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  1. when all you see spawning is ancient disruptors and a few broodmothers, thats a problem.
  2. when you go higher level, there is WAAAY too many ancient disruptors, to the point where i had a nekros use their 4th, and they were all just disruptors, they drain all your energy in 1 grab and "just roll and your fine" doesn't work when theres 5-10 of them all grabbing you before you can roll again. Something needs to happen, either A) Severely lower their spawn chances B) Remove their ability to gulp energy entirely (thats what parasitic eximus is for) C) Limit how often your energy can be "poofed" away to like once every 5-10 seconds D) Make them drop all your energy they grabbed and if theres more then your energy cap, allow it to go over. E) Increase steel essence drop chance 😉 Im not saying all of these have to happen, preferably just one or the other, or a mix of a few (except steel essence drop chance.. that needs to go up)
  3. make corpus and especially infested more durable, in steel path compared to the grineer they really need it.
  4. Loving it so far, but for the bounties on the plains and vallis, you have a chance here to make them worth playing, dont just copy paste rewards, make like 1000 endo and 1200 kuva on them. maybe a 30k credit cache reward something worth fighting for.
  5. wrong place dude. http://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/
  6. So if someone can explain to me how A) she grabbed me from a good 2-4 meters away and B) she grabbed me while i was behind her Then that'd really be a nice help... kept doing it the whole time i was trying to get rid of her (In other missions too).
  7. so... your asking us to download a mysterious file... just to read the rest of the forum post... yeah no goodbye.
  8. this is a perfect example of someone who has different opinions, but still sees the issue here. upvote for you.
  9. if they do this.. then this time i REAAAAALY hope they dont go back on their word and actually make it NO REVIVES period not even from other team mates.
  10. I really hope DE adds something like that "third wheel selection" thing for buffs in. it would be very useful to be able to toggle off certain buffs from teammates you dont want due to specific builds and such.
  11. Defence definatly needs something to make it better, i dont do defense anymore, takes too long to hunt them all down. interception is ehh, i dont like having to kill everything at the end. moble defense is a flat out no. at that point why not just do normal defense? (as a side why is the uranus defense not considered moble defense since it moves on its own?)
  12. to me this honestly seems like probably the best way to do this, and solve the problem for future frames.
  13. at that point... wouldn't it just be the wisps fault for placing the motes next to the larvling? or not placing them somewhere else if the larvling went in range? at that point though just make stab kuva larvling a hold X instead of just press.
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