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  1. As far as I know, Stretch only influences power effects. The "power" for Exalted Weapons is to summon the weapon. That summoning power doesn't have a range usually. The only way Stretch would normally affect it is if casting the power *also* included something like a radial knockback or blind or damage AoE. Stretch would affect that ranged effect, I *think.* I don't know of any Exalted powers that currently work like that though. *Edit* Correction, I think Stretch *might* affect the size of the aiming circle for Mesa's Peacemakers. Stretch makes it bigger to start with, but I'm not sur
  2. Maybe if you're using the default colors. I think I almost remember it originally highlighting enemies in black, before it could be colored and before they changed the FX. But then they changed the FX to the current "squiggly" shader specifically because a lot of people complained that it was too hard to notice the shadow effect and that they kept wasting time and ammo trying to kill allied Shadows. (Not saying that's not a problem *now* but...)
  3. I read it as "In my headcanon Warframe is an edgelord gritty grimdark space ninja game. And feathered wings and a star-covered space wizard are not gritty grimdark. Conclusion: DE is pandering to the weebs and the Furries!"
  4. Note: Please fix the current bug where hull ruptures respawn instantly when you fix one. I've seen videos made recently, and it's apparently worse than pointless to fix hull ruptures while any enemies still exist. Any damage whatsoever to the Railjack hull seems to cause a hull rupture. Fixing one results in it being instantly replaced by another one. And I'm specifically talking about the less serious Ruptures, not the "ship will explode in 50 seconds" Hull Breach.
  5. Oh, and an additional note: When I "kill" a Point of Interest objective, it REALLY needs to stop launching missiles and ramsleds. The station is dead, everyone onboard is dead, and yet it's still firing a pair of boarding parties at my ship every minute or two while I'm trying to slog through collecting resources. It's not fun, it's not engaging. They mostly aren't even a threat unless I'm right on top of the POI because they're hilariously easy to kill. It's just an annoyance, and it NEVER seems to stop. Ditto for the waves of missiles - the only time they're a threat is if I've jumped
  6. Maxed meta builds, and even specific *hardware* demands. I had Recruit chat on for a moment a while ago, and at least one team was demanding ONLY people who had 1000-plus captures already *AND* who had basically zero ping connections and the game installed on a hyperfast SSD. The original poster might be part of a very friendly group... but Tridolon Hunters as a group are some of the most elitist and toxic players I've ever seen, in any game.
  7. I personally don't run Eidolons (or Exploiter) because I absolutely hate the fights. It's not a question of finding friendly groups or not. I ignored Trials completely, because Arcanes weren't even slightly worth the effort. I did eventually grind through Eidylons enough to unlock Focus Waybound skills and complete the Quills faction. And I hated every single second of it. Now that I'm "finished" grinding the reputation, the remaining Operator and Amp Arcanes are *completely* not worth the frustration to me. I'd rather stuck with maxed Husk. (Is it a good Operator Arcane? Probably not,
  8. I really like the concept art. I'll be getting both the Refenant and Ember if they turn out close to that. It's not a guarantee though, look at the recent Nova Deluxe - she looks very little like the concept art they showed off at Tennocon. I like the final design too, but it really doesn't look anything like the concept art. The original idea looked (to me) like she was mostly energy, barely contained by sleek armor. (Like the Archones from original Starcraft.) The final version is mostly just skin-tight cyberwear, with barely any energy form at all except for her fingers. So... I'
  9. I not naturally inclined to team. I prefer to solo. However, I have *never* offered my Railjack to public teams, for the following reasons: - Random players can use the navigation computer, forcing everyone else back to the dojo when the rest of the team wants to keep going (or the reverse, starting another mission when everyone else just wants to end without having to Abort.) - The Forge. Basically all of it, but especially the absurd system for "refining" resources, and consumables using *the same* pool of resources that I want to take back to make permanent upgrades. The only
  10. Maybe I'm not understanding the "heat map" view of Warframe use. There's some weird spikes at MR 0 though, with a handful of 'frames seeing heavy use? Including a couple that only come from missions in the outer Starchart. I thought that it was necessary to have a certain MR to unlock junctions?
  11. And this is compared to many other Free 2 Pay games, where there are things like "Energy systems" to take missions at all. Oh, too bad! You've spent your Rift Stamina for the day. No more missions! Well... unless you pay us. Not a lot! But another fifteen missions worth of Rift Stamina is only $2, 50% off! (Because we claim it's actually $4, even though no one alive has ever seen it at full price.) Such a deal!" You don't have to pay money for warframes to merge together to make slightly stronger warframes. You don't have to pay to unlock the honor of grinding Gems, which you can onl
  12. I'm a little curious about the assertion that they went with "whoever had the best WiFi." A) How would you even test that and B) Wifi is almost always a sucky connection, since you've got at least some level of additional ping. Which would be even worse for me if I connected that way - the only ISP in my area is satellite, cell service, or DSL. I use DSL, and because reasons have to connect to a server on the far side of the state. I have 90ms of ping just by being *online.*
  13. I really wish they'd leave the store up for a week or two after the event ends. Some people have attacks of Real Life and can't spend the credits, and sometimes even a month of warning isn't enough. As far as getting more though, the Intermission will start in another couple of weeks. Given how well DE has been doing at updating Nightwave in a timely fashion, you'll probably get at least six months to earn Intermission credits and spend them. :/
  14. I'm curious, what is wrong with the texture? I loaded into the game and equipped Nidus Prhyke last night just to check, and I don't see anything obviously wrong with either the base texture or the Full Infested version. Not in the sense of blurred or stretched textures, I mean. (I'm not a fan of the giant shoulder blades, they clip into everything.)
  15. Meh, I already said goodbye to public railjack missions. And also to doing Railjack missions. The moment I had the Shedu there ceased to be anything I wanted from the system. I don't honestly see Command changing that at this point.
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