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  1. The problem now is the playerbase is spread a bit too thin, you have regular nodes, Lich nodes and Railjack.
  2. Because 80% of the game feels like a chore so you want to get it done fast to play the good stuff, and I am talking about the grinding on itself just in case someone comes up with "all missions and stuff are fun!", fun is subjective, games are fun, grinding feels like work.
  3. Some of us just want to play the power fantasy and explore everywhere without having to use X frame because our favorite is trash tier or too squishy to take one hit with 100% Slash proc which bypasses the shields for example, and yet there are people who keep saying "these enemies die too fast", well, making them last longer is the worst possible way to implement "challenge", not to mention having certain people say "this is a challenge" just because they play only on streams with unmodded stuff is pure cringe.
  4. Because pragmatism is a thing, well, usually a thing, in Warframe pragmatism is punished by the devs (environmental kills come to mind).
  5. The problem is, the goal in modes like Spy rarely becomes unreachable for non-specialist frames like Ivara or Loki, but the core of the game (combat) takes priority most of the time, once you trigger an alarm you are dead meat as any of those if you dare to play in spy against Lv80+ enemies for whatever reason like on Lich territory.
  6. That's exactly the point, devs go and say "we don't want to limit player choice" but turns out you can't just main a few frames even if you have them all because choice is limited in the end, glass cannons become glass waterguns the moment they touch certain level threshold, people would ask for certain frames to get nerfed instead of having the less stellar ones buffed.
  7. 3 barely works, specially on higher level enemies which ignore accuracy debuffs (a problem she shares with Titania and her tributes) after the initial stun, Sound Quake deals almost no damage (interesting considering her alleged "glass cannon" status) even with the augment.
  8. Try Arbitrations too and Elite Onslaught just o be sure.
  9. So is OK to have 3 horrible abilities if only one is good?
  10. Banshee is less than a glass cannon, it is her gear what would turn her into a glass cannon since her 2 what amplifies damage but the other three abilities barely work, have you read the description in her 1? I think it can't really kill anything past Lv10. Mind control is heavily crippled by the game's AI but even then it seems like it makes the puppet even dumber, bolts is quite the contrast to the rest of her kit and very limited (100% armor strip is a bit nice but Abating Link does that better), Chaos is OK except it would be better if enemies also saw the Tenno as allies because you can't even sneeze in their direction before they stop attacking each other and begin attacking the Tenno again, also, if they get too close to an objective they will still attack it, Absorb seems to do even less damage than before when it wasn't affected by the type of damage it absorbed for some reason. The problem with Hydroid is, for looters Khora and Nekros do the job better, the rest of his playstyle seems on par with old Vauban with even less CC.
  11. According to 90% of the forum and redditors is OK because it is still notP2W.
  12. Banshee, Nyx, Hydroid, etc. And I mean for the overall game, not just low or super high levels.
  13. They don't want to, they want missions to be as unrewarding as possible.
  14. He holds constant grudges against players for not playing the game the way he wants them to.
  15. And yet players in general will be punished by all means short of banning them if they dare to go beyond the developer's expectations, this reminds me of that episode when Bart finished Guts of War at a game convention on the Simpsons and the developer made a big deal about it saying the game's development costs his marriage.
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