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  1. If I am solo leveling a single item with Loki how is that a gear check? I have to ignore him in those cases but still annoying, if anything I think he is the future of this game, the ultimate response from the developers to the nebulous concept that is "trivializing the content", because anything that is not one specific way of playing counts as an exploit.
  2. immune to status, viral damage by itself does nothing, he is basically only weak to radiation and softer to void.
  3. Is a feature, you are supposed to buy whatever you lose, otherwise they will go bankrupt for giving you all that free loot :^)
  4. I do Zephyr, projectile and flamethrower immunity with turbulence.
  5. Maybe if the canisters also raised the hear by a small amount each time, I don't know, half of what a Raknoid can deplete it?
  6. That's kind of overkill, I understand the bosses but why the enemies? trivialize the content? I basically trivialize EO with Zephyr, will boss attacks pierce through Turbulence next just because I trivialize the fight?
  7. I think this began with Melee 2.9, occasionally when using dual pistols you will be firing only one, as in, you are using the single pistol animation despite using two (and no item on the off hand.)
  8. It wouldn't be such a big issue if at least those enemy projectiles respected stasis.
  9. Finally the glaive has a proper mechanic consistency.
  10. They can still be only damaged by archguns, Shattering Impact only reduces armor, it happens with the Eidolons too, the spin case is simple, melee damage is minimal on standard attacks but insane with maneuvers like spinning so a guaranteed critical hit while spinning would do a lot more damage, the funny thing is how they will cripple combos on melee 3.0 by only making the combo counter effective on heavy attacks and then reset, so they don't want you to kill with faster melee attacks.
  11. The issue comes from knowing how much is too much, examples have been mentioned, people will always look for the most efficient way but sometimes it enrages the developers, meanwhile there are others available that are barely touched like spin2win, I don't really care much for that one but I find it boring and it certainly needs a macro or fast typing, the thing is, if DE wants people to stop doing stuff like this they shouldn't limit player options, what constitutes a negative method? was Shattering Impact a negative method on Profit Taker? why?
  12. This is also extended to some common enemies like infested in other missions, not all of them but stuff like mutalist ospreys with their toxic trail will affect you if they come from outside the rift, volatile leapers can explode and you will take damage, apparently some infested projectiles will also do the same.
  13. That's quite the problem then, I can't figure out what would be causing motion sickness this time around, MAYBE the camera got some glitches though, lately I have seen my frame obstructing my vision when I get close to a wall, I think it used to become transparent before, not sure.
  14. That's the thing, and honestly it wouldn't be bad if we knew their thought process a little better.
  15. As an amateur dev I assume whoever is in charge of level editing and design never sets boundaries or properly places the spawn zones away from the land geometry.
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