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  1. Never been a fan of motion controls. I've read somewhere though that it helps fine tune controls to feel almost like your using a mouse but that hasn't been my experience in Warframe or even Fortnite for that matter. So I just turn it off. I have no issues with Planes of Eidolon other than the main entry door taking forever and a day to open. I love flying around in an Archwing. So cool! So Fortuna has a higher ceiling?
  2. (NSW)DreTheSage

    Vectis Prime Polarization Limit?

    Oh my God.... Thank you. Smh
  3. (NSW)DreTheSage

    Vectis Prime Polarization Limit?

    Vectis Prime starts out with two Polarization slots. I added two more. They were the same two that came with the sniper rifle. My highest radiation was 1800+. After adding another madurai and maxing out the gun again I went from 1800+ radiation damage to 460 radiation damage. Can someone tell me what happened?
  4. (NSW)DreTheSage

    Dedicated Warframe Switch channel

    I've looked at both Discords and his discord is better suited for Warframe noobs in general. Too much spoiler discussion in just about every section of the link you posted.
  5. Would be nice if there were prices listed here. I wanna buy something soon. I'm tired of not being able to choose the color black.