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  1. Dont take the idea in how the system is right now, im not developer, the whole idea is not complete. Rework how works punch, and the idea of pax seeker was an idea, change projectile to laser, and change enemies affected to half. The whole point of this post, is: You get a kill, and multiple enemies get damage/die, we not need more damage, if you actually min max around your quartakk, or baza prime deal a lot of damage and kill enemies real quick The difference from AOE weapons and this idea will be, with aoe weapons you actually dont need hit enemies, you can literally hit walls, doing this you actually need hit the enemies and if you want kill in AOE you need headshots.
  2. Quick suggestion for the update incoming, weapons should have innate punch by default, specially smgs, and single target weapons, and also a new arcane for those weapon with "linked" damage (max 2 enemies or something) Weapons already can kill enemies, if you need power, you can power yourself stripping armor and buffing yourself (mirage, rhino, banshee, xaku), i think the whole point and the big difference from melee, aoe and single target weapons and why nobody choose kuva quartakk (as example) for 2 hours mot survival steel path, is literally this situation, you want clear your room everytime because air support go down, you cant kill 1 by 1, you literally cant, even if you one shoot them. We need a option to "multiply" enemy kills with single target weapons, something like pax seeker, but actually working (pax seeker projectiles allways crash walls) So the idea of punch + a new pax seeker, you shoot, hit 2 enemies, both die, another 2 die, small punch values, and small multiplier "new pax seeker" values, 1 enemy die, you get 3 kills or something Edit: My whole idea, and situation, is from PC i cant imagine console players doing mot steel path with weapons on joystick
  3. I have 1000 steel essence, and 100 vitus, and i dont mind back to arbitration. But honestly feels kinda disconnected also the whole update and balance stuff its around steel path.
  4. Since we cant test this new stuff before the launch, you guys should do a livestream testing and show how perfoms those new stuff in steel path against lvl 500, with all weapons type, and people will stop a bit. In a whole hour you can actually show the damage boost for all weapons, and how viable are they are in for example kuva survival steel path or mot steel path. Just saying a recomendation.. its not good having this negative snowball feedback ..
  5. Dota is very fun to watch, and for you probly watch soccer on tv is also boring..
  6. people invest time on specific weapons for specific missions with specific warframes because of course players allways choose the way how to play the game. And those are not nerfs, are super impactfull nerfs. Catchmoon is a good example, and honestly makes nosense because now we have stropha. Anyways i agree with nerfing melee at this moment
  7. Allways will be ways to kill lvlcap enemies doesnt matter what. At this moment you not even need primed faction, you not even need min max builds, you can use viral in your melee and you still doing really good... Probly after this update you will need buffs from your warframe, primed faction (take note baroo is giving primed faction in the last month or something), so resuming, if you actually want kill lvlcap enemies with your melee, you need min max your whole gear.
  8. copy paste from rebbeca Condition OverloadCondition Overload’s maximum value is being lowered. It’s been some time since we originally changed this Mod, and in this time we’ve decided we’re still not happy with the way this goes up against other Damage Mods (namely Primed Pressure Point). We’ve reduced this to 80% to make it almost as good as Primed Pressure Point, and 3 Status Types back to where it was originally. It remains true that even though the maximum potential damage is lower now, we think it is still an extremely powerful Mod in its latest iteration. can be a misundersteanding, or mistake, or maybe they will back to "infinite" status types, like i said we need to wait the update..
  9. I think the solution will be primed fury + arcane + riven/gladiator vice (riven better of course) Also condition overload max stacks will be 3 this is a massive nerf This probly means heavy attacks builds, specially those with forced slash attacks will bebetter than actually a hybrid build Anyways i will wait the update ..
  10. Condition overload: From 1080% to 240% (using magnetic nukor and your melee) Blood rush: from 660% CC to 440% CC Condition overload nerf seems a bit too much Parazon: Never will work, we already can do finishers using naramon dash without requirements (no impact, no health check, just go a perfom a finisher) and nobody use it, everyone is spaming E or using weapons in AOE Rip my 4 nukors and my 20 formas there I kinda agree with those nerfs, some of them specially condition overload seems to be super heavy, but let see...
  11. Lockdown, zenurik blast, cold procs, harrow 1... even maybe inaros 1 works
  12. Defection mobile defense survical and open worlds
  13. leaving groups is really common in warframe, every single time i run fast fissures or sorties with random, when we finish the mission everyone leaves, and me getting stuck in relic picking menu, because of course you get like a ui reset when you try to launch the mission again and someone leave. If you had fun with someone, look for recent players, and talk to him ...
  14. From my perspective and taking as example DOTA (a competitive videogame where balance is so important), you guys should touch weapons/mod a very little like 10% up 10% down, and send the update to us for some weeks, and then repeat, in some months you will have the game much more balanced. Some examples: You killed catchmoon, my melee have more range than actually the weapon, and very weird now we have stropha can hit by millions, with better fire rate, no reload and similar range. "i will kill your pistol, but now i give you this super melee, does the same but much better" Xoris: If i actually want min max statick for khora, and only khora (because is the best for this) i will get a dispo 5 riven i will not use xoris, Gara and Atlas are very unpopular already, making those both a little more stronger (having a advantage from a specific melee) doesnt affect the game Spin2win meta with atterax or galvacord: Now that type of attack and those type of melee are just bad compared just with spaming E Chroma specially for hunts: Chroma was good only for 3 type of missions: Arbitration defense, eidolon hunts and profit taker. Now is worth only for profit taker, Non meta warframe for general content and only good for specific missions being killed for those missions? make no sense Zaws: Was very nice and worth to grind zaws, now is only worth for profit taker and only because exodia contagion, zaws are just mediocre at this moment same with kitguns (maybe some of them a little more but still there) Itzal too powerfull "you can blink anywhere everytime", now amesha is the only way to play in railjack because you get 2 shoots using any archwing and die in the space, and looking all archwings abilities amesha is super good, and the others are ultra bad, itzal still meta because can suck vombalyst, so if you dont care eidolon hunts you will use all day amesha. Resuming: Killing this way to play the game and making this way very good, is not very good for the game in think PD: we need gian point and affinity farm in space back. make railjack worth to play again please, and affinity is the best way to make it. And honestly i felt all the min max build in railjack was worth when i was finishing the mission under 2min, the affinity gain was similar of ESO, but the main difference is, in ESO you depends on someone and you need get carry, and in railjack you and your friend with lvl 0 gear get affinity together, so you need everyone doing something in the mission to make it faster, and get faster affinity, im crazy? the mission was super balanced ... Now railjack is taxi, resources are terrible, affinity is 0, the mission is long, tileset the worse in the game. Im sure you already understeand and im sure you have the numbers having long or short missions doesnt matter at all, i have been hours, for days using formas in my weapons, and i saw many people with me and random people following to my railjack for affinity farm for literally hours. Another quick example are fast fissures like capture or exterminate, those runs are like 2min average, but people are the whole hour doing it ...
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