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  1. hate wasnt an issue for me I think i had 7 hate 10 dread atleast before I got War.
  2. went threw 75 Relics to get the Dethcube blueprint
  3. you will literally have little to no noticible difference between npc stalker and player stalker. if you can smack down the npc stalker and send him running like a crying kid that tried to act grownup then you will beable to do same to the player stalker as the loadout will be wxactly same only difference is no AI pathing
  4. it wouldnt matter if pc got it bit by bit consoles will get it all at once regardless because DE has to pay for every update they put out into cert. thats why we got the mainline and chimera at same time
  5. I played all 3 fine and very survibably before the reworks infact in somecases the reworks hurt them but they still viable with right play style
  6. yeah the majority of people that run limbo either dont know how to propper play him or use him to just grief other players. its a mix of two but there no telling what percentage of each is
  7. there is no worst frame. every frame even vauban has a playstyle that suits it best. so the frame thats horrible for one person maybe amazing for the next due simply to different playstyles. Limbo and frost are the 2 main frames i dread ending up in mission with as more often than not they are not played well or correctly. Both you can be doing great minding own buisness about to take a headshot and out of no where either frost buble in way or you or target suddenly in void with out need
  8. you sir are just rude. there is no bad frame just people bad at playing them. just because you dont like rhino or are not good with it doesnt mean he bad frame for others. and the arca is easily in tob 5-6 weapons in game and deffinatly is best shotgun.
  9. I picture a guy asleep in chair controller about to hit floor becasue thats what happens to me every time i run rhino unless its hunting eidolons
  10. sony has stated they made mistakes with the port from 3 to 4. and said they wont be making changes to how data stored from one gen to the next again. so i would say 98% chance that there wont be problems with account and save transfers from ps4 to ps5 given the game is supported for both
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