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  1. I use rolling guard on wisp. Can't she don't roll, she slides. . And i just press roll out of habit with her. . And it works really well. ...
  2. Valkyr prime is so good at killing the corpus. .. I solo everything with 3 frames. Valkyr. Oberon and wisp. . Allso using melay weapons with hight damage block like 85 % is a good idea. ..
  3. THANK YOU D.E can't want wait for railjack... Love u guys...
  4. I'm a valkyr main. We just going to claw eachother to death. But no ones dieing .. lololol
  5. Just wanted to tell D E that the new nightwave boss is great. I'm sure it's hard to make boss fights in this game, that our Op warframes don't kill in two seconds. . But this one is so fun. . Good job D E...
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