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  1. Wukongs clone isnt using the firearm you lastly equipped (secondaries) most of the time. He sometimes switches to the primary, even tho i had the secondary equipped while switching to melee. AND GOOD LORD, please rework the terrible AI already, the specters/clones whatever are dumb af and not very helpful.
  2. I noticed, that i cant use the default color on the Irkalla Nekros Skin anymore. Instead of the blueish one i only get purple. This is the default color how it should be: And this is the default color I get for several updates: I hope this bug will be resolved soon.
  3. Well, you could also remove the "use x forma" task. There are people who dont want/need to use any forma anymore and since you wont cut the build time of formas this is not a great task.
  4. 3 Months by now... no response nothing... encourages you to make more bug reports, NOT.
  5. Please DE, fix this bug after more than 3 months already... PLEASE
  6. Better, more challenging AI would be a great replacement the terrible scaling in this game.
  7. Very nice update but this issue is still not fixed for over 2 months now atleast tell us/me that you are working on it
  8. Yes, especially since pilfering strangledome got released. Fun and pretty good Warframe which wasnt always the case.
  9. Found a possible bug. I cant use default energy colors when i use my Nekros with his deluxe Irkalla skin Please look into this.
  10. Yes, AI is by far the biggest weakness, enemies and companions have. I hope DE will adress this sooner than later.
  11. for the love of god, please fix this finally:
  12. to clarify things in advance, i reached prestige rank 10 so far.. i really dislike some stuff you posted Completing bounties is just a bad design, why not make do x amount of bounty stages so we are not "forced" to do the shortest and easiest bounties to complete the task Increasing the sanctuary Onslaught form 3 to 8 rounds isnt "Degrindification!" it is the opposite. Now the new acts: Daily: 5 syndicates is ok transmuting mods is... meh i have been playing this game since 2013 and havent used transmutation, i absolutly dislike those gaming like mechanics (yeah i know, no money involved but still super random) Deplay an Air support charge in a mission... well first make air support actually worth to use? Pet your Kubrow... more useless busywork, maybe i am not that manga anime cosmetic fanatical guy, i care about fun gameplay, thats why i PLAY games Weekly: 3 Kuva siphons is great 3 K-drive Races arent, K-drives are just boring and so is searching the races on the boring, empty but beautiful venus open world Elite Weekly: i think this task is ok, kinda challenging and new players might learn to play with their operators better everything i havent mentioned are GOOD changes. anyway even after the improvements i have to say, nightwave could be alot better i dont know why but it feels like DE lost most of their inspiration and fervor (dunno if this is the right word) for the game.
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