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  1. yeah, that was well done, i think the assassin units should be made more like that, he was a #*!%ing challange, you got cocky, you got floored faster then volt and gauss combined.
  2. exactly, these tactics are so cheap and outdated, they've been used for litterally years, they tried to stop slide melee spam with whip by removing melee through walls, it kinda worked but pople dont care. DE needs to make the game harder or they *may* face a worse fate then leaveing it. they got alot of players because of fortuna and railjack, but if those players get bored of 1 shotting everything, they're gonna turn to something else. at least, thats ONE way things may go down. Warframe has been far too easy for far to long, they talk about how they like to please most in their community, well if i may take this thread for credit, i believe the comunity has spoken.
  3. i cant remember if it was this year or late last year, but DE said total missions failed in a month was average at less then 5% or something
  4. exactly, plowing through hordes of enemies is fun, but gets boring fast without 1 or 2 challanging enemies for every group that says "no i wont be sliced like butter f--k you" and provides a challage rather it be a specific spot to shoot to kill them, an interesting resistance to abilities (not immunity), or interesting attacks, this is why i think eximus enemies are in heavy need of a rework.
  5. i completely agree, the game is way too easy nowa days, warframe tried to start making things harder with fortuna, probelm i believe was bad execution, they made abiltiies blocked more often, i dont think the key is to block abilities, but to make enemies resistant to them, or immune is certain cases (probly not immune but you get the point), MOT is one of the few things that can give a challange, but even then, the challange is often times annoying when you fail, not interesting, i think the enemies need fun twists, i made a post about this if you want to check it out.
  6. if your weapons were all toxin based, and if it was an armored target like a bursa, that could explain the no damage, but thats what im talking about, that one time it couldn't be killed, not because it fought better, but because the game's difficulty system is so broken it slipped into an "immortality gap" and coudln't be hurt, the prosecuters of ceres have the same problem.
  7. Thats the issue, relying on levels that high is ridiculous, your only ever gonna find them in 3 places, disruption, arbitraion, and sortie mission 3, and those last 2 are a maybe. Instread of relying on super high level scaling, DE should be making things difficult in a fun way, not a "do this mission and after an hour it'll start to be pretty difficult" way. missions already spawn enemies numbers based on # of players in a squad, unforunatly that was built on an old system. The difficulty system i'm looking for, is similar to the old napalm wall of fire, with some nox mixed in, heavy unit enemies, seen in common and rare places, that A) have some abilitie, power, or technique, and B) have an interesting twist to defeat them. with Noxes, its the head, they are tough to break everywhere but the head, something like that in common place would spice things up. One thing i definatly think they need to come back to are eximus, they're not a fun threat, they're either just annoying pushing you around, or overlooked, being 1 shot with the rest. i want something that'll make me go "oh S#&$ better get ready" not "oh its this guy again, pass"
  8. i stand by what i said, heavy units and eximus units are due for an overhaul.
  9. well adding (ps4) in the title will draw more attention to it actually being a bug/glitch.
  10. should put (ps4) in the title, at first i thought it was someone trying to get free kuva
  11. There are a few good missions that are somewhat difficult, but they are very limited, and the "boring" kind of difficult, using pure levels instead of fun twists. for disruptions though honestly, i think they need to increase the nullifier wave delay on the demolyst, at least double.
  12. ya new loka is probably the only noteworthy assassin. definatly more noteworthy then stalker XD
  13. back then they added new ones, i think reworking the old guys is what they need. and most of the issue was the corpus units that disable certain abilties but not all, the ones that you need to knock hats off of, i think flat out disableing abilities is not the way, rather making enemies more resistant to them, or giving them creative ways around them.
  14. the cool thing about eximus back in the old says was that they could stop warframes from being able to hurt enemies with abilities, indirectly, with arson makeing fire useless, removed ember, arctic? stopped frost, guardian was much more powerful (or noticable back then).
  15. yeah stuff like that to make things more challenging, i defiantly still think eximus and heavy units need reworks/overhauls though. as a side, the infested demonstrate the kind of "difficulty" im talking about, when they scale to around 60-80, their coordination with the ancients makes them difficult to break.
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