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  1. i like plablo idea, but before you destroy everything try test, you not need a special client for brozimi and 15 min stream about how bad is the new warframe. to test those changes, lets say ... this warframe have 50m range with all range mods, ok for this week/2week now will have 40m, and then 30m, just let us test how feel the new changes, also if you are going to hear someone at least do it from people who are in late game-veterans And yes i know we are beta tester since we download the game
  2. 1º titania 2º ferrox and many more 3º yes i agree you have at this moment 90% of the game maybe 100% for casual, can you work some months on content for those play who have 2 3 5 6 years in the game? because they are loosing those players 4º i not think you want challenge, you not even try "weak" weapons for hunts, because if you do that you can see how wrong you are in your idea about limited weapons to do it. Eidolon its easy to do if you are at the mid game and these rewards are for the endgame. its the only mission worth in the game to do because rewards are great, focus its great Your amp is bad? you not have top tier weapon with riven and 5 formas? who cares, get a decent weapon and try your best with your friends 4x3, still a good run and good ammount of focus and arcanes PD: I have a friend with 100 hours in warframe MR7, He did the SS with me he have kuva bramma,kuva chakkur and kuva nukor. energize R5 and some good arcanes, imagine how easy and early are eidolon hunts he's almost viable to be dps for a 4x3
  3. 1- You can do 5x3 as 2/3 players without volt (talking about shields/amp) 2- You can do 5x3 with any sniper, redeemer, even with nukor, probly with any kuva weapon im almost sure about this one 3- Stop making the game for all the casual gamers, the game lost so many players for this reason 4- Last one, i have everything in warframe and 2.5k hours, i want some content for me/us
  4. I mean can be why not, at the end im just looking for a good riven in my favorite weapon without pay 3k plats, this will take a entire week, maybe entre month? can be but will be worth
  5. Hey DE can we have hard mode also in arbitration? playing against lvl 200 base enemies with double resources in the mission ?
  6. Nice info When nightmare, sorties, arbitration came out was a real challenge in that moment ?
  7. At early game when we have Mk1 braton and we need 15 bullets per enemy, and waste 3500 bullets in a single exterminate to finish feels nice -> this is why we play warframe At mid game when you have a mediocre gear with some formas, maybe with luck riven feels super nice, you feel you have progretion in the game, you are killing lvl 100 and feels great -> this is why people KEEP playing warframe At late game, when with 2 buttoms you destroy the entire map, or 2 shoots you kill a group of enemies lvl 9999 -> this is why people quit, is really boring do the same thing with 0 challenge 0 rewards for the endgame, you are playing for no reason The dream? make lvl 100/200 all eximus, super stronger, almost impossible to finish a mission Casual/newbie gamers will keep playing 10 waves in hidron or 10 min mission, this changes doesnt affect 10min run people, but at this moment need something hard for people with 2k+hours
  8. Sortie Lvl 100 Wolf of Saturn Six (Assassination) nice
  9. The only way from DE to fix this, its a riven rerolll rework we need a way to lock stats paying a XXX amount of kuva So you need to secure your riven will be really good after so many rolls and kuva wasted, I farmed i dont know how many, probly 2 millions of kuva, maybe more in my rivens, and "godtier" riven are like 1 or 2
  10. Because most of people who put money in the game are casual they work around that people.. the average buddy from EU playing on xbox1 1hour day and charge his acc with plats to buy random stuff easy to get? Yes that guy! I not need enter here a long explain. this is the main reason.
  11. I have 550 daily reward and 2600 hours ingame. Last 2 days i didnt play warframe
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