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  1. ya ive noticed too not just because im mainly solo, but yesterday i was in a neo fissure on ani, and 30mins in it was a struggle fest to keep my life support above 30%
  2. So i was on a short break when the second necramech (the bone widow) was released so i have no clue what its strengths and weaknesses it has to the first necramech (void rig) i have one full set of damaged necramech parts and plan on building one of the two and buying the other for operation: orphix venom. but idk which one is better?
  3. NGL im having the same issue and its kinda worse cause i dont own my own necramech so im using the unmodded ones in the mission that do jack diddly squat for damage. tho if your using the mausulon i shoot a few corpus or grinner to charge its ult fire inticator which is blue and right under the crosshairs. and use that as a way to hit the orphix.
  4. You've got some interesting ideas but. I don't think Nezha needs/should get a rework, he's fine as is. Granted I don't play him as much as I used to so idk if he's in a good or bad spot. also Ik there's lots of videos that just briefly explain Nezha's rework that Pablo did a while back. but theres one that goes into detail a bit all tho it is from tribruos (idk if you've heard of him he's kinda one of those S#&$posty people) he goes through the changes rather quickly but explains one thing I see you seem to have an issue with (damage) ill leave the link to it. https:
  5. 8/10 its only the beginning, its a bit confusing then again it could be me being used to the credits at the end of videos. speaking of the end idk if it was intentional or the sounds leaked in from the trailers but the ending of the MV was really good and the sounds did fit in really well with the musics dramatic ending.
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