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  1. Do you remember before Limbo's rework, he actually killed players? They left mission because he controlled space time and all frame abilities and guns had no use. So in all honestly he was the God DE had to nerf. lol Even today he's gotten the most synergy nerf's for so many different mechanic in game. His coding actually breaks DE coding team too many times. lol I miss trolling with old Limbo.
  2. And yet "you are here," which makes it all worth it. lol I love how people's actions speak louder than words. :)
  3. Maxing out the weapons will presumable be same as Kuva variants as 5 Forma/ weapon each adding mastery, thus totaling 48,000 for the 12 weapons. Just hope we get something worth while.
  4. Last poor update for content was Deimos. Feels almost like 1yr ago. lol They are failing with content.
  5. I agree with you afk nuking is the worst way to play any game. Im just saying the community wont agree with this idea because they always have the same reasoning, its a casual game and if players don't like it, they must leave. They don't care about Warframe getting mechanically better but want it more casual than the updates prior. They justify this with the reasoning because of "grind." Its always the same counter argument on the nuking meta side.
  6. Any ideas thrown into forum is considered worthless because most on here are conditioned to"casual, max cap damage hits" or they wont like the game.
  7. And yet this has been a discussion for years, "balancing metas." lol
  8. The real reason is people think you can only play with rivens and use too much money to purchase rivens they know are .5 dispo and expecting them to make a Godly difference. Don't waist your hard earned money on rivens you know are going to probably change dispo before you like.
  9. You will never win. Over 75% of community only want nuking. Best option as you have done is step away from the AFK nuking all together. Or never talk about in forum because you'll just get the heat of the community. There is a reason why many like yourself have left Warframe. The few left is what keeps it alive.
  10. Both weapons and frames. The more in use not damage dealt.
  11. Feel free to add your idea. I was in regional chat and we happen to talk about cool downs on any weapon or frame being used too much/ have taken too much damage. The more damage or use equates to the weaker each hit or ability is affected. In order to recover, implement a recovery time based on the amount of lost void energy attached to each. Thus, this may help the implementation of rotating frames and weapon usage. It's not perfect but would be nice to see a more diverse selection of frames and weapons being used other than only the top 5 for each category. <3
  12. Seems to me someone is trying to say if your not a nuker, dont play this mode, or if your not giving me energy to nuke stay out aka Trintiy. Frames that cannot nuke or collect room full of enemies can do little to nothing when enemies die before they run up the them. This has always been the issue with allowing unbalanced AFK nuking abilities that bypass LoS and non-nukers into the same room. The non-nukers feel out of place because the amount of effort need my result in nothing or very minimal as everything dies before they get to targets on map. Also this non-AFK is easily negated by m
  13. I thought you were the one who suggested the augment. Your own counter argument to your augment comment ... If you're in SP infested the amount of toxin proc will either instantly kill you or the toxin cloud damage will shred your shields. If you don't spam pillage in these circumstances she's dead before you know it. Like i said, unless you like to camp, meaning enemies coming from only one direction. One is needed to stay alive, the other is to cast ability for intended purpose. It's two different thing bro. How is this any different for any other frame outside of no
  14. I see some people are over 3/4 completed for Mastery 30, onto Legendary 1 soon!
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