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  1. Ticker has had Familial debt bonds once since the start of Star Days. I had enough familial bonds to buy the color palette and the wings decoration but not the floof. Not going to grind out 10 familial bonds for a floof. If Ticker has familial debt bonds, I will buy them and get the floof. Otherwise, not nearly worth it.
  2. Mr. Linkski, Thank you for chasing this. Let me add all the information I can on this. As stated by many others, the crashes occur in Profit Taker and in Exploiter boss fights. For me, Profit Taker crashing to the dashboard occurs most frequently when I am travelling from the elevator door at Fortuna to the location of PT. screen will freeze, a low growl or buzz will sound from the speakers and the game crashes out to the dashboard. If I can make it to the fight, I have a far better chance of completing the fight, although I have had it crash after the fight completes while fleeing the detonat
  3. Ms. Danielle, Thank you so much for this. To me, it has every appearance of a memory location(s) being overwritten. Such issues are notoriously difficult to track, since the mere act of putting trace code and stop points in place to track your variable values, etc. may displace the offending variable, memory pool, etc. A bit like Schrodingers cat in Quantum Physics. I will gladly contribute all the info I can to try to help.
  4. It would be nice to know if this is even being worked. Please, someone at DE, give us an answer on this.
  5. This. Precisely. Personally, I find zero humor in any of the "nerf" running banter. The forums are humming with complaints about crippling Khora in the 29.5 release. From what I can see, there was no point in crippling Khora anyway, since the same release completely removes the motivation for the "nerf" anyway. With Steel Essence only being awarded for Alerts with an additional 2 SE from Acolytes, really do not see the need to cripple Khora on top of that. Also, speak to the crashfest which is the Orb boss missions, most particularly Exploiter. Is this being looked at? Will we see a fix? Less
  6. The Exploiter Orb mission is, as far as I can tell, a guaranteed crash. Every single time I run this. This is a HUGE waste of resources and time for zero payout. Also, how exactly is this in any way "Free to play" when the only way to get Hildryn is to buy her from the market because you cannot get the parts and you cannot get the torroids to build her? I have tried everything, including running it solo, to try to successfully complete it. It always crashes at the point that the port cover cut scenes play. sometimes first, sometimes second but always on the final one. I have attempted this mis
  7. Awesome drops this week, DE! You effectively are gifting me hours of time to apply toward other items in game AND you are gifting me 20 plat with the WF slot. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  8. Have you tried setting yourself to Solo? Also, do a hard shutdown of your xbox. Press and hold your power button until it shuts down. This clears the memory cache. Just some suggestions
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