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  1. DE, no proper content updates or even changes (Xaku, Deimos) for more than 2 weeks... thats pretty disappointing.
  2. THIS THIS THIS, especially the last point... you've been promising this feature for more than a year.
  3. Will we get a proper update (xaku changes etc.) this week or only stuff the game doesnt need right now? Atleast no more Jugulus oneshots, thanks.
  4. It has nothing to do with AFKing since the discs killing potential is pretty limited and mainly used for CC.
  5. DE, make sure you nerf the Jugulus gas damage in the next update, i hate getting oneshotted all the time without knowing where and how.
  6. DE, after the nerfs for the Zenistar or shall i say for the special effect of the weapon, the usage should be close to 0. How about you make it like before the melee rework, that the disc has the base duration before the nerfs and you can increase the uptime with the combo even further. Think about it please.
  7. You cant complete Deimos bounties with latrox une involved...
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