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  1. Okay to give you a quick run through. Night Wave season pass like episodes that replaced the alert system. Arbritations "endgame" missions, best endo farm. as for modding here is a link to each build you are looking for. Vectis prime -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgL2bcL3Omw Dispair -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj01XrKVirE Dragon nikana -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMY05kGfy4o Nezha -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rxLv5RAyrc Harrow -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCWN_gdMuDk Mirage -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g81k-MZ5toM most of all take it slowly especially night wave so you don't run into a state of burn out
  2. what amps count?! well i know what ill be doing now 2 more kill/cap teralysts and ill be able to guild my amp.
  3. i had the same reaction "were is my bone daddy prime?' then had that ohhh right now i remember. had totally had forgotten due to what was shown on the stream. Rebecca said it take at least 7 days to get our free nekros prime .
  4. i posted a challenge in the Steam workshop for a chainsaw skin. i main rhino and i have fashioned him to look like Doom Slayer and got his load out all set except the melee. Like you said the riptikas are the closest thing but are claws and they don't fit the doom theme at all.
  5. So recently ive gotten in to Doom. As a Rhino main I love the battle damage skin and warlust helmet. Ive gotten mostly every thing doom like but the chainsaw. problem is the ripkas don't really fit the doom look, ya its the closest thing to chainsaws but like I said its not really doom like. So if any Tenno gen Artists would like a challenge to make a doom inspired chain saw skin that would be awesome.
  6. I play on a 5 yr old laptop and it hates the orb valis too. the best thing you can do if you dont have the money is to lower all your settings, turn off un-needed settings and dont play at full screen. this seems to help my laptop to the point i can run the orb valis after a few mins super laggy at first then smooths out to only a few lag spikes here and there. heres a video if you need extra help
  7. I normally run solo. exterminate, MD your guaranteed to open the relic. but when it comes to void getting traces/reactant i always pick survival. most of the time i run for 30min then extract, with out a booster i get around 60-120 reactant. with a booster i can get around 150-250 reactant. aside from reactant survival fissures are great for leveling cause you get a free affinity booster when you open your first relic, and if you understand how survivals work and are able to stay 30min you can open 4-5 relics at a time.
  8. You've got the basic damage and elementals down as for your melee im not sure about the Dual Zoren. ive heard the venka prime is a good choice. anyway heres Brozime's guide on khora. 1:51 for the stat stick
  9. Big time shotgun user. I mean who doesn't love deleting everything in front of you. Hek / v. Hek -> good primary for beginners and the V. Hek later if you liked the normal hek Sobek -> good but that reload .. oof khom -> nekros's fav gun aside from the tigris. has ammo issues Astilla -> shotgun that acts like a rifle and is really good. exploding glass slugs Strun Wraith -> 100% status with 3 60/60 mods unique reload can interrupt and fire Corinth -> "only" pump action shotgun same type of reload as the strun. Also super realistic god level sound Arca plasmor -> BFG plasma gun good but slow reload and small mag Tigris Prime -> Double barrel death, 100% status high slash delete enemy's from existence Exergis -> Corpus looked at the tigris prime but can only shoot once then reload.
  10. i agree that sniper scopes could be better, and "X" or "+" as the crosshair would be better that a small white dot. but hey it was worse back then when there was scope sway when you zoomed in.(didn't play at that time but from Warframe sniper vids it existed)
  11. i tested it too last night, and what MCGamerCZ said has been patched/removed.
  12. Was this changed in a hotfix? source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jDnvaZlx0k Skip to 2:50
  13. I only started doing the Teralyst solo a few months ago only cause i did't have much to do plus i had the paracesis bp still in the foundry so why the hell not. Any way Id'e get a better amp suggest a 212 if your going solo and personally a Roar rhino. For weapons any thing with high crit, modded for rad and cold, and if you can the sarpa /w shattering impact to reduce the armor on the Teralyst My personal load out Frame: Rhino prime (built for duration and strength /w iron skin augment) Primary: Rubico prime (built for crit, Rad, and cold) Melee: Sarpa /w shattering impact Operator Amp: 212 (shwaak prism/ Pencha Scaffold/ juttin brace) creates an arca plasmor like shot. Arcane Magnus Husk for health Arcane Magnus Elevate for healing frame
  14. Was super lucky, i assume some vet was leaving or a really nice player noticed she was in my wish-list and gifted her to me on my second day playing.
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