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  1. It will be back eventually. In the meantime, there's apparently at least three more Infested weapons, another Necramech, and I believe the plan was to expand the Necramechs to work like Kuva weapons with a max rank of 40. So both of the 'mechs would be worth slightly more MR than normal. Hopefully we'll also get Lavos the Alchemist "soon(tm)" and that likely means at least one more signature weapon for him. Unless they rush Nehza Prime though I'm not sure we'd get the next Prime before January, since they *usually* seem to run the Prime Access for "90 days plus a bit." I could be w
  2. Except that was true of both previous bosses. Wolf spent most of the "season" stomping people into the floor, and the Infested Prelate is still one of the "harder" Infested bosses. (In that there's actual mechanics to the fight, rather than just beating up a sack of HP like Phorid or Lephantis.) Making him a puzzle boss that prevents the use of all powers and any weapons is obviously deliberate, but it's not just because "anyone who finished Nightwave could face him."
  3. Not that it matters (or that anyone cares, if I'm honest.) But I don't have those stories. I play solo whenever possible, which is a lot. And I don't do endless missions for fun. At most I'll do a few "rounds" of Defense or Survival to try to break open relics. Then I'll remember that I don't particularly like either mode and go do something else. I have literally about a thousand Neo relics now, and they breed faster than I can get rid of them. :( Not at all helped by getting them as "wave 5" rewards in Rift Surge missions quite a lot, so even when I'm *trying* to get rid of them I en
  4. Uh huh. And since the rest of your reply is varying degrees of patronizing and passive aggressive, I'll give this exactly the response it deserves.
  5. Since this is a game and not a real police investigation, there needs to be an "out" mechanic. If you've spent more than ten minutes moving around and not found a clue (and therefore aren't just using the crime scene to AFK while you watch Netflix) then Nora should say "Hey, what's that over there?" and pick a random un-scanned clue and make it sparkle, or otherwise highlight it. Because finding the last clue after spending half an hour fruitlessly searching for it does NOT feel like a triumph to me. It feels like the mission design is deliberately wasting my time.
  6. If it matters, and if you haven't found it yet - they broke their own unspoken rule about how the clues can be placed. One is a pair of handcuffs, and one of the possible placement points is on the pillars around the room. Well *above* camera height. It completely looks like a random ambient detail, so until you get to the point of basically waving the camera over every square pixel you can reach (or get a hint) there's basically zero chance you'll find it looking on the floor and in corners like almost every other clue so far.
  7. Well, considering I could be MR30 if I even slightly cared about getting all the Kuva Weapons and Steel Path, and I never even *visited* old Draco... I'd say that the two aren't necessarily related at all.
  8. I wouldn't know about the telegraphs, I was too busy trying to pay attention to what platform I was jumping on to look at the boss. I didn't "instantly pick up the shards" because he either threw them all into infinity, or one managed to home in and hit me as I was dealing with the "heavy landing" animation from all the jumping. Good for you, the mission didn't bug out, and you're *so* l33t. Tell me, which of your overinflated bits is more likely to get accidentally slammed in doors - your epeen, or your ego?
  9. Yes, you are. *some* people like to hop around like a flea on Red Bull. It's not a universal playstyle.
  10. I wouldn't know, I've fought Exploiter something like exactly ten times. Three times to get Hildryn (I lucked out and got a different part each time) and then the rest to get Hildryn again to feed to Helminth. It's a boss fight I deeply dislike and think about as little as possible.
  11. I've had clues pop up at eye level or higher in previous "chapters." The worst one was the Corpus, where a clue popped up on the top shelf of a locker slightly *above* the eye-line of the camera. I only found it because I'd gotten to the point of hugging the walls and slowly panning the camera up and down over every single pixel. The only reason I even know what the item *looked* like was because of the 3D model that pops up as you scan the clue. In this case, one of the clues was the pair of handcuffs. Which for me were hanging from a pillar *well* above what seems to be head level.
  12. Nope, it means I've done it once, he spazzed out and wiped an entire *platform* in a single attack. I can't possibly leap over the gap, and because they didn't playtest the fight worth a damn he spent the rest of the time alternating between throwing shards into infinity and slowly wiping out the remaining ledges. Somehow not a single one of the things I threw back at him actually HIT him, and I eventually ran out of lives. So now I have to do the whole hateful mess AGAIN. And possibly again after that. Here's a thought - if I *wanted* to fight unfair, brutal puzzle bosses, I wouldn't hav
  13. Just tried it. WOW, does that mission design absolutely SUCK. I think I already hate it more than just about anything else DE has made. (And that's compared to Exploiter, the massively bad design of Thumpers, and Eidolons, which I already deeply despise.) Oh, hey, lets base an entire fight around a totally new mechanic. No, we're not going to tell the players what that mechanic IS, that would be cheating. I'm a collector. I have every single weapon and Warframe. But you know what? Screw this boss, and forget this weapon. It is NOT worth it.
  14. First, I assure you I didn't misunderstand anything, but thanks for talking down to me. I love being patronized. Second, there doesn't have to be anything special about the "kind of infestation" in Nidus *besides* him being a Warframe, and therefore made from a "domesticated" strain of Infestation. He wasn't some other frame that got infested, nor was he changed. The storyline literally referred to him as a damaged, Old War relic right up to the point where it was revealed that the thing everyone was fighting over was a damaged Warframe. It was the chance to study the "tamed" infested
  15. I'll do the fight because I'm a collector and completionist, but I'm already dreading it. Yet another fight where the "challenge" comes because they basically negate all Warframe abilities. What, exactly, is the point of playing and grinding to collect nearly 45 different frames and hundreds of weapons when every new boss gets to be immune to basically everything? There's none of the sense of discovery that comes with (for example) facing a new creature in Monster Hunter. Because unlike that game, nothing we do matters except damage. And given DE's absurd fondness for literal invulner
  16. Why does everyone somehow think Nidus Prime breaks lore? *All* Warframes are based on controlled Infestation. We've had hints about that forever - nearly every single one of the Infested bosses has dialogue where they remark on the kinship between Warframes and Infested. (Either they're confused that what they sense as another Infested is attacking them at all, like Phorid, or they're aware of the connection and have decided that the Warframe's *individuality* is the problem like the Zealoid Prelate.) Nidus Prime would just be an Orokin experiment with toning down the "controlled" aspe
  17. What, you mean the "Legs" thing? That was planned to be part of Deimos from the start, it just wasn't ready in time. The "twitch drop" Prex cards even included it as one of the possible designs.
  18. Huh? We *might* get the final Glassmaker chapter when Nehza goes live. Or it might get delayed another month. The Naberus story is just a campfire story - it's kind of the point that the three figures were maliciously twisted into monstrosities whose mere existence was an assault on sanity. (And who would "live" in a state of constant agony that would make a Cenobite wince.) And the story about the Heart of Deimos is that now that it's repaired they sealed the door to keep the Infestation from trying to corrupt it again. *No one* is going back in there, short of the Sentients discovering
  19. I expect the fight to somehow be somehow underwhelming, tedious and grindy all at the same time. DE are way too fond of invulnerability phases, knockback and nullifying Warframe powers. (Either outright disabling them or just making enemies immune to a bunch of them.)
  20. The simplest option would be that Xaku gets a prime, which is based on what the original component Warframes would have looked like in their Prime versions. We also don't know for sure that Xaku wasn't reforged by the Orokin to begin with - the lore could go either way, with Xaku rebuilding themselves to survive or with the Orokin "rewarding" three nearly destroyed 'frames by recycling what was left into a new design. Basically, it only breaks lore if DE says it does. Otherwise they can create whatever lore they like to justify it. I'd say that Revenant Prime is a bigger stretch than X
  21. What narrative? Barely anyone plays PVP in this game. The few who do so regularly are at a high skill level (because they play that mode regularly.) A new player's first experience is likely to be getting roflstomped with no idea what even killed them. To get to the "wiki/discord/youtube tutorial" level they'd have to go out of THEIR way to learn more about it. It seems unlikely that a random player "just looking around" is going to care enough to do so unless they *really* like PVP. And if they *really* like PVP... they're probably playing Fortnite or Overwatch, where they can get their
  22. Another "more clicks" issue I noticed is that if I hover the mouse over my own profile in a team (it's rare but it happens) it no longer automatically drops down the menu that includes the "leave team" option. I have to directly click. Yeah, it's only one extra click... for that single action. As others have noted, a LOT of actions require extra steps for no real reason, and it all adds up. :(
  23. Maybe in "played" time, but daily logins will still take longer. Someone who starts playing now could theoretically Wallet Warrior their way to max MR in a little over a month if they *really* wanted to and had money to burn. But they'd still need nearly three more years to get to 1150 days logged in.
  24. I think I stopped playing Railjack when most of my Intrinsics are around the seven or eight range. I didn't enjoy it, it was clearly never tuned for solo play, and the missions themselves were tedious at best. OnO Fortunately it seems to have become exactly like Archwing, in that it's a totally irrelevant mode that's not connected to anything else in any real way. I'll get MR30 eventually, but I'm not making it a priority. I'd have to collect nearly all of the Kuva weapons, and clear the starchart in Steel Path. Neither is something I really want to do. And when I do qualify I'd rea
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