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  1. DE have started putting more RNG into their grind systems.. and Tencent now own them if that matters to you. .. the last update wasn't completely broken. So there is that. .
  2. Yes back when Warframe was sitting at 7 to 8 on stream. Guess which update droped it down to 16 to 18. .. you guessed it. Railjack. ... to say it wasn't received well is an understatement. ..
  3. Im 99% solo for 3 years now, im MR 23 and canwait to solo railjack. with my solo crew.. its doable... I play khora to help with the farming..
  4. Scott's busy nerfing the railjack update. . He will get to it soon...
  5. Remember when after the first rsiljack release , Lichers and Scarlett spear, when the community were raging and Rebb nearly cryed on stream ssying "they were having serious decisions about bad first impressions" and insured us they would be better moving forward, Not even Tencent can stop DE from release buggy content. But then they did say it would be business as usual. ..
  6. By the time this update comes to console, Outriders will be out. . And alot of warframe content creators will want to cover it. . DE ready need a good update to keeps players interested. But all I'm hearing is bad. . I for one will be playing Outriders over this. .. unlike Anthem , Outriders looks to be a real competitor, and will give players wanting something different a reason to leave. Some never to return. .. DE douged the bullet with Anthems failure. when they dropped that horrible railjack update. .. I don't think this update will keep poeple interested for to lon
  7. maybe we should stop listening to the Devs too seeing haft the stuff they say their going to do doesn't happen. .
  8. One thing your overlooking is that's we were never given the railjack we were told we would receive. . Players thought this update would be the rest of that 2019 " Game play demo " Anthem style. ... so don't worry about what we want. . Ask the Devs to release stuff they said their going to release and how it's going to be. .Fish team are still down on earth fishing lol..
  9. Yeah I've spent well over $ 3000 nothing free about this game. And DE trade off of good will. Because you don't have to send. Which means they need to make you want to send. Which means good content and good updates. .
  10. Yeah this started with lichers. 5 forma to fully upgrade a weapon, this is pay to skip and I'm assuming forma sells well. . But the repair drones were start up scummy. . Evey release over Cov 19 has basically been a reskin or reuse of assets. Railjack revised. . The steel path. Heart of demios, and now this update. . And this update isn't NEW content. This is content promise 2 years ago. ..
  11. Hello I just tried to buy Gamestop shocks from Roobinhood buy my order didn't go throw. ..lol.. joking
  12. First I'm an Australian who is married to a Korean, Second if this was EA it would be the same,, saying what YOU think another person would do, like you can see inside that persons mine and heart. then calling them ,paranoid , xenophobic, ,, just isn't a good look,, you are right that I shouldn't of said, "its because of Tencent", but I was 70% joking... But I take been Slandered 100% Seriously..
  13. you must watch alot of CNN, because calling someone a racist, xenophobia, Phobia because you dont like what they said.. try using a Logical argument. not strawman, slanderous , Ad hominem... this is a GENERAL DISCUSSIONS form.. just calling it as I see it...
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