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  1. Like the title says. It seems that warframes take damage while your transitioning back into them from operator. I noticed this on steel path, and this is more obvious with lower health frames. One time i was even on volt with full health and over shields, went into operator, and when i went back i instantly died before i was even able to see my health bars. This is problematic for obvious reasons. The player cannot control the warframe until they are fully transitioned back, so they have no way to move, dodge, or stop themselves from taking damage when going back into warframe.
  2. Please fix operator uniaru wisp not working in railjack missions.
  3. IMO all updates between railjack first release, and deimos were made in a panic to satisfy a player base that already left. They really should have delivered the railjack they showed at tennocon 2018.
  4. Lotus, shes been gone for 3-4 years now, and there is STILL no voice line replacement. I am being 100% serious when i say, i believe we will have lotus congratulating us on defeating natah/lotus. "target down, assassination contract complete. Great work tenno."
  5. Ya know, i did make a post about changes to operator a while back. If you want to check it out feel free.
  6. I second this, also on a side note, unairu wisp isn't working at all in railjack, and magnetic blast only affects half the enemies on railjack.
  7. I mean i cant access the menu, i press esc, and nothing happens, no menus pop up.
  8. I just hope it has nothing to do with railjack, flat out bought sevagoth twice for helminth just to avoid railjack with how boring and dull it is now.
  9. I don't mind that duviri isn't happening anytime soon, gives then time to actually fix a lot of updates, especially the newer ones like steel path, deimos, railjack.
  10. This has been a bug since railjack first came out.
  11. Like the title says, for some unknown reason I've been randomly loosing the ability to pause the game mid mission. Pressing ESC just stops working, this happens regardless of what matchmaking i have set, public, solo, its all the same. This is problematic, as we need to be able to pause to do various things like abort mission, invite friends, check profile, etc.
  12. personally i think we have too many warframes now. All the new frames are just re-spins of the same gimmicks we already have. Lavos = Chroma Sevagoth = Nekros Yareli = Hydroid Which is fine, but it shows how they're running out of "new/different" concepts to make warframes based around. And before someone says it, xaku isn't DE made, its fan made so he don't fully count. Besides, its a bit of a stretch, but he ain't too far off from limbo.
  13. these are good suggestions too. going more of the route, "having your warframe healing itself".
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