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  1. In my experience: Easy. They didn't have a pet, and if they did, it didn't have Vacuum. To a new player it's not obvious what all the junk lying on the floor is for and since without a Vacuum pet you only pick up anything if you step on it it's possible for people to never realize that missions are meant to be the primary source of resources. They don't *know* what's a resource and what's an ammo pickup for a gun they don't have and they don't go out of their way to pick up random items that aren't doing something to draw attention. Mods, they pick up because they emit a glowy spike of light, basically waving a sign saying "I'm something valuable, even if I'm crap!" Tuna cans full of resources don't do that, so until they trip over the discovery or someone points it out (or they get a Vacuum pet that zoops up everything) it's possible to not make the connection. The cycle I've seen goes as follows: Join a mission, with or without a higher MR player to help. Shoot stuff, ammo drops. They run over ammo, can't pick it up (wrong weapon, haven't reloaded so no space yet.) Shoot more stuff, more ammo drops. Still can't pick most of it up. If they run over resources it quietly disappears into inventory except for a few *really* desirable types like Argon Crystals. Shoot stuff, a mod drops with an obvious glowing spike sticking out. Pick it up, get a popup showing it was "A valuable thing!" Run past resources, because the game has already accidentally trained them that "random things on floor" are probably useless, and anything worth having will be highlighted. *Edit* The one player I invited to try Warframe who ever asked where to get resources had assumed anything in the end-of-mission screen was part of the reward for completing the missions. They'd actually been playing on their own for a couple of hours at that point, and finally asked me if the game was so "Free-2-Pay" that they were expected to spend real cash on crafting materials. They hadn't made the connection that unmarked blue and green tuna cans were valuable *at all.*
  2. In my experience it costs time, possibly data cap, and a great deal of my personal credibility when I'm the one recommending the game to people who bounce off it so hard that they don't want even want to discuss it afterwards.
  3. At this point... I wouldn't. I've invited a dozen people to this game. I had offered to explain anything I could if they had questions, and help with missions if they wanted it. Every single one quit in less than a month. Several after only a couple of hours in-game. So it would seem that A) I am a terrible teacher, and B) even people who play games as complicated as Factorio aren't willing to deal with the multiple layers of unexplained complexity in Warframe. And yes, all of the ones I invited were specifically looking for a "shooter" type game. I'm apparently clueless, but I'm not so *completely* clueless that I'd invite a pure Turn-based-strategy player to try a shooter staring ninja space-wizards.
  4. It's easier to keep it contained in a single cesspit. If they kill it, a new thread just like it will pop up in less than an hour. This whole thing is exactly the same thread that popped up with liches. First before there even *was* a reward for stabbing them (but it block my lich from spawning, WAAAHHH! ban them!) and then when DE *deliberately changed the mechanic* to make it possible to drive them off without stabbing them. (But it blocks my lich from spawning *AND* I don't get free murmurs, WAAAAHHHHH! ban them!) Personally... I'm done. Always Stabbers, you win. There will be one less non-stab player in the game. Even though I do it almost entirely solo and have NO damn effect on you, that's apparently unacceptable. So I'm out. Maybe I'll come back for New War, maybe I won't. I don't know, and no one else cares. *Edit* And to the "Always Stab" crowd - at this point I hope you get EXACTLY what you claim you want, and succeed in driving off every single player who doesn't play the way you demand. And when you have a harder and harder time finding Lich Hunter teams, I want you to remember that you got EVERYTHING you wanted.
  5. I'm in my clan because... it's mine. I'm the only person in it. If I leave, who will take care of all the Domestik Drones I donated to it? O.O
  6. Oh, they did tone it down. Brozime has a video showing the initial state - He was doing a Volatile mission and kept missing that the Corpus Engineers had gotten to a reset console, because between the particle effects and the "void flare" overlay on the screen it was literally impossible to see ANYTHING half the time. The current version is "better." It's still incredibly awful, and that's aside from such enjoyable game mechanics as getting bamf'ed to death when three Void Sink explosions go off right on top of me and auto-kill me. (I keep bringing it up because it happens at least once per mission and it's SO much fun. >.< )
  7. Someone else will have to test for it. At this point, I think I'm sick of the entire mechanic already. Possibly even the entire update. Yareli was a disappointment, Corrupted Holokeys are in a mission type that I have discovered actually makes me feel irritable and sick for hours after playing it, and fighting Liches and Sisters again is... well, this entire cesspit of a thread, for a start. Maybe I should spend my limited gaming time focusing on my projects in Dyson Sphere Program, Kerbal Space Program, and Ark instead. At least when I get mobbed by toxic jellyfish in Ark, I can just kill them.
  8. Which honestly just makes it suck even more. From my point of view, Voidstorm missions are not even slightly enjoyable (layers of bad design choices mixed with constant FX and noise spam that actually makes me feel ill.) I have NO desire to run possibly hundreds of them to get Tenet Melee weapons and max out their elemental value. Therefore, I will do the only thing I can for their metrics, and ignore both the voidstorm missions and Tenet melee weapons completely.
  9. I don't know if it's still a problem after the most recent hotfix. But the few times I teamed for Sisters at the start (early on in the sequence when there was very little chance my Sister would even show up) there were a bunch of ways to glitch a sister when stabbing them. Forcing them to take a knee and flee seemed to almost always work, but hitting them with specific weapons or Warframe powers would glitch their "I have Ascended!" animation and they'd turn invincible and stop moving instead of despawn. Once that happened, no other Sister could spawn (because one was still present.) I don't know which weapons or powers - I was teamed with someone who was playing Revenant, and their Sister glitched, and they were *fairly* sure that maybe they should stop using Danse Macabre on the Sister.
  10. Some of them were likely Ally liches. People with Railjack and a lot of points invested in command can set one of their Converted Liches/Sisters as their "on call" crewmate. (Kind of interesting, but apparently not ideal because their weapon is not upgraded. A "normal" crew can be given a fully upgraded one, and a crew member with a fully upgraded Kuva Nukor is basically a Delete button for enemies in anything less than Steel Path.) There's also a chance for a friendly Converted Lich / Sister to show up once a player has been downed, even if they don't choose to die and respawn. Either way, it's possible to have a friendly Lich show up and cause havoc when you're fighting an enemy Lich. Not that it matters, but I've *also* seen people get angry about that, because they assume that the friendly Lich is somehow blocking further enemy Lich spawns, regardless of if the enemy Lich gets stabbed or not. *Edit* Otherwise, I don't think it's normally possible for more than one enemy Lich to show up at a time. They *can* spawn one after another, and that's one of the main sources of this stupid never-ending argument. No other Lich / Sister will spawn while an enemy lich is present. Knocking a Lich down three times takes a slightly longer than killing them, and also doesn't reward the tiny amount of Kuva and some murmurs. Therefore, not stabbing a Lich is the END OF THE WORLD.
  11. Yes, I saw that note. They're somewhat increasing the number of keys you get. They aren't (for example) making them available on a mission type that doesn't completely suck. Getting one per Sister defeated is (in my opinion) utterly pointless. It doesn't sound like they're decreasing the cost, or making them drop from any *other* in-mission NPC type. In my opinion, the problem is that they're a difficult to get reward from a mission type that actually makes me ill *AND* angry to play. The constant strobe effect of the Void Sink explosions makes me ill, the constant noise and BAM BAM BAM BAM of all the *other* FX is unbelievably aggravating. Nevermind the part where I've actually run out of revives and eaten a Mission Failed because of no-saving-throw instant death when three Void Suck explosions went off on top of each other. Voidstorms are possibly the least efficient method possible for opening a relic, even compared to my own "not even a slightly good method" of doing solo Exterminates. And the flip side is that once someone *has* all the Tenet Melee weapons they want, the keys are a completely useless drop that's soaking up space in the end-of-mission reward tables. That's only not going to be a big issue because there's barely any reason to ever run Voidstorm missions once someone has whatever Warframe/weapon blueprints drop from it.
  12. They did say that, but it's likely that it won't happen for a while. They made comments that sort of sounded like it's something they *might* get to very late August or September.
  13. Did they? Because the launch version was barely playable with all the noise and FX spam. The current version is better, barely. But still sucks - the Void Sinks are just random "no saving throw" death bombs, and they *follow you.* Shooting them is pointless, and possibly just makes them spawn *even faster.* I've had them chew entirely through Hildryn's Overshields and then detonate in a rapid enough sequence to insta-kill her through her "even better than normal" Shieldgate. (And that's not counting the number of times I've been insta-killed on any other 'frame while trying to use the Forge to refill Dome Charges and energy.) The missions are time consuming, the Corpus versions are barely even Railjack, the FX spam makes me ill even with with the settings turned down, and the rewards are garbage. It doesn't feel to me like they spent much time on Voidstorms *at all.*
  14. I'm not sure I understand the question? I mean... it's Nidus Prime. It will be Nidus, except with slightly better stats and a slightly squishy Venom-symbiont looking Mutation form. Oh, and if other story-Primes are any indication, probably a few threads whining that Nidus Prime is easier to get than Nidus Vanilla.
  15. Oh, Voidstorm missions still completely suck. And while the keys might have a "37.5% chance to drop as a Common reward," common rewards apparently *aren't* all that common. I did about twenty voidstorm missions before I got enough to buy ONE melee weapon. Given that I personally do not enjoy Voidstorms at all and have NO other reason to do them, I don't forsee ever having a huge stockpile of them just lying around. In fact at the moment it's pretty likely the five I have left is all I will *ever* get. I'm already sick of dealing with Sisters of Parvos and Liches again, so even the single key that will drop from kill/convert a Sister in the future isn't going to pile up. Voidstorms are probably the *worst* possible form of mission for opening relics - I can solo clear Axi Exterminates in far less time, and those don't have the obnoxious "Void sink" explosions stacking on top of each other so fast that they bypass the Shield Gate and auto-kill me constantly.
  16. Basically. Corrupted Holokeys are the currency to get the Tenet Melee weapons from Ergo Glast in the Perren Sequence syndicate room. Someone who just wants mastery buys one of each, and then the keys are worthless junk. Someone who wants to actually use the weapons gets enough to max the element (in whatever flavor of glowy death is their favorite) and then the keys are useless junk. The difference is that the Capacitors drop from in-mission enemies. The Corrupted Holokeys replace a big chunk of the Railjack Voidstorm "common item" drop table. So when the keys turn into useless junk they're actively *blocking* getting anything more valuable.
  17. You do you. The fact that you are so selfish and entitled that you think you have the right to dictate how *I* act in a PUG team actually makes it slightly MORE likely that I'll do so - just because I know it will piss you off. So go ahead, keep calling people names, I'm SURE that's going to get them on your side.
  18. I'm not going to attempt to guess WHY they added it. But they DID add the mechanic. They could just as easily have coded it sot that a mission can't finish AT ALL if a Lich is still alive. IE, they could have made it so that if a Lich spawns it becomes a non-optional mission objective to kill them. Instead, they made deliberately made it optional. In my opinion, their mistake was putting any reward for other players on stabbing a lich - your reward for fighting them in a team should be the additional help in beating them down, with NO payout to other players if you stab or not. An acceptable alternative would be if OTHER players still got the bonus murmers when a Lich leaves *regardless* of if they are stabbed or slapped down three times.
  19. If you're so entitled that you think PUG are there to serve your needs, just use Recruit Chat and form an Always Stab team. Otherwise, you get what you get in a PUG.
  20. I don't know about you. But on the rare occasions I'm on Hydron, it's because I want to level something up in an area where XP is reasonably high and I can most likely get a PUG with no chance of a SprintFrame being able to ruin the mission. I'm fairly sure there are *much* better choices for an Endless Defense Endurance run, Hydron is an Affinity farm. And everything you list above is going to *decrease* the amount of Affinity going to my "whatever-it-is-I-am-there-to-level" which *increases the number of times I'm going to have to do something I personally dislike. IE, being in a PUG group on Hydron.
  21. IF DE did not want people to be able to avoid stabbing, they wouldn't have ADDED the mechanic. It didn't originally exist, it's something they deliberately chose to add retroactively once the Lich system was in-game. IE, if they didn't want people to do it, they wouldn't have written to code to make it possible. This isn't some accidental discovery of some game mechanic interaction that isn't necessarily obvious (such as Larva being *really* good on Protea, because she can zoop enemies into a ball and her turrets will fire into that hitting multiple targets and scaling to crazy amounts of damage.) *Edit* And again, there's an inherent trade-off. Which is what I was discussing with TarnUnit above - according to them, I'm spending far LONGER than necessary gathering murmers in exchange for (on average) still probably fighting a level 3 Lich to beat the weapon out of them at the end.
  22. I'm "lucky" in that I apparently get a weird variant of migraines where I get every symptom *except* the agonizing pain. Lots of noise bothers me a lot though, and I *hate* the way the void explosions seem to cluster on top of me. (I've actually hit a Voidstorm "Mission Fail" because the stupid things spawn and detonate so fast that they bypass Shield Gate and kill me outright, enough to burn through all my self revives.) Personally, I hate Voidstorm missions. They do trigger the migraine aura (or whatever it is) so there's a decent chance I'll spend the mission half blinded by that. And there's a 100% chance I'll spend the entire mission being angry at the constant visual and audible chaos of the never-ending void explosions, dealing with high level Corrupted spawning in giant clusters, and all of the "everything else" that I currently don't enjoy about Railjack missions. Since the Sister update launched, I've gotten enough holokeys to buy ONE weapon. And I've given up getting any more until / unless the devs do something, because having to run up to six missions before getting a SINGLE set of keys is not my idea of fun.
  23. But from my point of view: The extra time is spent ON EARTH, fighting lower level minions. Let me repeat: I do not enjoy fighting higher level bullet sponges. The payoff is that I don't get so sick of Warframe that I stop playing entirely for three months. *CAN* I kill higher level enemies? Yes. Do I even slightly enjoy it? Not even a little bit. In any case, there seems to be nothing further to discuss - I see NO benefit I actually care about that would convince me to stab unless I know all three. Even in the case where I have to clear the first planet and eat a rank up, at least they'll start the NEXT planet at full Rage and I can be fairly certain that they'll show up every mission. Which is either more thralls, or less time spent screwing around fighting enemies I don't want to fight just to piss off the Lich enough so that I CAN stab them. *Edit* The missions available also matter, a bit. I don't play mission types like Defection and Disruption - as far as I'm concerned those are dead nodes on the outer planets, and if it was an option I'd delete the lich and start over rather than play those mission types if those are the only ones left and I'm still waiting for the Lich to make the "angry enough to show up" roll.
  24. But it's 20 whole SECONDS! I can't wait that long! *Disconnects out of spite, forces host migration, has to play through an entire new mission to get back to the same point.*
  25. You said that the "best case" is slightly better (with at least some chance of a single attempt clear.) And that the other two cases are identical. From my point of view, I'd rather take the slight chance on a single shot clear - the other two cases are apparently equal, and I ****ing HATE fighting higher level Liches. From my point of view I lose nothing but the time spent doing a few extra solo missions and beating down a Lich that's as close to "easy" as they're ever going to get. If I use your method, the chance of a single attempt clear is far lower, meaning I'm almost *always* going to be dealing with a level 2 or 3 Lich. I don't enjoy fighting them, at all. I just want the damn gun. So the weaker they are, the easier it will be for me to beat my new weapon out of them. It normally takes me about a week to clear a Lich, because I do not enjoy fighting jacked up enemies in this game. (Level scaling on enemies sucks dead mole eyeballs.) So I normally only attempt a couple of Requium missions a night, assuming I have time to play Warframe at all. Having to solo a couple more missions doesn't change that variable by any amount I care about. Or at least, not enough to outweigh the tiny chance of NOT having slog through up to half of the *next* planet just to piss them off enough to make them come fight me again. I don't like fighting liches. I don't like playing Requiem missions against jacked up enemies. I don't actually enjoy *anything at all* about this system except for getting the weapon at the end.
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