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  1. I still think it would be a waste to render an ability unusable because the stats go too low. And I also think using only 1 or 2 of a frame's abilities is too limiting. It's a feeling I can't shake. I literally have an aversion to stats going below default, even if it's just by 5%. When I think of running a frame with stats low in one depeartment, I always have that doubt in the back of my mind that tells me that this will end in a disaster for me. I have nothing to back this up, but it's a pretty strong sentiment for me.
  2. I'd like to imagine what would be if you could use this power for more than just a few moments before running out of energy.
  3. Well, there are two things that make me shy away from those specialized or 'extreme' builds. One: I don't wanna render abilities that might be useful unusable. I'm not really for 1-button (or 2-button) wonders. I'd like to have at least 3 abilities of a frame usable (and for Nova, those 3 are her 1, 3 and 4 since I have problems getting value out of her 2) Two: When a stat goes low, I always have the feel that the thing has an achilles heel and will blow up in my face. Like when you have a Limbo or a Frost with low range. I always wonder how anyone can protect anything with so little space covered. Or I came across a Baruuk build with only 13% duration and I really wondered how that build could even work without something going wrong. It just makes me feel better when I know the stats are at least on default value.
  4. It's all about preference, I guess. Tho I am curious about playstyles different than my go-to. I get what you mean. Tho I don't really wanna throw away an ability I might be able to make use of (not to mention that I have reservations of having stats go low in general).
  5. I've usually taken to those frames because I find them easy to use. Just soak up damage while you dish out some yourself until there is nothing but you moving. I've seen some of them like Tactical Potato or Grindhard Squad. And yes, they have quite interesting builds (tho I have some special requirements for builds I use on a frame which makes it hard to actually go for any of them).
  6. My problem in that regard is that for this to work, I'd have to give up on her portals and I'd rather keep them as a tool for mobility. Facetanking is what I normally do tho. I runn around a level a lot, but when I do actually shooting, I usually stand in one place until I have hit my targets. And having a frame that can eat up damage makes things easier for how I play.
  7. I do have a question about a certain type of frame. Normally, I'd use tanky frames in missions, those who have high armor, damage mitigation or self heal. Such as Rhino, Wukong, Nidus or Valkyr. But there are some other frames like Limbo, Nyx or (for me) Nova (and maybe, I'd put Titania in there as well). Those frames are rather frail or squishy and I did wonder how one can manage to take those through high level stuff and/or endless missions. I'd like to know what other players do with them for this.
  8. I simply think that modding towards only one or two abilities in a frame's kit is limiting myself too much. With all of a frame's kit at my disposal, I have much more options. It might have some uses in certain situation, but in general, I don't use it. The other 3 abilities are much more useful. I beat the Teralyst too. Tho not solo, I did it with a PUB and my 'non-corrupted' Volt Prime
  9. That's what I want to do: taking advantage of all of a frame's abilities, or at least 3 of them. Only using 2 or less abilities or modding in a way that an ability I wanna use becomes unsuable feels way too limiting for me. I generally don't regard stats that go down as 'positive', especially not efficiency. I could never run a build with negative efficiency, especially not when I make use of channeled abilities. Almost all of my builds use the combo Streamline + Flow to give big energy pool + low energy cost, which lets me maintain abilities with little more outside energy pickups (I also make use of a rank 1 Arcane Energize) - which means I also don't have to sit around energy discs for 30 seconds. In my mind, I don't need any complicated workarounds for a problem I simply avoid. But the thing I agree on is that I don't understand the synergies - most of the time when someone talks about those, barely anything sticks with me. And yes, dumping stats really comes off as wasteful and with having low duration or efficiency when using a channeled ability, it looks downright detrimental.
  10. I have him already, tho haven't busted him out in quite a while.
  11. I've always had a some trouble with synergies. I barely know about them and most of the time when someone talks about them, most of it doesn't stick.
  12. That's some good information. I've also heard that certain companions synergize with some playstyles (I always ignored that) And there is the Daikyu amalgam mod that works with melee.
  13. As I myself have no idea about this, can somebody please give me a rundown of any notable equipment synergies?
  14. I've never seen it that way. Thanks. I was just having my imagination running away for a bit and I thought, it also would add some slightly unique things to the game, at least in terms of weapon mechanics that haven't already been done within the game (if i think about it, I agree that the plasma rifle and the full-auto combat shotgun might be the only out of the bunch that would do that). My thoughts were more centered around optics and style, rather than balance or mechanics.
  15. As I said before, as long as it is not a 1:1 recreation of a copyrighted asset, infringement claims can be brushed off. Like you could make a Supershotgun by using the Tigris model. As long as it is not the same model as used in the DOOM games, they can get away with calling it a reference or a hommage. Or the plasma rifle could be a remodel of the Baza with a more Corpus look to it. With a few tweaks, people will still get the reference, but it would still be distinct enough so Bethesda could not successfully make a copyright claim.
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