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  1. Well the "Weapon" of the pvp ball game mode (wow pvp is so forgettable) was supposed to get a melee pve version.
  2. That is the only valid reason to change the self damage system. Or DE could instead add punch through for this weapons for the first 2 meters. Or even better DE should add the self arming of any projectile of explosive weapons like the did on the Acceltra.
  3. Easy fix: DE should cut all explosives weapons damage to 5% of its original value... Or ppl should take care when carpeting a level in C4 bullets/ shells/ arrows.
  4. Easy: get a second(different) proc with the same bullet.
  5. Then again, why waste a precious modslot for Primed Chamber or depleted reload when a mediocre Riven makes both of them obsolete?
  6. I like the Kuva Ogris explosion effect. At least it's something different than the usual "Kaboom" - effect.
  7. Yeah, Liches are immune to almost anything that's not raw- or crit-damage. I learned it the hard way on one immune or resistant to almost any Grineer focused damage type and "weak" to magnetic. That's why I only go with my trusty Hildryn and Kronen Prime into "fistfights" with them.
  8. Acceltra Kuva Brakk Kronen Prime/ Nikana Prime/ Sijaki (or so... - the story Nikana)
  9. Problem No.2: While you're at the turret, 90% of the time chat messages won't be shown to you. Also, a troll does not care.
  10. It's literaly the worst trolling ability in the game. I just had a mission where I was called back on every flight to a crewship/ asteroid base I was going to sabotage. WTF; Made the mission a 30 minute nightmare until the two turret operators decided it would be a good idea to end a mission at some point in their life. A 4th member left the mission earlier. How is it possible to get to the Veil with that attitude.
  11. No problems with my Kronen Prime. Looser enemies die before the hit me. Tough enemies give me hp while I kill them. 11 hp per hit and enemy and status is usually 150~250hp per single swing, with several swings per second. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Well, bringing it back was a feature in DEs eyes. It even was one of the important bulletpoints with the console reintroduction. It will take a year until DE rethink this.
  13. Get Eternal War and Valkyr has only one, that you only need once - and she is still one of the best frames for survival missions.
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