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  1. Spore's best benefit is the corrosive armor reduction it does. The damage ticks it does was a huge mistake on the kit. Yes with the right build the spores keep spreading themselves rooms away from the player, making the spores linger for a long duration. The numbers I was using are just ideas not exact. Ill let DE do the rework on balancing the kit. The thing that breaks DPS abilities is when it bypasses walls and objects. If the spores didn't do any damage but just the corrosive strip, it would work more in the way every other none DPS ability works which can bypass. But since it can do
  2. It should spread in similar to many other ability or mechanics in game as we see the energy fly from one enemy to the other. 1 enemy infected kills spreads to 1 additional spore plus the original spore = 2 spores, stacks up to 4 spores max spread per kill, but with her 3rd active Toxic Lash allows for a 2x additional spores. stack 1: 1 infected > kill > 1+1 additional spores spread stack 2: next infected > killed > 1+2 additional spores spread stack 3: next infected > killed > 1+3 additional spores spread stack 4: next infected > killed > 1+4 ad
  3. Railjack Intrinsic is 60,000 mastery points. This is whats holding me back also.
  4. Thank you. I didn't even think about doing this. Well next time I will give this a try.
  5. If I scratch your back, you scratch my back? Does this still exist in Veteran Warframe players? In my years of Warframe there has always been small conflicts of interest but nothing really irritated more than today. Joining a public HoD Vault run, everything was going fine. My purpose was to do vault runs while collecting loot with Nekros for Mutagen Samples for Hema and the new infested weapons with Arcana update. After a few vault runs everyone got the no menu screen while the host was able to get their menu screen back after dying from the enemies. So we just had him force start
  6. All depends oh how you play and cheese everything in game or if others user real money for play. If you invest any kind of money for play you will progress x10 quicker than others who play totally free. But in the end you can get the same results free or with money.
  7. Or make everything equal and LoS if it does DPS. Conversation should be over with this one change.
  8. And this is what I just stacked. Other frame will use Hildryn to camp in corners for infinite energy from Aegis Storm and set macros to constantly spam high scaling abilities that can keep killing enemies as they are coming from one direction. AFK macro meaning setting programs to run the key strokes so one can walk away from game and still complete the task of tapping the same buttons over and over killing everything coming in that directions. Therefore you dont need to play the game for as long as you want and when you do return just go collect the loot. and extract.
  9. Actually this is much more balance to how Vitus Essence is farmed. Camping in Arbitration waiting for drones can be if not the same rate or slower. Still the only thing worth farming SE is Kuva. Most farmers were just using as a way to Kuva farm. Even today 3 missions 15mins can yeild you 10k kuva. Much quicker than other other Kuva farm currently in game. As before 1 hr could yield one over +100k kuva.
  10. I agree. 99.9% of the time Host would only play as SpeedVa so they could do nothing and just spam her 4th as they waited for everyone else as Khora's to do all the dirty work. It started getting super toxic because player would be arguing to be AFK players. Some would justify Nekros double loot chance and Trinity for energy for group so they could also play the AFK role. The upsetting thing was most of these players were high MR 25-30 with over +1500hrs in game. So most knew what they were doing but pretended they didn't. I remember on instance an MR30 with over 5,000hr justifying the nee
  11. Well DE, if players are justifying AFK macros. You might want to take a look at these accounts that should be dealt with. I don't agree with low drop chances but I will never AFK macro like some.
  12. Yes and there is nothing wrong with this but when your clearing maps with a tap of a button or random spamming without the effort of even trying to aim and still killing 15-20m of enemies. How is that even a justifiable mechanic even for Warframe. And if you're not aware this are the mechanic's DE have been re-balancing in the last 7years.
  13. I think the most broken thing about all this are players who are asking, "what do I do now?" The simple answer is, "You need to play the game now." And most are angered because they are not able to Macro or AFK or spam without actual enemy engagement, are finding this not acceptable in playing Warframe. They don't want to play the game without these brain dead mechanics. One of the biggest reason is because DE has allowed this to go on for way too long for it to be an acceptable behavior of gaming.
  14. And this is why DE is probably going to be balancing these frames in the near future because of their broken play styles. Nothing wrong with efficiency but its how its done. If there is no care for strategy or just random spamming or mouse twirling or enemies dying without sight or interaction, any game would call this broken mechanic. But for some odd reason Warframe players justify this with efficiency over balanced mechanic. And yes Macro users "Need" to be punished.
  15. I think what DE is trying to do is prevent macro AFK spamming. As some have stated dispensary is close to this mechanic but just doesn't provide sufficient spamming since the drops are not always what the player needs. Because Condemn is Line of Sight but AOE with no target needed, it can exploit infinite self shields but more importantly spamming nuke frames can leverage the infinite energy produced by Aegis Storm when camping in corridors.
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