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  1. @master_of_destiny I readed 50% of your comment, i will keep after i came from work 1 hour ago and im really tired But i see you talk a lot of drop rates, rng, how hard is the game to get some items, readed about toroid new arbitration arcanas, and my answer is literally the same on my first comment. All of this depends about how many you have to play, if you are a casual player who have a family, work, study and you play 5 hours a week, these drop chances are a nightmare for sure, literally a nightmare and i agree 100% with you in this scenario But if you have more time, and actually you are pretty addicted of warframe and you really like the RNG, you can find this drop chances really easy to get whatever in the game Example: I already have all R3 arcanas from arbitration, except one arcane bodyguard i have 7. I mean there are 2 types of players here 1ยบ You not have time, you not like much farm and RNG and % drop chances, so you pay platinums, you waste 100 dollars and you get everything else "hard" to get like energize R3 (I do 5x3 eidolons to get an arcana energize R3 and grace R3 took like an entire month doing 3 night hunt every day) 2ยบ People who like my teammates of clan, who like this, who find fun this "gamestyle" play a mission 10000 times farm everything else maxed for you, and sell another 100 for platinums for no reason because these players already have 50k+ plats, and they not need farm but they still farming!!! Let me be clear, this is my very first game of "farming against bots" i allways played competitive games i have 8k hours of dota2, 2k hours of csgo, 1k whatever else in overwatch, what i like is competitive, warframe its like a change my chill game What i think, my idea about "end game" its pvp, no more else pvp, real endgame need to be pvp a good system of pvp where you need to show your skills, but sadly this community doesnt like the pvp and also the pvp is not veeery nice, need some fixes (the first one around my head, warframe are so fast to hit quake 3 arena are easier to hit) I dont know everyone have an perspective about the game and what they like about warframe, "what part" of warframe they want to be like: solo eidolon hunters, solo profit taker, solo survival long runs for no reason, but there its a real thing they are making warframe easier, every time much easier, and easy farm means no hours of content, Lets be extreme with a example You make a new warframe (Gauss), a new primary and secondary weapon (Acceltra and i not remember the name of secondary) you launch the path and in 1 hour of gameplay you have all of three, they work weeks, maybe an entire month to make 3 new gear for the game and you get all of these in an hour, wait this is me some weeks ago when gauss was launched! i got gauss all parts in a single run of 40 min and 30 min after i had both weapons Toroids ... i have 8 AMPS (yes for no reason) i farmed all toroids, fish, and minery (Some of these from exploiter) and im here 1.5k hours So you are saying the game is hard because RNG, there are decent % of drops, and im telling you in 1.5k hours i have everyhing ingame maxed, every single warframe builded, 10 warframes with 4 formas+, 10 weapons 6+ formas, 6 zaws, 8 kitguns, 3 moas, kavats, kubrow, every single of these 6 formas+, all arcanes R3, all maxed primed mod, sold like 30 max mod prime, sold like 15 energize, 5 R3 guardian, 10 or whatever else grace, 8 amps, resources to make a new account and start again of 0 with all weapons, 5.5k platinums, wasting 1k pl in formas, wasting an entire week of gameplay doing plague star (got 130 formas, both plague arcanas R3), farmed every single regular warframe ingame, farmed every single primed warframe aviable, bought vaulted with platinums, farmed like 20 mesa prime, 35 adaptation and i can continue and i not remember everything, in 1.5k hours i have everything elsee!!! that means all the content of the game x5 !!!!, i not need 20 mesa prime, i not need 8 amps, clearly i not need keep doing eidolon hunt after 450 hydro caps, and clearly i not need endo, also kuva at this momento because this week after arbitration path i farmed 500k kuva, i want 500k more to keep rolling some bad rivens i have for weaks weapons, but who cares!! free kuvaa!!! from the "horrible and terrible" rewards from new arbitration Update: I think, i feel im not sure, they nerf the vitus drops, did 40 min of survival and got 25 vitus, maybe im wrong or was a bad run not sure will confirm in some days So resuming, for a player like me, who have 8.5k hours of dota2, 2000 matches of broodmother being top 1 of dotabuff for months, who not care much repeat the same actions for hours, i have no problem sometimes gets boring you are right, maybe DE need to change rewards from some trash mission with slow rotations, like defense (oh yes people love defense, but excavation are faster, interception are faster, and acually survival are faster in long runs) What i agree with you: about the endgame its really poor, and i super agree with you about how enemies climb up in arbitration, i cant remember numbers exactly but 90 mins of arbitration survival are lvl 170 and how random you can die (yesterday i died in 30 min of disruption rotation 10 as hildryn with 5.5k shield, literally one shot super random from a corpus nullifier i think or whatever common enemy) So yes i agree, they need change these one random shoot where you take 10k damage for no reason, and actually thinking a bit deep playing for example 2 hours kuva (my peak was 2.30 hours survival kuva as nekros lvl 0 and atterax lvl 0, what a meme) i found funny and sad at the same time rewards on 20 hours of the game, bundle of 5k credits or whatever else, i mean DE im playing your videogame for 2 hours nonstop give me C rewards everytime or actually give me something special endgame arcanas something special worth to play 2 hours a survival. Special rewards for special players, and in that case i agree about NRG playing 2 hours with 5% drop (im talking about """new content arcanas with super powers""") need to be choosen by me and not a drop like: if i want an R3 Energize v2 need to play 30 hours of survival, 2 hours each, so in that situation i think "hey actually this arcana is pretty good works great for my banshee dps, and actually makes my banshee more viable to play!" I dont know its my idea, warframe is easy for me, requires time, but its a really easy game, when i start warframe i said "hey this is a game for 10 minutes, you do whatever content in game in 10 minutes) and i was not wrong you can do a tridolon in 9 min, you can do a profit taker in 5 min, we are playing literally the game of 10 minutes so, maybe this is why the game say "hey i will not play an hour of survival" because from start the idea of the game is 10 min PD: Average of dota2 match is 30-40 min, want a deep comment of dota, you see people spamming the same meta heroe for 3 months, doing the same thing, playing the same way same items, doing almost the same clicks pressing the same keys Why dota still super popular after all of this?, because when you start to play dota you understenad the game its really hard and you understeand the game its 40min, no surprise, nobody crying, you are going to play dota, prepare your 40 minutes of stress My secret about warframe: Play all the content, you not have khora, octavia and nidus. Do 30 min today of nidus farm, then jump to syndicates, then to fortuna. go sleep repeat. when you have nidus fortuna and syndcates, change, every time change your objetive When you have everything like my case, the only objetive you have is: get every single riven in meta or weapons you like with godlike stats with max stats oh god was pretty long comment, this is my perspective i not take numbers like you because NRG are random, can be easy or hard, maybe im lucky but i felt the entire game was quick and easy, or maybe i just had fun doing these missions After my kuva farm and rerolled all my rivens, only content i will do maybe will be hunts and long arbitration, this is why i want a pvp, but like i said on top nobody like pvp cheers
  2. I like your long answer with your perspective and i agree with some things Eidolon arcanas are the best in the game and actually if you go more deep the thing of cetus is like 80% of the game focus schools , energize, grace, guardian, also good arcanas for weapons/melee, plague zaw, if you see there most of content are just eidolons Fortuna: Lockdown, lega propa certus amp, 2 arcanas for kitguns You can compare right there: Cetus vs fortuna About: Lua lens, disruption missions meh, i dont know how new players feel the new lua lens, but eidolon hunts are the best ways and allways will be the best way to get focus, and actually something pretty sad after you have everything maxed you start to get 50 100 200 million focus there for no reason I mean being shortly for these players who have 2 million endo (the idea around arbitration was endo, now is like 50% 50%) clearly is not worth or maybe a little but at the end of the say you can sell primed mod maxed, 20 mods maxed means 800k endo, so yes you can clean your endo pretty quick in some weeks you are not a monster of the endo About kuva: clearly in warframe is end game, kuva is maded for those players with everything maxed and start to build their weapons with max stats im not talking about mr15 doing rivens trading and farming kuva, and after that selling a riven for a dual keres by 3k pl (and actually this changes its a big nerf for them, because clearly an riven for a "weak" "no meta" weapon is not 3k some prices are just stupid) at the end of the day, if you are an mr27 with 30 primary, 30 secondary, 30 melee, everything with max stats rivens 8 formas each weapons, every single warframe with 5 or 6 formas, clearly is not content for you sadly because its simple why you are farming endo? kuva? you already have 20 or 30 sets/combos of warframe/weapons to equip with max literally max damage and also 50k+ plats to do whatever you want But saying again for all these players from mr20? (im 21) almost reaching the peak damage or level of warframe this new arbitration its the vicotry, i can tell you literally farmed 150k kuva maybe more i dont know how many but was worth to get good stats on my main weapons i rerolled 10 rivens in some days, in a month i have every single riven with good stats all thanks this changes Also i maxed 4 primed mod, sold 2 and still having 50k endo for whatever else (i maxed some maybe useless mods like primed pack leader for pets or strenght for archiwng) i think the main problem here we are playing warframe in the same way than 3 years ago corrosive projection/shield disruption its allways there, condition overload pretty much the same you can build your best rifle with 10k plats riven, but i will hit 700k per hit super fast with my gram/zaw with a cheap riven, they made a futuristic game where a melee are the best weapon i allways try read and follow the community but sadly there are allways people saying "why this is so hard, why nrg, please buff these content is hard to get) i dont know i farmed every single warframe i had no problems maybe i for a guy who play 1 hour per day is hard to get every single frame, but i feel warframe its easy on start and they are making the game super easy with no fun because the community , for all these players with 500 hours mr20 rushing mr hard to explain everyone have their perspective but in general players of warframe are super casual, play a little time every day and they focus on MR maybe its time for warframe rivens with very low drop chance in very long runs and very hard missions for you, for me in some months, something worth in content to stay 1 hour in a mission, but for now kuva and endo i farmed in this days was nice really nice, and actually i think i farm kuva faster in arbitration than survival kuva and also in the middle i farm endo, and some arcanas, that means pl. if you want to see, check my profile i started to play in decemeber of 2018, in 70 days i was already with all the content, and i still playing why? dont know i doing all these secondary/useless things for no reason like i said for example max an strenght archwing mod
  3. Survival now is really fun to do, pretty easy, very good rewards (kuva and endo) i liked old arbitration, i love this one PD: all these players crying about changes, im sure you are just reading and posting comments I dont know about you guys, but i bought 30 days resource booster only for vitus, i already rerolled all my rivens i dont know how many i farm but was like 150k kuva, maxed 5 mods prime and not doing boring things like all day sedna arena or survival kuva, i did disruption, defense, interception and survival and yes there is a big diference from kuva survival where you are forced to play khora and regular survival where you can play inaros 1 hour with no problem They are trying things for the endgame, tryharders whatever you want call, arbitration its maded for 1 hour average survival or defense, if you are the classic player who leave at second rotation like hidron you find this pure trash, and actually its GREAT have huge rewards and is 100% worth to do 1 o 2 hours every day arbitration for these MR27 players with 5k hours with nothing to do, PD2: like i said kuva and endo rewards are really nice, but auras mods and arcanas, are pure trash i not see worth change my energize or grace or guardian in to these arcanas about auras mods, corrosive projection, shield disruption, growing power and power donation sadly are the only auras for the real end game, so yes new auras are bad really bad Good changes
  4. Tried toggle off all, all low, all maxed settings no matter what, the game is literally a tomorrowland almost unplayable very unconfortable to play For example in eidolon hunt, literally every single second i get in to the dark in to the light, like this: This is xini eris, very similar
  5. 2800 kuva in 18 min have smeeta and booster. With a good team can be 15? maybe? since we get 400 kuva per min maybe, worse case 1.30 min in survival that means 18 min is like 6800 kuva? worse case 6000 Not worth so far, big mistake making a new gamemode where rewards are terrible, literally with best team disruption and best team survival you get double kuva from survival
  6. Summer time in warframe, winter in real life 5Cยบ at this moment Feelsweirdman
  7. I was going to do a question, but i saw the others question and are like 90 about skins/fashionframe WE NEED SOME CHANGES IN WARFRAME, SOME "TWEAKS" "BALANCE", MAKE EMBER/ATLAS/VAUBAN/NYX DECENT FOR EXAMPLE, ARE YOU THINKING TO MAKE BALANCE INGAME? WHEN? WEAPONS TOO? I NOT WANT BE FORCED TO PLAY TO 5-8 WARFRAME POOL IN TO ENDGAME BECAUSE THE OTHERS ARE JUST BAD. Sorry for caps guys good night/day everyone
  8. DE we need something hard to do, real hard, something like when you start everything need be eximus and lvl 200, and at 30 min lvl 300, we need something real hard to do with good drops / rewards stop making the game ultra easy ...
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