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  1. 11 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:


    • Behind the scenes changes for upcoming unveiled but soon to be... veiled promotion.

    Note: Our next Console cert build will continue the cadence of catching up with PC integrations.

    Ok, I understood nothing of this hotfix. Maybe because English is not my first language but shouldn't it be "veiled but soon to be unveiled promotion"?

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Fast_Pickle said:

    Muh 6 forma invest

    Gaze: 200% power to full strip when

    1.banshee 143%

    2. Nyx 130%

    3. Ash 143%

    Safe to say this is still awful and needs work 

    However, Gaze strips armor in an area and not a targeted enemy, so you can cast gaze and every enemy inside the are will have strip when the others must be recasted every time you want to affect another enemy.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, (NSW)Akarsh said:

    Is the scintillant bounty drop fix from update 29.0.7 which dropped on pc last week included in this? 

    If not I guess switch will have to wait another couple of weeks to farm scintillant properly I guess.

    Do isovaults with a nekros. Necramechs have a chance to drop it on death and since they can be desecrated, it means double chance. They also can spawn in the vaults much like cetus wisps to be picked up. Been farming them there and got around 20 already.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, (NSW)RATHURUE said:

    It's not 'talk about it' if all you're doing is just presenting a non-problem and try to turn it into a problem. Let's return to the original point: you asked about how Trumma magazine looks too small for its mag size. I presented 'game-y' explanation to how it fits. You then returned the argument by dragging PHYSICAL aspect of the magazine size in a game where you can summon a freaking giant robot from nowhere. I replied with examples of how physical sizes of armament does not corellate with how their internal mechanism would work realistically, based on other weapons that's already in-game.

    And then you called me 'taking it personally'? That's not how communication works. One party proposes a question, one party proposes an answer. If the first party finds the second party's answer compelling, then the argument ended. If the first party doesn't, then the argument continues. You don't call the second party 'personally taking it' if you don't like the answer provided, as the second party doesn't have any responsibility to stick around until you feel your inquiries answered.  

    That said, goodluck getting your suggestion noted by DE, I'm out.

    It's fine man, you love the game, there's nothing wrong with it for you. I get it! I'm happy for you! But... you know what? I never asked for your opinion. And much less for such a novel just for saying that I think a magazine clip is too small for a weapon.

  5. On 2020-09-05 at 3:54 PM, (NSW)RATHURUE said:

    K den, what about Kuva Ayanga? It's an automatic grenade launcher that's built like tank cannon. It has no visible magazine clip anywhere, yet it can hold 33 ammo per clip unmodified. From the barrel opening, the projectile should be something of grapefruit sized. And yet nobody complained about it.  

    Next entry, Acceltra. No visible magazine clip you can see, nothing ejected nor inserted from the main gun while reloading. Fires dumbfire mini rockets, 48 unmodded magazine cap.

    Another entry: Zarr. A literal 'hand cannon' AKA naval artillery cannon you take by hand. Again, has no visible 'magazine' yet holds 3 shots per 'reload' at base capacity.You can put magazine extension and have it reloads 10 cannonballs despite by the size of the balls it shot, those balls will be stuck somewhere 3/4th length of the barrel. Despite having only 3 shots per reload, secondary fire shots 10 pellets.

    Game logic does not require direct correlation with real life logic. Likewise, game design does not need to be restrained by real life design.

    Dude cool down. Why are you taking it so personally? I just said that I feel the clip could be bigger. Jesus man, it's a game. Can we talk about it without you feeling attacked?

  6. 1 hour ago, (NSW)RATHURUE said:

    For same reasons you can put 99 energy pizzas, 999 Kinetic Siphon Trap and 999 Codex Scanner inside your pocket, and for same reasons ammo pickups are universal, this is not really a problem. 

    Except I'm not talking about the amount of bullets you have in the magazine, but the magazine clip itself being small physically. I'm not talking about capacity, but the physical aspect of it.

  7. Am I the only one thinking that the magazine clip of the Trumna is physically too small? I mean, the thing is huge and it surely has to fire very high caliber rounds, shouldn't the magazine be... I don't know... Bigger?

  8. 3 minutes ago, DrakeWurrum said:

    Blast still has its place. It's a good source of utility with the status proc, and can be used in tandem with Corrosive against enemies that are weak to both sources of damage.

    Magnetic really doesn't have a place. Even the enemies that it is specifically meant to kill... are better killed by Viral instead.


    I may have worded it wrong. I meant that the status proc caused by blast is useless (reduced accuracy? really?). However, that was not the point of this topic.

  9. We know, magnetic damage is probably the worst damage type in the game (probably followed by blast right now). So what about making it a bit more powerful and less oriented to shields (that are already extremely weak)? I saw a post on Reddit talking about how certain damage types are useless after the last status update and came up with this solution for the magnetic one (which is the worst offender here and the one needing most an urgent rework).

    What about making Magnetic something different: Enemy melee weapons will have a % chance of getting magnetized (the more procs, the higher the chance) rendering them unusable. The explanation is that the weapon being part or completely made of metal would stick to any metallic surface, disarming the enemy temporary.

    For fire weapons, the effect would still be a disarm, but a bit more... violent: The weapon would jam because it's completely magnetized and the bullet in the chamber would not be able to escape through the pipe, making the weapon explode because of the pressure in the chamber. Damaging the enemy that fires it by an amount that depends on the level of the enemy and the weapon.

    With energy based weapons, the explanation for this is that the magnetic effect would fry the circuits of the weapon causing a short-circuit and making the weapon bust.


    As for the player, I think the effect should remain as it is, since it's already one of the most dangerous to suffer due to the energy drain and shield damage.

  10. 1 minute ago, (NSW)Kokojo said:

    I agree with the memory problem, but Nintendo would be faster if DE didn't screw up the Lich update before.
    They had Panic Button to make the port, they kicked them out, then when they noticed they couldn't handle the port anymore, they got them back (around Railjack).
    It's both side's problem, yes, more on Nintendo than DE, but they could've sent the update early and not on a set date KNOWING NINTENDO WOULD TAKE A WHILE TO CHECK

    The problem with the liches was again, caused by nintendo. The game surpassed the memory capacity of the console and Nintendo wanted to be extra careful because things. I mean, Nintendo could have thought a bit more on the design of the console and instead of giving us an IR camera in the joycon, could have given us a few more GBs and all this wouldn't be happening.

    However, I still raise a question: why can't we ask nintendo to be as fast as the others for this certs problems? Why is it that the developers (and i'm not talking about DE solely) have to answer for the lacks of Nintendo?

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  11. Just now, (NSW)Finlaena said:

    I think most people are aware that it's not DE's fault for the delay and that it's entirely Nintendo's fault due to their cert process.

    What people are annoyed at -including myself- is DE promising for weeks since TennoCon that all consoles -Switch included- would get the HoD update the same day as one another... only to have a couple days before it actually drops go "whoops, Switch users are getting later, sorry!" 

    To be fair, I was expecting this. I read all the update posts for all the three consoles, and that phrase (the date might shift...) was written in all three. So, even though they expected it to be at the same time for everyone, they also told us from the beginning that this could happen. The only thing here is that, AGAIN, the problematic is Switch because well... Nintendo didn't even tell them anything about the status. For what we know, it could be this week, but given Megan's message, it could very well be next one, or next month as Nintendo didn't say anything about the status at all.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, (NSW)Kokojo said:

    Nintendo is picky with games, specally of Warfarme's size I belive.
    If the game doesn't run with no crashes, they send it back, like how Kuva Litches got delayed 1 month.
    EDIT: Also that passes the size limit, so there's also that 

    This is all Nintendo's fault then. Them being picky with the games is not the developer problem. It could be DE, or could be Epic, or Evil Mojo or anyone else. Nintendo has clearly issues with the third party cert process and they should solve them if they want more 3rd party support.

    Also, the memory limits is again Nintendo's fault. A console like Switch should have a minimum of 128gb as a base. 24 gb (they say 32, but we all know that the memory allowance for switch is not 32gb) is... is crap.

    2 minutes ago, (NSW)Finlaena said:

    To be frank, things like this are really testing my resolve as a Switch player and supporter. It's not DE's fault, it's Nintendo's... but at the same time, it's not really wise to promise "all platforms get a simultaneous release" when we all know Switch will be the last to get anything.

    Would it be possible to offer account transfers to other consoles (i.e. Xbox One or PS4) at some point in the future?

    They wrote in the first post that due to the process of certification, the dates could shift. It's there for you to read. Not that this changes anything mind you. I'm also considering this as my last Nintendo console and not just for this particular reason. This one just adds to the list.

    1 minute ago, (NSW)Zwiebel said:

    Because DE knows about the slow cert process. Thats nothing new.

    So maybe they could send it to cert sooner, or not setting a fixed date for release. But yeah...it's ALL nintendos fault 

    If you read the first lines of the first post, they literally say that due to the cert process the date might shift. And how is Nintendo being slow a problem of the developer again? So, instead of asking Nintendo to be on par with their competitors in cert times, we're shifting the blame to the developer. Shouldn't we be asking Nintendo to be not better (that would be unachievable right now) but just on par with the competitors? Shouldn't we be asking them to be at least as good as the other people selling consoles so we, the users, don't have to suffer these delays because of them?

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  13. 2 minutes ago, (NSW)Kokojo said:

    >Sends Cert late, even after the many updates that got delayed because of it
    >Gets delayed
    >Switch, yet again, will receive update late and not get anythinfg from it.

    Watch this be delayed to next week

    How comes the other consoles received the cert on the same day and they are launching tomorrow? Have you ever considered that maybe this is Nintendo's fault and not DE?

     1 minute ago, (NSW)Zwiebel said:

    Yeah, can't blame it on Nintendo this time. 

    It's completely DEs fault, they know about slow Cert process on Nintendos side and send the build to them on a Saturday before launch. 😒

    Asking the same question: How is it that the rest of consoles received the Update on Saturday and they aren't delayed? How is Nintendo being slower than the rest DE's fault?

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  14. 1 minute ago, (NSW)Vinn_Eonn said:

    Updates for switch are ALWAYS delayed.
    Please DE, never again promise a simultaneous release including the Nintendo Switch, it creates false expectations within the fanbase. Just add little a disclaimer in your announcements stating that dates for updates on Nintendo Switch are just estimates.

    Dude, it's literally in the first lines of the post:


    As we look towards the August 25th simultaneous platform release date, there is a real possibility that the Cert turnaround time and our work from home setups may shift that for Nintendo Switch.  When developing alongside PC, we have to factor in the Cert timeline. Meaning, we need everything from PC to the console build for Cert days in advance.


    If anyone wants to blame someone, blame crappy Nintendo who never deliver when they are expected to. At this point it's clear how Nintendo should get their crap together and start worrying about something that's not Pokemon or Animal Crossing or Smash, like third parties. This is just one more to add to the list of reasons why Switch is my last Nintendo console.

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  15. On 2020-08-13 at 11:31 PM, (XB1)KayAitch said:

    I'm not sure how you'd make it worth putting a reactor or forma on though. It would block just fine with no mods. It might make more sense as a gear item that replaces your normal melee something like how gravimag archguns work.

    The weapon has a special mechanic with a multiplier of 10x per combo counter to reflect the damage. Meaning for each point of damage you block, you reflect 10x with combo counter x1, 20x with combo counter x2, up to 120x with combo counter x12.

    The damage you reflect is the sum of the damage you block plus the damage of the weapon itself multiplied by 10*combo counter. Also, the damage you reflect depends on the damages your shield have. So if your damage is, 33 IPS (each of them), the total damage reflected will be a 33 slash, 33 impact and 33 puncture. If you add other elements, they will be added to the reflected damage too. And obviously, critical and status effects would be considered when reflecting the damage, as it's the main way of doing damage the weapon has.The damage you block will be added to the percentage of each one of the types, so if you block puncture damage, that will be added to the total puncture damage before calculating. Finally, the combo counter increases with both hitting the enemy with the shield and blocking, so blocking is encouraged to increase damage dealing.

    Example: you mod the weapon to have 100 impact, 33 viral. And you block 45 puncture while having a combo counter of 1 (These numbers are random, not adjusted or balanced, just to make the example). The maths would be:

    Total damage: 100+33+45*(10*1)= 1780 Total damage (no crit). With a combo counter of 12, the damage goes to 21360 which is not much. Apparently. But as soon as you start adding mods the numbers start raising pretty quickly.


    This way, the damage could scale effectively with the mods, the damage of enemies and the combo counter.


  16. As of today, the MR requirement for the kuva weapons is useless. Serves no purpose at all because it's not limiting its access to anyone. This leads to cases where a MR7 can have a kuva bramma and nukor and well, that's about it. They won't use any other weapon in game because... why? If you already have two of the strongest (if not the strongest at all) weapons if the game?

    So what to do or how to solve it? It's should be easy: when a larva generates a weapon, make it so it will generate weapons that meet the MR requirements of the player in that game (or of the lowest MR rank player in party). It doesn't make any sense if you have the Cernos Prime locked at MR 12 when you can get a Bramma as soon as you're able to do liches (which can be very soon depending on the player). Same happens with any other weapon actually. Why should one get the Ogris at MR9 when they can have the Kuva Ogris sooner?

    I'm not saying we shouldn't have strong weapons, but that it doesn't make any sense to have access to these weapons sooner than to their regular (and usually weaker) versions. The easiest way to solve this is make it so the larva can't generate a weapon that has a higher MR than the player is at that moment. If you are MR9, then your larva will generate only weapons that meet that MR requirement. I understand that there aren't weapons with a MR lower than 13, so this might need some tweaking. However, the problem of leaving this as is is that you are basically giving players a chance to not use anything aside the two or three OP kuva weapons. Why can't someone use the corinth until MR8 (or 14 for the prime) when, by the time they reach those requirements, they could already have a kuva kohm, drakgoon, brakk, etc? Wasn't the point of MR locks to not give access to too strong weapons to players that are still discovering the game?

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  17. 2 minutes ago, (NSW)Gufuu said:

    None of us had Kavats in that mission, and since when has that affected the amount of Cryotic that's dug up with the excavators?

    Kuva from extractors and cryotic are affected by lootkats. It's been a thing for a while now, can't remember for how long but it's been a while.


    However, wait a moment, because I think I found the cause. You just said that

    3 hours ago, (NSW)Gufuu said:

    I was just in a squad where two of us had Drop Boosters and Drop Rate Boosters, and the other player didn't.

    And there you got it. Drop Rate Booster affects the entire party (and doubles cryotic). However, Drop Booster affects only the one who has it (and it also doubles cryotic). So if the third player didn't have any booster, they only got double cryotic from the Drop Rate Booster, while you got it from the drop rate AND the drop booster.

  18. Things that might explain this situation before getting into bugs:

    Kavats. Specifically Smeeta Kavats. They can give you the double drop buff and it's random.Someone might not have it at all during a run while the others would. If all three had a smeeta with you, the difference of cryotic may be due to this.

    There's also the chance the system flagged the third player as AFK not giving them the yields of several excavations.

    Of course, there could be a bug, but I'd check with the team if there were lootkats involved in the mission first, because it could be the cause.

  19. I've noticed this during my last Steel Path nodes. I've been bringing my moa with a weapon to level up and noticed something weird. When doing normal missions with any frame, the xp that the weapon gained would be the usual you'd expect. However, I started using a certain build for the endless missions (range-based vortex). it pulled basically every enemy in the map into the vortex so I could kill them with ease. When I finished the first mission doing this, I noticed that, even though our kills were decent (considering we're extracting at A rotation, just to clear the node), the XP gained by the weapon was barely anything. I tried it again, this time in a survival, and after 5 minutes, we got these results: CqrF7QS.png


    As you can see, there's a decent amount of kills, most done by my partner, and even then, if you look at the amount of XP gained by the vulklok, is nowhere near what it should be.

    I've been doing some more tests and the result is the same, for what I can see, enemies killed in the vortex (even if not killed by me) will give almost zero XP (if any at all). I've also reported other bugs about the vauban vortex, one being the Stropha projectiles not working when there are too many enemies, and another being Protea's Artillery not gaining multiplier when hitting the enemies caught there. Could you please take a look at the vortex to see if there's something wrong there?




    EDIT: I've just done another exterminate mission with a different frame. As you will see in this screenshot, the kills are more or less the same. However, the affinity gain is much higher. NlHdvL8.png


    Only difference between these screens is that I am not using vauban and his vortex.

  20. 1 hour ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    Pets & Sentinels no longer take damage from Jackal's Grid Wall attack. 

    THANK YOU! Like... A TON! My poor CoccoDEATH was constantly downed while fighting the Jackal. Not fun at all when you have to choose either to let it die, or to not fight the boss because you're constantly reviving it.


    Also, any chance you'll fix the error I noticed about protea's artillery multiplier not increasing when hitting enemies trapped by vauban vortex?

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