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  1. we all read the post. Not knowing how much something is worth does not make it a scam.
  2. I am curious. What help exactly are you seeking? This does not seem like a "scam" to me.
  3. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Try taking time to read the suggested solution. Still missed it? Try reading again.
  4. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    But I stated in my original post what those other games had that I was comparing to Warframe.
  5. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Do a bit of research it for yourself. Not trying to get deep into another game's discussion on here. A lot of YouTube videos and answers from the developers are up on long-term replayability.
  6. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Whether you feel Destiny is bad, rewards and engagement still better because of power balance. As far as unreleased Anthem, if you have been following the development process and demos like I have, you will see how the reward system makes it worth it. You don't have to have the final release to tell. Several games have that progression system and it works! None of your points change the fact of what i said.
  7. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Nice feedback. Now let's hear your better solution to the problem
  8. ShinTechG

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Taking off mods of Warframes and weapons? Challenge yes, but this is about creating balance in order to improve other areas of the game (especially rewards). How exactly would taking off mods that solve that issue here?
  9. I have been playing Warframe for a while now and I have read and given a lot feedback for improving this game. I spend several hours testing all mechanics of the game including Warframes, weapons, abilities, Operators & Focus, etc. What I wanted to do today with this post is share my views on some things that I believe are holding this game back, and give possible solutions to them. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion based on my experience. Warframe Powers A major problem is see with Warframe is how unbalanced this game is with the power players have. In the past, I have made many suggestions on giving enemies certain enhancements, increased level scaling and health, etc, hoping that would finally give players' loadouts a challenge. What I have come to realize is that no matter what level enemies you put, or how "challenging" you make enemies, a major problem still remains. This problem is the broken, and unbalanced Warframe powers in the game. Let's take for example the recent Profit-Taker fight. I have done the fight solo with various Warframes. Right now, I think it is pretty safe to say Chroma is the most used Warframe on that fight. Why is that? Well, a Warframe that can achieve over 1000% damage in buffs would probably cause that. Why should one Warframe in the game have so much damage? Why should players even bother to use other Warframes at this point? Yes, you get a longer fight and more of a challenge for those that prefer if you use other Warframes but still, what do you get for that? That's right, absolutely nothing. This is not an attack on specifically Chroma. Several other Warframes that completely remove armor, increase damage enemies takes etc, along with the damage multipliers and scaling is just utter nonsense. Please read on to see why Weapons A lot of weapons in this game are fine but there are just a few that are have some damage numbers that seemed like they were just picked from a random number generator. For this post, I specifically want to use the Lanka and Velocitus as examples. I get that the game will have weapons that are better than others. I get that there will always be a weapon that is "most powerful" but combining the already overpowered base damage of these weapons with some Warframe abilities is just insane. Oh my, I am not even counting rivens here. The Problem this Creates Players should not have this much power because now you are stuck with the question: How do you balance the game around this? Don't even bother saying higher level enemies or faster scaling because look at the videos out there for yourself. Whether it is level 200, 300, or 1000 enemies, they can just be blown up easily with the right combos that are really not that hard to do. 6x3 Eidolon runs in one night cycle?! Really, no one sees the problems this creates? A perfect example of problems this is creating is those invulnerability phases so many players complain about. A lot of you do not want the devs to add invulnerabity phases to enemies but what choice do the devs have left when you got players doing 1 million+ damage in one shot I strongly believe this is why we get a lot of rewards that are worthless to a lot of players, especially veteran players. The developers themselves know how easy it is for players to cheese content so they hold back on putting really good rewards. The amount of cheesing that can be done within just 12-24 hours of content releasing should not be a thing! Conclusion & Possible Solution Well. Hate it or love it folks but you probably knew I was going to say this. Massive adjustments should to be made to a few Warframes and weapons. By adjustments, I do mean nerfs to those broken items, and slight buffs to some others. But hold up, before you bite my head off, I am aware that some nerfs will kill the fun for a lot of players but, I am not suggesting to just nerf players favorite tools and leave things as it is. I am just trying to point out that some things in this game are just too overpowered. If some things were toned down a bit, this would be a good start to work on making the overall game experience better. I really hate to use other games as an example but, take a look at games like, Destiny 2, & Anthem. Whether or not you think they don't stand up to Warframe or how trash you think they may be, look at the power players have vs enemies. No player is stupidly overpowered and one shots bosses and the fights are 10x more engaging and rewarding. I guess part of that is due to how player levels match the content difficulty. When you one shot everything, all the enemy AI designs are just wasted because there are hardly chances for them to be shown. This RUINS the true combat experience that was intended. What triggered me to write this post was mostly the Profit-Taker fight. In my opinion, this was the best boss fight and challenge the developers brought to the game. In fact, looking back now, a lot of enemy AI in the game is actually well designed and fun. Too bad most of it is ruined due to some overpowered Warframes and items and how unbalanced the game is overall.
  10. PVP can be great in Warframe but first, 3 things need to happen which i don't ever see happening soon. 1. We would need reliable servers all the time. (That p2p hosting does not cut it) 2. This game needs some serious balancing and complete reworking of many abilities before good pvp can be had 3. A lot of closed-minded people here who only know the word "no" without actually giving proper/better solutions needs to go. @S.Dust I think your post has some good points. It's just the current state and future plans of the game would need to dramatically change first.
  11. ShinTechG

    Report players AFK?!

    How do you report players AFK? The reasons in the game to report for seem limited and no option for AFK. On a Profit-Taker fight, had a player just sit and the Fortuna Gate the whole time. You can also see the mission summary showing him doing 0 damage and 0 kills (I saved screenshot). Right after the profit-taker died, he rushed over to suck up the loot and then back to the gate to extract. Why on Earth is there no option in the game to report players for this nonsense immediately?
  12. ShinTechG

    how to make conclave fun and playable.

    I use the Index as my own form of PVP fun. I am always competing for points and kills even if I am on the same team with other players lol
  13. ShinTechG

    Banned for violating EULA

    INB4 Lock. But @Zeoxis. Best choice is to contact support. Only they can give you a reason why. Every reply on the forums here will most likely be a troll or someone pointing and laughing.
  14. Coming from a player who has spent several hours testing and using this arcane, the pull strength on Magus Anomaly is not strong enough to justify this arcane taking up a slot on your operator. I love the design and concept but the pull strength requires way too many Transference ins to get enemies further away from you near the center. This is especially felt if you are not the host on a connection that is just over 100 ping. The delay of transference on bad pings, plus having to Transference in several times is just not efficient. Please take a second look at this arcane and consider buffing the pull strength on this. Maybe even the range too slightly? Thanks, -ShinTechG
  15. ShinTechG

    Waframe X Avengers Endgame Trailer.

    Oh man, this gave me as much chills as original trailer. Big thumbs up. Well done.