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  1. I did use a call point last time, but it got away.
  2. Haven't used my Ivara since I maxed her. For invisible, I usually go with Loki. And where do you find them normally? when I look around in the drift, I usually only find Predasites and Vulpaphyle, a few Crytilex if I'm lucky.
  3. My question is simple: What are the best advices for getting those Avichea tags in Cambion Drift?
  4. I'm still ways off getting Helminth unlocked that way.
  5. Where can I find those prisoners? I haven't seen any last time.
  6. I've gave the Granum Void a go, looking for some of the new weapon parts or maybe a piece of Protea. Tho I guess, I could need a little advice on how to get the rotation C rewards. Any idea is welcome.
  7. That's some achievement. I'm pulling my hat. Personally, I am only at the beginning, trying to figure out how to tackle this (doesn't help that I'm a rather casual player alongside certain other stuff)
  8. I know. Because most people who do make suggestions for builds do min-maxing. And those have a hard time understanding why I'm not using those mods.
  9. I mean, when modding my Rhino, I have somewhat focused on his Iron Skin; giving him strength, armor and using the augment for his Charge, tho I also didn't get as far as make his Roar and Stomp unsuable. THis means range and duration are at default. Generally, I look which stats do affect most of the abilities of a frame and that's the ones I focus on when modding.
  10. That's pretty much my Nova, I got all the duration I could get without using Narrow Minded. I normally don't build for one specific abilities - that would be too limiting - rather than for the whole kit. I usually have one build for any given frame. That's more of a convenience thing.
  11. I've mainly used my Rhino for missions tho I had also some special cases. Like Loki for spy, Nidus for Kuva survival or Wukong for Lich hunting. Generally, I've morstly relied on tanking damage. Tho I've been told that this won't be as effective in an environment like Steel Path.
  12. I already experienced my first mission. I took my Rhino P with my Sybaris P, Tombfinger and Plague Kripath. And it ended up being a slog. The only things that helped me through it was my Zaw, Stomp and some energy discs.
  13. I know about Speed Nova and it doesn't fit my way of playing (Slow Nova does tho). And the same goes for low range Frost and Limbo or low duration Limbo. Generally, I can't stand low stats on a frame, hence why I'd always try and compensate when using those mods. I'm much more comfortable not using them.
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