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  1. ShinTechG

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    Ok so current Arbitration on Kelashin (Neptune) - Survival infestation is bugged for almost everyone. No one in my entire clan and players in recruiting can start it. If you click the Arbitration in the alerts, it just starts a regular mission. Also, the arbitration itself isn't even showing up on the Planet's node
  2. ShinTechG

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan name: The Cursed Division Clan tier: Storm Clan Clan platform: PC Clan role: Clan Owner Below is just a tease of our massive underground cave! Don't wait until Fortuna to explore caves! Most of this amazing dojo transformation was constructed by our Architect Cabal and funded by a lot of our wonderful members! Thank you to all of you who contributed Oh, and we have an ice slide!! 😀
  3. ShinTechG

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Hi DE. I would really like to know. Do you all plan to bring dedicated hosting and also the ability to have more than the 4 player limit in large areas like Fortuna and plains? Regardless of answer, would appreciate reason why. Thanks 🙂
  4. ShinTechG

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    Also, idk if this is just me but since a recent hotfix Warframe has instantly closed for me once and brought me to this page: It just opened that page twice at once right after i just finished this hotfix (Still on launcher, not even in the game yet). I can confirm i am having no hardware issues but this is just a minor annoyance.
  5. ShinTechG

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    Already tested immediately after the fixes. I never mentioned anything about enemy spawn issues, only the inconsistency between mission types
  6. ShinTechG

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    I haven't heard any response from DE about the unbalanced and dragged out times of Arbitration missions like Defense. Appreciate all the bug fixes so far but, are you guys planning to do anything about this and further improvements to Arbitrations? Thanks!
  7. I 100% support this. Big part of what makes Warframe great is the community tools and input. The game is just too tedious without all the tracking data easily accessible in one place. I especially want the new Arbitrations tracking. Hope to see this given some attention by the devs
  8. Hi sure. Here is the basis of it.I have modified it slightly since but pretty much the same
  9. ShinTechG

    Operator Nartas Are Back, And I Love It!

    oh snap you're right all of them work now on operator! looks like it is going to be an Eclipse Narta operator all-nighter for me
  10. Enemy Radar (to not get ambushed) Magus Elevate Transference Arcane Guardian Quick Thinking New adaptation Mod CC Plus so much more! I actually use Ember's Immortal Flame build (Created by me) which is my fav Warframe right now and i have no trouble surviving. Besides gear, it also comes down to skill. I got Rhinos dying before me in Arbitrations lol
  11. OK so if you swap between your primary and secondary weapon, does your quick melee attacks benefit from the damage buff or does this buff only apply to the weapon equipped??
  12. I 100% agree. Spawns definitely need to be increased
  13. First things first, I really love Arbitrations and the design behind the drones! They make it so that mass nuking and cheesing is very limited! 🙂 However, I would really like to see DE keep improving and coming back to this mode so it does not die out. Here are some critical changes & suggestions For Arbitrations (Lethal Alerts) Mission Time Adjustments Mission types need to be adjusted for consistency with the time it takes to complete a rotation. For example, in a Defense, close to 30 mins in and rotation B isn't even done or just being finished versus a mission like survival that by 30 mins you are guaranteed to be already on rotation C. This makes me and i'm sure a lot of other players just frustrated by the long dragged out waves Enemy level & Scaling Rate IMO, the enemy scaling rate of this is way too slow and probably should have started higher. I admit the Arbiter drones make the mode more challenging but i still feel very tired and exhausted waiting for enemy levels to get higher. I just cannot stand long dragged out runs and would like a faster adrenaline rush without waiting too long. What Happened to the Mini Boss Battles?!!! ? What happened to enemies like the G3 popping up on these Arbitrations as shown on a previous devstream? It would have added a lot more variety to these missions. Like every half a rotation G3, or Corrupted Vor, or some other boss frequently spawning at these high levels. Please consider adding this back. Voice/Visual Popups Replacement (QOL) I noticed that the regular voice and picture of the lotus/purple lotus is not available in these mission types. I greatly relied and appreciated the voice and popup of the lotus telling me things like "You are running out of time" when life support is 20% or less. The visual indicator for life support on the top left is not enough and i sometimes don't notice it. I understand that maybe the lotus was removed because these mission types are not your regular missions, but here is my suggestion. The voice and prompts of the Arbiters of Hexis is pretty cool. Can we please have them take over warning us of critical mission objectives like the lotus did? More Rewards for Purchasing with Vitus Essence We definitely need a much larger inventory for purchase with Vitus Essence if we want this mode to not die out soon. At the moment, i don't have many suggestions for what would satisfy endgame/veteran players but maybe someone can suggest some rewards for purchase with your Essence? Maybe Veiled Rivens? That's all I have for now. Really hope some of these are taken into consideration by the dev team.
  14. ShinTechG

    OK, I already have an issue with Arbie Alerts

    @Trainer-mana Im curious. Does Ancient healers actually make the Arbiter drones completely invulnerable or just take a reduced damage amount?
  15. ShinTechG

    OK, I already have an issue with Arbie Alerts

    Operator > Void Mode > relax and mark it know knowing you cannot be hit.