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  1. Stay safe, stay healthy. Guys, you have put a lot of goodness into the game with recent drops. Given the stressful conditions you have been working under, this is incredible! Looking forward to Crimson Spear launch on platforms! A few quick questions: When will consoles get the ability to set custom key binds like on the PC? Xbox has supported Keyboard and Mouse for quite sometime now. Also, adding my voice to the chorus, when can we expect cross-save? Is cross-platform still a real consideration? There are still bits of original Lotus monologue in the Orokin vaults (pronouncing Orokin as orOHkin). will these be brought in line with the rest of the game? Stay safe Th3BelovedSaint
  2. What about a Dark Matter frame? Increase/decrease density Transmute Metals Phase through doors/walls Reduce enemies to subatomic particles
  3. There are still old dialog segments where Lotus says Or-OH-kin instead of OHrokin. Namely in the Derelict vaults and one other place. Is the dialogue going to get updated? Hope we get Space Mom back this year!
  4. When do we get the ability to decorate the interior of our Railjacks? Have to agree with those who asked for fixes to existing content. Rework for The Sergeant and Phorid Additional Kavats plus a rework on pets. Also, I still want Space Mom back 🙂
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