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  1. I didnt get either one really only wanted the lotus slightly i know my account is linked as gotten previous drops but given i only lack the fortuna stuff and the 2 new prime weapons to master not getting it not huge issue just slightly disapointing
  2. no worries there I have over 1TB :) and thats on my slim old ps4 I kinda upgraded my harddrive on my own and not threw geting a pro
  3. easy guess they cut it infavor of making sure we got the bulk of the update before xmas
  4. Um No the fact they got it out 1-2 weeks ahead of when probably should have given size should be reward enough
  5. let them finish cleaning it up and all they still working on getting it optimised and decent frame rate on consoles as well as majority of bugs they found on pc delt with. from interview this weekend it sounded like if they released consoles right now the framerate would be so unstable it would be basically unplayable half time
  6. They changed the soon to this week on Monday so that means if it isn't tomorrow it will be Friday not because they don't want to work threw weekend but because they promised us it to be.
  7. its going to be buggy that much is given the day a game comes out completely bug free is day I throw up my hands and say i quit as ive seen everything.
  8. you dont pay attention much do you if your implying that it could be years away. Considering they have already basically announced that it should be by Friday this week
  9. considering the AAA developer has already announced they are turning thier back on 2 to focus on 3 which is why it is free now i put my money on this
  10. yeah but usually when they do that there an edited tag on the post thats not there now. though it is likely what happened
  11. the 19 is about when they said they where shooting for first week in November as release date in dev stream. so i think was probably either a mistype or is a glitch in the time tags of forum
  12. soonest I saw this was friday and it was already 7-8 pages big so its been running while
  13. Let them take thier time if they rush it we could easily wind up with just a nice new flashing node on star chart that just crashes every one when try launch it just as easily as could get a half working new area. It comes when it comes its much better to get something when its ready. I dont see many people snatching thier hamburger off the grill second it hits the grill because cant wait for it. that just get you sick and make you look stupid at same time. its same thing when trying to reach for and rush game content that isnt ready with out the make you sick obviously
  14. no they only said hoped to have it in first week about only time they give a definate date is after it has passed cert for the console launch. rest is just as soon as its ready thry hoped it would be basically by next thursday which techinically be end of first week in November
  15. depends on your definition of the meaning of first week of november. personally I think they ment first full week of November so the 5th -12th seems more likely for PC and 25-30th for consoles
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