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  1. From what i can tell this is supposed to be a 100% symmetric syandana.... Wings Down Wings up DE plz fix, OCD go Crazy P.S to all who see this: once you've seen it, you cant un-see it. your welcome.
  2. it just feels empty, maybe they should have it so you need to have 1 or 2 of the mods unlocked before the execution animations play for getting parazon wrong, by then the lich would've realized "S#&$ they actually ARE a threat" and decided to end you instead of just walk away peacefully laughing for winning the battle. it doesn't feel like theres any threat. personally i think the lich should stay in missing after you fail to parazon it until you either overpower it (KD 3x) or finish the mission and run. they're goal is to KILL you, not make you waste 1 or 2 revives, i think they should stay until all revives are used. they're you "rival", your "advesary". while im on the subject of "feeling threatening"... why dont they ever show up anywhere else? you have to go and do a kuva lich mission, to allow them to show up, why dont they just show up in normal mission from time to time like stalker? or the sydicates? if they're goal is to hunt you down, why arn't they? why do you need to go find them, just for the game to consider them to have hunted you?
  3. if you ask me, i think getting rid of the back breaking animations entirely was a mistake, it doesn't feel like there is a consequence for getting the parazon code wrong. by all means, good riddance, didn't like it. but having there being NOTHING to replace it? i think we need something in its place.
  4. if you ask me, i think getting rid of the back breaking animations entirely was a mistake, it doesn't feel like there is a consequence for getting the parazon code wrong. by all means, good riddance, didn't like it. but having there being NOTHING to replace it? i think we need something in its place.
  5. Reguardless... still a pretty cool idea isn't it? i was kinda thinking like the "mech assault 2" mech hacking, where you had 4 buttons and only 1 lit up that u had to press and failing to within 2-3 seconds would throw you off.
  6. Kuva lichs should have a progress bar that fills when you mash a button, or fills wehn you press different buttons (similar to quick-time events) that pops up whenever you try to stab a kuva lich with your parazon, right requiem mods or wrong requiem mods. if you got right code,and win the button mash, kuva lich is stabbed as usual and the next part of their health unlocks. if you got right code,and lose the button mash, kuva lich throws you across the room, WITHOUT KILLING YOU [DE]. if you got the wrong code, but win the button mash, the kuva lich tries to kill you with a finisher, but you escape them, and the battle continues. if you got the wong code, but lose the button mash, the kuva lich successfully pulls off a finisher, instantly killing you as normal, exept you can no longer overpower them by knocking them down 3x, now they KNOW you cant kill them so your only option is to run. would stop alot of people from being pissed off that the kuva lichs have coded 1-shot moves. i get it, its supposed to be you decimate everyone, and lichs the ones who get the jump on you, the tenno. But the current system we have is so rage inducing, and unfair that it should register on the richtor scale. at least this 1 EASY TO IMPLIMENT feature, would help make it feel more like they overpowered you, instead of just getting a free 1-shot ticket out of no where.
  7. personally, when they announced the revives in the revive-less arbitration, i thought it was gonna be only once can 1 person total be brought back, not each, the whole squad had 1 revive to share. i think they should go with that or something like that.
  8. "hmm... people are host migrating like crazy... what do we do?" "oh yah, just punish the other players by giving them a health weakness for reviving the guy"
  9. thats the kind of thing i want. players that die, come back on the next reward mark, but either lose the reward from the mark, or all pickups from the last mark to that one.
  10. honestly, i didn't notice a difference in host migrations after they added revives.
  11. Well, again, these are just ideas, the point i want to make is, being able to revive, on a mission we're *supposed* to not be able to be revived on, isn't good. its literally "heres inf revives if your friends help you out.,.. and all the rewards too". Death has less consequence on arbitration, then any other mission, simply because, you can technically be revived indefinitely. I believe "Coming back to life" should not be apart of arbitration, especially since one of the first things you hear on the mission, is the arbiters of hexis, telling you to run the mission, like any mortal would. I think they need to add it so players go down, and if they die after that, game over, try again. i also think they should be able to redo the mission, if they died on it. When DE Announced arbitrations and said they would not be able to revive on them, i was pumped, i was looking forward to the challange of having 1 life, *Hardcore mode* warframe. Then about a month later they added reviving on it, taking away all anticipation, and thrill of it. its now just a normal mission with a different revive system that you get better rewards on. when its supposed to be a challenging mission, for the best of tenno. for experts, for people who dont die after stubbing their toe. There are numarious ways to fix it, and keep it fun for the less op tenno, and keep what they said it would be true, removing reviving fro mit period, and having you go down would be a start. They could also have drones tag you, so you cant be revived until it dies. Maybe reducing the down time you have to get revived, is a bad idea, but it was a suggestion, if they were to make drones tag you to be unreviveable until the drones die, they shouldn't reduce timer, and i would actually increase it, but for a simple, "no revives", i would half the revive time.
  12. @-AncientWarrior- A Simple idea, a good one, but everything has its loopholes, i'd think maybe adding it so it doesn't instantly revive you, it just unlocks the revive button so you cant jsut afk the whole time, maybe have it so you dont get rewards while you were dead until you've been active enough to get rewards for next rotation, and then giving you all rewards you missed on that rotation.
  13. then stay near team mates so then can get you up before you die, perhaps maybe have it so you can go down 1 time, and after that you'd die, but resets every reward rotation. that way death has consiquence, and you cant be jabaited to death unless your super unlucky/the universe hates you.
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