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  1. finally, now give us another way to farm forma or decrease the build time to 1 hour.
  2. I hope you will decrease the Kuva Lich grind even further, they still take alot longer than Sisters of Parvos.
  3. Sorry but this change won't make the time to grind a lich not in line with the sisters which have an acceptable level of grind involved. Been waiting for more than a year for reduced grind for liches but i guess i have to wait even longer. Less Thralls or even tougher enemies like the hounds is the solution.
  4. I personally did 2-3 lichs and stopped because the grind was/is too much and i play alot of grindy games, WF for 8 years now. Still need and want alot of kuva weapons but won't get them until they reduced the grind considerably. ps. i mostly play solo because of the S#&$ty peer2peer lagfest.
  5. When will you fix the KUVA Lich grind. Lichs are still ALOT more grindy than Sisters (which i think have an acceptable level of grind involved)
  6. Well, now that you nerfed... eeeh fixed it. How about 2 grenades per magazine, 40 ammo per grenade instead of 80? ps. damn, so many nerfs in one hotfix, this is a new record.
  7. DE is still not appreciating the time players invest, the Lich grind is still laughably long. Guess, i will have to focus on other games then.
  8. WHAT?! all my color favourites are gone!
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