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  1. Which would be almost useful if it was in game, and if even a fraction of the existing guilds bothered to use it. Or if most players even knew it existed, which I'm not sure many do.
  2. I don't know if it's still a thing, but there used to be a time when some clans more or less existed for just this purpose and even advertised as such. Some of them would allow you to stick around or encourage donations, but they usually had a whole rank set aside for "join, hang out for as long as it takes to buy all the blueprints and then leave."
  3. If it matters, Nekros got a mini rework at some point. Desecrate used to be a single cast - it would vaporize all bodies in range at the instant it was cast. It was crazy energy hungry and not all that powerful because enemies stop existing a second or two after they vanish from sight. And obviously any in range that aren't dead *yet* wouldn't be affected either. I don't ever remember the pets inflicting self damage, but the 4 was also changed at some point to make the shadows a bit more obvious. The thing about survival was probably from before they were made all inky and wavy though
  4. For me it's Mag. She was my pick for starter frame, and I think the only 'frames I've ever gotten rid of were excessively duplicate primes from Twitch drops. And I even ended up keeping a lot of those. (The only one I can remember for sure was the double Hydroid Prime from this year's Tennocon. I already had two, I couldn't think of what to do with *four* of them.)
  5. Personally I use Power Drift on most frames. I think I have Primed Surefooted... at rank 0. I'm not really interested in crippling my builds for a bandaid mod DE added instead of addressing their overwhelming tendency to add knockdown / back / up to every single enemy type. I never use speed mods - the default increase from Wisp and Nehza is already enough to make me borderline sick, and in the rare case I am in a PUG team a Volt spamming Speed is basically an instant mission abort. If you want to depend on parkour then that's fine... for you. Not every wants to (or even can) play that wa
  6. Honestly... probably about a year after cross-save. I.e. anytime between "years from now" and "never."
  7. I "get" Among Us. I just don't want it. Not that my opinion matters in the slightest, obviously. I just think that DE should spend time, you know, fixing all the *existing* half finished and apparently abandoned game modes before jamming in one that's probably going to drop off the Twitch charts again before they even finish designing it. (Lunaro waves sadly from it's corner filled with spiderwebs and saddness.) Especially a PVP mode, mostly because PVP has always been SO popular in this game. (Warning: Possible sarcasm detected.)
  8. "Hey, I just played this really interesting game. And I like this other game. I think I'd like this other game even more if it was exactly like the new game." This happens every time something gets popular. OnO "Warframe needs a MOBA mode." "Warframe needs Battle Royale." "Warframe needs to be more like (insert whatever is popular on Twitch at this precise nanosecond.)" >n<
  9. I'd say Nekros is way, way down the list of Warframes in need of help. Personally I'd rate Loki, Frost, Nyx, Valkyr and even Ember as needing a look before Nekros. His biggest issue is that his first power (Soul Punch) is completely disposable, and Terrify isn't really desirable in a lot of missions. (Enemies stop attacking, but also scatter which makes them obnoxious to kill.) What I would really like to see is DE going through and *buffing* powers based on Helminth stats. Mesa's Ballistic Battery, Nekros' Soul Punch and Inaros Sandstorm are apparently completely disposable and are t
  10. I've never seen one argue that it's good against enemies. (Ditto for Valkyr's Ripline, and that actually causes damage. Barely.) Every time I've seen someone defend it, it was essentially for the troll potential. Pulling "n00b" players in front of Lephantis, punishing someone they assume is AFK, yanking someone back out of / into the extraction zone for the lulz. Switch Teleport is useless, and Decoy is barely better. For Decoy, the main problem is that it can take damage. And is extremely fragile. Now that Helminth is a thing, I'll probably swap out Decoy for either Resonator or M
  11. When will cross save happen? At some point between "a year or two from now" and "never." The last time I remember the devs mentioning it on a stream they said something to the effect of "We'd like to, we're looking into it. But we're not working on it right now, and there's more than just technical reasons why it would be hard to do." As in, their agreements with the consoles (and probably to the point, the console Online Stores) might throw a massive monkey wrench in any attempt to do it. Basically, expect it when it goes live. Not before then.
  12. The lichs themselves are boring and just not fun. There is only one voice actor and only ONE personality type per gender. Male - amiably evil and female - calculating. Shadow of War / Shadow of Mordor (which they clearly were inspired by) has at least half a dozen different actors, and each of them has lines for every personality type. Even getting two enemy Captains with the same basic personality doesn't feel so samey when they have different actors with different accents and reads of the lines. The lichs are just another content island. They aren't connected to anything, they don'
  13. It kind of helps with the Arca Plasmor (which doesn't get bonus damage for headshots anyway.) For pretty much anything that can headshot it's probably a downgrade. Depending on the weapon, a "Headshot plus crit" could be a huge amount of damage, and the projectile would have to zip around the bubble and slam through the victim many times to do the same thing.
  14. Actually, Khonzu assumed it came from Eris, which is another known stronghold of the Infestation. Loid also makes a really quick comment to the effect that Deimos might have been hidden in the void the same way another moon was, and only dropped back into normal space because of the risk to the Heart. Which makes sense both to hide it from the Sentients and as a last ditch effort to control the Infestation. The Infestation is apparently terrified of the void for some reason. Helminth's original dialogue had a few lines to the effect that it was extremely uneasy / unhappy if you entered its
  15. If it was anything like what they showed at 2019 Tennocon? It could be interesting. As presented in Scarlet Spear? It's completely pointless and an utter waste of dev resources. You're not "working with" anyone to do anything. Ground team just does the mission, over and over, without any real interaction with Space Team or even any real need for Space Teams to exist. (At least not in terms of completing the ground objectives.) Meanwhile Space Team was stuck waiting for the ground team codes to be randomly handed out by... some algorithm, I guess. On such a huge delay that the team it c
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