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  1. This would be the same as Orokin enemies. They all can be spawned in alliance vs other fractions attack each other.
  2. Yes before the melee update it was doing millions in damage. Not even bosses had millions in health. lol Yes I agree it should be stronger then a regular melee but if so we would be right where we started before melee update. And like I stated this play style is better than Nukers (in reference to running around doing tapping melee). More balanced than insta-killing everything in the game. Id say if they kept the long range of the staff with an AOE, that would be good enough for me. I don't need to be doing 50,000,000 damage in one strike, only if enemies health was 200,000,000, than yes.
  3. If you are farming Kuva it's best to have a double Resource booster and Smeeta Kavat.
  4. Yes the old one is much more usable vs the Kuva variant. Damage falls off half rooms length but is you like getting close then it will be a great weapon for you.
  5. Loki take Redeemer Prime for your melee. You can do red crits all day long. But as for parazon, that only triggers when enemies are about to die and your in close range to press "x" on them. If not usually that indicates any hit will kill them except for Thralls or Lich'es. But as per the new melee update all weapons are great now. Not many out shine any other now. It's all about the stance you have on your melee that triggers Slash damage. If so go for super high crit and crit damage for your builds. Also look into heavy attacks. That is a new way of playing melee also.
  6. Because when frames become God's they need a nerf. Wukong staff was a God doing millions in damage. I don't think there are any weapons that do millions now outside rivens. I do agree this was better than nuking rooms because you actually needed to run around to attack enemies. That is why we know some top tiered frames need a little tampering. Everyone wanted balance so one by one we are getting what we asked for.
  7. I heard his new augment makes it pretty good now.
  8. I think I used Limbo also. Any tricky MR test use Limbo, he works best for lots of these MR's. Just equip him with all your speed mods and auras. If not I believe Loki with max duration and speed will do. He was the fastest base speed till a few new frame like Gauss and Ivara Prime came into the game. Just recently, now you have 1 second to re-trigger your invisibility not like back then.
  9. Correct from a few Dev Streams ago they said they are working on Corpus Liches which means Corpus Lich weapons.
  10. I would be okay with guareenteed 1 ephemera per 10 weapons on each element. Example: 10 Heat Lich equals a Heat ephemera, 10 Toxin Lich equals a Toxin ephemera, and so forth. Still I would hate the grind of over 40hours for each ephemera but it is better odds than your 27 Lich x 4 hours = 108 hours and nothing. This would total in 70 Liches for all ephemera's = Minimum of 280 hours if you can defeat each Lich in 4hours.
  11. Since the Kuva Nukor is already the buffed up version of base Atomos we cannot just make it have the same Atomos but higher Heat DPS. I had a crazy idea that might be game breaking good. Allow the Kuva Atomos function similar to the alt-fire mode of Ferrox but instead of throwing it onto a surface, make it trigger on the side arm of the frame (combination of Ferrox alt-fire and Atomos). Essentially it becomes a stat-stick allowing frames to run around doing Condition Overload melee combos and CC as enemies get within range. This allows for an active gameplay style and being able to melt enemies asap.
  12. My bad. At least by the time you invest in farming Kuva weapons they RNG might be fixed. 🙂
  13. The grind will be grind no matter what. Doing 4 hours of the same capture mission... I'll pass. Then after that another 4 hours for the Lich. Why if after 4 hour we don't get an ephemera, then we maybe stuck doing one mission the entire day. Then after that 4 hours for the Lich.
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