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  1. Login, craft formas, sometimes sorties, sometimes steel path alerts, sometimes some fissures, quit
  2. I agree, doesnt matter what they change you will be viable to oneshot lvlcap enemies, doesnt matter what
  3. i think you didnt understeand my whole point. Read again what i said, and yes i have bad english and now im tired And again my opinion about eidolons its from outside im not a hunter anymore, and final words op its right about hunts in steel path giving terrible rewards. have a good day
  4. Im not against having variety ingame, im agaisnt making the content ultra easy, because people are lazy to farm. The same example its for railjack, rewards are very good, but people dont want farm mods, railjack parts, get ready to do fast runs for railjack, and again rewards are good. talking about eidolon hunts in steel path, yes rewards are super bad, and this is why nobody does in steel path. Do you actually understeand eidolon hunts have clans, and his own active community its actually the only content in the game where actually people get fun, and also you not feel its a
  5. i like when players say "you are not doing hunts for fun, you are doing hunts for rewards" Probly the most empty and generic answer you can find in this forum. Its for the fun and its also for the rewards, want kill exploiter orb. Add another boss dropping the same ammount of credits and make it easier, you will see how pepega is that answer.
  6. its 100% about popularity, i maded like 3k plats selling mesa prime. Because is popular and have big ass. I cant imagine plebs when wisp prime will come out
  7. Yes i agree, and thats actually a huge problem in warframe. New weapons with mediocre perfomance, not really worth to grind it and put time there .. Imagine: Farm relics (grind), open the relic (grind), craft the weapon, put catalyst and exilus slot (40plats) and 5 formas (time and plats) and result: mediocre
  8. You can put tenora prime in a high or max dispo and still meh just mediocre
  9. Good advice. Videogames addiction is not a joke. I allways said the real test to see if you are an addicted to social media and videogames: Dont use your smartphone and computer for a week, just for a week.
  10. in kuva survival, you are not using air supports PD: we need different tileset for kuva survival
  11. for me veterans means: you understeand and you are ready for any content of the game in a good timing,
  12. Casual and pure rng. And rng are included for "competitive speedruns" events, for any type of content, can be capture, profit taker, eidolon hunts, or whatever you want, if you are in speedruns you are looking for the perfect tileset PD: i like warframe
  13. In the worse case, having the worse luck, your lich die in 3hours, i can say the average its something like 2hours. 2 hours for kuva weapons (most of them are powerfull, even without having 60%) sounds good ...
  14. I not think DE need remove conclave, the game needs a pvp but need to be friendly with all players. I want be clear, any competitive/pvp videogame, have friendly mechanics for newbies, and if you want keep playing and waste hours in that videogame, you can also learn the most advanced and hardest mechanics, overwatch, rainbow six, csgo, even mobas, pretty much any comp videogame: Overwatch: Bastion, soldier, junkrat - are you an advanced player? , try tracer genji widow CSGO: Shotguns, P90 - are you advanced player?, try ak7, m4, awp or eagle Dota: Sniper, Wk, lifestealer, vip
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