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  1. And this eats up atleast 2 mod slots, before the nerf there was no need for something like that. Stop making excuses for DEs terrible decision back then.
  2. They just have to revert their stupid nerf from the melee rework.
  3. And it goes downhill faster and faster. Warframe changed since some big chinese investor entered and now you are completely owned by one. Sad end.
  4. Is this surprising to anyone playing this game for a while?
  5. No fix for the untradeable Sporothrix blueprint? really?
  6. Kinda old bug which isn't fixed yet... wow this is again pretty weak. What a terrible year for Warframe and you can't blame everything on Covid 19!
  7. Necramechs need enemy sense or make companions work while in a necramech, we need to see enemies on the mini map. It is already super hard and annyoing to see enemies in the open worlds especially on deimos. Give us this small QoL change, it wouldn't make them overpowered at all, just more fun and enjoyable.
  8. Give Necramechs enemy sense or make companions work with them It is terrible to see where enemies are in open world missions especially in time critical missions! We need to see our enemies on the mini map, this is a change which wouldn't make the mechs overpowered, just more fun and enjoyable to play.
  9. Happy Holidays, but don't leave us with a bugged game... Arcana is still a mess!
  10. DE, this update adressed absoluty 0 what is wrong with your game/deimos. Example: You made Otak in the isolation vaults faster (a bit faster) but he now has to cover double the distance to charge up all 4 crystals. In the end, it takes longer than before to escort him. Is this your kind of logic to make the game more enjoyable for your playerbase? If yes, i can tell you a secret, it is the wrong approach. Playerbase is dwindling and you still keep doing the same mistakes. My clan (which exists since the game launched!) is dead, even tough the update dropped a
  11. Can't agree more. Function > fancy looks!!!
  12. OK, after playing with the Deimos Arcana update for a good amount of hours i have to say, that i haven't ever encountered so many bugs and annoyances in all those 8 years i play. Let alone those terrible necramech fights where only a handful of frames are viable but hey you made Octavia unable to damage necramechs anymore so the fights are even more annyoing. Top nocht game design.,.. NOT. I am so disappointed in DE for in the recent time, it is sad to see what happens to Warframe over the past years. Anyway, not going to bother with the update for atleast the next c
  13. The Warframe ability changes are borderline useless. Please, for the love of god, try again with some more effort. Nekros and Chromas 1 need a complete rework... honestly, both need most of their abilities reworked.
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