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  1. I have not been successfully put in a conclave match in over 2 years every single time I have tried just for change of pace I end up being in match solo with no one on opposing team
  2. I am enormously disappointed in the design choice in Ivara prime. I had hoped for a redesign for a long tie with her prime but was hoping more for of a hooded woodsman or Robinhood likeness. the weapon choices where not really ideal but probably wont be anything more than gold plated mastery fodder for me as didnt really enjoy either one
  3. Skiajati pluss move quick makes it easy as heck with out channeling
  4. Draksectors where horribly unbalanced part of reason they went away. Conclaive just doesnt have enough people interested to even say it exists. Pvp has failed time and again here because it is not what 96-98% of the comunity wants. and the 2-4% isnt enough to justify anything serious being committed to putting anything major in as far as time or resources
  5. if that was true conclave wouldnt be the collosal failure it has been. its litterally dead like no one ever plays it. I have made 250+ attempts at runs for conclave so could get conclave mods and other conclave exclusive rewards and only ran into other playes 2 times
  6. conclave is dead anyway I have made over 250 attepts at conclave runs and only got a match with other players 2 times the rest im just in a map by my self
  7. that ship sailed days ago we get what they sent to cert 5 days ago regardless of what fixes they have made since. at best we can hope for quick hot patch now
  8. that has aboslutely nothing to do with the percentage of WF players using steam over SA launcher. and everything to do with fact that even as old as it is Warframe is consistently in top 10 list
  9. so all things going good looking at Thursday or Friday clearing cert.
  10. if you want to add in console players that way Warframe concurrent player count goes up by 4-5 times because they have to have close to same numbers as PC to justify the continued support of console servers
  11. I am threw because by diliberatly editing out evidence contrary to your point you just proved your nothing more than a sad troll im threw waisting my time on you
  12. i like how you deliberatly cut off the #1 rating by player count just because it goes against your argument
  13. that doesnt apply because if go to players on all platforms like that Warframe concurrent player numbers triples or more due to no cross saves yet
  14. https://www.githyp.com/warframe-100650/?tab=player-count has that of the 45k players online only 1.4% aproximately are on steam
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