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  1. Yeah, there's still some place for improvement on the kuva lich system... on how they spawn to what weapon they have, as said above, the lich could use one of the weapon classes that are on what the player has equipped, and to increase the number of planets the larvlings can spawn, they should appear only on kuva syphon and kuva flood missions, with higher elemental bonus damage and higher chance for ephemera on floods.
  2. Sorry @[DE]Rebecca this do not sound good at all.... it will create an RNG power creep that I believe not being healthy for the game, if you guys want us to play more unused warframes, how about bring the old idea of echoes of umbra to a few selected (not random) by the lowest player usage per week, and let us bring this warframe as a "specter" following us, but with us being able to switch between that warframe and our current warframe in mid-mission with our transference? and even more, that warframe can be used as crew for our railjack, and something more like it.
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