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  1. The need to re-level things after forma is very annoying and a very dated system if you ask me, on stuff like Kuva weapons and the like it would be more reasonable to "open up" the extra level cap and then it would make sense you would need to get those two extra levels per forma but still keep the already unlocked capacity, it would have made EVEN MORE sense if potatoes where the one item which needs you to level up stuff twice and still it would mean you keep the unlocked capacity first (that is, 30 by default) and then as you re-level you get the rest, and before you ask me "what about mastery rank then?" well, your mastery rank has a lot more perks than just max starting capacity.
  2. Just wait until you try some pug survival (for relics or kuva maybe) and see how players get away from you to stop you from "kill stealing" with either Nova, Octavia, Khora, Hydroid, etc., which in turn splits the spawns so thin the life support begins to go under 50% in less than 10 minutes.
  3. I would go and try to get some valence fodder if not for the fact that I have run out of certain requiems, they are all "uncommon", there are less commonly dropped requiems you can get and the painful grind for murmurs, just wait for "buy a 100K item from a syndicate" task next.
  4. That's basically the whole business model in this game, there is a reason your arsenal window contains weapons you don't own.
  5. Just my opinion on the matter, if Tencent were to buy it you can be sure I wouldn't buy platinum ever again in this game, I dropped all Blizzard games for less than that and you know why some of us dropped Blizzard indeed, the current world climate has taught me a lesson and that's to not support a certain group of businesses, their higher ups or their supreme leaders.
  6. Sometimes waypoints tell you to go upstairs only so it can tell you to go downstairs after going upstairs and stuff like that, in certain missions is a pain to be dependent on those things.
  7. Something I forgot to put but it is more like a "rollback" is the old blast proc, Corrosive + Blast Pox was the greatest soft CC weapon I had in my arsenal, the enemies weren't even ragdolling into the sun, they actually stayed down which opened them for finishers, I know people didn't like blast most of the time but I found Impact more annoying since you had to adjust your aim to keep getting headshots.
  8. It is not like one wants to accentuate the negative but sometimes you just wish those things were gone or maybe fixed if they seem like a bug or something. We used to be able to completely silence Nora when we had a NW achievement, now no matter what options you pick she keeps spewing those cringy lines out with no way of silencing them. Enemy detection in open world (mostly Grineer), is it just me or they keep getting better and better at detecting you from a literal mile away? one day we will get shot as soon as we cross the gates of Cetus. Enemy chatter can be very misleading (despite being mostly gibberish), sometimes you think they have detected you but that's just because they still shout out some "aggressive" lines even when they aren't alerted. Small collisions (I need to make a bigger thread about that one day), you know, there is this small wall you want to jump over but you are so close to the wall you bump onto a 1 inch ledge which anyone would think is just part of the detail on the wall and not a full prop. Share yours, just try to focus on game stuff, this isn't a thread to complain about other player's behavior.
  9. DE: What do I hear? Lv300+ with 5x Shields and Armor? that's hard right? who cares about AI?
  10. I noticed it too, I am no longer blinded when I enter a building in Orb Vallis or when I get out.
  11. Other than getting off to player suffering I can't even understand it either.
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