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  1. Since it's easier to mark targets fo Vinari that way, the Khora way of using this mechanic is superior anyways.
  2. People never learn... Even after the Vulklok patch'o'rama
  3. With Jovian Concord, maybe Sentient Kitguns... Or even primaries.
  4. Using 2FA with the Email address you use as your login name... I think you meant that as a joke.
  5. I don't know why so many games today have several scaling options in game and still hang on the windows dpi scaling option. It's not only Warframe but servereal games in my steam library, be it small or AAA
  6. The game had always a problem with my 4k display at borderless window for me. All way maxing at 1080p because I use 200% dpi scaling. But there was always a way around this. Now tho, no matter what option or compatibility mode I try there is no way to get the game running correctly in 4k without setting my OS into "tiny mode"
  7. Gram Prime with Primed Fury, Berserk and a Riven: General purpose weapon. Paracesis against Sentinels. Shaku with a good Riven and Shattering Impact for fun stuff and Wolf hunting. And several other weapons that I didn't use since the Night wave but are still fun
  8. People still play Valkyr with perma Hysteria? I thought that stopped with the release of Eternal War.
  9. Well, you can transform, sell or fuse these "unneeded" mods. So everyone is happy.
  10. Too slow, by the time you reach 90% the squishy frames are already dead. Rolling Guard on the other hand saves at least from ticking deaths... As long as you're not oneshoted.
  11. bubbabenali

    Wolf .. nerf

    Not before the nerf, but before the spawn rate buff - from 6%(yeah sure DE...) to 100%
  12. bubbabenali

    Wolf .. nerf

    A slow bulletsponge with some dumb friends... What a challenge!
  13. The new passive is garbage and like anything in the game that "reduces" the enemies abilities. It was clear to me when they announced the change. But sadly too many players complained about how "useless" it is to disarm enemies, so DE felt the need to get rid of a good passive that worked for an arbitrary number that in reality has no effect whatsoever.
  14. Burning your Arbritation riches on it is the only reason for it.
  15. The Buzlok needs some love anyways. The perfect target for a change.
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