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  1. Lavos parts drop as mission rewards. I played a bit during the first week, and not really since. And I got enough Lavos parts to build three of him, without spending the event tokens. It's tedious and annoying, but mostly it just takes time.
  2. I think that many of the powers chosen are basically worthless, made worse by the part where DE pre-emptively nerfed the tiny fraction that are actually good. Powers like Decoy and Mind Control are almost pointless on the original frames, and I can't think of *any* reason to put them on anyone else beyond "I have resources and time to burn and feel like screwing around." (And in point of fact both of them are massively outclassed by Metronome, which does basically the same thing but doesn't suck. Or at least not as much as those do.) Some of the powers have gotten minor touchups, but t
  3. The so-called "signature weapons" weren't really a thing when Mirage came out. They've recently been making an effort to even add extra functionallity / bonus features to the official "signature weapons" for each frame. So no, they don't *have* to release Octavia Prime with Pandero Prime and Tenora Prime. But if they don't, then I'd say it's a good bet that those two weapons *never* get a Primed version, because who else would they give them to?
  4. No, but they *have* done "revisits" on the base frame sometimes. They don't make massive changes to *just* the Prime version though, at least nothing beyond nudging the stats for the Primed version. (Bonus health/shields/energy/whatever.) And even then they don't do it all the time. I don't think they did it for the majority of Primes released this year, in fact.
  5. Not even a little. I've done one-hour Endless runs less than time times, ever. Only because of Nightwave, and fortunately DE came to their senses and reworked that objective. (Because honestly, 50 minutes in a Kuva Survival without using Life Support was *stupidly* griefable, and in several really obvious ways. I'm not sure how *anyone* could have thought that was a good idea.) Other than that, I did exactly one Steel Essence solo farm to get the last bit of stupid botttlecaps to buy the complete outfit. And I had so much fun that I haven't played Steel Path again. Ever.
  6. It'll probably last *at least* until the end of Orphix Venom. It might even last until the end of Orphix Venom *on consoles.* DE seems to dislike turning stuff like that on or off during another event. (If I had to guess, it would be because of the chance of "weird stuff" happening where the two events interact in ways that they aren't supposed to. Such as turning off Nightwave disabling Orphix spawns under "some condition" or something equally unexpected or weird.) What I mostly want from Nightwave at this point is for it to just go away. :( Not just Season 3, the whole thing. Wha
  7. In regards to the title: I'm not looking forward to either system. Liches were a massive disappointment and completely inferior in every way to the system that clearly inspired them. Railjack is just a tedious, unbalanced, boring mess. Made worse by cramming in a totally *different* damage system with really no explanation and that barely even functions, especially where it overlaps with Archwing and the existing mod system.
  8. It's an issue with a number of weapons when aiming. I know I've run into a couple of two-handed rifles where it also pops up. And honestly, it's a more general issue with a number of things recently. The Bubonico, for example is huge, and the giant shoulder blade/crest thing almost completely blocks the center of the screen when aiming.
  9. If you're worried about it, buy the platinum directly from DE. Then Epic and Steam get 0% of it, since they had nothing to do with the transaction. There'll still be a payment processing fee for (I think) Digital River. But short of mailing cash to DE, *someone* is going to get a piece of it.
  10. They don't carry bazookas. Deploying a Voidrig Arquebex inside your own ship is a bit more than a sidearm.
  11. Which is why even when I cared about doing sorties, any day with a radiation hazard was a hard skip. It no longer matters to me personally, because I have less than no interest in doing sorties at all.
  12. It doesn't take effect "on hit," only "on kill." And speaking only for myself - it's an Arbitration mod. I won't be getting it from Arbitrations (because I hate that mode and never attempt it.) And I'm not paying someone else for a mod that I don't want and have less than no use for outside of this very specific event. I have Bonewidow, who can heal herself, and Necramech Repair, which will keep *both* of them at around half health as long as I'm not just standing in a hail of gunfire doing nothing. I'd rather bring Corrosive Projection and stack towards negating the stupid amounts of arm
  13. Fluctus has infinite punchthrough. If one or two people have a fluctus they can mostly shoot Resonators through walls. Though going looking for it may still be needed when one spawns on the other side of door and down the hall, because the marker only indicates the center of the door. The others can use Mausolon, since in the earlier waves the charged shot will one-shot an Orphix phase and later it's still good. Or just whatever, any Archgun that does damage seems to work if you're not in a massive hurry. There's probably something way better for dealing with the tanky Sentient attackers,
  14. The only thing I can suggest is to make a Support ticket, with screenshots (if possible) and as many specifics as you can manage. "I lost cells, gimme!" isn't going to do much - date, time (as exactly as you can,) who else was on the team. Also be aware that A) most of the staff are on holiday break, and B) even when they're all there, Support tickets can take up to two weeks (or more) to get through their backlog and reply. Good luck, but honestly you're probably better off either taking a break or just running the mission again. Support isn't likely to even reply until close to the e
  15. I'm not sure you'd want to deploy heavy artillery inside your own ship. O.O I'm honestly a little surprised they didn't limit us to melee only on our railjacks. Most sci-fi settings go out of their way to explain how firing high speed projectiles inside a bubble of air you *really* don't want to pop isn't the stupidest idea ever. Usually the answer is that the weapons are designed NOT to kill the ship above all else. High speed splinter guns that mince flesh but can't pierce the hull, plastic bullets, energy pulses that deliver bursts of heat that are lethal to living tissue but just warm
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