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  1. No kidding, after seeing what it was like I was about to just buy the Sporothrix from the market, but it's not there, so I have to deal with players selling it at their own arbitrary prices and still wait for it to build etc. I don't usually buy stuff from the market but I played this game for so long I felt I deserved a "retirement" and wittingly avoid certain forms of grind.
  2. Whether something has the potential to make it into the game at all is literally part of the point of bringing up an idea in the forums. If we are to stay on hypothetical details of things that won't actually happen, then we might as well start discussing how would the Warframe dating sim gamemode be implemented, how would it work? Whether it's battle royale or dating sim, you are free to make whatever suggestion you want. But you can't demand people to leave your thread because they don't agree with you, if you want an echo chamber, you can discuss the topic with your close friends on di
  3. Well, that didn't take long, we are already putting on tinfoil at the first paragraph. Will Warframe survive? Probably not. But there's still quite a while until the game dies, plenty of money for DE to make out of it still. It's a free to play game that I've played for literally thousands of hours, and haven't spent a single dime on since 2013, the year I started playing. To me, cashing out right now with all this time of free entertainment is still worth it, DE did their part and I did mine. Again, though, Warframe is not a dying game. What's with this "Genshin Impact" stuff? I thin
  4. What? Just press episode 5, once in the crime scene, go upstairs and interact with the rock with his face in it. You're in the boss battle now.
  5. And you lost plastids to what exactly? Any resources the Lich steals are given back to you when you kill it. Radsharing requiem relics is a thing, trading one requiem for another also is, public murmur games, and so on. You must have really ignored the whole mechanic HARD if you took 12 months to take one down, and that's on you.
  6. What do you mean? Why not just forma Excalibur Umbra with a normal Forma? The extra color is unlocked when you use forma on something.
  7. Anyone who claims Warframe is a dead game is being silly. That said, I have to play the devil's advocate before someone else does. This list doesn't reflect current players. It's sorting by number of reviews on steam, therefore all-time relevance, and if you sort it by review ratio Warframe disappears off the first places, implying it isn't among the top well-received games. If you want to see current popularity by active players THIS is where the stats are. It's still high on that list though, which implies lots of people are playing, likely because of the Update, and because just ov
  8. You get Gara's main BP from Simaris at the relay. All quest-given items are dealt by him.
  9. To me it seemed like it died and respawned after 30s, but no larva form was around during that period.
  10. Hyenas and Orb Vallis stuff on the 3 Corpus bases you get toroids from.
  11. You are likely experiencing self-stagger from the explosions happening too close to yourself. Self damage was removed on explosive weapons, and in its place, self-stagger was implemented. The problem is that other AoE style weapons that didn't even do self damage before, started causing the stagger when they explode too close to you, like the Sonicor, and even Amps.
  12. On the loading screens for Railjack, while you are passing through that "Void" tunnel, these dragons fly around sometimes to give the loading screen some atmosphere. It has been in the game for a while now. I just have no clue how OP bugged out of the Railjack.
  13. Oh boy... here we go again... -ahem- Oh no!!! The horror!!!! I was going to say inbefore silly slippery slope political bias, but as I was typing this it seems I was too late.
  14. Your Warframe is not inside the Necramech. The Operator is simply using transference on the Necramech, just like you do during that one quest to the Orokin worm. You leave your Warframe behind like any other moment you press 5.
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