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  1. I am... not sure if you are ironizing what I said or agreeing with me through irony. I'll assume it's the former. I have no problem with the helminth charger, but I'd rather have a brand new infested companion as an alternative rather than having another skin for the charger and nothing new gameplay-wise. If you like the new design and want a skin, that's great, I also have no problem having a skin for the helminth charger that looks like the new companion they showed IN ADDITION to a brand new companion.
  2. Just how many derelict keys do you have pre-built for you to care so much about some nano spores?
  3. Or we could just be thankful to have more content and alternatives instead of making everything a reskin of the old stuff nobody uses.
  4. When using the augment mod "Lasting Covenant" for Harrow, as you gain more duration for the ability, the remaining time quickly becomes inconsistent between oneself and allies. As shown in the screenshot below, highlighted in green are the remaining durations for the ability. At the top, what should be self duration is consistent with allies, however, at the bottom, on the ability icons, the time shown is greater. When the time shown for allies, and at the top, is depleted, the ability ends. However, one is unable to cast the ability again until the time at the bottom is depleted, despite not being truly under the effects of the ability.
  5. Yes, this is quite annoying as I have no intention of keeping it, yet it consumes one of my weapon slots.
  6. Oh no, I never said it was hard. I wouldn't doubt on it being soloable. I just asked you that specific question because I wondered if you ran that specific gamemode, specifically for the purpose of Nightwave. I suppose one could run it for the challenges that ask for completion of 8 rounds of ESO, but I don't see much more potential for other challenges to be completed under that gamemode, except "kill X enemies", so it just sounded weird that somebody would run that gamemode so often for the sake of such uncommon challenge, hence my question. Well I guess RNG has graced you with all those Vandal drops, too bad there's not many like you providing a supply of these weapons to the trade chat at an accessible price to new players, something that would solve the overpricing OP has experienced.
  7. You are consistently running Elite Sanctuary Onslaught up to round 8 for the sake of Nightwave?
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