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  1. I am still on the idea of "end game" rewards (by end game I talk about all those broken bullet sponges people want everywhere) to be purely cosmetic, stuff that veterans and hardcore players will have on display and to brag about their time and effort without using said "end game" to gate content for less dedicated players who prefer the power fantasy and a less broken "challenge", if anything the game probably needs a bit more variety on game modes.
  2. That's the point, but it seems like they still want to preserve channeling and kill combo counter.
  3. If anything I think for new umbras to come out maybe a few new umbral mods would need to be added considering not all three of the current ones will benefit a hypothetical full umbra roster.
  4. Sculptures and Endo should all be removed from Sorties and be placed into Arbitrations, eventually with the upgominc Kuva updates I guess it would be nice to move the 6000 Kuva to those new modes and thus remove it from sorties as well.
  5. Here is a simple proposal as to how to convert certain mods from one function to another, not to mention maybe have a simpler and yet better melee system. Replace instances of channeling damage with charge attack damage. Replace instances of channeling efficiency with charge time. Replace conditions of channeling to charging attacks. Allow charged attacks to be held indefinitely. Assign all channeling visual effects to charging attack. Gap closers should be akin to "stinger/streak/stiletto" from action games, that means said attacks should not be too elaborate like Wukon's current "gap closer" Gap closers should end a bit sooner if they hit a target/s. All shorter weapons need a range buff, for visual consistency just make the trail effect more noticeable. Shorter weapons should have a bit more freedom of movement as to not cripple themselves like the Gunsen in which the range is already short and its attacks nail the user in place, not to mention the fanning animations at the end of certain combos, those leave the player very vulnerable making it a high risk low reward weapon. For a long term goal revisit the stances, some attacks are just fancy and seem to purposefully get less range (dual swords.) Don't add forced momentum to melee attacks that are not gap closers (whips come to mind), a bit of momentum can be added to attacks when the player is moving. OK, now the part where people begin the argument from authority in which I have no idea what I am asking for because I am not a professional game developer, for the more civilized people please leave a comment.
  6. Reposting my solution to the "not enough space in the servers to give more riven slots" nonsense excuse. Rework them to remove a bit of "uniqueness" and give them integers only, preferably only certain multipliers like 5, round down any fractions to the nearest multiplier, problem solved, rivens will now do checks from a table and consume way less space (which many savvy users have pointed out is still not as much as DE wants people to believe), this will also regulate the market a bit since a few more identical rivens will be around.
  7. What if not all frames got prime but then got Umbra?
  8. I think Revenant could be way better if his kit wasn't designed in 5 minutes with only one decent ability added at the last second.
  9. I don't go by those statements, you have to take some shills into account too, people who act like that annoying kid at kindergarden who would always tell the nurse who did what.
  10. Thanks for letting DE know all in the open about that, expect that to be patched out soon genius.
  11. I would actually like to have non-prime skins for all my prime weapons.
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