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  1. possibly, but unlikely, the community that played scarlet spear didn't like it all that much. mostly due to the amount of bugs they had yet(and still have yet) to fix from railjack. 2 years of development, and its more broken then a window colliding with a car at mach 10.
  2. I was playing around with exodia's for my zaw, and noticed that things that die from exodia force 's aoe, don't seem to count towards valkyr's warcry timer when eternal war is installed.
  3. legit, they should fix this, operator vaccume plz
  4. If you go back to the devstream at the beginning of the year, DE Scott seemed to be focused on getting as many updates out as possible this year, when they were making there 2020 roadmap. This was likely because not only did railjack take 2 years both of which had little to no content at all, railjack itself was a massive setback and an astronomical failure upon release. That said, i do believe railjack, has the potential to be redeemed. but if DE keeps going with the mindset of "fast content over good content", then i do not believe it ever actually WILL be redeemed. Only time will
  5. Something that's always bothered me is how they just drink all your energy away in 1 simple grab, The main problem i think though, isn't that they take the energy, its that you cant get it back. and when playing an infested mission at higher levels, or for a longer period of time, you start seeing way to many disruptors. So i think there are a few things DE can do to help this. A) Make the disruptor dying give you your energy back. B) Make them stay hooked to you, and slowly drain the energy similar to parasitic eximus. C) Limit how often you can have your energy grabbed aw
  6. yeah i dont know why they didn't make him also drop it, was a let down.
  7. their health bar aparently.
  8. aside from being too squishy, I think the acolytes are done almost perfectly.
  9. So been playing it a little bit, and i think in a squad, the acolytes are absolutely fine as is. But Solo, they die too fast. they're damage is fine, but they die too fast, often times too fast to even do damage.
  10. and so logically, because you can't say no to friends, it has to be removed entirely? yeah...no... not happening.
  11. absolutely not, it was added as an optional gamemode, simply not playing it will result in the same effect as removing it.
  12. i would like to remind you all about how bugged and horribly broken both the sanctuary onslaught update, and the one that took 2 years... the railjack update was. DE doesn't learn from past mistakes, if they don't consider "oh the public can just find the bugs for us" as a mistake.
  13. i'd like to see operator melee do something with void blast +1 like
  14. -Boosted Crit Chance to 30% or Status chance to 25% -increased magazine to 25 or 30 -70 puncture damage base -22 slash damage base -6-10 impact damage base Please DE? the attica has no other varients but its an amazing bow-rifle weapon hybrid
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