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  1. Setting the Ping limits is either not working reliably, or actually broken. I have mine set to a ping limit of 150ms. Since I have a ping of about 80ms to even connect (because my ISP is awful) this *should* mean that I am barely ever teamed with anyone. Instead, I'm reliably dropped into missions with as much as 500ms of ping. It's such a great feeling shooting at enemies that someone else killed half a second ago. 😞
  2. You could gild a Moa. If it's just a throwaway you can get basic parts, gild it, then turn it back in to Legs for a partial refund on the standing you spent. It's not ideal, but it's an option.
  3. I'll probably finish the thermia fracture part of the event tonight and get the Opticor Vandal. There's something new I can use forma on. I also built a new Moa for the "gild a thing" challenge, and decided to build it exclusively for Hildryn. (So... actually building for shields instead of trying to minimize them in favor of health and armor, and then building for a max rank Link Shields.) That's another thing I can polarize. I'm not fond of the "something something with a friend" challenges though. I know exactly zero people who play this game. Everyone I've ever invited bounced off of the "new player experience" and complete lack of any in-game guidance and quit within a month. And I tried the one hour Kuva survival challenge repeatedly without success. Even in groups from recruiting chat, stuff kept going wrong. One troll who waited until we were almost done and deliberately used a pylon. Another where someone brainlocked and "Oh, we're running low on life support. Don't worry everyone, Ive got this!" and pylon. And the rest glitched out due to lag, then a host migration, then the group failing to reassemble or getting kicked clear out to login.
  4. Also, the in-game tutorials in Elite are garbage. Warframe doesn't have much in the way of tutorials. Elite has tutorials that actually make things *worse.* Some of them are badly out of date, and a couple are just very poorly designed. When I tried it, the second or third tutorial required you to approach a space station. Then the objective switches for "request docking permission and land." And... that's it. No explanation of *how* to do that. At all. Some games have steep learning curves. Elite: Dangerous goes out of its way to have learning curves that actually do loops.
  5. To the Original Poster: Just be aware that 4X (eXpand, eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate) games take significant amounts of time to play. Just getting your space empire started can take several hours of real time. Depending on what settings you have for map size and number of AI enemies, actually completing a single game and hitting a genuine Win condition can take days or weeks. You also have to pay attention to massive amounts of details, depending on the game. Some 4X games have more automation options than others. But in general, those types of games are largely spreadsheets where the equations can shoot back. (Population growth vs build speed, resources produced and consumed, research points, local modifiers such as Barren planets that can't make their own food and therefore require a surplus from another planet.)
  6. The challenge is apparently poorly worded. There are Riven challenges where undetected means "Never get spotted or put any enemy in full Alerted state." This Nightwave challenge apparently just means "Never let anyone live long enough to trigger an alarm." I think I did this and the first of the "complete 5 sorties" at the same time, solo on Ivara. Prowl, take out Heat Dagger with Covert Lethality. Sneakity sneak, stabbity stab. Not detected, no alarms raised, "Enemies have extra armor" condition from the Sortie neutralized. Now I just have to finish four more Sorties. 😞 I normally do about two a month. There's a huge list of conditions that fall into the "Not even slightly worth it" category, like Radiation or almost all boss fights.
  7. Like I said, if you like the new mods then I'm glad they're useful for you. To me, the Serration/Run Speed mod is something I'll get to add to my collection and never use or even bother to rank up. It gives me reduced damage in exchange for more polarity cost and an increase to a stat I actively dislike and never intentionally increase. For my personal playstyle, worthless mod is worthless. I avoid getting stuck on Geometry by not racing around like Sonic the Hedgehog after he chugged a gallon of Red Bull. I avoid problems with Parkour by mostly ignoring it. I don't speedrun Spy missions, since I use Prowl Ivara and tend to focus on finding all the crates (in case one is an Ayatan) and bunching up enemies with the distraction arrow so I can scan them all for Simaris, then pick their pockets before exploding their heads in a single shot with Concentrated Arrow.
  8. What content in Warframe is so slow that you need the extra movement speed? If you like the new mods, good for you. Have a blast. But for some people the extra movement speed is a useless stat, and one that has a fairly significant cost attached. (Reduced damage and increased polarity cost for a stat that I personally would never intentionally use.)
  9. I think you're nuts. Warframe looks just fine. Unless you force the camera to zoom right in to "look at my pores" range, Warframe textures look fine. And aside from personal preference, there's also the issue of console performance. Every weapon and Warframe has its own texture map. Increasing *one* of those to "better than 4K res" might be possible. Increasing *all* of them to that level would take massive amounts of memory. It's actually part of the reason that in Relays sometimes people will only show up as "ghost Excaliburs." The game can't load all the textures for Warframe skins, weapons, syandannas, armor, particle effects, sigils. They already have to cheat a bit and make pets invisible for everyone but the owner in any of the social areas. And they already do go through and do graphical upgrades as they have time (and as it makes sense to do so.) The Corpus cloud city maps are just about to get a major rework. And even if they suddenly decided to rebuild every single texture, it's not something where they can just snap their fingers and *poof* done. I don't know how they create the original textures, or if they have a super hi-res "master file" that they save. It's possible that they work at a higher resolution and scale it down once they finish. But if they *don't* do that, making super hi-rez textures is a lot like rebuilding the texture from scratch. If you just scale the image up then the texture pixelates. You have to go in by hand and smooth out the jaggies and add more detail. On every single texture. For every single model in the game. More than once in quite a few cases, since many weapons and even Warframes have alternate textures. And honestly, there's not really a huge benefit. Bigger textures takes more memory, which causes a hit to performance. (Not just in terms of FPS during a mission. Bigger textures take longer to load. Anthem and its bazillion loading screens says hi.) The console versions have fixed memory limits, and they're not very big compared to Super Overclocked Gaming Rigs of Doom. That means extra work to keep the console versions in line, since they can't use the high res textures anyway. And they still need to make the lower res versions for the vast majority of players who only have "average" gaming setups.
  10. That mod specifically is one I'd get "just to have it" and never use. I already hate being near frames like Volt or Zephyr with the Turbulence augment. I *never* build for Sprintframes, and powers that suddenly increase movement speed make me feel sick. I'd rather have the 10% bonus to damage. From what I saw, most of the other Amalgam mods are similar for me. I'll get them to have a full set, then forget that I ever had them. The part where they're more expensive and possibly even a different polarity is just bonus reasons to never use them.
  11. It's probably something to do with how it's integrated into Steam. If I had to guess, the problem is likely that it's treated like a Steam purchase being made through an external app - you're not *really* buying Tennogen items from DE. You're buying them from Valve. (The part where trying to buy one opens a Steam page strongly hints at this.) So to gift Tennogen, you'd actually need to send it as a *Steam* gift purchase. And the UI isn't set up to allow this. Maybe Steam doesn't permit it, maybe it's just really difficult for the return on time invested. It could even be an issue that (for security reasons) Steam can't/won't share user information. I know that my Warframe nickname is not necessarily the same as my visible Steam nickname. It would definitely be nice to be able to gift Tennogen. Since allowing it is a thing that would make it possible for people to spend money on Tennogen, I would have to assume there's a pretty strong reason that DE hasn't added it.
  12. Simply put: from a game mechanics standpoint, I find the system tedious and uninteresting to engage with. Almost everything I want from it (in terms of rewards) can be traded from other players, and I'd rather spend my time doing something I enjoy. Grinding for reputation is never something I enjoy. At best, it's something I tolerate. The weapons and augments can be easily purchased from someone else. I don't think the cosmetics are possible to trade, but none of them appeal to me anyway. I'd like to get the Captura scenes, but I can live without them. Personally, I hate "pick one side" reputation systems. From a personal / lore point of view, I'd rather remain completely neutral to all of them. It doesn't look like we'll be getting any more lore missions with new Warframes (too much work, apparently) but being neutral avoids possible weirdness like "Perin Sequence wants me dead, but is begging for my assistance." The Syndicate system doesn't offer any rewards that I personally feel are worth the grind, tedium and annoyance involved with the mechanics. Being randomly attacked by Bounty Hunter squads is annoying enough the few times it has happened in missions where I'm teamed with other people.
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