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  1. I can confirm losing 20k Clan affinity upon completing research of the Komorex.
  2. Also experiencing this issue. I hope this is just a bug and will be reverted.
  3. Pros: 1. The new game mode is fun 2. Forgiving in the sense that failing a conduit doesn't automatically result in mission failure 3. Excellent enemy designs Cons: 1. Amalgam spawns for key drop is quite inconsistent 2. Demolyst is not automatically marked for everyone. Given how busy the screen is, it is difficult to immediately see when there are clusters of enemies. 3. Clan score for the endurance run is unreasonable for solo ghost clans. It requires 20k for single person who most likely doesn't have a regular group. 4. Mission score rewarding bugs out often. I've had a few matches were the UI froze and it only gave the score for when it froze. This is highly problematic for solo ghost clans trying to reach 20k. Suggestions: 1. Automatically mark the demolyst for the whole squad. 2. Make clan score for endurance runs cumulative. Single member ghost clans are really hit hard by the requirement requiring high scores. A 5 member ghost clan only needs 4k high score per member. A 1 member ghost clan requires that member to score 20k in one run. It is much simpler to do 5 4k runs than a single 20k run. Based on my experience, enemies are around level 360 once the 10k mark is reached. I don't recall the 4k run even having level 100 enemies so that in itself is a stretch for solo clans.
  4. I would also like to request a solo only clan downgrade. 20k for a solo ghost clan is rather excessive for people who don't have a regular group.
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