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  1. I accidentally sold riven mod once... First response I got was ~ 24h after my contact with support and then I waited 11 days to get the mod back ( might have been faster but I didn't knew the name of it or what weapon was it for) I would just be patient with it
  2. For me it's Hydroid Prime as it was first frame I was playing other than my starter one. It was also a gift from my friend who invited me to the world of warframe and is not playing the game anymore
  3. tier 3 interception has the highest drop rate Axi G2 on wiki
  4. It's kinda sad that we didn't get a single one... more "masculine" hairstyle considering that we get few of them that differ only in lenght
  5. Can you switch places so latest topics is on top as it was before ? I mean... I often check forums just to see what are the most recent posts that people create but now all we get is latest builds ? 😕I don't think that most people check what build is warframe on several times a day.
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