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  1. Never heard it called this. Hozuki no Reitetsu is how CR had it titled. This was absolutely amazing! Astounding stuff! I'm not sure if it's anime... but then Scissor Seven is Chinese and it's still listed by MAL. Both of these are outstanding too! Both versions of the latter are good stuff! There's plenty in this thread that I've never seen before. I liked some other stuff too I couldn't initially remember like Angel Beats! I generally like nonsensical/weird and sci-fi anime. Oh gosh... I forgot all about Gankutsuou (just looking at my old MAL profile). My gosh! The story and the art were pretty unique for that one! Captain Harlock stuff is good... 999 Galaxy Express (way too long though!)... Magi (whatever happened to this?)... Mushishi... Time of Eve. EDIT: xxxHolic (not scandalous!), Guerren Lagan, Trigun, Your Lie in April... there are too many good ones to list!
  2. It's so good... can't believe it was put together in such a rush. Big O got me interested in anime in the first place. I've probably seen it 20 times (both seasons). A lot of people don't like it though!
  3. That's phenomenal! No reason to feel cheap about this. This is good stuff IMO! This is supposedly legendary. I'm still waiting for CR or Netflix to get it... I've yet to see it.
  4. Big O Kill la Kill (funny!) Scissor Seven (funny!) EDIT: I like Gunslinger Girl (first one) and Noir too. Girls with guns!
  5. There is an advantage purely in damage, Heavy Caliber gives you a ~62% relative increase in damage over Vigilante Armaments's ~32% relative increase (when using Split Chamber). Though if you want status procs, you might want Vigilante Armaments for having more procs. EDIT: When the factors are considered together, Heavy Caliber wins with a relative increase of damage at 23%. This factor is the damage ratio between: Heavy Caliber + Serration + Split Chamber vs Vigilante Armaments + Serration + Split Chamber.
  6. What's annoying is that solo Interception fissures have you holding 2 towers while you wait for 8 reactant before you can safely take over the other 2 towers. I call this strategy "Losing to win." Because you spend most of a round losing... well, you can Neutralize (but not take) some towers to nudge yourself ahead (rather than be 2% behind, be 2% ahead most of the round)... but not much point in doing that.
  7. Agreed. They should shuffle it up a bit more.
  8. That's not true. They eventually give up and try for other points (sometimes two simultaneously).
  9. I honestly think solo Interception is a lot of fun because it actually does involve a lot of movement. I usually position myself in the center of the map to ensure I can quickly reach a tower in the process of being taken over. Have you tried Archwing Interception on Caelus, Uranus? It's trivial with blink! That's also pretty fun solo particularly because you become disoriented and the way point markers *do not* help you very much. EDIT: By the way, Caelus is a good place to rank Archwing gear! Just do 10 rounds or so and your gun or Archwing is max rank.
  10. Haha. I'm not saying Mag isn't awesome! I'm saying the mission exists for no other reason than to make sure you use very specific frames.
  11. It a good Hildryn or Mag mission.... the purpose is to make sure you use Hildryn or Mag for this one mission type.
  12. I enjoy solo Interception. I usually do 8 rounds when one shows up in fissure missions.
  13. They're hard labor workers. Their head is in their stomach... got to put food on the table.
  14. Or just remember all the polarities we applied to a slot... that will time gate us more. Instead of building 1 amorphous forma, you need to apply 5 forma to every slot you want to accept every single polarity.
  15. What about Heists in Orb Vallis? The relics for the new primes drop from those bounties (and they're radiant from the get-go!). I'm not too worried about the new prime stuff. We have years to get those relics. The unvaulted stuff only lasts months.
  16. Lua Spy has 6 containers in Vault C (if you reach it fast enough). I get loads of these mods from those 6 containers... and it's pretty easy to run with Limbo (you don't even need to use a ranked or modded Limbo!).
  17. I built for a strong wall in Scarlet Spear.
  18. Frost's bubble is more durable than the sections of Gara's walls. Yes, she can do a lot of damage, but her wall is far more fragile.
  19. Yeah, this is a recent development... at least to this extent! Hopefully they can look at the diffs between their patches and try to figure out what is causing it. Last week (or was it two weeks ago?), I used Revenant in a Corpus Sortie Defense (final mission) and I Enthralled a lot of Corpus enemies without any problems. I'm so sure this is a very recent introduced/exacerbated Revenant bug.
  20. I got a Split Chamber on Orb Vallis today. I was doing 5 bounties for Nightwave. I did T3 so I could get Meso D5 relics.
  21. While doing the 5 Orb Vallis bounties Nightwave challenge, I got a permanent Icemire Hyena friend for the duration of 4 bounties. I don't remember who I Enthralled, but I got this Icemire Hyena that wandered the area around the Central Maintenance area. He even helped me during a Coil Drive bounty phase! I've only ever prominently seen this bug with Infested boilers... and their permanent allied spawn never disrupted Defense missions. But from the numerous related Revenant bugs on this forum and my own encounter with an Icemire Hyena friend in Orb Vallis (which I've never seen happen before) seems to suggest that one of their recent patches have introduced a regression to Revenant. Sure, this was a bug before... namely with Infested Boilers and rarely the Ospreys from Fusion Moas, but generally spawned units from killed Enthralled enemies almost never permanently retained their allied status before some recent patch. I have a feeling this can even happen with Sniper Crewmen and Ratels despite not being reported yet (I've seen posts for Hyekka and Drahkk).
  22. Single player FF mode with AI opponents please. EDIT: Just to be clear, I will likely never find any second player. Hence, I will likely never experience FF if it's two player only.
  23. I don't have a Telos Boltor to compare yet. I'm not too far away from reaching that rank in Hexis! If you have both forma'd and modded, try these two Boltor Prime builds: Heavy Heat: http://warframe-builder.com/s/01aeac97694fe3cc More Multishot: http://warframe-builder.com/s/25f914ecfc72fd60 I'm curious how it will fare against a Viral/Hunter Munitions Telos Boltor. NOTE: Warframe Builder has Boltor Prime's status at 32% when it was updated to be 34%. So everything is actually 100% status. Also be aware of the lower ranked mods!
  24. ESO Arbitrations ... a joint venture between Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Simaris 😮
  25. In all fairness, I haven't spent a lot of time with Boar Prime in the new update. I've not got my hands on Sancti Tigris yet. But I do have a heavily forma'd Strun Wraith and it does not perform that great. The Vaykor Hek is much better. So I extrapolate from Strun Wraith's mediocre performance back to Sancti Tigris and Boar Prime. I will play with Boar Prime later. Of course, Rivens can always fix a lot of these shotguns. The aforementioned ones like Kuva Kohm don't need a Riven.
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