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  1. Yeah, pretty sure they mentioned they were considering linking him to the updated Discruption mode. And they said they were planning to add something special to the (presumably much harder) Lua version of the node. I would guess that a possible course is that his parts will be Rotation C from finishing the Lua Disruption.
  2. Probably just keep it. They're too hard to get, and I'm one of those kinds of players who hoards everything "just in case I need it later." You know, the ones who either never face the final boss because they're never ready, or beat him and have enough health potions and unspent upgrades to build a small moon afterwards.
  3. So the new skin appeals to you. Hooray for you. Some people still don't like it, and won't like it. Being kind of condescending and insulting about it is not going to change their mind. But hey, if you're fishing for clicks... go you.
  4. If this was most other shooters that had humanoid enemies who keep their heads in predictable locations, then yes. But even for the humanoid enemies, the hitboxes seem wildly inconsistent. Grineer have "Giant Shoulder Armor," and even from the front it's hard to land a headshot since you often clip the armor instead. Rollers don't have heads. The mutant kavats and kubrow they use do have heads, but often move in odd janky ways that makes even *shooting* them kind of annoying. Corpus humans have big giant helmets, but the Moas keep their heads down in front (like really, really short necked birds.) I think at least three types of moa have shields covering their faces. Osprey heads are easier to make out, but much harder to hit. (I swear they're programmed to dodge the instant the player puts the crosshair over them.) And that's all for the "old style" corpus. And with the utter lunacy that is Amalgams, I'm not completely convinced some of the newer Corpus units even *HAVE* heads. Infested are... yeah, whatever passes for their anatomy is confusing as heck. I know I often get headshots when fighting Chargers in melee, but can't do so intentionally with any ranged weapon. Ancients seem to have heads, but only *part* of the bit that sticks out in front of them at the top seems to count. The mutated Corpus ones do have the nice boxy Corpus helmets though. Corrupted are a jumble of the other factions, with the bonus that they can get stacking bonuses from Corrupted Ancients *and* Corruputed Nullifiers. Most of the actual units are based on the ones that have clearly defined heads though, and so far they don't include any of the standard Grineer with giant shoulderpads. Probably the easiest faction to shoot in the head, and the one least likely to notice because Ancients are party poopers. Sentient battle forms have very, very tiny faces. Even smaller than Moas. And until you've had a chance to look at them in the Codex or while invisible, it's really not obvious which bit of their alien anatomy is the face. I'm pretty sure they're immune to headshots from behind, but I could be wrong about that. Since most of them adapt to incoming damage, headshots are only good if they happen to be possible to completely one-shot. (Don't know if they are or not, I never tried.) The Vulkar mod seems like a random novelty mod to me. I probably won't ever equip it. For one thing I'd have to drop another mod to include it, probably making the weapon weaker overall. For another, the game doesn't really favor "slow and sneaky and shoot all the skulls" style gameplay. If you're teamed at all, enemies will be running around like crazy after either you or team mates. Most enemies have slightly odd movement animations (and no inertia) which means they pivot on a dime and sometimes seem to rotate like an action figure on a base. (I don't know the best way to describe it, but Grineer do it a lot. They run leaning forward, and when they turn they're still leaning forward, so they seem to rotate around a point behind their hips.) And finally, I personally am just not l33t enough to consistently headshot any enemies. So I'd either be missing more often by trying to hit the much smaller collision box of the head (on enemies that have recognizable heads) and mostly doing way less damage when I shoot them anywhere else.
  5. Wasn't that the normal rate *last* season of Nightwave? I'm not sure that the Wolf naturally spawns at all right now. People saying they've seen him could have been teamed with someone who used a beacon and didn't realize that's what happened. I mean, I don't know for sure he *isn't,* but the current storyline is all about Arlo.
  6. It would have been nicer (in a "just for fun" team mission) if the bonus pearls came from the *team* score at the end. I play with health bars and damage floaters turned off, personally. It doesn't mean I don't sometimes get the last hit, but it happens because I'm just opportunistically hosing down any Grineer that walks in front of me. This means nothing of course, many (maybe most?) people do have health bars turned on. And I'm sure some of them are deliberately going for the target they can see with the lowest health.
  7. That frame. Yes, that one. Your favorite one. That's the one that's most overrated. 😛
  8. Personally, I choose not to join the syndicates because of several reasons, *all* of which are downsides for me. 1) I don't like having to choose between different allied factions. It's a mechanic I never enjoy in any game and it's especially pointless here. 2) The reputation mechanics are irritating, with mandatory time-gates due to the reputation cap per day. 3) The items I want are easily tradeable, and I'd rather just purchase the mods and weapons from someone who actually DOES enjoy the mode than waste my own time with it. (I'd like the captura scenes, but no one seems to be selling those. Oh well.) 4) Being hunted by the revenge squads is annoying, and I simply don't want to deal with them. Especially when the squads aren't even slightly balanced (roller death squad is "are you kidding?" pathetic, and the Infested Ancient Eximus squads can wreck entire teams with their overlapping auras unless all the players have at least one *excellent* general purpose weapon.) 5) Aside from the ability to grind to earn the mods and weapons, there's no real benefit to gaining reputation with a faction, and only downsides to losing reputation with their enemies. Lose lose.
  9. As far as the original topic: from what I remember, they weren't banned "just" for finding a glitch. They were banned because they massively exploited the glitch (using it to level several frames or weapons in a matter of seconds.) Then they posted videos showing how to do it, including a macro that let anyone who wanted trigger the bug and gain XP to level from 0 to 30 in mere seconds. That's the kind of thing that is almost daring game devs to ban you. Finding a glitch that lets you get "way too much" XP is one thing. Doing it again to confirm you know how to do it, then reporting it privately as a bug would never be punished by any responsible dev, as long as you stopped using it once you were sure you had reproduction steps. The incident in question went *way* past that. They figured out how to replicate the glitch, then figured out how to *accelerate* the glitch. Then used it repeatedly. Then told EVERYONE how to do it. If they claimed they "didn't know why they were banned," they were lying. So was anyone who claimed they didn't know why they were punished for duplicating it. Gaining that much XP that fast is pretty close to a solid *defining example* of an exploit. If you want to show solidarity with that youtube creator and not play the game... well, that's your choice. But I doubt you're going to convince anyone here that the content creator was the clear good guy in that scenario.
  10. I don't understand Any% speedruns. I thought the point of a speedrun was to complete the game (sometimes with glitches and wallhacks and whatever, but complete nonetheless) in as little time as possible. I mean... I could any% "speedrun" Ark: Survival Evolved with an admin command. There's one that tags you for having completed each of the three boss creatures on The Island, at whatever level you want. Create character. Find safe place to stand so you don't get nommed by a giant scorpion while you type. Enter admin commands. Game finished, congrats! 0% speedrun complete, in less than thirty seconds! World record!
  11. People who are happy with a thing, rarely stop in the middle of it to go make posts about how they are completely happy. Forums for just about every game tend to mostly be places where people only post when they've been knocked *out* of being happy about it. It's also an issue with "user review sites" such as Yelp, in that it's apparently far easier to get detailed, even overly long descriptions of everything that could possibly go wrong at a business. But people satisfied with the service forget to post, or just boot up and give a four or five star with no explanation. The overwhelming impression is that most businesses are run by Skaven who try to serve everyone raw ground rat, topped with sprinkles of gravel and garnished with roadkill. There are a number of things I don't like about warframe. I've posted about most of them, for what little it will accomplish to have done so. Overall, I clearly enjoy something about the game enough to have continued playing it anyway, ever since the end of the Founders program.
  12. I'm surprised they didn't kill it outright, honestly.
  13. Increasing the pearl payout for defeating more Grineer helps though. It would have been better if it was based on total team score (this will kind of turn it into "near PVP" as people try to get the finishing shot and rack up the most personal kills.) But now it's possible to get the pearls faster at least. Even if everyone else in the match is a 360-no-scope l33t shot, you'll probably be able to get ten or so extra pearls, and there's actually a point in participating in the match. At worst you can still just jump up a tree and get the 50 pearls every five minutes.
  14. Actually I think the issue is they tried to make it so that totally new players would be on a completely even footing. Better skill at gunplay and parkour doesn't really matter, nor does your choice of Warframe. Mods are supposed to be disabled (although I keep hearing that a few of the aura and set mods sort of work and still grant passive buffs) and you can't bring pets. The lack of challenge (for me) comes from the fact that it's completely irrelevant how well you do at the mission once you finish the fourth Tactical Alert phase. Defeat 100 Grineer or just one, you still get the same rewards and it still takes the full five minutes. Skill and experience and even having fun don't matter, as long as you have enough free time to grind the mission and are paying enough attention to avoid ending the match with a negative score. It's just a question of how many pearls you need for the items you want to buy from Nakak, and the time it will take to get that many.
  15. It's not even really a measure of knowledge. Just that you've leveled up a lot of different weapons and frames, and that you can succeed at least once at the arbitrary nonsense that is the Mastery tests. (Many of which can be more or less completely negated by taking the right Warframe into them.) High MR doesn't even necessarily mean that a player has access to a wide variety of weapons or even Warframes. I know I ran into someone once who was quite proud of the fact that they'd never purchased weapon slots, and only two Warframe slots. They had one favorite frame, one favorite set of weapons, and ruthlessly leveled and then deleted everything else. And since they leveled exclusively by joining public groups on the "XP farm" maps (currently ESO and Hydron, it was something else at the time) they had never needed anything else. Their MR was higher than mine at the time, and they had less equipment to draw on than many players would at MR 4.
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