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  1. Litterally the same bug. Friendly fire for everyone inside the bubble. Also maybe it should ignore Tenno fire at all since as it is now it is more a protection for the enemies absorbing all the player damage, while the hound is going into melee range to the enemies.
  2. Wow, the one thing this update wanted to accomplish is more varity in high level gameplay - and by nature DE made the one enemy you need to hunt there factually immune to at least 2/3 of the weaponry. I think thats the essence of DEs erratic search for an enjoyable gameplay experience.
  3. By the time you shoot the second granade with the Tenet Tetra you could have shot 2 with the Kuva Tonkor already with the third just leaving the launcher, while still having 7 times the ammo in your pool... And for at least 6 Month not even a riven can safe the Tetra thanks to the start at 0.5 policy.
  4. I got the Tetra (43%), the Cycron (58%), the Detron (40%) and the Spirex (28%). They all perform so underwhelming, I think I allready am putting the Sisters loop aside. If it wasn't for the hounds I hadn't even gone for the spirex. All of these weapons are outperformed by Kuva stuff, some even by standard weapons. Id rather use the Kuva Tonkor than the Tenet Tetra (its primary fire is and was always a joke). The Tenet Cycron is just a Kuva Nukor garbage edition. Well Nukor is still OP, but who ever called for a Kuva Nukor -5? Tenet Detron got some minor buffs an a gimmik that got old a week after the Pandero release. The Spirex has an abysmal reloadtime witha a "every third shot grants you a normal reloadtime" ability... Why not go for the Lex Prime anyways when you are try harding Secondary Headshoting?
  5. Tenet weapons seem to be underwhelming compared to Kuva stuff by design. Could have to do something with the name.
  6. I'm not a believer of the "low MR stuff needs to be garbage" cult, but getting the weapon is rather easy and fast. And even without a stance or volatile quick return - both are not something a mr4 player gets their hands on easily - the this weapon carries you anywhere.
  7. So lets have a look at your list Other than Atlas, all of them need ability spamming, Gauss even needs several ressourcess' managed to be used effective. Nekros, Nyx and Inaros need an Augment mod (and an active ability) to give you what Primed sure footed gives you for one Forma - none of these Augments are compatible with the Exilos Slot, so they even eat up modding space. Scarab Swarm is not an ability I wanted to recharge all the time, just to have an effective status block. Assimilate eats energy like there is no tomorrow, slows you down and even loses you the ability to jump. Hallowed Ground has to be spammed every secound as long you are not doing a defense centered mission. I can't say anything about Mesmer Skin, as I never used Revenant for more than mastery, so no comment about him other than it seems to ba an ability that needs constant recasting. Shield of shadows is a great Augment, granted, as all of Nekros Augments. Too bad you have to heal your minions all the time. Parasitic Links hampers your movement, as you need to be rather close to your "partner". Spellbind, I cannot comment on, Titania got the same treatment as Revenant from me, but 16 seconds sounds rather short for an ability I need active all the time. As for Warding Halo/ Iron Skin: Yeah maybe these two Frames/ Abilities I missed - they need to be active 24/7 on these Frames anyways, so yeah, 2 out of 36 Frames are not strictly better with Primed Sure Footed.
  8. Only, if you plan to never jump with Atlas ever, maybe you'd be right about him.
  9. There are underperforming melee weapons? I mean, yeah there are clunky stances that got butchered with the last melee update like the two handed Nikana stance and Cyclone Kraken for machetes, but there is no melee weapon that cannot melt enemies in seconds as of my knowledge, mk1 weapons aside.
  10. Well Gara Prime just got released. Add a subsumed Protea and there is your reason why defence maps won't get shrinked anytime soon... At least until the next Primed Frame is released mass vitrify won't be changed and 60m mass murdering will be happening 24/7
  11. Just using rolls to get out of it hampers the buff too much since rolling gives a bonus to movement speed on top. I personally am not a fan of random Speedy Volts, but least good modded Volts buff your movement to the point that switching to walking is enough to get back to my normal running speed. It's the crappy low power volts that are the problem, as their buff is just high enough to distrub my timing and I feel like a ping pong ball trying to get through the doors.
  12. Xoris is easymode, but its still a clunky glaive. I used it for the mr9 test and shelved it. Melees and thrown melees especially are busted at the moment. Then again MR loked and tierd weapons are the laziest way to say "gib me money tenno pleb". DE should change that.
  13. Are they really enemies? The worst they do is to send in a crap squat at random. Meanwhile they share the same floor at the Relay Hostel...
  14. Well, compared to the xbox I get at least some randoms at various Lich nodes. No chance getting a team with my xbox account. So frustatet at the murmur farming that I rather do bruteforceing my lich with one requiem after another, aborting missions until I have a good chance for the right combination.
  15. Dude, there are at least 5 different Anime festish skins aviable for Nova. I'm waiting for the schoolgirl Nova + Whip skin to be announced for at least a year now.
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