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  1. 1st week Vulklok teacher DE and us there will never be a real damage Sentinel weapon again. There is Deconstructor tho. What nonsense you speak of no status tho is simply wrong. Put blast on the Cryotra, Deth Mashine Riffle or the Prisma Burst Laser and you get stumbling and falling enemies left and right. Put both cc precepts on your Moa and one of those guns and you could go to sleep in a mission. Your idea with giving the other Sentinel weapons a gimmick is very good, tho. I mean 3 of the most recent 4 Sentinel weapons are Mr fooder garbage and one of them is even a Mr 14 weapon for no reason.
  2. Even if Hush was its only competitor Cautious Shot would loose out.
  3. If you'd take a low level weapon without mods into a high level mission you'd see that the ai isn't so stupid as many say. They use cover or fall back sometimes. They usually just get oneshoted all the time.
  4. Sure... When it comes 2030. It will fix all problems melee has at the moment... Maybe
  5. I actually always press LB the moment I hit the floor every time... Thanks to a live full of <...> Warriors and fighting games. Too bad that's without avail. But in Multiplayer matches I think that wouldn't work with how bad the connection is most of the time.
  6. Yea, having the cool down kick in with a full magazine just for picking up a disruption key is killing that game mode for me. Also it would be nice to be able to use Archguns in Sanctuary onslaughts
  7. I just want the old system back. This new "swift and fast paced" system is just clunky and inconvenient.
  8. It wasn't a very good riven tho.
  9. Yeah, that must be the reason for them also to have the widest impact radius on ground slams... Realism in a sci fi game.
  10. I like the Paracesis. It has a very large splash range giving good CC several times in a combo. Now if DE just hasn't f'ed up blocking(-combos) with melee 2.99995964...
  11. Well, there is the Switch (lite) or a cheap small Netbook with windows. Bot of them smaller than a Galaxy Note 10... So do they count?
  12. Yea, not a fan of doing ods for hours with Necros and Booster buying.
  13. Rework? I wished, I got it by now. Sucks to be a single ghost...
  14. So with only fire rate mods at 30 shots per sec that's 1.2 procs per sec. Not too bad as a basis.
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