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  1. Can you do that with her 4 active? I thought she was static in this state.
  2. I did watch a guid and the one making it also didn't seem to move. Or did I get that wrong?
  3. I am using the 2 Primed mods, Narrow and Fleeting and constitution, also Augur Reach, Message and stretch. My aura is pistol amp and I also use Power Drift.
  4. How I tackle it is fairly simple: I go into a big open part of the void and fire away Mesa's 4. I did go out of my way to include Narrow Minded and Fleeting Expertise in my build (I've had issues accepting those mods) and thanks to Zenurik Dash, I go there with full energy.
  5. I recently got the idea of trying to farm for Protea and since I heard Mesa is good for it, I took her. But so far, I haven't been able to rack up enough kills in the Granum Void. The highest I got was 66 kills. Is there anything to boost this?
  6. I've recently bought some Necramech part from Loid. But for building it, I need a damaged part. Any suggestion how I can get one?
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