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  1. This open world has been out for over a year and the achievements have never worked. When are they going to work?
  2. The Synergized Prospectus kills you, squad members and your hound. Not just enemies. This needs to be fixed. Hounds will go back into storage until this is fixed. My Smeeta does not kill me.
  3. Hush, Suppress and Silent Battery are completely non functional after this update. Ddnt really know about the othe Exilus mods but I presume they are all non functional as well. The silence mods stand out because you can see the noise of your weapon is still ALARMING even with it equipped. Really kills the game for Ivara Mains.
  4. Just as a by the way, the new update has broken the Exilus mod slots on primaries and secondaries. Examples being Hush and Suppress. Both take Ivara out of Prowl. As to your statement in the release notes that you refuse to honor our subsuming all frames prior to this release by not giving us rank up credit for all frames sacrificed past Rank 10 cap being "in keeping with other MMOs" the only reason I ever played Warframe at all was BECAUSE it was not like other MMOs. If you are going to become just another MMO, this may well be the end of my journey with Warframe. Our overall community is far less toxic than "other MMOs", for now.
  5. DE, I have faithfully played Warframe since 2016. I have always been, what you call, an early adopter. I built our clans Dry Dock, Crimson Branch and my Railjack before you had even fixed the initial set of bugs in the Emperian system. Likewise, I supported the Helminth system when you dropped it. Many of your most dedicated players did likewise. The thanks we get for using the Helminth system to its full capacity is now found to be "Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrs!" Each subsumed frame is a one-shot. We cannot resubsume the frame. subsuming a frame is the most efficient way of ranking the Helminth. All of us who fully supported and actually used the Helminth system are being, essentially, hosed over. Telling the most dedicated segment of you player base "Take off, Hosers" is not the way to successfully launch a new Helminth segment. I, for one, will not use it as you have described it because what if I do use it as described only to find out down the road that "Gee, thanks Guys, but you know what? You arent getting credit for all the work you have done. But, thanks anyway." Seriously, if those of us who have already subsumed all our frames are not getting credit in the new segment for them, I hope this additional Helminth expansion gets all the participation and support that the Conclave enjoys. I know that is how frequently I intend to use it. On top of all this, Looks like you are intent on nuking melee into the ground. Your stated intent was "A few minor nerfs" looks like you intend to make melle painful to use, especially on Steel Path. Hoping the Sisters part of the update has some fun aspects to it. Right now, it looks like that will be the only fun addition to the game. Actually, the only true addition. Helminth "Invigorations" and melee nukes are both huge take aways. Poorly thought out and poorly implemented.
  6. I believe I begin to see why DE is penalizing us players who have already subsumed all frames. Seems like they are tying the subsuming of 10 frames to the ability to pick which frame gets buffed next. Poor planning on their part. If they were going to do this, they should have told us not to subsume a frame past reaching rank 10 helminth. Again, those that play the game and adopt a game mechanic early get hosed over.
  7. So, those of us who have already subsumed all of the warframes get penalized. Now we either have to wait for new frames or waste tons of resources infusing abilities onto frames we do not intend to use or onto builds that we already have infusions in. Not cool. Edit: I have no reason to try to go up the additional levels if we will not get credit for the frames we have subsumed past rank 10. Very disrespectful to "early adopters". Essentially, this is like telling all tenno who have already subsumed all the frames in the game "You chumps!" We have, realistically, thrown XP away. Maybe the new levels will be as wildly popular as Conclave.
  8. Need super soaker skin on my Ignis Wraith. Please!
  9. None of the Heart of Deimos achievements work. Checked against the Xbox achievement list and they are not even listed as achievements to unlock. Need to get Microsoft to get in sync with your game for achievements.
  10. The list of bugs on the Orb Vallis continues to grow. We have had, for some time, the crashes running Profit Taker and Exploiter, more recently, we have seen the loss of Coil Drive patrols on the Vallis. random Coil Drives do not spawn, ever. Please, I know you must have archived releases dating back to Scarlet Spear. That was the point that Exploiter started crashing us to the dashboard on consoles and Profit Taker began crashing the game the same way. The Coil Drives stopped spawning right around the time of Orphix Venom. The Orb Mother crashes seem to be caused by a memory leak. The loss of random Coil Drive patrols seems to be more like an inadvertent code change or library change. You have an entire open world that is not getting the usage it should because many players, including me, have chosen to ignore the NW tasks involving the Orb Mothers. Please fix this.
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