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  1. I am all up for a challenge but too many things are happening now with this. It is starting a forced Chroma Meta which i dislike.We still have one more day before the holidays and I trust you guys will leave the game in a state where the fight receives some nice QOL changes, new rewards, etc. Thanks
  2. Congrats to you guys growing as a team and company with Warframe
  3. GOD DAM!!!!! These operator new arcanes are sick!!! Been telling ya'll operators and the whole transference mechanic was the sh*t but some didn't listen. Can't wait to use these!
  4. Only you. You all don't want to work for anything do you? Wasn't even that much of a grind to get to max standing.
  5. THIS right here!!! Some of the current Arcanes are so sweet! Can't wait for the new ones
  6. Thanks. Was expecting Fortuna Part 2 this week.
  7. I don't know who you are and I don't know what you want. But i swear, one day I will post before you.
  8. In regards to Fortuna Part 2. It is clear than Little Duck is the Quills equivalent, which was dedicated towards the Operators and Focus. So, my question is, are you guys planning to rework or add to this current Focus system? Did you all abandon this system? Just feels like it's been a while since it was addressed. When you guys said no new Operator abilities are coming with Fortuna part 2, felt a bit surprising.
  9. Do you mean this is already out or a game hotfix or update is coming later today?
  10. "Fixed Warframes with Channeling abilities being permanently nullified by Scrambus or Comba enemies when hit by their projection Aura while in Operator mode. " OMG just noticed this was fix. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
  11. Wow! Those Garuda changes! Thanks DE <333
  12. Can't wait to try these changes and give feedback! But one thing i don't understand DE. If this is all about having less of a hassle, and now even giving a vacuum to titiania, why don't you just add a universal vacuum for loot on Warframe's themselves? 🤔
  13. Please fix this ancient bug. The game experience is terrible when using Transference mechanic
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