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  1. Clan name: Frosterium Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Other Images:
  2. Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility
  3. As of the recent update, all sawgaw floof variants share the look of the "Flossy Sawgaw Floof". If you look at the stock Biz carries, it still shows the proper image. However, the moment you enter the purchase screen, they all share the same skin. This also affects items already in the orbiter. Attached below are screenshots showing the said issue. Here is an older screenshot with the proper textures:
  4. Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility.
  5. Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility.
  6. Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility.
  7. Would just like to add to what OP has suggested: Please highlight the out of bounds decorations in red. It's impossible to reposition them if they cannot even be selected. Below is the thread I've made which describes the issue in detail. Broken Dojo Decorations Another suggestion would be to allow us to reposition the rooms. Currently, you're required to destroy the room and rebuild it. However it's impossible to destroy certain rooms due to the Parent/Child system.
  8. In my case, I usually leave the transporter floating while the construction isn't finished. I have yet to encounter a problem by doing that. When everything is complete, that's the only time I set it down. As for the clipping issue, I don't think that's the case for me. I could move some of the half-visible items but they still don't do anything for the completely invisible ones. Thanks for the heads up on the QOL tweaks. I'll be sure to link this thread there.
  9. Day 1: Mother Day 10: Resource Day 11: Infested Day 15: Lua Day 16: Music Day 20:
  10. Thank you. My main issue is that I'm unable to select them. If I could at least select them, I would be able to reposition them so that they are visible again. They aren't even highlighted when I position the cursor over them. The other issue is that they are still occupying capacity. Based on that, I know they're still in the room but I'm unable to do anything about it in the current state.
  11. Bumping for visibility. Still not fixed.
  12. The MIrror of Paradox Unedited (used only captura tools)
  13. Bumping for visibility. Still not fixed.
  14. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: I have subsumed a total of 11 warframes. Only 10 flowers appeared. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: unknown EXPECTED RESULT: the number of flowers should be equivalent to the number of subsumed frames. OBSERVED RESULT: one of the flowers is not visible REPRODUCTION RATE: unknown
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