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  1. I remember a few months back Dev's talked about he Kuva Corpus. Did they say when we are getting them? They were showcasing the Kuva Corpus head as a armor shoulder piece as how Liches have as our frames they are hunting.
  2. I see. You're presenting that the new Helminth system is broken. I can agree with this. 🙂
  3. Screen shots please for clarification. I don't understand whats wrong.
  4. Why would you want to make his kit the same or even more boring? He already has a hard enough time dying and cannot die in Steel Path with max armor, health, and adaptation, having defy will do nothing to his kit.
  5. Well here is a thing people have always asked for if it was possible to toggle between speed and slow builds. Well now we have a few options: Now we can speed up the units to run into room with Nova's 4 then trigger these augments to slow them down when they come into range. I can see Molecular Fission and Wisp Breach Surge being a CC/Nuking synergy.
  6. True. He has the quickest base speed. This will make him much quicker than Nezha and Volt. Gonna have to try this out. True Im a Vauban Max range main also 🙂 Well Nidus really doesn't have a place now. I dont see any abilities making his kit any better Because his kit depends on his 2 and 1.
  7. Would be nice but you wont benefit as much as having a double loot frame or two in a group with Speedva. As for Xata's void damage we don't know if it does much damage yet. We will see soon. Also Breach Surge wont benefit much if there the enemies are to far away from one another. If you can bunch them up then, Yes most definitely. I can see using Breach Surge on Vauban's Vortex or Nidus' Larva or even Mag's Bubble then Pull and then Breach Surge. This might make them into a small Nuke frame.
  8. All I want is Prime Thief's Wit +60 LOOT RADAR.
  9. Larva and use Heavy Attack with either Redeemer or Stopha and pretty much its a map clearing ability on all frames.
  10. Loki will be Ash 2.0 with Seeking Shuriken with a much better invisibility duration build.
  11. DE only allows one damage boost at a time.
  12. Ill be using this on with either Volt shields, or with Chroma buff for Eidolon hunts for added rations damage.
  13. I took so much time to make this room beautiful but now it gonna disappear. My heart breaks for the Deimos. 😞
  14. That only a few enemies. Now imagine an 40m range of 50-100 enemies in one spot and Khora's whipclaw. Whats more effective? 5-10 close by enemies or entire map clear?
  15. Yes same. Ill be placing Larva on almost every frame that already uses some range. Now I can use this on Inaros and a room CC build and focus other than just health and armor. lol
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