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  1. Ignis Wraith. Only topped in ease to use by Cedo (with some good mods).
  2. Is it me misshearing or is the game using the Capture target transportation soundeffect every time the master summons her pets?
  3. A healing mod will surely not be exilus compatible.
  4. Btw. Is a half empty holstered Hema + a reloading mod like the synth mods still killing you?
  5. Meanwhile European XBox servers are dead.
  6. Companion XP is best gathered by leeching from teammates. Sad but true. For some reason I get some more XP from Empyrian missions.
  7. And I want Diablo 3 to be a tactical random encounter rythm shooter. I guess you can't always get what you want.
  8. Yeah a speed increase would be nice, so I don't have to "slide" all the time. The ability should be affected by sprint speed mods. Also flying is maybe the wrong verb, as she is floating with her imaginary jetpack.
  9. Change a perfectly fine emergency cc ability into an ability that rams you into every ceiling and wall in every mission for no reason. Sounds like a bad idea to me. Zefyr teached me a long time ago that flying as warframe ability is not working to clunky at best.
  10. 5 minutes doing a random Saturn+ mission earns a Mk2 hull that you can fast repair with on of the dozen free repair drones you have been given. That's at least 5 minutes a new carrot hanging in front of your face.
  11. It's because everyone cried the blast makes the syndicate weapons useless in spy missions. So DE had the proc gone and added some random to trash "bonus features" to the melee weapons as a compensation gift. And of course no one uses syndicate weapons anyways especially not for spy missions...
  12. I remember I had that issue once several years ago... I think one of the updates rewoke my writing permissions to one of the subfolders. Try enforcing them within the windows explorer.
  13. Don't forget it also is able to go to 120% status chance, with viral and heat that's a significant damage boost at a fire rate of 12. The only limiting factor is its range of ~24meters. And, about Sentinels being squishy... MOAs are definitely not.
  14. The joke is, that Vulklok was a 1:1 Lanka for week until nerf hammer kicked in.
  15. Just asking, before I waste 6 Forma on Vulklok 2.0 like I did with the original.
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