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  1. bubbabenali

    Fortuna booster pack

    Oh, only one of the best weapons, with catalyst and a free slot...
  2. bubbabenali

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Why even bother, the moment you'd do any kind of damage with that you're dead with one hit anyways
  3. bubbabenali

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    So, how effective will Nyx' new passive be? By current "vague description standards" (e.g. Rakta Dark Dagger) it will be in the region between unnoticeable to useless. The Disarming had at least some impact on the enemies. Also, most of the (late game) oneshotters deal AoE anyways - squishy Nyx will die to them left and right since they now will hold on their weapons...
  4. bubbabenali

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    I just hope the 3x Rivens won't just evapourate into the aether when I have no free slots aviable - I'm already 7 mods over my capacity... Also at coice A: Of course I'll always gonna chose 3x Exilus Slots, the other choices are far easier to farm/ cheaper to get than them.
  5. bubbabenali

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3

    WTF happened with the "quick powers" hotkeys using the joypad!? Since the last update I need to hold the R-Butten for several seconds before I can use a skill with the face buttons or go into operator mode.
  6. bubbabenali

    Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    Mouse-courser on Analog controls instead of direct browsing through the menus with my D-Pad - all of my nopes. Also 9 out of 10 times "clicking" doesn't even work. Can we at least get a legacy - aka "the fast way" option?
  7. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    Yeah, you are probably right. Time to relax and farm some T4 void stuff for now^^
  8. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    See the Possible Reward section? Thats what concerns me. And I hope thats really just slaping some thumbnails together (the Forma BP with Cell image for example). But then, why not just pick some prime pictures from the pool for this demoshot...
  9. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    In the mockshots right here in the thread. Yeah, that are not actual screenshots, but why would ther be a Boltor BP and a Burston Stock, if there just could the Prime variants used for the muck ups?
  10. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    I hope so, but don't forget that the tables can also be delutet with cells or argon crystals.
  11. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    Well, thats a plus, but on the other hand I'm pretty sure the T4 stuff will more likely to be in Spy or Interception missions. And it's not like the Void Key farming will be gone, you will have to do Excavations 24/7 to farm you "reward votes" still. Also having the chance to get market weapon- and normal frame-parts is not something that cleans the droptables up.
  12. bubbabenali

    Dev Workshop: Relics & Fissures

    Waiting for a suitable mission, getting random rewards that need to be feed with a new resource, that drops at that random missions and getting a random item that manifests at the end of a not exactly defined timespan. Hmm... I don't get why all of this is better than just doing the Void Missions, that are other than older plans, is not wholly blown up now...?
  13. bubbabenali

    Warframe Market Overhaul

    50 plat for 50000 cr? Isn't that the current abysmal rate now already?
  14. bubbabenali

    PC Hotfix Deploy Plans & More!

    Wow, thats the worst option to have, not only Volt now buffs unwanted, but now the buff lasts actually for two seconds because everyone uses the dodgeroll for a little speed bonus.
  15. bubbabenali

    Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    Woah, some real work you put in you config. I just tweaked it a bit I'm on PC with an 360 Controller: LB - Slide while running, crouch while standing LT - Aim (Block in melee) RB - Abilitie Cross menu while holding (using current selected ability on push) RT - Shoot (Attack with melee while in melee mode) Left Stick - Moving Left Stick Button (L3) - sprint while moving(switch, not hold)/ switch to crouch mode while standing Back (select) - change Map style Start - Pause Menu Digipad Left/ Right - change current active ability Digipad Up - Set mark Digipad Down - Open Gear/ Emote menu Righ Stick - Look around Right Stick Button (R3) - alt fire X - Context Button A - Jump B - Quickmelee (Channeling while in melee mode) Y - Change weapon (hold for change to melee weapon) The guide button sadly cannot be customized.