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  1. It’s a must have. Especially if you want to fire a big boom stick and not roll over like a crash dummy’
  2. its called BS, Like Then they tried to say they “ FIXED” Venari’s Defense Target healing, because of scarlet spear…
  3. A game play demo of something that will take at lease 3 years to put in the game. And a lot of things that will never make it in the game. . But I don't know if that will be a big surprise at this point. .
  4. Seeing I only have to grind for the buffs and the nerfs are free. . This update has me playing Outriders right now. . Tennocoin better have something better then a fake game play trailer this year. ...
  5. I like Gaz tv I feel he speak from the heart of a player who loves the game. . But im waiting for the " I quit " video lol
  6. I don't care ether way. What I do care about is DE saying we are going to do 90% buffs and 10% nerfs. . This like many things DE say didn't turn out to be true. So my mane take from this is When DE say something it doesn't mean anything. . And what poeple are talking about is this update will be the definition of "Grind is Content " thier taking things away from the player and giving them nothing, unless you grind for it all over agine. ..
  7. yeah 90% buffs 10%, nerfs . they said.... , we got 90% nerfs 100% grind
  8. you know what they BUFFED, the GRIND.. Reb said you will need other mods to help get red crits.
  9. What happened too Railjack Unfinished. Duviri paradox unreleased kuva lich system Unfinished.. New war unreleased. Two events and a 30 second cut scene doesn’t count... Third orb mother unreleased. Modular Arch wing unreleased. Squad link Unreleased Melee 3.0 unfinished Pets 2.0 unfinished Rework augments/useless mods + rework status, Unreleased... Cross save- Cross play. Unreleased Raids, Never Returned after they said they would... Operator personalities. alignment system Rag Mode Unreleased.
  10. Just wait to everyone finds out they have to forma each weapon 5 time. Even after rebb said in an interview that they wouldn't do that agine. .. but DE will do it to sell forma packs cause MONEY. .
  11. More reskined content. Since cov 19 it's all been reskined. . Demios. Steel path . Railjack. . Nightwave that never ends. .and now lichers. Events are now shops. . DE need to be back in their studio. Cause the games just doesn't feel fresh. .. Just wait for when you have to forma your weapons 5 time even though Rebb say they know the players hate that and they won't be doing that agine. .
  12. It is corporate. But that might not be DE. They've been up for sale the pass two years. . And now their in tencents greedy little hands. . So the focus has been to make money. . Why you think we got the 3rd open world out of nowhere. It's was a safe bet. . And like railjacj didn't pay off. ... if the New war isn't good. This games in alot of trouble. ..
  13. What happened to so many things. If DE are good at one thing. It faults advertisement. .. Pets rework not finished. New war , who knows. Raids. Third orb mother. Melee 3.0 unfinished. Night wave being updated every3 months or so. Hafe the stuff DE talks about doesn't happen. ..
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