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  1. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Offline mode please

    they said yeah it was idea but pretty much thrown out for anti cheater concerns. also i dont trust anything that comes out of his streams especially in intervies like that he always seemed to plan his questions like that to get them off guard on things where not really in a solid plan but makes them talk about how they had considered it making people expect onething when its going to be opposit. very click baity and a cheap way to get subscribers by basically getting it to sound like promises that never really ment to be publicly said had they been prepared for it
  2. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Offline mode please

    this has been asked over and over for 4-5 years and answer has always been a complete and solid NO its online for a reason and to prevent cheating it wont change how data is stored https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/618458030652230576 https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/1621724915773020482/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9yvkv8/can_you_play_warframe_offline_on_switch_like/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/91wruv/do_you_think_warframe_will_have_a_offline_mode just a few of the threads else where all same answer alreayd given
  3. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Offline mode please

    considering all the account progress and character data stored server side be unlikely to ever happen
  4. (PS4)Cargan2016

    When a $60 game has more grind than a F2P game

    then your clearly not doing right things i made and spent 150 ther in 7 hours of play
  5. (PS4)Cargan2016

    New Frame ideas

    how about a frame that 1-3 ability is throwing different colored turtle shells and has an exalted pipe club weapon
  6. (PS4)Cargan2016

    On Equinox Prime

    I looked over and over for clarification on what they considered her never found anything on it till about 2 months ago so if that your consideration of always your really short sighted on view of things
  7. (PS4)Cargan2016

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    its far more common they claim to be more better because they can beat some one in pvp performance not pve so dont see how can say its the pve that more so
  8. (PS4)Cargan2016

    On Equinox Prime

    but that wouldnt be equinox anymore cause as regular one is he/she what ever is truely a TG frame
  9. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Kit/Zaw Archguns Are Coming.

    hey it has a very valit property as a weapon it could blind some one with the flashes. I actually used to work security for a metal shop
  10. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Open World PvP (yep, another post)

    exactly its a very small percentage that even run it i every now and then just because burning out and look for change only to find it deserved and solo in map
  11. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Life support problem

    lotus does give you a warning to consider extracting at 20% always has
  12. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Disable Mining,fishing and Skate during bounty would be good

    honestly your just wasting your time cause as long as they are doing an ingame designed activity and not trying to harm the objective by training unmanagable enemies in to make sure its failed they completely in thier right to play as they see fit and no action will be taken against them
  13. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Open World PvP (yep, another post)

    if it was so wanted the pvp modes we have would not be dead I have litterally seen 1 person in them in nearly 2 years and hundreds of runs
  14. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    given the number of frames there already is it impossible to not overlap base concepts any more just do it with slightly different spin on it. as there is only so may ways to deal with situations that are completely unique
  15. (PS4)Cargan2016

    Open World PvP (yep, another post)

    no they dont if you watch more closely its only handful of people asking over and over sounding like a scratched record