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  1. Most UI changes you did, didnt add more information and made it even more difficult/complicated to find them. Looking good isnt as good as a clean and proper base of information. the fact that i still need to use the wiki all the time speaks for itself... and i play since 2013.
  2. I hope the disappointment will discontinue soon. You really have to rethink, what you want to do and what the playerbase wants.
  3. why do you even write in them then? jeez. I fully agree with the topic, havent played the game for more than 2 weeks now.
  4. Hey DE, have you noticed that for some of your players their built railjacks are gone... Great start for the update!
  5. No proper Update (no tweaks to reworks or new frames nor more improvements to the still too grindy lich system) this week... MEH. I hope for some news today (devstream) or on the 12th.
  6. For the love of god, could you PLEASE finally fix this bug. I am sick of not knowing when my ability runs out!!!
  7. Please revert the Zenistar nerf, this wasnt necessary at all!
  8. Oh boy i was really hyped about this update, but then i read the patchnotes.... Well i just want to tell you what i dont like (in a constructive way!!!), when you read my stuff, remember one thing, i am a veteran player (since 2013) with over 2k hours: If you want my feedback in a voiced + video form, watch Brozimes video: 1. Requiem Stuff: The new Requiem system is, for me and alot of other players tastes, too much grind. First layer of grind is the aquisition of Requiem Relics, 30% is, in my opinion (and Brozimes) too low, it should be 50% for a Kuva Siphon Mission. Second Layer would be the aquisition of traces (which is already a terrible grind without any boosters), and you need them desperately to get the rare drops (which the requiem mods are) and sometimes RNG still hates you and you wont get a single rare drop even after 8 radiant group runs (4x8 radiant relics!). Third Layer of grind would be, that the requiem mods have a limited amount of charges, remember you will lose 1 charge of 3! Requiem mods if you've got the right order. All in all, this level is grind is too much and i hope you are just testing out the not so player friendly end of (digital) extremes. Even without the grind mentioned above, you have to farm Requiem Relics, farm traces, farm the rare mods, killing lich thralls to know the 3 mods you need to kill the lich, fight the lich several times to figure out what order you need. Thats already a good amount of grind and would be more than enough without the other aspects you've implemented and which i mentioned. I dont know if my english is good enough, that you understand what i mean, if not, watch Brozimes Video linked above. 2. Kuva Weapons: Not much of a problem with the new weapons, even tho i wish there would be more new and better properties to make weak weapons (Seer, Kraken, Ogris etc.) more viable. My major concern is the following: what are the custom weapons stats? If this is some kind of system like we have with rivens, oh boy the amount of RNG and grind would be overwhelming. 3.Grendel Yes i havent played him, but i think i can give a good guess why he will be pretty weak, but fun for a few hours. Ye, 50 bonus armor is nice, BUT his 1 has a little "flaw" which negates that bonus (armor isnt as good as damage reduction so you need ALOT of armor) Here is the description of his first ability: Nourish his second ability, well i fear the bonus it will grant wont be enough from what i saw on the devstream, especially armor is the main problem. Damage reduction >>>>>> armor in Warframe. Compare the tankiness of Atlas (or any other armor based WF) with for example Mesa which has damage reduction. This should be part of his first ability. Now the most disappointing part, his 4th and (atleast should be) most powerful ability. When you (DE) showed it the first time, he could soak up enemies while rolling around which was great for damage and CC. Now you changed this to just ragdolling enemies around which scatters the enemies (very bad in this game, alot of abilities do the opposite for a good reason) with bad damage. I hope you will sooner than later change this ability back to it's original state or develop something completely new. 4. Exilus Weapon Slots: Great idea, but bad execution. In my opinion (also Brozimes) those slots shouldnt cost ANY mod points. remember, you yourself wrote "tight capacity" of mod points, so i dont understand why you still charge mod points for those utility slots. weapons are very forma intensive already and if you need to forma them even more to fully utilize the exilus weapon slot you will lose build diversity due to polarities! ps. i would love to see a dedicated augment mod on warframes for more diverse builds (which also shouldnt cost mod points, if you put an augment mod in the augment slot, if you put it in a regular slot, i would still cost 9 mod points when maxed!) 5. Catchmoon?: Not sure about the changes yet, but i fully agree that you had to nerf it, over 50% usage is waaaayyy too much for a single weapon. But i think, the nerf might be too harsh, we'll see. 6. Unfixed bugs (some of them are not fixed for several months now!) - Nekros Deluxe skin default energy color is still bugged and wont show the correct one (the blueish color should be the right one) - Ferrox thrown tether mode isnt popping Saryns spores anymore, when toxic lash is active - Now the oldest and most annoying bug: On some Warframes (noticed it on Octavia, Khora and Wisp) when you for example throw a ball when activating Octavias 1,2 or 4 and switch to operator mode before the ability fully activates (until it shows the duraton in the ability UI) the duration wont show up at all. Sometimes (especially with Khora) when you have a duration based ability active (the duration timer clocks down) and you switch the operator mode, the timer just vanishes, like the ability isnt active at all. Here is my (one of many) bug reports about this topic: Dont get me wrong, i am pretty happy with the stuff we've got in this update, but there are some major gripes i wanted to point out in constructive way and i hope they will get adressed, otherwise i probably wont do the ever increasing grind and switch to other games (sadly, alot of my clan members did this in the past) which would be a shame since i love warframe, remember playing the game since 2013 very actively. @Digital Extremes, please tell me if you even read or adressed the points, because doing bug reports and getting ignores is very very frustrating. If you wish, i can open a new topic with the content included in this post. edit: Oh i just noticed you killed the Zenistar:
  9. After watching yesterdays Prime Time i have a suggestion for the Ember rework i really would like to see: 1.Ember - Immolation, when the meter is full, and i disable the ability by pressing 2 again, i would like to see a radial fire burst which knocks down enemies and deals damage. - Also, when the Immolation meter is full, Ember should get a smaller version of World on Fire (with the knockback augment) in a 5-10 meter radius since the energy drain seems pretty brutal. Both of those things would help Ember to survive since you cant always have the damage reduction at 90%. 2.Vauban - I fear Vauban will still be too squishy in high level content since most enemies just oneshot you, so you should give him some kind of damage reduction. Maybe change his passive to 5/10% damage reduction for every enemy affected by CC Please consider both ideas. I will give more feedback when i played both reworks but my suggestions above should fit nonetheless.
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