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  1. Good day all, The Komorex has a 3.0 reload speed I put at +50% primed fast hands reload speed mod on it and it only goes down to 2.0 reload speed is this a bug or am I missing something? thanks in advance Martin
  2. ok well as stated in my first post the numbers are still not matching on the builder for the build i linked..... http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Balefire_Charger/t_30_22200000_193-1-5-204-0-10-206-3-5-207-2-10-212-6-3-263-7-3-328-4-3-356-5-3_204-7-193-6-207-7-206-11-328-7-356-7-212-7-263-7/en/3-0-107/217776/0 if I leave the strength from mods at 0% the numbers match with the first screenshot of my last post... but if i change it to 144% strength from mods then the blast matches my second screenshot but the corrosive does not... if my hildryn has 244% strength should I not put +144% into the builder?? because if I put 244% into the builder then the numbers are even more way off
  3. yes that is correct, unmodded at +0% strength mods the balefire charger has 500 electricity damage edit: and actually on my build at 0% stength mods the numbers do match in game, it is only when i add the +144% srength from mods that the numbers go out of alignment this is an unmodded hildryn so 0% strength.... and with a modded hildryn with 244% strength....
  4. @Stoi84 Good day to you, I cant quite get the numbers to match in game for the balefire charger http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Balefire_Charger/t_30_22200000_193-1-5-204-0-10-206-3-5-207-2-10-212-6-3-263-7-3-328-4-3-356-5-3_204-7-193-6-207-7-206-11-328-7-356-7-212-7-263-7/en/3-0-107/217776/0 with this build i unticked the crit button and addded +144% strength damage from mods now in game I have 19,881 blast damage, which is correct but in game I have 36,449 corrosive damage which is not what the builder is giving me did I do something wrong? edit: oh and the weapon is charged, should there be a little slider for charged weapons?
  5. site seems good to me too now, thank you very much and yeah i use ad blockers
  6. yeah the site seems broken to me too, when i click a weapon i get a half loaded page with no formatting, and the search builds button doesnt work
  7. please can you add hildryn exalted balefire charger next update, thankyou soo much
  8. You sir are an absolute star! Thank you very much for your work and a happy new year to you 🙂
  9. Good day all, I understand Stoi84 is a busy guy so I was wondering if anyone else can see any problems with the battacor status chance? I cant seem to get my numbers in game to match the builder, at first I thought it was because of the 2 shot thing it does, but even then the numbers are out Thanks
  10. this is probably because the critical/bullet tick box is ticked by default, if you untick it you get the base values
  11. any chance of adding the Pupacyst and the Falcor?
  12. The crit chance doesnt go up with combo multiplier when you have gladiator might on a weapon
  13. Alot of those people were just a botnet scripted to type !ashprime into chat tho, but thanks alot DE :)
  14. I have turned on item labels now, thanks
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