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  1. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Railjack should be PvP

    like 90-95% have been saying no so yeah there a small portion that like pvp they just no where near enough to suport the investment of resources a new pvp mode would take
  2. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Mesa has been my main for nearly as long as she been out
  3. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Railjack should be PvP

    there have been posts asking for new pvp for 6-8 weeks and every time get shouted down by nealry everyone else
  4. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Railjack should be PvP

    it has been repeated and common thing for 6-8 weeks now
  5. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Railjack should be PvP

    they tried several different variants of pvp in conclave and numbrs have proven its under 2% of players that even interested in pvp so they wont put anymore resorces into unwanted features for good reason
  6. (PS4)Cargan2016

    What happened to my post

    ods are it was thought to be inapropriate and removed
  7. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Too many open worlds in Warframe

    One open world are what is most popular in gaming now for pve games. Even if they do put one out for every planet it wont be for years given at best we only get one a year. also they dont devote entire team to them when do them
  8. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Negative platinum (PS4)

    Not if the chargeback was done by the credit card company sony would just pass along the reversed charge to whatever game developer the money spent on.
  9. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    they have caught too much flack over thier monetization scheems in past Anthem is thier last chance to pull thier ass out of fire and they realize that with it being a new IP and none of the fanbase to have expectations of it to be set way. Even the blind as bats twits running ea can ignore fact if they dont winback some good will by keeping to promises with Anthem they could turn a large number of thier games from being able to support them selves into just a bunch of money sinks that cost them money most months to keep running. Due to no one trusting them as far as could throw them. At state they are in now it would be financial suicide for them to not keep with thier promises and they know it
  10. hand onlly 1/3-1/2 that can be atributed to Warframe by any reasonable estimation
  11. No where at all is it stated that that amount is 100% warframe profits I just read that report 3 times to besure. and the last report that was DE alone had thier profits at around 12,000,000 and accounting for growth at best it would be around 20,000,000 now and thats a best case scenario. But clearly your just like my wifes sister no matter how much facts are staring in her face she will twist them to support her view
  12. Batman arkham origins Gears of war dirty bomb just to name a few other sources of income for them
  13. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    Warframe has some competition though the stiffest competition isnt doing so well due to mismanagement and moneygrubbing over monetization and extremely anticonsumer practices. Destiny, The Division, and come about 6 weeks from now Anthem. and honestly I see Anthem proving to be the stiffest competition for Warframe given they are largely going to follow same microtransaction theme as Warframe of it being not required to get the stuff but just a shortcut.
  14. doesnt mean that thier income reported is from DE alone only about 1/10th that is from DE they have many other things generating them money
  15. Leyou is only reports I find and going by thier numbers is like taking Targets word of the profit of walmart. Also time I saw anything that gave credible references thier proffit was 1/10th of that of 10-12,000,000