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  1. I would rather wait for more polishes updates. Because each update is aimed at three types of players. The retuning player, the new player. And the already playing. With an update being too buggy the retuning player is most likely to leave out of frustration and maybe for good. The new player might get the impression the game is more buggy then it is... and for the already playing, player who is maybe close to burnout, it could become the finale nail in the coffin... so for the health of the game. They should wait a little longer... and we players should stop complaining about content drought, which to be fair the community has gotten better with…
  2. Didn’t they say they would release in in three phases. They made it sound like three updates in a row, dry dock, take flight, and find answers... were DE that fair behind. This years Tennocoin will tell us if their abandoned rail jack... This event doesn’t give me much hope... DE told everyone they would keep supporting Railjack in 2020, but the first two updates of the year have barely anything Railjack related...
  3. Thank you DE for this is event, and not trying to squeeze more grind out of us for arcanes. . Correcting the meda is every inportent. .. can you please nerf limbo because he's the meda of this event. .. again thank you for your past 6 months of updates. . They have been fantastic. ..
  4. Yeah that's what I've decided too since the lich up date. I'v deleted and reinstalled in about 5 times. .. I'm just so tyed of the BS new war delayed from Christmas. Instead of just saying to your fans sorry it's not ready. We get told" wArS hAvE sTaRtS" game awards railjack announcement, cause got to get they holiday money. .. telling your players your releasing it in 3 phase and then only dropping 2 .. telling your Japanese fans in Tokyo you will be updating railjack with monthly expansions. Poeple forget that one. . Straight up lie. .and so on and so on...
  5. This is a symptom of DE not having confidence in Railjack. . The Arcane nerf was clearly done to push players into playing the event, in short, it’s the Arcane event, but why isn’t it the Railjack event, where a the Railjack rewards in the shop... new Railjack skin, new Railjack weapons and the new avionics.. And an intrinsics farm for the ground team to help players catch up and get into Railjack…Something new for us to grind,' not re-grinding something old... I wonder how it would have went if they focused on Railjack, in the Railjack event….?
  6. To be fair to both sides of the argument on did DE mislead their player base? Or DE just showed what their plains were. Seems to come down to the DEMOs It comes down to if you believe it was a TEASER DEMO or a LIVE DEMO . The TEASER DEMO side believes that the players let themselves get court up in the hype and advisement from a business showing what is coming next, and should understand that allot of games show these types of demos and that everything is somewhat open to change.. Its advisement not deception. The LIVE DEMO side believe, if you asks your community team to the stage to play it, it’s taking one step farther and coming across as if this is where they are at in development, and you should expect the game play to represent the finished product and will be coming soon... its false advisement
  7. You mean the guy who is still crying about a game he stopped playing 2 years ago.
  8. I'll deside if I feel they have been transparent or deceptive. . But thanks for unblocking me just to get that of your chest. ..
  9. Ok find. . But I was there listing to the youtubers a month out wounding if new war was coming this year. . And even saying they will delay railjack. .. in November nobody new what was happening. .
  10. 2019 roadmap months and months after Tennocon. .. railjack coming in spring. . And new war.. maybe you should start listening to what the Dev say. .. it was only in the last month of the year , we wore told their breaking it up. . And only the last week they told us no new war. .. WaRs HaVe StArTs..
  11. Yeah when did they start telling player it was releasing in 3 Phases. . 3 weeks before the update. ...
  12. Hey I had too suffer some of the most Stockholm stuff I've ever read. . Almost quit the game because of it. .. but hey, I truly hope DE learn from this, because the white knight haven't been able to stop people from speaking up this time. And I believe this year's Tennocon will have the lowest rating ever. I'm calling it now. . Because inside and out no one see DE with rose tinted classes anymore. . They ether star delivering or get replaced. . They use to sit at 7 on steam now they sit around 16, 17.. In short I don't think this is lost on them....
  13. That whitebroad was the " oh crap Anthem is dropping in a month and we don't want to lost all our players " every time I look at railjack I think of Anthem. Some fake trailer. Broken at launch and not even half of what was promised. ..
  14. Lol they havent finished 2019 yet. . Not only that , when they said railjack was releasing in 3 Phases. They made it sound like over the next 3 updates. .. dry dock. . Take flight. .. find answers. I guess DE hasn't got any answers lol . or maybe there buried under the 3rd ord mother. ...
  15. I would say trying to hold DE accountable comes to mind. Their asking for our money. We are asking for some honestly. ..
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