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  1. I agree 100%, as much as i might not like some of those changes, i cannot say they are unnecessary. The player base has grown grotesquely op with how much AoE and spamming there is now, for both abilities and weapons. To the point where i am now playing solo to avoid all of the kill stealing. DE has to do something about the game being this brain dead easy, even steel path is too easy now with the gun changes, and that's basically the only thing i enjoyed specifically because it was difficult, now i cant.
  2. undo this, or increase it to 5, this goes back on the idea of what acolytes were meant to be, you cannot encounter all the acolytes with only 3 spawns.
  3. Joezone619

    Where hotfix?

    thats probably when they're going to release a hotfix... for better or worse.
  4. Not really, they've been ignoring player feedback an opinions on updates as of late, we said we didn't want railjack and warframe energy linked, we said we didn't like the plexus, we said the primary/secondary arcanes's and galvanized mods weren't the solution and we said that invigorations don't belong for various different reason, DE ignored them all and added it all in anyways. Post tennocon it makes a lot more sense now, they're busy, between cross play, cross save, a mobile game, the current updates, and the new war, all while being one of the smaller development companies? They probably don't have time to look at the majority of feedback, but then again... why label the trello boards as "bugs and feedback"?
  5. And thus we come to the reason why we didn't want invigorations in the game.
  6. I still think they should lock invigorations out of important content, things you'd matchmake for like eidolons, orb mothers, etc, to reduce toxicity, and so people won't only recruit people who have a specific invigoration on a specific frame.
  7. interesting ideas, but imo we have more then enough durability options already.
  8. Far from it in my opinion. I don't care about getting new weapons, or the ephemera's added in the update, so right off the bat the sisters themselves offer no interest to me specifically. But the "fixes" added to bring guns up to par with melee, don't even accomplish this, since every single one of them is "on kill", the only weapons truly benifiting from these arcanes and galvanized mods, are the weapons that could already kill, and didn't need them. Sure those weapons are doing more damage, but everything that needed the damage, didn't get anything. Essentially raising the meta guns up the melee's level, while leaving every other gun in the game behind. But that's just my opinion, there have been far better updates in the past like cetus, fortuna, steel path.
  9. IMO its their attempt to make players play railjack more w/o actually fixing any of the problems with it that linger since its introduction to present day.
  10. Even after the release of corpus proxima, railjack is still nowhere close to accomplishing the primary goal it set out to do, connect the game. now after corpus proxima, railjack feels more disconnected then ever before, and not only has the issues it did before, but more issues we warned DE the update would bring. Unfortunately, i suspect corpus proxima was almost done by the time they showed us anything about it, and they were too busy with other projects to change anything. Now that tennocon is over, and they showed us what various things they have been working on, and how finished those things seem to be, I believe it is time to take another crack at railjack. First off, lets start with what I'd like out of railjack. My opinions on what it should be. -A space ship-to-ship focused gamemode. -Encourage teamwork among players. -Unique compared to normal missions/other gamemodes. With that in mind, I propose my suggestions for a railjack 4.0 rework. (on a side note, i'm pretty sure corpus proxima should have been 2.0, but DE labeled it as 3.0 so here we are with 4.0) -Unlink railjack energy from warframe energy/Keep them separate. This only encourages the use of very specific and few frames, and the mass use of large energy restores. If you get rid of the use of energy restores, those frames will be the only ones used, get rid of their practicality, and your back where you started anyways. -Relink squad-wide foundry/Make the foundry affect the entire squad again. I have no idea why this was removed in the first place, especially considering railjack was supposed to "connect various parts of the game" -DE Steve. Keeping it sperate per person not only makes the game feel more disconnected, if a player needs more of something, they need to go all the way back to the railjack to make it, instead of having their teammates help them and you know work as a team. -The corpus prixma gamemodes need to be remade/Change the gamemode in corpus proxima. Exterminate, sabotage/volatile, survival, defense? these are all normal star chart missions, IMO nothing from the normal star chart should be implemented into railjack when it comes to gamemodes, because then why bother with railjack at all? Its more efficient and effective to just do a normal survival fissure instead of a survival void storm, which brings me to my next point. -Fix up void storms/Change and alter void storms. The most pressing issues I have with void storms, is the small swirling portals that appear, blow up, and instantly kill you. These need to be removed, as well as the visuals pointing towards them. I see none of these in void fissures, and we asked for void fissures in railjack, not something different in railjack. Other issues include it not being rewarding enough, for the time spent as compared to fissures, but for me the primary issue is the differences between void fissures, such as the damaging portals. -Railjack gamemodes should be made more like skirmish/Railjack gamemodes should always have you interacting with the railjack itself. My biggest pet peeve with corpus proxima, is that the gamemodes added just dilutes railjack to normal missions, making it nothing but a taxi for the player. We need to be interacting with the railjack, 100% of the time, not just for the beginning and then go do a normal mission and be back by lunch. -The plexus should be removed/All squad-mates should take after the hosts plexus setup. The plexus is something i believe really harms railjack. Having your own railjack setup on other people's railjack, just encourages players to seek out fully ranked out players, leaving all new players behind in the dust. This makes railjack extremely difficult and unfriendly to new players. So one way to fix this, is to make the entire squad take after the host's plexus setup. -Add an option to host/Add an option to use your own railjack when matchmaking. One thing most, if not, all players can certainly agree on, is that you should be able to use the railjack you've spent time and effort on building, refining, upgrading, and modding. All the efforts of which are thrown aside when your forced into other people's railjack.
  11. I don't know how they did it, but they made railjack corpus proxima, worse then railjack's first release. How about instead of trying to change it into something we "might" like, change it into what you showed us on tennocon 2018, the thing that got us hyped about it in the first place.
  12. Invasions & syndicate missions. They've been abandoned for soo long, they need a lot of touch ups, those actually make the game feel like we're in an all out war.
  13. Looking at the results for "have you unlocked arbitrations" and "have you unlocked steel path", its clear DE should not be aiming to satisfy new players, the 5% of people who said no are your new players. By aiming to satisfy that 5%, you leave the 95% unsatisfied or at the very least, uninterested in the update. I'm not saying never aim for the new guys, but its clear that 95% of warframe's players, are the ones who've stuck with the game for a long while, the veterans (depending on your definition of a "warframe veteran"). Edit: On a side note, i was surprised to see that 95% of the people have unlocked it, i was expecting closer to 60-70% but 95%? That one hit hard and surprised me.
  14. I get kicked into my volt prime, which was my second prime warframe, my first prime anything was nyx.
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