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  1. Oh god ya once my nikana prime is at full berserker, ill be at 8x combo "poof" combo gone cause i was spamming the "EEE" combo tho i dont have this issue with the silva & ageis prime and it puts in the work just as well as my nikana prime.
  2. Well hot damn. the elusive Ash prime is coming out along with vauban prime Better get those syndicates maxed and medallions stocked up. theres gonna be tons of relics to farm.
  3. love the new changes just have 2 problems. what if we got a lich with Kuva weapon we already have but don't want to fight that lich again just so we can "fuse" the two weapons. as much as i love fighting these lichs they can get very old real fast. to put it shortly its exausting fighting these behemoths. Why was this not added in today!? or better yet when the update dropped? i was running a grineer capture and didnt notice my vaykor hek syindicate proc had killed a larvling. now i have another angry lich... if you would kindly REMOVE the lich from my account! i just killed my 3rd one today i dont want to fight another one...
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