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  1. Boohoo the Arcane economy. I've barely ever done trade chat much. There was a period in like, 2017ish that I spent a couple months trading more intensely, and I got a decent plat stockpile that lasts me to this day. Occasionally I will sell something just to offset me buying warframe slots. Why do these people need to move around thousands upon thousands of platinum, when there isn't even that much for you to spend it on? Ridiculous rivens that cost 50K? Primed Chamber? Do they just want to hoard and have a huge number on their UI? Somebody wants compensation for their time spent in Eid
  2. I don't necessarily agree with your suggestion, but I want to post since I share the frustration that DE didn't do anything with Lavos despite there being pages worth of feedback.
  3. So you are upset other kids get to play with the same toys as you. That's petty.
  4. You want DE to purge out of the game practically the entirety of the Heart of Deimos update. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?
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