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  1. What part are you failing in? Can you elaborate? im assuming its the first mission that isn't just skirmish(exterminate) that requires the missile or whatever base to be destroyed. also if I recall an affinity booster effects the amount of intrinsic points gained per level. tho don't quote me on it I can't exactly remember
  2. The fire "hazard" can disable your forward artillery i think. its not on the wiki but i remember hearing one of the hazards can disable the forward artillery if not repaired.
  3. 12 profit taker runs and not one time the gyromag system dropped. oof thats some bad RNG. almost if just as worse when im cracking rad relics and only get common parts. i think i made it to Rank 5 Vox Solaris in 1-2 weeks from Rank 0. only issue i had was the toroid farm . . . that was a pain. tbh i think the grind is worth you get the better amp parts, hildryn/baruuk, and magus lockdown/ repair.
  4. skipping the Weapons to the build that Relentless zen provides for his infinity mag II its a good build i use for everything. 5:04 if you just want the mag build he does go over when to use abilitys and how to survive.
  6. Nitain can be farmed from void sabotage tho its only a 2% chance on the 3rd cache on stribog. my recommendations would be catalyst/reactors nitain kuva
  7. if your doing eidolons the best combo is X27. X / Shraksun / Certus. X is for what ever prism you want. as of now im running a 212 but later today after the daily reset ill be upgrading to a 227.
  8. Ok so i know the meta or go to amp combo is X27 but what would be a good prism for eidolons and profit taker? im currently using a 212
  9. could you post a picture of your build? it would be helpful. Regarding the umbral forma. unless you have every slot polarized then you shouldn't be using your umbral forma. umbral forma are more used for frames Stick to using prime pressure point
  10. you can make 100 at a time and for "me" their not too expensive. arcane energize. also if i heard correctly the implementation of orphix venom in railjack rebecca said it would be another way to farm arcanes besides eidolons. ive only got a R3 energize and ive had no major issues with energy since farming it. also they may add a "streamline" avionic if were going to start using our warframes energy pool. if not might be a good idea to get primed flow.
  11. this is what ive started to do and up to 9 forma. considering ive been only popping on and off and not playing much it doesnt feel like its been 9 days. but i do agree maybe reduce the time to 12-15 hrs idk.
  12. grinding out octavia prime access. just got her chassis earlier today. (soo glad cause i was getting real sick of dealing with the infested disruption and those dam ancients especially the disruptors one hit even with adaption welp there goes my energy) Now am grinding for Axi o5 relics for her Blueprint.
  13. take your time is the best advise I can give. this is coming from me who will some times only login to see if my forma is done (if it is build another), check syndicates missions, sortie, etc. and then may do a few missions before logging off and only relogging for my daily reward. also will help with what will eventually happen, burn out. Edit: Some things that i just remembered. idk where your at atm but best early game credit farming will be dark sectors then later down index. also if plat starts becoming an issue the best and easiest way is to sell prime junk.
  14. i don't know any good combos off the top of my head but if you want to see some stats before building the zaw heres a link to Semlar's zaw builder https://semlar.com/zawcalc
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