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  1. TBH this list is hardly impressive for 2 weeks of feedback...
  2. Helminth infusion bug If you have more than 3 configurations and infuse ability in the 4th one, nothing happens. You spend your resources, but the ability is not infused and if you try to do it again you get "could not infuse ability message" Edit: It fixes itself after reloading the game
  3. Empower does nothing for chroma's vex armor. I really hope that it is just a bug...
  4. Thank you for "listening to the community" DE. You never fail to disappoint
  5. Is buffing a couple of dozen of abilities all that difficult? Does it take that much time. Nope it doesn't. DE just always choose the easy way. Sometimes I wonder what all thees people in this company (which is "indie" in name only, not in size) are doing? Watching JoJo all daylong?
  6. There is also a possibility that this growth happens in spite of this policy, not thanks to it.
  7. We are way too toxic for their fragile ego. They want to live in a bubble with rainbows and unicorns
  8. In all honesty, this feels like the final nail in the coffin (there were MANY others lately). If DE just gives us silent treatment and does not address the situation in any positive way, I swear not to spend a single dime on this goddamned game
  9. ooooof... Was it present from the very beginning???
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