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  1. So....is oodle texture compression better than Nintendo’s compression or nah?
  2. Wow. Ive never cleaned mine before. I will look it up on YouTube. I just turned all the graphics settings up to their highest level and the game still runs great.
  3. It looks very stupid when I’m in the arsenal or some other screen like the scabbard be doing some weird S#&$ man I’m like how are they having all these updates over the past month and they can’t fix this odd looking katana glitch???
  4. I’m on my second Switch. Buy the new updated Switch. Warframe runs better on it and even lets you play portable for a longer time without losing power. The new switches are the ones they sell that has red box packaging.
  5. Ever tried deleting it and redownloading? Now would be a good time since they switched out png textures for oodle
  6. I’ve heard about roaches crawling up in the PS4 vents cause they like the heat but then they die and now your PS4 is running slower. He might have roaches. https://youtu.be/3fExaccW91o
  7. Breh that was my favorite thing about Halo 3. That freakin helmet. Digital Xtremes has to do a Ninja Gaiden collabo. Or at least add a Sonic The Hedgehog skin like everyone else is doing.
  8. Yep. No way to migrate. I have two accounts. I play on both. It really really really sucks starting from the bottom. As much money I spent on Switch in-game purchases I refuse to do it all over again on PS4. If there was cross-save, then I wouldn’t mind buying PS4-exclusive content.
  9. Wow that sounds worse than Switch performance. When did you get your PS4 and are you using the original slow ass harddrive it came with? I think my Warframe runs well because I looked for the latest model PS4 Pro I could find and replaced the HD with a SSD. Maybe an SSD and the new update could help you. Have you updated yet? They remastered it. I’m downloading it now.
  10. Hey does have a really good article or video explaining how the Playstation 4 Pro has improved the graphics of Warframe compared to base PS4? I’m really curious because I started playing Warframe on Nintendo Switch when it first came out. This game is one of the most beautiful games on the Switch and it’s amazing how well it runs even though there is really bad FPS when you have too much going on on screen. Early this year I bought a PS4 Pro for the sole purpose of playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I created a Warframe account because I was curious as to what the game looked like on PS4 Pro
  11. Helminth ate up damn near all railjack resources. I was sitting there thinking like hot damn... all that time I spent grinding in a game mode no one plays anymore just went right down the drain and would probably discourage others from trying out railjack too...oh well I got my ship pimped out already who cares.
  12. Hold up how is there no chainsaw in Warframe when even Zelda on Nintendo Switch has a friggin chainsaw? Oh yeah there’s the Ripkas but they are ugly and I have never seen anyone use them.
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