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  1. DE releases Road map Community gets excited for content. DE starts running out of time Community " where is the new war at Christmas and railjack like you said at Tennocon. . DE only release Railjack no man sky style. . Then goes on holiday. . Community WTF with surprised Pikachu face. No this is on DE.
  2. Yip railjack actually lost them players and they dropped out of steams top 10 never to return..
  3. A demo that they called a “LIVE GAMEPLAY DEMO” and even pretended to play live.. Anthem style. Don’t forget that.
  4. The new war. . We will get the movie before the update so why not. ..
  5. 3 year old cliffhanger that has left us with a hologram. ... like if this doesn't show how bad DEs plaining is. I don't know what does. . Also they have put them selves in a place where poeple don't care anymore. ..
  6. I'm think radio blind crowd control and open to finishers.. might make my kitty and real killer
  7. Just like the New War, which was advised as a full story quest. . Duviri just changed to to be an event called Scarlet spear 2 , where the sentient will attack a second time " because this New war is a war of nutrition" and limbo will be nerfed again...
  8. Despite the bugs. It's so good to get this update with PC. And now some hotfixs. . I remember waiting 48 days for the first hotfix to railjack, I was so p$#@& I Nearly quit that game. . But THANK YOU DE .. this year has been so much better then 2019. ...
  9. I'm still suffering PDSD from the railjack console release. Which didn't get a fix for 2 months. . Hope this update isn't too buggy for us console players. ...but I'm glad their release them all together. ..
  10. It already is, last year it was down 12% . This year down 20% railjack is still hurting them. And the reason the community rages over everything this days isn't cause their more toxic like some white knights clame, it's because their just sick of it. ..
  11. Yeah, with this you can kiss goodbye any chance we will ever get an end game.. cause if this system isn't for endgame players. . Nothing is. . The real truth is someone higher up thought. . This will make more money. So change it. . Those same Mr 8 players will be crying this game is too grindy when they don't have the resources for this system. .. More player will leave over this then say. . The vets who are over DE only focusing on new players. And the new players will burnout faster. . But DE will DE I guess. ..
  12. Their profit was down 12% last year and 20% this year. .. that's why we got a new open world and don't some of the backlog promises. . Easyer money. ..
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