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  1. Good day all, This may already have been suggested, but maybe you could use green numbers for when an ancient healer is leeching health from the damage I do to his surrounding mobs, at the moment I just get a load of grey 0's and the damage I'm doing to his surrounding mobs also you could use green numbers for heals from say oberon and trinity just a thought Thanks Martin
  2. sorry to be a pain, i know you just did an update but i dont see Deth Machine Rifle Prime in the sentinel weapons https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Deth_Machine_Rifle_Prime sorry
  3. good day, I cant seem to get the dread's numbers to match the game, I wonder if you could check this out, I think its damage has changed https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dread thankyou so much
  4. Good day all, If you go into your Apearance->Regalia then go into lets say front sigil... then click a sigil but dont press equip, just press back, then you see that the sigil has actually equiped itself, but then press back again and it disapears but then if you go back into front sigil, you'll see the name of the sigil in the box but no sigil on the front of your warframe just thought i'd report that here thanks
  5. I was just gonna bump this thread myself, I would love to see the cryotra beam again, pleeeeaaaase 😊
  6. I used to run a linux box, and I think keeping things updated is a good idea, it can only help things progress better in the future 🙂 great work tho guys, thanks
  7. I cant search or save builds for primary weapons, the options along the top just aren't there they are there for secondary and melee tho
  8. ingame still says trigger HELD someone may have added that in error because of the bug?
  9. Hahaha funny you should say that I noticed the Zuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime weren't added with the Wukong update 🙂
  10. same here, it puffs out some sparks of somekind so you know its firing and the enemy takes damage, after its fired it leaves a diamond in the sky were the sentinel fired the beam from has been like this for a few updates now, i just thought it might come back, but it hasnt yet
  11. Really good to know, Thanks guys 🙂
  12. @Stoi84Hi there, Just wondered if you were aware of the the wukong rework, https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1102598-dev-workshop-revisiting-wukong/ There was some stat changes and I belive the damage on the iron staff was changed a little
  13. does no one have video of infinate celestial twins?
  14. ok well as stated in my first post the numbers are still not matching on the builder for the build i linked..... http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Balefire_Charger/t_30_22200000_193-1-5-204-0-10-206-3-5-207-2-10-212-6-3-263-7-3-328-4-3-356-5-3_204-7-193-6-207-7-206-11-328-7-356-7-212-7-263-7/en/3-0-107/217776/0 if I leave the strength from mods at 0% the numbers match with the first screenshot of my last post... but if i change it to 144% strength from mods then the blast matches my second screenshot but the corrosive does not... if my hildryn has 244% strength should I not put +144% into the builder?? because if I put 244% into the builder then the numbers are even more way off
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