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  1. Need super soaker skin on my Ignis Wraith. Please!
  2. None of the Heart of Deimos achievements work. Checked against the Xbox achievement list and they are not even listed as achievements to unlock. Need to get Microsoft to get in sync with your game for achievements.
  3. The list of bugs on the Orb Vallis continues to grow. We have had, for some time, the crashes running Profit Taker and Exploiter, more recently, we have seen the loss of Coil Drive patrols on the Vallis. random Coil Drives do not spawn, ever. Please, I know you must have archived releases dating back to Scarlet Spear. That was the point that Exploiter started crashing us to the dashboard on consoles and Profit Taker began crashing the game the same way. The Coil Drives stopped spawning right around the time of Orphix Venom. The Orb Mother crashes seem to be caused by a memory leak. The loss of
  4. I have run 30 Railjack missions in Pluto Proxima and I run the Freighlinker Derelict every time but I rarely get an "Identified" item at the end of the mission and I have never gotten even one piece of the Carmine Penta. In fact, no "Identified" items in the past 24 runs. The mystery drops are broken in the Pluto Proxima missions. Will update if the Veil missions are likewise broken.
  5. Catabolyst needs an automatic reload. Or it needs to have the pull trigger on empty to reload restored. Right now it is next to impossible to get it to reload. It was a strong secondary but now it is only useful until the first time it runs dry and after that, it is done. It jas potential, but it needs an automatic reload to be really useable.
  6. Put the free roaming Coil Drives back in Orb Vallis, please. Spent hours on the Vallis in the past week and have not seen a Coil Drive patrol while in free roam.
  7. Coil Drives no longer patrol on Orb Vallis. They only exist during bounties. Turn the patrols back on, please.
  8. There are no Coil Drive patrols on Orb Vallis. Why were they removed?
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