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  1. Yes this is what Im talking about for the spin attack. You found exactly what I meant Reminds me of Final Fantasy 8 Clouds gun-blade's procing a shot with every direct slash hit.
  2. Not sure but does it proc a blast damage when doing a slam without mods equipped? I know if you have an elemental damage mods it proc that type of elemental with a cc slam like all melee slams. Even more would be able to keep one's combo counter up 🙂
  3. Duality should just allow it to become a passive when equipped. Therefore you can always get both buffs all the time, switching to which ever one you want. Kind of like Wukong rework. Instead of one click nuking just allow that to be buff Equinox and its Duality damage and have an explosive range on contact to surface or enemies. This will allow a greater games play dynamic than nuking through walls with one tap.
  4. I've always wondered why the Redeemer/Sarpa cannot shoot out bullets in the mid-air. Thought maybe DE just never thought about writing the code. Then when I got my hands on the Sigma & Octantis, it definitely shoots out its shield. Why not have the Stance mod Bullet Dance allow for air-shots and wall clings shots for the move ability? If you want to slam attack just hold the melee attack down while aiming down in mid-air. Also for spin attack, have the first enemy touched by spin attack get a quick shot during the spin attack and the rest it touches just receiving regular melee damage? Just thinking Bullet Dance Stance should have all the attacks do some kind of bullet dance.
  5. Yes when you just dash it makes your go into rift mode. Nullifier bubbles take you right out of it. Passive's should not be nullified. Its like saying Wisp invisiblity goes away jumping into nullifer bubblers. Not sure but I dont think passives are suppose to be nullifiable?
  6. yes or even if you just dash into rift also
  7. Or levitate like Hildryn/Wisp ahaha Would be nice to at least go through enemies and come out to kill the ones needed for mission.
  8. Not sure if this is recent update or was this after the rework of Limbo but I thought it felt odd that i got stuck when enemies were blocking the exit of a tunnel. Thought being in rift mode I was in a different dimension. If so how are they able to block my physical body from passing through them to move forward? I had to rift out only after killing them was I able to advance forward. I swear it felt as before I was able to just pass right through them like laser and bullets and melee attacks. Maybe I was bugged in that mission?
  9. Imagine Mesa that bypasses all walls and punch through 1000 meters. Mesa would be the new ESO queen lol but I can only imagine how people would play her. Crazy circle mouse movements for 1 hour def missions ahahahah
  10. Also Ferrox lol then stand in one spot and keep spamming 1, 3 and 4 :)
  11. humm maybe mine is bugged? I can only see loot crates
  12. DE can you make this scan caches/containers instead of regular crates. We already have Primed Animal Instinct. If you have both equipped you can go loot crates and caches containers. :) It will be a go to when doing Sabotage Caches missions. :)
  13. humm i have to try this now. Thanks Tenno
  14. Been wondering why i cannot finish my Stalker scan, Im guessing he becomes Shadow Stalker after the quest. New player's if you're looking for 100% Scans. Just a heads up to help yall :) Good luck Tenno.
  15. Also you use to be able to do the same race over and over to get the point. Now it only allows you to do them once per enter. I use to do the short ones for 3500 standing in 15-20sec stright downhill. Not no more how sad. Those who were lucky back than, Im super jealous!
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