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  1. I just load him with hundreds of fire procs with a beam weapon, the second he becomes vulnerable he explodes. Works also with toxin and slash procs. Another fun strategy i see used is using an equinox: you charge up maim really high on your way to the boss, and when he controls you maim is automatically discharged, killing him if you have stored enough damage. If you don't want to cheese it a more legit strategy is using slow nova, giving you ample time to kill him during his attacks.
  2. It's time you have to spend to get your weapons to do more damage, it's just that the time is sprinkled between missions instead of all before (grinding rare mods, grinding the endo) or all during the mission (using buffing/debuffing abilities, etc). Just because a particular drawback is tedious to you it doesn't mean it should be removed from the game, it just means you shouldn't bother with it, and like DarknessNightshade is saying you aren't required to do that at all. I personally don't like a lot of things, like arcane farming, focus farming or switching schools, so i just don't bother with those mechanics, and not ask for the drawbacks to be removed, cause there isn't anything wrong with them inherently, they are just tedious to me.
  3. Because really powerful things gotta have a drawback, and a unique multiplier is so powerful that having to juggle them between missions is a suitable drawback. On a separate note we just got rid of needing to put base damage mods on everything, do we really want to replace them for literally the exact same thing two seconds later?
  4. Lmao....It's in the blueprint in the image linked, he already knows that...
  5. Lua and eidolon lens blueprint are like that, when you click on them you have to choose the school you want to craft.
  6. Yes, it's additive with base damage mods and yes, it's viable not to run them anymore.
  7. It's a known bug, sometimes it just stops recovering missions until the next week. One thing that seems to trigger it pretty consistently is when it is trying to recover a duplicate of a currently active mission. There's no way to fix it afaik.
  8. You fight the liches of all the players in the mission, one at a time.
  9. Well, yeah, it's what is used in these cases. You are assuming that the same number is used in both cases. What if a different seed is used for each type of relic? In that case you would get 9100 using an intact while, for example, 2172 using a radiant. We know nothing of how they use the rng, we can't just assume things: it could depend on the squadmembers and their rng, it could depend on the state of the relic, on the name of the relic, on the number of rounds, on the type of the mission for what we know, there's no way for us to check.
  10. As a mathematician i can tell you that even though real randomness can't be achieved digitally, the pseudo random algoritms that are used are impredictible enough that you can't realistically predict future numbers. By realistically i mean that if you had all the data from all the drops and they always used the same pseudo rng and you had a huge computational power for like, months or years, you could maybe, maybe predict a couple numbers (starting from the last number imputted when you started calculating of course) in some cases. Also, you would need to know if the same rng gives numbers to all relics, for each relic individually or what. Also also, knowing future drops wouldn't mean that you can manipulate it to get different result, so it would be a not so useful information. You can think about it like this: you can take the actual pseudo rng used and another one similar enough (or maybe the same with a sligtly different seed) so that they both give the same results up until the last number that you saw, but that give different results on the next number, so it would be actually impossible to discern which one the game is using. This is, of course, assuming you know all the numbers from the rng and that the same rng with the same seed is always used; also they probably use a 100 number rng that is translated into the 6 possible result that we see ingame so the information we get as player is even more reduced, making it 100% impossible to predict future numbers. This is all assuming they use at least a decent pseudo rng of course, but they really have no reason to do otherwise. tl;dr: it's impossible.
  11. I'm confused. Don't you have to go to the helminth and choose to activate the invigorations? You are choosing to have that effect, so if you don't want it to mess with your build just don't activate it
  12. Rivens don't work like that, you put them on weapons to unveil them, but the weapon they are for is random, regardless of the weapon you used to unveil them. Basically which weapon you unlock it with makes no difference, you're always gonna get a riven for a random weapon of that type.
  13. In general you can just google "12:30 pm et" on google and it will convert it in your timezone.
  14. I had to add a special character to the one that firefox proposed, then it worked
  15. No, i mean just do the synthesis targets that you get from simaris once per day following a guide to see where they spawn, just scanning random stuff until you hit the cap is never advised. You just need 130k standing, that's like a week at most of doing 2 to 4 quick missions per day, it's not bad at all.
  16. .....why can't you just farm the standing? scanning is pretty easy, do one target everyday and you'll be able to get a dupe xoris in no time.
  17. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nitain_Extract
  18. For me it was the Slam Shockwave kills. You have to slam the enemies on the head for them to die, and it's really difficult to aim. The rest are all pretty easy, don't remember anything taking more than 1 attempt.
  19. They don't come from the sisters, you buy them in the relays in perrin's room. Read the patch notes.
  20. I used both mods before and after the change, didn't notice any differences. Sure feels like there's a cap.
  21. Why? I farmed that mod in order to better my builds, you just have to do the same if you want that particular build. That's the whole game if you hadn't noticed: farm stuff to get better builds.
  22. What are you talking about with glaives? just put amalgam organ shatter and you'll reach the cap anyway, losing just 5% cd.
  23. It doesn't, it requires the quest of the same name.
  24. Fortuna bounties. Look on the wiki, you can order by chances of dropping: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Meso_R4
  25. You can farm them from bounties with much higher %, especially in OV: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Meso_R4
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