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  1. But negatively has more to do with the railjack release. . Now alot of players not trust and are mad at DE. To me it's for DE to fix not the community. ... if their next railjack update is good. . Things will start getting better. .
  2. Tencent wont change anything.... one month in, halfs Dev streams..
  3. The fact DE didn't even bother to survey their players this year really tells the story. That or the 3000 dislike on the latest demios trailer. ..
  4. I really don't know why they keep saying things they never get around to doing in these dev streams. I don't what to call them liers, been it's gotten to the point that I no longer believe harf the stuff they say. .
  5. It's just weird. . I started playing Genshin impact and they have already done at lease 3..in game... just makes DE look like they don't care or know better. .. Steve did one himself last year. ..
  6. Don't you think it's weird DE themselves didn't do one of these?
  7. The topic is " what happened to warframe " I gave my feedback saying Railjack's release which alot of players felt wasn't what was promised hurt it's player basic, and that release followed by what I believe to be reskined content. .. steel path, another open world, so alot of players got board and left. . And you called that complaining. . So I responded by calling you a white knight. .. you don't have to agree with me. But it's what I believe is wrong with the game. ...
  8. Imagine having nothing better to do with your life then to white knight a game when poeple give it criticism.
  9. Please Go Watch tennocon 2018, then 2019 then play a railjack mission. . Then start the new war quest, O wait. ..... how about pets 2.0. Melee 3.0. Third orb mother. .. and so on and so on.... and who is lieing about reskins.. so you would say the steal path is new content? More railjack and lichers is new content. . You might but I don't. .. and I play Genshin impact like all the other warframe content creators...
  10. "BuT ThE DevS ArE TrYiNg".. "The devs are lieing "more like
  11. For every game like Genshin impact/ Outriders drop, players will jump ship, alot of players are just looking for a game to go to, youtubers like aweblade4 and starting to leave...
  12. liches are reskins for the same reason the heart of Deimos was a reskinned open world, it’s all been done before, yes the Corpus units will look different, but it’s all the same gameplay wise and the players , like Deimos’ will get tired of it fast.. We will be framing liches ‘to farm new “Reskinned” weapons. Sounds like reskinned content to me .
  13. Here's a number that is more troubling. . The Demio arcana trailer on YouTube has 3k dislikes to 1,2k likes ... players are just sick of getting reskined content. .. steel path " Reskin' Demio open world " reskin ' guess what the next couple of updates are. . More lichers and railjack. So more reskined content. ..
  14. Sounds like if Hitler brought the game. You would beem telling the player base that the Nazi's ant so bad. ..
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