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  1. Is there a chance someone could look at a few of the other frames with minor issues? The Mag Deluxe has something weird with her right hand - it looks like a few of the vertex points are mis-aligned. There's a couple triangles stretched in a really weird way on the back of the hand. And the Ember Deluxe torso has the neck end at a lower height than the default or Prime version. As a result, using her with several of the other helmets creates a visible gap between her neck and head and creates the appearance that she's been partially decapitated. Neither issue is game critical, they are only visual. And the Ember Deluxe might even be intentional. But it would be nice if someone could take a look at Mag Deluxe.
  2. I don't know about on consoles, but on PC setting someone to Ignore really only blocks their ability to chat with you. I know I've ignored someone at Hydron on Sedna, and ended up teamed with them again anyway a match or two later. It might make it less likely you'll be teamed with them if anyone else is available, but it doesn't appear to keep you from joining a team if they're in it, nor prevent them from joining a team you are in.
  3. In reply to the topic: By mostly ignoring Railjack until they add the Command intrinsic and I can board enemy ships without mine exploding. (Or almost as bad, getting hijacked by someone who thinks it's a great idea to fly up to a missile base and then park it while they do... whatever it was they were doing. 😕 )
  4. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I've ignored people (usually for having what I consider to be a kind of offensive name) and still ended up teamed with them again. I normally only team for Rift Defense missions, and it would appear that sometimes there isn't a huge pool of people queuing for that node. Blocking them only seems to affect chat - you won't see their messages and they can't send you whispers.
  5. So apparently the problem is that the Sentient drops are visible, *and* the Anomaly isn't actually connected to the other mission objectives? So people are free to join, loot the ship and then bail. Even if they get the part they want, it looks like they aren't actually required to stay and finish the rest of the mission? I'm just curious. It sounds like there's a similar problem with the Grineer Galleon captains. People will head straight for the assassinate, then bail if they don't get a drop on the new blueprints. I guess (as mentioned) DE is going to have to switch all the drops from those enemies to "unidentified," and probably link the Anomaly to the main mission so that if it spawns you have to clear the mission to keep anything. But since they're all on holiday break already, I guess that means it'll be next year before they do anything.
  6. I was watching part of a stream, and the player was also the host. They mentioned that crewships will fire bubbles that make it nearly impossible to kill fighters inside it. But they eventually got frustrated and just quit the mission, because apparently the buff is sticky sometimes? They were shooting fighters, and the health bar was going up faster than they could do damage even with the cryo cannons. Is that intentional? Because it seems like a pretty serious issue if it's not on purpose.
  7. That's how it looks from watching streams. Zekti has really high burst DPS, but overheats almost instantly. Any gunners that aren't being careful (also known as every PUG gunner ever) will spend more time waiting for the weapon to cool off and reset than actually shooting anything. Vidar doesn't have the biggest DPS stats, but it fires longer and doesn't heat up as fast. Unless someone just tapes down the fire button, the gaps when they aren't shooting seem to be mostly enough to clear the heat buildup most of the time.
  8. Could someone take a look at the recent lighting changes? I play with Adaptive Exposure and HDMR turned OFF. And the big chunks of the game seem to alternate between blinding over exposure and blinding darkness. Orb Vallis is espeically bad because it has *both.* If I enter a cave, it's so dark I can barely see. And when I leave, the lighting outside has glitched somehow and it's literally too bright to see anything.
  9. That's unfortunate then, and I guess there isn't much you can do about it other than hope you don't die, go back to drydock and disband the team, and probably try to report them to Support. I think that kind of leeching might be against the rules. So maybe there's something they can do about it from their end. (Obviously way after it happened, but what else is there to do?)
  10. I think they mean "join the crew of someone else's railjack to get the resources to build yours." As in, you could spend an hour mining rocks, or a single ten minute mission patching hull breaches for twice as much resources as you'd need to build the ship. Or to put it another way "If someone hates mining that much, then don't mine. There's eventually other ways to get the resources."
  11. I don't think it gives you a free version of the guns though, you still have to equip them before you go there. So if someone wanted to see how a weapon feels to use, they'd still have to invest in crafting / repairing it first. Which is kind of a massive amount of resources for a weapon you might not even want to use afterwards. (Pulsar, apparently. No one seems to like it, because reasons.)
  12. From what I've seen on streams, a lot of people seem to like the Cryophon for the pilot. It's short range, but since the fighters fly straight at you at first it's apparently possibly to blast a few at point blank range and kill them outright when they make their first attack run. It has really high heat buildup though, it looked like about four shots in a row before it overheats without upgrades. Photor seemed to have a *really* narrow beam. You need to keep it exactly on target. It wrecks the "fat" fighters, but seemed to struggle to hit the little 'V' shaped ones. It looked like it might be hitscan though, so if you can't deal with leading a target that might be the one to go for. At least on the handful of streams I watched, no one seems to like the Pulsar. It seems to fire a pulsed version of the same beam FX as Photor, but there's kind of a long pause between each shot. And at least the one person I saw trying to use it on a turret was struggling to hit anything. Although they did have a glitch where the beams weren't visible half the time. Other than commenting that they didn't like it, neither of the other streamers explained what they thought was wrong with it. Just "junk weapon, don't use it."
  13. I've completed the easiest railjack solo a few times, mostly by using the Archwing and abusing the fact that crew ships seem to be basically indestructible until you blow the reactor. (If they don't spot your Railjack, you can just fly around in circles forever picking the fighters off one by one with the pilot's homing missiles. Eventually they'll stop sending more and then I can destroy both crewships and get back to mining.) Anyway, I picked up an Avionics called "Particle Ram." It seems to be a Battle power, but I can't equip it. At all. It doesn't show up under the Passive or Tactical sections either. Is there an issue with this mod, or is there some skill or equipment gate before I'm even allowed to install it? I'm asking here and not in Bug Reports because I have no idea if this *is* a bug, and not working as intended somehow.
  14. Watched some footage on a twitch stream. I don't know about the bigger ships (in higher level mission.) But the "little" ones in the first few have three crew to worry about. A pilot and two gunners. The thing is, the ship isn't symmetrical. From the rear facing the pilot seat, one gunner is right off the reactor room on the right. You can put two in the back of his head on the way to the cockpit. But the other gunner is *under* the pilot. You have to go down some not very obvious stairs on the left of the reactor. The person streaming was trying to capture the ship as well, and started looking around when they realized that the ship they'd stolen was still firing at their railjack. They finally noticed the second gunner and took him out. Then just to double check they jumped out of the ship and flew around it. If *all* the crew is dead, the ship will stay captured and just sit there. They thought that if you left deck crew behind, maybe one of them would try to take an empty station if you left without destroying the ship. (Like if yours was on fire and you wanted to stop it from exploding.) But the streamer didn't care enough to test it, since it seemed safer to just kill everyone, regardless of if they were planning to keep the ship or not.
  15. Right, but HOW do you use Warframe powers in the tactical map? The skills don't mention it, the screenshots I've seen of the map don't mention it. It's clearly one of those features where the devs already *KNOW* how to do it, and everyone else is just supposed to figure it out by telepathy or something. (Or the wiki once that's updated, which isn't really a step up from the telepathy in my opinion.)
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