (or the slide attack blind) to get the needed damage. On its own, pretty weak until that 3X combo multiplier.
  6. So far the damage output on the test builds don't match up. Glad you mentioned the Waves. Those don't even add to the combo counter. I believe it may change to fit the melee rework, but I think the underlying problem will remain. Wasn't exactly hoping for a suggestion, rather someone at DE to look into it.
  7. Chromatic Blade and/or Condition Overload... that's pretty much it. Unless willing to make several compromises with your companion (making a stat stick) or sticking to the meta Exalted Blade's build variations seem very limited. If you're not doing high level missions, it doesn't really matter, but I feel like for the sake of higher level content exalted Blade should be looked at. Wukong's Staff seems to have a lot more freedom when it comes to builds. You're more likely to make it your own and tailor it to yourself. I don't get that with exalted Blade. What finally made me decide to make a post here though, is Sacrificial Steel. Without one or both those mods I mentioned in the beginning, Exalted Blade's damage output is sub par. I've tried dozens of builds and this sword of light is in no way a Crit weapon. It can't even benefit from Blood Rush like the Skiajati which has similar Critical Chance and Damage multiplier, and honestly Blood Rush is the Skiajati's saving grace if you try to make a crit build. It just feels like Sacrificial Steel highlighted the fact that exalted Blade can not be a stand alone crit weapon. What makes it worse, I applied the same build from my EB onto other melee weapons and somehow they performed better??? EB has stat numbers upwards in the Tens of Thousands but gets outclassed by my Skiajati or a random Zaw? I don't understand. I'm genuinely hoping this gets looked into. Even if it comes down to allowing blood rush so long as chromatic Blade and condition overload isn't equipped. It just doesn't add up. Edit: I'm fully aware of the stat stick methods but it seems like a compromise. Rather bring my Kubrow or a useful sentinel than subject my companion to being a mere placeholder buff for my weapon. I also know of the meta builds. Quite easy to replicate. Cuts through enemies like butter no matter the level. Edit 2: Melee 3.0 Phase 2 has arrived for a while now. After exploring, I actually enjoy the changes, though ik some won't agree to that. That's fine. Only came to make an edit because I realized, despite the changes... still no build variety. That is all. Last update. I promise. See y'all in-game 🙌🏾
  8. Oooo I love that idea. I'll look for that channel. I was supposed to explore this site in the first place. And yeah, it actually might have been an afterthought... 😕
  9. Heard of such a combination. Saw its really effective. But the fact that it needs such a work around has me a tad salty.
  10. I hope they make an augment too. Thanks for the reply. I think you're describing a build with Chromatic Blade. I actually have a really good build with that (181% Str for 100% Status), but began questioning why they gave this illusion of the weapon being crit viable. Primed Fury works great on its own, so technically don't need Berserker and in turn that Sacrificial Steel. I honestly wanted to ask them directly too, but... I don't think that's a thing?
  11. Hmm is this how I reply? Anyways, yeah I realize primed pressure is better than sacrificial, but I was mostly just wondering why Exalted Blade is limited so much in terms of builds and mods. If I remember right, DE said they don't like when people rely on a meta. I think one of the augments adds to the combo timer, but that's another mod slot you'll have to give up and the amount it ads feels lackluster. As for the Helios bit, that feels too much like a compromise unfortunately.. I'd have to reconfigure my loadout to do that. Rn, I'm enjoying doing long runs with my Kubrow. Thanks for the reply btw. Edit: Primed will provide a damage boost, but it'll leave the overall problem still there.
  12. Okay, new to the forums, bare with me... What's the point of the Sacrificial mods on the Exalted Blade (mostly Sacrificial Steel). I've tried dozens of varying configurations, but Exalted Blade does not seem like it's a viable crit weapon at all. It feels like without Chromatic Blade, Condition Overload or Both, a crit build just won't hold up against enemies. Worse yet, Blood Rush can not be equipped on it. So again, "why?" Compare Exalted Blade to the Skiajati which has similar Critical Chance and Critical Damage with the mods equipped. The Skiajati's saving grace in a crit build is Blood Rush. Without it, it's viable up to maybe level 50 enemies at best. LSS: On Non-Chromatic Blade/Condition Overload builds, Blood Rush should be allowed on Exalted Blade. In fact, I bet this is a problem on most exalted weapons. Would like to hear your thoughts on it. I'd like a Furious Javelin build with Critical Exalted Blade be viable. Edit: Melee has gotten a polarising overhaul (I actually like melee a lot better now, but who cares), and there were even changes to mods like Blood Rush, but it still can't be equipped, last I checked. Sure EB feels slightly stronger than before because of the combo counter changes and any stat changes to match, but... still not a good crit weapon which still leaves me asking.., "Why Sacrificial Steel?" Honestly, it's not even a great status based weapon with a base chance of, I believe 10%? However it was given mods to compensate for that, so why not for crit? Honestly, at this point, it just sounds like whining, but I just needed to make an update to this and end it there.
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