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  1. Actually, I was referring to Ember, pre-nerf. As I said, I hope I am nicely surprised. Time will tell. The re-works of late have all been well done. I hope the trend continues. Thank you for the reply.
  2. This, overall, seems like yet another nerf hammer on Ember. I have standard Ember and Ember Prime and I only ever use her when helping people run Defections. The reason being, She has been nerfed into oblivion. It makes me sad. She was once a flaming goddess of death. Now she is a redheaded stepchild. I hope I am nicely surprised, but I am very skeptical.
  3. I would like to know when consoles will get keybinds like on the PC. We have KB and M capability but it does not let us use keybinds. We need new Kavats and Kubrow. When will we get the opportunity to save Space Mom? Seriously need new weapons from Barro and new primed mods When will all Archwings get Blink? When will Ghara be healed from the assault of the nerf hammer? When the Helminth room is reworked, will we be able to use the cysts for crafting or are the cysts just an annoyance after making your Helminth Charger?
  4. Happy Birthday, Space Mom! You turn 21 this year, right??!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ You are all doing an incredible job. Thank you for all the hard work.
  5. Awesome! Cannot wait to get started on the latest chapter!! Thank you, Ms. Megan!
  6. Still getting my head around this frame, but it seems to me he is much like Limbo, in that he is an excellent frame if you know how to use his full kit. Our clan has a player that is the best at running Limbo I have ever seen. Because he took the time to "Git gud!" Pretty sure that is the answer to Gauss. Just need to take the time to really feel out what his kit can do. The key, though, is keep moving. I have yet to see a weak frame. Good hunting, all.
  7. Didnt get to playtest all of the Disruption nodes last night, but the one I ran appeared to run very smoothly. I hope to run the other nodes tonight. Liking the fixes and the graphics tweaks. Eager to get my hands on the Lua Lens. Looking forward to Hyperion and The New War. Thank you, DE. And thanks to the PC sector of our community. Yes, PCs get new content first, but they also find the most of the rough edges that come with the new content. To the Community Managers and Directors and to the Devs, great work! Still hands down the best F2P I have ever touched.
  8. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ As a rule, I dont like different. My point was, if we are getting new nodes, make them new nodes. Not just repurposed existing nodes. Shoot, give us a new planet or cluster. THAT, I wouldn't mind. Really liking the new content and the new graphics tweaks. Cant wait to get Gauss!!!
  9. None of the nodes are new. We have to reopen nodes we already have opened to get our Arbitrations back. Also, to make room for these "new" nodes, we lose missions we have had for years. Glad to have Gauss, but call it what it is. Salad V hostile takeover of existing nodes.
  10. Didn't have a lot of time to respond yesterday. Apologies if the person responding to my original post is part of the DE Dev team and I did not recognize it. I only had time to glance at the name and I didnt see [DE]<name> as I am used to seeing. I dont get to watch a lot of the Devstreams and I dont know all the Devs. Steve kept trying to make the point that there would be QoL improvements made to the K drives and to the other Archwings. That is fine, make improvements to the other Archwings. The Itzal is not broken, it does not need a "Fix". If anyone wants to check, since Buried Depts dropped, I have been using the Amesha. I swap back to the Itzal when I do Orb Mother runs to quickly gather resources and get to min safe distance. Also, I dont want to give the impression I hate the K drive. I am approaching 90% completion of my 1M kilometers achievement. So, I use the board. I actually use it anytime I am on O.V. solo. Mining, fishing, scanning for memories or lately farming for the Saturn Six Three. I have a lot of love for the K drive. Absolutely could not wait to get one. My core members of my clan also love the boards. Maybe if we had a true Top-Tier board that starts with more base speed and base boost. Give it a passive and/or some active abilities and let people fight from the boards. While I understand the intent behind the large distances between bounty stages, when people are in squads, especially PUGs, they are typically trying to do Run-And-Done missions. So, making bounty segments be closer together would definitely help keep people on the boards. I commend everyone at DE for what you have created. You have created a universe that has captured the hearts and imaginations of a growing community. Every person at DE does what they do because they love what they do and who they are doing it for. That is evident. In all fairness though, when the Itzal issue was being discussed, one of the Devs did make a statement that sounded like "I am going to nerf the s*** out of that!" After Ember, Gara, Chroma, Mag, Saryn, Opticor have all gotten nerfed, that comment hit a raw nerve. Intended as tongue in cheek humor or not. Now, let me follow that up by saying the reworks delivered thus far have been awesome. Saryn, as an example, is in her element as The Duchess of Disease. Titania, the list goes on. The team working the rework effort is doing a world class job. I only ask that the focus be on improving the K drive experience and improving the other Archwings, not on degrading the Itzal. Those who loved Gara felt punished when she got nerfed. My wife loved Gara but after she got nerfed she has refused to use her. I am a senior programmer and have run 2 large customer support operations. Nobody understands better than i do that you csnnot hope to please everybody but the overriding focus should always be on if people are having fun in the game. I like using the Itzal in Archwing missions because of its 3 and 4. I seldom ever touch the 1 and 2. It helps me solo Archwing missions, which I typically have to since nobody in my clan likes Archwing missions. For future reference, nerf is not a term to be used lightly. Keep doing great things. See you at Tennocon!
  11. For the record, I was quoting the Dev as saying he is going to nerf the Itzal. Not sure how you construed that I was referring to you. I stand by my post. Nerfing the Itzal is lazy and unimaginative. Make the K drive desirable.
  12. The go to knee-jerk response to the community at large gravitating to any given game mechanic cannot continue to be "I'm going to nerf the s*** out of this!" If the developers follow through on gutting the Itzal there are a lot of people who are going to take it as the last straw and quit WF. Many more are going to stop doing Archwings at all and STILL not use the K-drive. If you dont like people dissing the K-drive, change it to make it more desirable. If it becomes useful and fun, the community will use it. Take a lesson from the addition of Fetch to pets. I have run my pets consistently since they have received Fetch. The Itzal is my go to because of the Cosmic Crush ability, not because of Blink. Also, I like the fighter swarm. Killing a popular game mechanic will not cause people to choose a poorly implemented mechanic. Personally, I will bullet jump betwern points rather than be bullied into using something I do not like to use.
  13. For "New War" I would like the choice of killing Hunhow, Lotus, or Ballas. A furtherance of the Dark, Middle, Light path options we have had before. I would like the option to get the real Lotus back. Also, I want the option to complete solar rail and specter squad research in our dojos. Currently unavailable in peacetime. Does New War qualify as non-peacetime?
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