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  1. Thank you for fixing Nidus Prime Tennogen skins. I am a bit disappointed that that the new prime mutation effects only show up on the default prime skin, but happy that my Nidus Prime isn't missing chunks lol.
  2. Mutation Stacks not showing up and leg parts missing on Nidus Tennogen Skins with Prime Details enabled.
  3. The prime animations for Larva (Nidus' 2) and Ravenous (Nidus' 4) are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work DE. Edit: I noticed that with all 3 of the Umbral set mods maxed out and installed the mods display 19.3% Tau Resistance. 19.3 x 3 should equal 57.9 total Tau Resistance However the the Arsenal displays a total Tau Resistance of 47.3. Is this a bug? What is the actual total? I only ask because the New war is on the horizon.
  4. I have the same question. I'm hoping it is just an oversight.
  5. 1st You tell us that you are working on cross play then you tell us you are seriously limiting our ability to block toxic people. Can the community please get an explanation for this. Are you planning on taking a more stern approach to the toxic players? Honestly this is a confusing, scary, & unwanted addition to the game.
  6. Thanks for all of your hard work and the latest batch of Hotfixes. Quick question, is there any plans for a rifle or secondary mod similar to Galvanized Acceleration?
  7. I agree wholeheartedly. Primary and secondary weapons need more viable options across the board. Making a few rifle and shotgun exclusive mods into primary mods can help. I would also like to see Hunter's Munitions get buffed with a 35% chance to apply status, and receive the (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5) on critical. It would bring a bit of consistency to the mods (same as Internal bleeding) , and help with non-explosive slow firing semiautomatic weapons getting used more often after the Star Chart.
  8. Is there a way that you could buff Blunderbuss and Laser Sight, or consider adding Primed and/or Galvanized versions of the mods for shotguns. I feel alot of shotguns are held back by a lack of crit chance mods.
  9. My only problem is that I am seeing the on kill condition alot. It appears that you can deal alot of damage once you start getting kills but, it already takes way too many bullets to get that 1st kill. Also can you please make the galvanized mods & gun arcanes last at least 10 seconds like Berserk Fury (BTW love the name # favorite Zoid), so we have more time to ramp up. EDIT: Now that I have read this more thoroughly I see that Primary Merciless & Secondary Merciless are the only two mods with a timer of less than ten seconds.
  10. So If I understand this correctly, people that have continued normal feeding and Subsume/Infusion actions after level 10 will not be rewarded for there grind (non-prime warframes, resources, ect)?
  11. I thought that the "double dipping" was to counter the Sheer number of forma Sevagoth & his Shadow/Shadow Claws can eat. I was especially grateful for this little bug while experimenting with builds and the two in one play-style. I can understand why you bought it back in line with other frames, but I'm sad to see it go.
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