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  1. Dont forget inaros I actually broke a survival mission with him once stayed like 8 min after lifesupport ran out by just health leaching and self reviving then game crashed when finnaly let it extract
  2. jordas didnt even show up as option for me to do till dec 2015
  3. I had friend get 15 too but know for fact he had glitch where he did 2 challenges twice and got credit both times
  4. I started with in 30 min of nightwave starting up on consoles and will have atleast 1-2 challenges to do after reset if want it done today
  5. no infact I have hit every daily my self up to today and while havent finished most weeklies yet ill be like 2k short without the sortie
  6. actually depends on if go by the frame number or release order as Atlas was update 17.5 but Wukong was 17.12 so was slightly before
  7. no worries there I have over 1TB :) and thats on my slim old ps4 I kinda upgraded my harddrive on my own and not threw geting a pro
  8. easy guess they cut it infavor of making sure we got the bulk of the update before xmas
  9. Um No the fact they got it out 1-2 weeks ahead of when probably should have given size should be reward enough
  10. let them finish cleaning it up and all they still working on getting it optimised and decent frame rate on consoles as well as majority of bugs they found on pc delt with. from interview this weekend it sounded like if they released consoles right now the framerate would be so unstable it would be basically unplayable half time
  11. They changed the soon to this week on Monday so that means if it isn't tomorrow it will be Friday not because they don't want to work threw weekend but because they promised us it to be.
  12. its going to be buggy that much is given the day a game comes out completely bug free is day I throw up my hands and say i quit as ive seen everything.
  13. you dont pay attention much do you if your implying that it could be years away. Considering they have already basically announced that it should be by Friday this week
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