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  1. +1. Got kicked from orbiter after finishing a mission after Tennocon started. Been unable to log in since. The network issue flag pops up when attempting to log in, then after a while shows the popup: "Login failed. Check your info." This is on PC btw.
  2. +1 to this. Received the Oull from vanquishing a Lich before this update. After Mission Report showed that my Kuva Grattler Lich dropped an Oull Mod, but it doesn't show a second Oull in either the Mod Collection or Inventory Menu.
  3. Wanted to stop by and say +1 to experiencing these exact same symptoms, but on PC. Will make my own thread with a more comprehensive explanation and screenshots of the problems, but gotta say I'm experiencing nearly the exact same things. All other internet traffic is just fine. Am able to run League of Legends, Steam, Netflix, etc. on my PC and other devices on the same network through both on WiFi and wired connections. As DeadTrinity explained, I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms, the launcher is slow to check for updates, and once the game launches, I am met intermittently with the "Network Error" red diamond, before being told "Login Failed - Check your info." Even the timeframe matches up, was able to play Thursday night, but haven't been able to log in at all on Friday April 23. RIP my Login Rewards streak...
  4. +1 for bug visibility, as I just experienced it. Hope DE fixes this, the defense target should honestly just be a cryopod.
  5. Happened to me once, got lucky enough to complete the mission on my second try. But had a squad mate who experienced the bug and failed the mission 3 times in a row.
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