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  1. Not that impressed with the changes. You could have given primary and secondary guns some kind of aura slot in addition to the arcane
  2. Would be cool, if the ai pilot would actually destroy the weakpoints in some missions. Now when i play solo, i have to hack the terminal, get to the railjack, destroy the weapoint of the station/ship and get back into the station/ship, rinse and repeat 3 times...
  3. Any news about grind reduction of the kuva lich system? Since your new mantra is less grind i wonder if you will tackle this topic as well.
  4. When will you adjust the grind aspect of the kuva lich system, i hope in update 30. Rest, especially the command intrinsic sounds great.
  5. This is a big step in the right direction, seeing which bugs are acknowledged and which are fixed.
  6. See, ;) I hope this will get clarified in the first post of this thread. Have a nice day.
  7. "6 wreckage build (i.e. something you've built in any slot)" Well, guess we need a Q&A for the Q&A... *facepalm*
  8. Well, then nobody can get the Tier 3 rewards becuase ordnance isn't wreckage as well.
  9. i don't care if we have to forma plexus BUT big big very big BUT, they need to change the build time and especially how easy we can get more forma.
  10. Question, does clan research based stuff like sigma engines mkIII count as well?
  11. This is the kind of rework we need for several frames, can't wait to try it. Haven't been excited for an update for such a long time now, please don't mess it up, this is your last chance in my case.
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