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  1. The problem that your friend failed to understand is giving one of the most powerful "aimbot" mechanics in the game kills your future gameplay and development of appreciation of the other frames that cannot nuke an entire room without trying. As you can see, you clearly stated you don't like any mechanics that require you to actually use "skills" to overcome any enemy type. Pure tanks kill mobility skills while in combat and nukes kill skills of even trying to aim or require effort for reward of your own skills. I too was trapped in this bubble for about a year. After learning this, now playi
  2. I think your comparing the mod to something like how straight armor works. It not suppose to work like that. If your looking for anything that can bypass being hit, use rolling guard. Also getting one shot should still be in the game. But having shield gating is welcomed also to give fragile frames a fighting chance.
  3. I like this. Same with mine. My top 10 used frames are from the bottom half of list. Which indicates there are some players who still enjoying using guns and melee instead of frame abilities that do everything for them.
  4. Oddly enough. You say just based on your job, you're way of thinking is how everything should be looked at. Here you are still working for another mans business. If you're were so good at what you claimed at analyzing data, you should be running your company not working there. If you are running the company, than Ill follow in your lead boss. I hope when you are taking a test with and the question that ask "what does this graph show?" You are explaining none of the answers are correct because they didn't factor in the outside algorithms that may effect the resolution of the resu
  5. lol what your talking about is effective modding not meta. Two totally different topics. lol But the reason why they would use the "meta" Mesa is because of her braindead aim mechanic which doesn't require "much" skill at all. The only skill required is doing a little research on how to mod Mesa effectively.
  6. Lets be real. Everyone who is defending that there is no such thing as meta or the stats prove nothing, wont see anything even if they run an entire lifetime and see only the same frames and weapons being played all day long by other players. To them this doesn't mean meta and the stats are totally wrong because its not accurate to their mind set because they need to calculate all the variance of life into an equation. lol This sounds totally stupid. What else are they going to say? Depends on your age, how many breath you took that day effecting your choice of usage or the planets aligning ma
  7. As you can see, the top used frames are either Nuke frames or afk tank frames lol how sad a community that only uses those mechanics to play even as higher MR players.
  8. anything that isnt meta nukers
  9. Her 4th doesn't replenish her 3 at the same rate. lol If it did once, seems that DE has already fixed that exploit. I think you just like nuking too much to allow any balance to nuking frames which are the most used frames statistically. Seems like nukers are asking to buff non-nuking frames as the only option for some odd reason. lol Its funny even nuke meta's didn't consider Khora whips as nuking lol
  10. If you dont know how strong Excals 4th is you need to replay him. His blade can kill en entire hallway with a few slices its. You can literally just random spam in a circle and anything that comes withing the blades will die. Just place a bramma or nukor on your Wukong and room nuked with in a few seconds as you just stand there waiting for the enemies to die. And you know 90% of Wukong I see in pubs run this combo with large AOE primary and nukor all the time. Hope you can see this.
  11. Excal is number one because most players dont stay in long enough to play any other frames outside the starting frames. Base on aesthetics along Excal get chosen most of the time. I was one to chose Excal aslo many years ago without knowing any of their kits. As you can see it MR# usage is from new players. When you start looking at Vet, the % of frames usage differs with MR 20-30 significantly.
  12. As we all know the most nukish frames and weapons are the most used from the 2020 Statistics released after Devstream. One idea I have for the frames would be the same as how you guys have made Hildryn, drain by each enemy or alley effected by ability. As Wukong twin, Mesa's Peacemaker, Saryn Spores, Excals Exalted, Khora's whip, Volts 4th and many others abilities applies damage each enemy hit draines the energy cost to keep it up. This alone would help off set the balance of the room clearing nuking frames. Instead of spamming continuously, player will have to used these abilities strategica
  13. I believe this is very achievable since there are mobile apps or programs that already allow this feature to allow object to be molded onto the a surface with the curvatures and textures. Not asking for added brass plats, just for the armor to mold onto each frame male/ female for more accurate armor aesthetics.
  14. Well that's kind of funny. You were implying those beam weapons were not viable for SP content. Now your trying to put the odds in the favor of not working. lol If i showed you it capable in those missions you just mentioned, Im only afraid the next comment you will imply is "don't equip any mods and just let the base stats do their job." ahahah You're pretty funny, but I like it. :)
  15. DE, I know there are many other things your guys are working on as priority but if you ever see this post, give it a thought please. I love how we can swap out load-out from the Navigation screen. I was thinking why not allow this option for swapping out weapons on the fly as well. I find it kind of redundant being in Navigation screen and then we have special events or sorties with specific weapon requirement and having to swap into arsenal screen, grab the weapon we need, then go back to the navigation screen, especially if there is only a few minutes before event or mission timer
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