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  1. There is one particular issue and at this point, I'm afraid to talk about it openly. Because I know that a lot of people will jump on me for this. (but maybe we can talk in DM)
  2. With builds, my approach is simple: I look which stats are affecting the most of my abilities (like duration on Trinity) and make this the core of my build. Stats that I don't need stay at 100.
  3. Going into a mission, not knowing if I will succeed or not? Sounds to me as if I was waiting for things to fail.
  4. I don't like going into a mission just to fail. It always bumms me when I see the 'mission failed' screen. And therefore, I don't want to go into a mission seeking failure.
  5. At this point, I don't really wanna talk about builds anymore as it always ends the same way. In the end, it always runs in circles, frustrating anyone involved; and making me sad even thinking about the topic. At this point, I'm pretty much left to figure out builds on my own, especially since I rarely find pro builds appealing to me.
  6. Now I feel even more like the noob I apperantly am.
  7. He is pretty durable and he served me well in terms of surviving on the battlefield.
  8. I do agree with you that I don't feel ready yet - I still have 2 nodes left to clear - and I still have my issues with other high level content. If you have read my comments, maybe you also get an idea on some other views I have. I got quite the heat for my view on builds and people telling me that my way of going about this is limiting me. But all in all, I'm MR19 with almost 900 hours, but I still feel like I have only scratched the surface in certain aspects.
  9. Well, I did do an Eidolon hunt with my Volt P. I did get a full Team tho.
  10. I have 11-12 stars around my frame with all duration mods I could find.
  11. He is my main and my most durable frame.
  12. Haven't played Frost in a while. Limbo is nice tho I fear he might be a bit squishy too. But I know what his cataclysm + stasis is worth (tho last time I brought him in a mission I got yelled at to stop putting down bubbles on the cryopod)
  13. I prefer to slow them down. So I have more time to kill them before they kill me. (and if you want to know the other reason why I don't like Speed Nova, either look for my older posts or DM me)
  14. No, thank you. I'm a Slow Nova guy. I don't see the good in having enemies come to me faster and overrun me faster. Not to mention that I am more interested in positive power strength. Tho I better not talk anymore about this setup. I've caught enough heat in previous posts of mine.
  15. If the DR on her would be so effective, I wouldn't get downed with her so often. THat's why I barely use her outside interception.
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