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  1. saying profit instead of Grofit disrespecting Clem naramon/ pink rhinos riven market
  2. you mean stalker right? ya the second dream he has the same adaptation as sentients. high damage & crit weapons like shotguns i find are good against him.
  3. i dont use rivens, but that is a good rubico riven imo. atm rubico rivens can go for 1500 to 3000 plat. as for the catchmoon idk i use the pyrana prime
  4. theirs no need to worry we still dont have part 5 yet. plus the zelot derelicts are a good way to get standing and the zelot groups now give 200 standing. i was at rank 18 before a major medical issue kept me from getting on for a month and i was able to reach rank 30.
  5. exactly, last night i got the emissary suit, okay so now what to do.... im only going on to play if i have nothen else to do or to get the daliy tribute. I agree. also can we please lower the cost for potatoes 75 creds is a bit much, 50 creds is a little more reasonable.
  6. well if your looking for a stat stick for khora the best one for her is the venka prime as for atlas its the same. here is brozime's guides for khora and atlas. Atlas - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T4-FlrhGVA Khora - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O09t4e0XEKw
  7. Well put. you could say i main Rhino cause he's my most used frame... but i mained Wukong for a while after his rework. honestly i switch up the frame i play, Rn i only use rhino for certain tasks (example:tusk thumpers) and use other frames for example i love melee so im curently working on an umbral valkyir focused on eternal war augment. When ever the main line update comes out i bet alot of players are going to "main" Gauss, then switch to another frame.
  8. Yes but im pointing out it maybe offensive to some hence the other post. i may have missed that part
  9. Right factions... im still try to wrap my head around that change [DE] made. im no creator but i give you the best of luck and keep an eye out for ya.
  10. Wow that looks really nice the first version looks better and more armored imo. sci fi and medieval are my fav designs Btw are you planing on doing a full set? if you put it up on steam PM me so i can vote yes
  11. Awesome! i was wondering when Round 17 was going to come out. there has been some really really good items as of late. saryin ion, wisp graxx, and the loki Jotunheim are my top picks hopefully one of em gets approved
  12. The two best "beginner" frames IMO would be Excalibur and Rhino. Excalibur being cc with his blind and offensive with Radial javelin and exalted blade. Rhino being more cc with stomp but also buffing with roar, he is also a popular pick with his iron skin and not dieing. on top of being ok at solo teralyst hunts. i do have one more frame that is early game but you need to know her kit to play her correctly. this frame is Gara Gara if you can learn her kit is a beast. here is a link to Brozime video on her. (he's using tennogen cause her default looks weird)
  13. AWESOME !!!!! can't wait "I'm very excited now. The anticipation."
  14. Who ever did the Corinth, OMG it's music to my ears. it sounds so good and satisfying!
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