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  1. Currently I use Accuse to get my self a little army going, and then I use Vast Untime to stop the timer but instead it just kills my army, or if it doesn't kill them it slows them down and I end up with a slow army firing slowly and running around slowly maybe make mobs affected by Accuse unaffected by other abilities?
  2. Good day all, Please put little blue dots on the minimap for the location of tesla nervos, I just did a mission and put out 4 tesla nervos, they rolled off and i never saw them again Thanks Martin
  3. they also destroying the drone in cetus bounties were you have to find the drone and hack it, then escort it to its final location I've failed that mission more times recently than ever before It's definatly the heavy gunner that obliterates it
  4. Good day all, Actually I'm quite impressed with Xaku now, I remember when I first got them I was a little disappointed with a few things and I was dying all over the place, but now since the rework I am really enjoying it. I'm using their Vast Untime a lot more now and combined with my Hunter Recovery Panzer Vulpaphyla I'm doing arbitrations and sorties the Grasp of Lohk weapons are doing a really good job too, things are dying really fast and overall I'd say I am quite happy with Xaku Thanks for all the hard work Martin
  5. Good day all, I was thinking it would be a good idea if you could make synthesis targets immune to damage when I deploy a trap on it, this would let me save it from that over zealous player we have all encountered before in a mission thanks for your time Martin
  6. please also if grasp of lohk steals no weapons at all, then refund the energy cost
  7. Good day all, I would just like to say that for a mastery rank 29 player, a standing increase of 250 is pretty pointless I mean take Loid for example, I can only put standing on 1000 at a time, so I put on my 30,000 and stop, because I loose 750 if put 1 more on and I have the same thing with various other factions, were putting on the extra 250 rep looses me more than I put on just wanted to put that out there. thanks for reading Martin
  8. yes I have 2 flowers on the floor in front of the frame as shown in the picture, I also have 1 flower on the wall to the left just outside the picture frame, and then this 1 awkward flower up the top there
  9. Good day all, I wonder if you can move this flower to somewhere more visible please....
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