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  1. Exactly. These adjustments feel like the devs see Yareli as slightly behind and needing minor tweaks. I guess not every frame needs to be Saryn or Mesa strong, but Yareli isn't even in the ballpark. IMO these changes don't even seem to focus on the big issues Yareli faces. 1) Movement on Merulina: Last I checked she still slams into doorways and comes to a complete stop for a moment. Also, bouncing off of things is kinda cute at first, but it gets to be frustrating quickly. 2) Meaningful ability changes: Aquablades with 50% more damage will still have trouble dealing with even mid-level enemies much less steel path. Sea Snares needs number of targets scaling (snare movement speed will actually be a nice change, too, though). Riptide is also fairly weak, and spitting enemies in all directions is rarely desirable.
  2. So much quibbling over the term "veteran". And apparently everyone has their own personal definition which is correct in their own mind. So here's mine. I have just about 4k hours played (not sure why someone thought I only had 800). I can mod weapons and frames to their full potential, and I understand why those specific mods improve the equipment. I can parkour like a madman through maps even with sketchy design and high friction textures. I can dominate all types and levels of content with multiple frames/weapons, and I understand which are best in which situations. I'm sure my resources aren't as high as some because I tend to wander away from the game for months at a time when there isn't much to do. Also, I only recently started utilizing boosters. Yes, I power level a bit...most equipment is just not good enough or fun enough to want to get anything more than affinity from it. Why would I want to spend weeks messing with my new Sibear when its just not that good or interesting?
  3. Add me to this list. I defeated 5 Sisters already (so I know how it works). Now they aren't spawning...just the guy that drops the granum crown. EDIT: Restarting the client seemed to have fixed it.
  4. I am MR29. While I do have more resources of some types than I will likely ever need (nano spores, I'm looking at you), others I still have barely enough of. I was Orokin Cell farming last week. Furthermore, Helminth is very punishing even to a fairly big resource excess if you choose to force it. I thought I had so many nav coordinates, but those have been more than half used already because bile is such a pain. Not really accurate. An infuse+feed is about 2k XP...or about 3% of the level 10-15 grind. And again, force feeding is very punishing. First of all, I do not appreciate the intentionally inflammatory nature of this post. No surprise. Nearly any time someone uses the term "entitled" you can usually expect flamebait to follow. Its not even an accurate usage of the word. Entitled is expecting something for nothing. If I was in line to buy a burger, and I paid $2 for that burger and the next person in line got the same burger for $1 I'd be upset...and not because I was entitled but because its unreasonable. Not only do retroactive compensations happen in games, they have happened in this game...several times...including recently. They changed railjack. Everyone who was invested in the old system got a pile of materials to get them approximately back to where they were. They balanced melee this week. Everyone who was invested into that system got a few things to soften the blow and account for the losses. I'm not lazy. I'm not entitled. But I have (unintentionally) made the level 15 grind much slower and more tedious for myself by not "knowing" this was going to happen and saving all those base warframes to subsume now and not over the last few months. I've already done the work. I just want to get credit for it.
  5. The first round of pain for veterans was needing to rebuild all the warframes we sold through the years for a few measly credits. New players got to send their non-prime straight to Helmith with no wasted time or effort. Now there's the new 5 levels to helminth. Again, veterans have in many cases subsumed all or most warframes well past the point where they were getting any XP, and they will be forced into infusing/feeding pointlessly. Newer players going forward can easily hit helminth 15 entirely with subsuming. In both cases, the extra time and effort and resources required of veterans is only adding tedium and frustration...not fun, and the burden on them is unnecessary. Its the sort of design decision that contributes to players losing interest in a game. The only explanation I've seen is a vague reference to it being the sort of implementation seen in MMOs. Not only is this only sometimes true, but its always a bad strategy. Funneling players en masse towards tedious, retread content only leads to dissatisfaction. Please reconsider.
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