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  1. thanks for the help mate, but i found the song i was searching for: "Wake up, find the power within yourself"
  2. What do you think is currently more realistic, DE fixing the awful scaling, or giving Vauban some DR? ;)
  3. what are the songs before the stream starts? ps. i wanted to give some feedback about the new frames but i guess i ll wait until i played them myself. but as a hint, give vauban some survivability since high level enemies easily oneshot alot of frames without DR since the scaling is flawed.
  4. can someone tell me what songs played during the pre stream timeframe?
  5. Dear DE since we now have 4 boosters for a sortie reward, how about to let us choose which booster we get (only for sorties)? I am a veteran and have been playing since 2013 and honestly, i dont need a credit or mod booster. Maybe you can work on a solution to make everyone happy ;)
  6. No hope, that those issues will ever get fixed but i still post it. Some of them exist for MONTHS!
  7. Two important bugs still not fixed, i am impressed how you just dont care.
  8. If i am honest, i would love to get the old sonicor projectile FX back.
  9. Wukongs Celestial Twin always gets stuck near walls. This game's AI needs a serious rework.
  10. finally. but the content drought is still present. edit: awesome, UI is freezing when trying to drag "favourite" colors.
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