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  1. Hunts are fine and is one of the most popular mission in the game. I like the idea of having limited time to do it. If you want a QOL change can be night time rotations every week.
  2. Build your gear, you need like 2300 formas or something.
  3. I dont know you are all writting so much, guys this is the mechanic of vombalyst spawn, go to a specific position and you force spawn vombalyst for your lure, the whole videogame works like that. Also calling loki an exploit?
  4. The defense part is 100% 'be afk and back in 2min' i agree with you. The drone at least can be teleported but the defense ... is terrible
  5. Sentients should be endgame and should be very hard to deal with. Blade mail or reflecting damage is a good mechanic as example but being honest looking the direction of the game those enemies will be designed for 100h mr10 players
  6. 4k hours i live in the worse community for gaming, and i never had this situation. I think you care to much what the others do.
  7. limbo max range? play saryn/mesa if map doesnt have much walls Slowva? play aoe weapons Rad procs? nezha There are specific, very specific missions where you not have escape for this, like eidolon hunts when your wisp/trinity have the lures , but for 99% of the game you can carry the game alone even if your teammate have negative iq and he's playing "against" the mission. Anyways like you said you can quit. But i really recomemnd you if you are going to farm affinity for something, get your gear to actually farm affinity and not depend in your squad, i saw many people using 0 formas warframe, primary,secondary,melee weapons and they finish killing 10 enemies in 10 mins, you should not be waiting for leeching exp because takes more time for you. As example i did many, many hydron runs and in that time i used amprex Warframe its not ready for vote kick, the community its not ready, its easily trolleabe being 3friend+1random. And looking the average age of the community, no big no. In the other hand i really think vote pause should be a thing in this game, specially for endurance
  8. Especially with galvanized mods rivens are super diluted at this moment
  9. As example what i did for holokeys farm, i did meso skirmish as 2 players + 2 crew: Pilot+gunner as crew Me (host) as FA The other guy doing outside obejtives and only outside objetive. How is the run: I enter to the FA, i start spamming seeker, and destroying crewship, the other guy rush the objetive and kill enemies with any aoe weapon for reactans (this is optional). At the moment he open the first radiator i already killed all the fighters and i have 2 o 3 crewships down. The gunner crew takes down both radiator (sometimes AI get bug, so you need to do it) and i keep killing crewpships all the time Playing with recruit chat people, runs are like 2:30min, playing with a friend average is 2min, best run 1.40 or something. Advantages: The speed of run its pretty much from you, you re doing almost all the job, using your min max railjack and your min max crew. You not depend on random people, again the random dude its just doing a sabotage fissure, if you see your random guy is playing slowly, and doesnt fill well with you, you can find another player, sometimes happen i get inaros with snipers, sadly this doent work for a "stress farm" like holokeys Doing this the flow of the mission its fast and fun, its almost the speed of gian point.
  10. Grineer still paper against slash or armor stripping so i dont know why a high crit/high slash status aoe weapon should not kill grineer. You didnt take note about the main problem, i will give you another example I did lvlcap run before primary weapons buffs with phage in disruption, i went with phage nukor and nikana prime, but my main buffs was for phage. to make a decent run i needed to kill normal enemies with nikana and demolyst with phage (demolyst die in literally 3 seconds at lvlcap steel path without a min max build). For crowds, a lot of enemies in your room, you need clear this is not the explosion meta, its the aoe meta in general included abilities, i can take my quartakk with riven plus slownova+eclipse and oneshot whatever for the next 2 hours in survival or more hitting most of the time headshots, but doesnt matter i not have enought air support to keep playing A very high kpm its something like 180-200 (khora ophellia meta) using ogris im at 120 130, using smg im in like 50? or 60?my air support go down literally in the first 5min without using nekros, the only way to make it viable a baza prime in survival its when you play aoe warframe damage like saryn or octavia but in that case you are not killing with baza, you are just clearing the map with abilties At the end about the gameplay you really need clear the room, doesnt matter your survivaliy if enemies start to stack like infested its just time you to get one shot and die, even if you are invis, you get energy drain, toxin procs, your get pretty much canceled. This whole escenario its for steel path of course, if you play fissure survival do whatever you will be fine. And yes i have a decent aim, i play competitive shooters, i dont know how can be for console players
  11. You are against of explosions but not against of ignis wraith, because being honest the gameplay its almost the same shoot close of the enemy, hit in aoe, big magazine/fast reload. If they actually want make a balance missions should have 50% less enemies and those enemies should have millions of hp so hiting headshots with sniper its actually worth, but this idea changes the whole videogame. So right now when i do mot steel path i need to kill at least 120 enemies per min i have no option ...
  12. Thats correct and steel path pretty much killed single target weapon specially in solo. I can one shot using kuva quartakk in fissures or steel path the difference is, in one i need kill 30 enemies per min in other one 120 or 130 per min.
  13. I dont know why people is against aoe weapons. You can make a full squad of smg weapons in survival steel path and you will be super fine. PD: dont nerf bramma or ogris just make smg better
  14. Im bad at fashion frame so i let designers choose for me
  15. Open relics, get stuff keep opening, get formas bp, craft it, post the stuff you got in market, keep opening, trade moment, buy 3 formas.
  16. Eidolons volt, fortuna frost, deimos wukong, fissures wukong or titania, railjack protea or lavos, profit taker chroma, steel path nova or saryn or wisp
  17. I understeand your point, and you are right, if you have a computer where you can play 150 or 200 fps, and you need limit at 75 because a bad code (can be from drivers, directx, windows, videogame etc, i dont know honestly) its just terrible I have FX 6300 and 960gtx 2GB with windows 8.1, and i noticed this, years ago its not new, when im in my orbiter modding, doing trades, chatting or whatever, i can hear my gpu fan at 100% and my temps are really high, i can touch 90ºC in summer just being in orbiter. My fps in orbiter are like 110 or 120, and ingame are like 80 or 90 (limited by my old cpu) In the other hard if i join a old map like ceres grineer, my temps are way lower and my gpu fan are way lower. So far your only solution now its cap your frames, you can try 144 from start and see what happen Just another example how weird is this stuff, playing dota2 and having 100fps there i have less temps vs orbiter in warframe
  18. This is not new and like you said the only solution for this are capped fps. You literally get more gpu usage and temps being in orbiter than in mission. Im sure your system its fine. For now play with adaptative vsync or capped fps. Some weeks ago i saw on reddit and twitter new world (new videogame) burning premium videocards because the game in the menu doesnt have capped frames.
  19. Most of the players here doesnt want challenge, if you want challenge play dota or csgo. i play warframe for chilling and fun, but lately the grind its kinda heavy or im just tired. So the answer is short grind
  20. Depends for what but pretty much any aoe weapon
  21. As example, reduce the grind to 0 choosing weapons in kuva liches, Let me get my kuva nukor, but that nukor will be at low % bonification. So you will need a lot of nukor to reach 60%, and if you want different nukor, repeat the process a lot (i have 3 nukor at 60%). So the idea its, you get your nukor, you start using formas between liches kills/missions and getting affinity from there. Ambassador: every drop its secured at rotation C of survival railjack, at the end who cares the weapon its garbage, you need 100min aprox to get all the parts, and at the end in 100 mins of gameplay you can get better weapons, way better. When you put empty content, useless gear behind heavy grind, its where players ask "why im grinding this, when my actual gear its like x10 better?", a good example about 100% reward chance are eidolon hunts, doesnt matter what you do, you will get 3 arcanes allways. And this is actually why eidolon hunts are very popular, even now when arcanes are diluted by special operations where you get a energize in 10 min (scarlet spear) PD: I have every gear/arcane/warframe in the game min maxed, or at least builded, already 60% all sisters weapons, and 3 or 4 more kuva liches for new kuva weapons at 60%, resuming, i almost finished the game and i not need grind anymore.
  22. Grind kill any videogame, and when the grind its for no reason its just bad, looks like devs are not taking note of this. Warframe needs less grind and more progression.
  23. Great and fun, mini conclave during liches. We should have more enemies with rad procs
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