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  1. Everything is effective against Sentients now... they nerfed Sentients hard very recently. You can even one-shot the Steel Path Shadow Stalker now! He's no different than the Acolytes.
  2. You can do it easily with Khora. You do want to kill enemies if you want Acolytes to spawn! Disclaimer: This is before Khora nerfs and Helios and Melee nerfs.
  3. Mobile Defense is especially bad because the enemies will throw grenades at their trapped comrades. If you're placing Strangledome on the console, that's an easy way to lose a mission in Warframe... especially in Aten, Void where enemies do 3x damage.
  4. You're imagining things. Did you happen to miss the "Prime Sure Footed" thread on the front page of General Discussion (which isn't a feedback forum)? I mean, you did respond to, "Mobile phone controls staying consistent with consoles?" thread... so you should have seen the "Primed Sure Footed" thread, no? It's not about nerfing PSF... though I'm pretty sure I read some of the usual balance complaints in the responses with regard to AOE weapons. I don't know... I'm largely absent from that thread. But I did get some ideas from reading it (directly or indirectly or otherwise)! Anyway, this is the feedback forum and I shared my ideas here... as feedback.
  5. It's already implied in OP. No free lunch means that if you don't get self-staggered, you pay for it with temporary blindness (or some other way).
  6. Personally, I think the unusual Vazarin polarity and 16 capacity cost of Primed Sure Footed (PSF) is already an enormous trade off. You pay a million credits, 40k Endo, a forma, and an Exilus slot for permanent stagger immunity from all sources. But if you still really wanted to punish sloppy players with big AOE weapons, you could implement a "No Free Lunch" kind of mechanic... if you're not self-staggered like usual, then maybe you're flashbanged instead? First of all, some of the most popular AOE weapons used to blind you (e.g. Staticor)... well, you could simulate that blinding effect with a Denial Bursa-like flashbang. Every otherwise self-stagger that doesn't result in a stagger (due to abilities or PSF) is a flashbang! Everyone gets to keep their precious self-stagger immunity while still being slapped on the wrist with temporary blindness. What do you think? Reminds me of loony tunes... everyone that gets whacked in the head sees stars... flashbang!
  7. Since Dragon Keys are supposed to gimp you... an easy fix for DE is to make Decaying Dragon also reduce the shield gate time by -75%.... so 0.325 seconds when shields are depleted from fully changed and 0.0825 seconds when depleted from partially recharged shields. Why didn't they think of this?
  8. Some things are more obviously bugs or even oversights that you ought to report. But some are not obvious until DE comes out and clarifies that it was unintended. For example, using Loki to switch teleport a Demolyst off the map sounds pretty legit! No? You're using his ability to move a Demolyst so that it falls off the map and dies. Sounds like that's within the rules of the game. What's wrong with that? It's not like two frames playing games with Power Donation bugs and attaining very large quantities of negative ability strength... and then having Nidus multiply the two negative quantities for a very large positive ability strength via his linking ability! This one hinges on exploiting a bug where Power Donation could stack its curse somehow (this is all patched by the way). I do think shield gating is silly. You're definitely clever to use it, but you would think more shields = better, right? I think DE should think of a way to make more shields = better somehow.
  9. No, that's too much clever build variety. Only straightforward mechanics that explicitly spell out damage reduction, immunity, vitality or armor are intended. No unwritten secondary consequences of mechanics allowed. That's using your brain and an outright exploit! I mean, DE couldn't possibly have intended clever use of game mechanics. It's not like they're game developers or something.
  10. If I had to guess, OP is also playing solo... this particular player (OP) is definitely not helpless!
  11. You can also just use melee... Glaives bypass Misery's magnetize somehow. I bet Gunblades and other thrown melees do too...
  12. That's actually an interesting aspect to ponder. Helios is probably one of the most widely used companions especially among newer players. So does DE somehow account for new player bias when calculating popularity? The 2020 Warframe stats unfortunately don't show companion or companion weapons. But you can see an example of this in vanilla Boltor which is #8 of the most popular weapons with 1.3 Riven disposition. If it's really only about wide use or popularity, Boltor should have lower Riven disposition at #8 popularity. If instead DE calculates Riven dispositions based on popularity of weapons equipped with Rivens (which no one would use on vanilla Boltor in the above example), then I would guess that only a small minority of players seek out companion Rivens. Especially on utility weapons like Deconstructor! You really just need something like high status Gas/Electric (trigger Synth set) with Gladiator mods. Where do you find room for a Riven? Basically, I'm not sure he's right.
  13. The problem is the Kubrow/Kavat/Moa AI is really dumb and dies a lot... and let me tell you, it gets old reviving pets. It's true that Helios could die just 3 times before being permanently dead (Primed Rgeen), but when paired with CC frames like Khora, Helios could last hours even in Steel Path endurance missions. By contrast Venari would die a lot more due to poor Kubrow/Kavat/Moa AI and venturing away from CC queen Khora. Same goes for Vulpaphylas! I used to use Vulpaphylas, but after farming hours of Railjack Survival for Ambassador (before the change) with a Vulpaphyla, I now completely understand why DE designed them to revive themselves so quickly: because they die frequently due to their poor AI! And when you play with players using Vulpaphylas, it is very common to be spammed with "<pet name> has died/revived." messages (a lot! Because they're terrible and overrated companions). Sentinels have one major overlooked advantage: They stick to you and go wherever YOU go and they don't fly around arbitrarily and get stuck on geometry and die trying to walk/run toward you while being shot at by enemies (or ruin Spy vaults or finishers using some of their abilities... like Smeeta does to me sometimes). So yes, you could do all of what you said with Adarza and you would probably also be reviving Adarza a lot because Kubrows, Kavats and Moas are gimped by their awful AI. Here's hoping DE will improve them. For now, I hold Djinn and Oxylus in the highest regards. Helios will now start collecting dust due to DE removing build possibilities.
  14. We should play together. I'll do all that initial space taxi stuff to save you the pain. You just stay in the ship!
  15. I mean... this is helpful. Granted if a Khora player knows how to play Khora... But yeah, as others have noted, Hydron is a really bad place to rank gear. Disclaimer: This is before the Khora nerfs and later melee nerfs. It's a little more annoying to hit enemies now (LoS now needed for Whipclaw) and while I could get all red crits in this video, the melee nerfs to Gladiator mods + Deconstructor as well as Blood Rush... now it's just a mix of reds and oranges. EDIT: Oh! Maybe it's before Helminth too! I usually use Dispensary over Venari... but yeah that's a full fledged Naramon Khora build that is energy self-sufficient without Helminth. Helminth makes it even better!
  16. I am using "easy" more like "instantly" or "on demand" or "now" here. You have to earn it somehow and DE's lame time gating system currently stipulates that you must wait and click on a login screen 400 times to get it. Sure, you can put PSF behind a 0.5% drop chance like Xiphos parts in Sabotage missions... you may not have to wait 400 days anymore... but you still essentially have to wait don't you? You just play weeks of Sabotage until you roll the PSF drop. And yes, Primed Chamber is much easier to get now because you can just buy it from Baro when he brings it... you don't need to score in the top 10 or be picked randomly by DE to be awarded it anymore.
  17. I don't come to any game and expect everything instantly or easily (especially a grindy one). The response is partly a parody of this attitude. But, yes DE did do what I said they did to Ambassador. And they did make Primed Chamber laughably easy to get through Baro (it used to be very exclusive). You may well get your wish! And to some extent, I think PSF should be a bit easier to get... but I also don't think it should be something you can just walk into Warframe and just have on day 1. As lame as daily tribute is, this game's core mechanic is waiting and grinding. Everything is a grind or a time gate or a combination there of. If you don't like that, you're totally playing the wrong game...
  18. Before I got PSF, I was using SF to better survive being hooked by Ancients and Scorpions. It's otherwise a death sentence to be dragged on the ground like that. I would be completely fine if they made self-stagger bypass PSF... and I would still use PSF because Ancients and Scorpions are really cheesy enemies. I wish PSF worked on disarming! Those Drahk masters can be annoying! I would totally trade self-stagger immunity for immunity to disarming. Or heck, even immunity to Ancient Disruptor insta-energy drain!
  19. Yeah, I think it's lame too. It was cool that they made Ambassador significantly easier to get and this may be a positive indicator that they're willing to revisit stuff like Hema, Xiphos, Conclave+Universal Medallions and Primed Sure Footed. I think they should put Primed Sure Footed as a drop from those Railjack Raknoids or make it a drop from a common enemy, but it drops as often as Strun Blueprint or Harrow Systems or something like that. Or actually, we could place Primed Sure Footed in the drop table where Oberon or Ash used to drop? Right? Why not? Everyone should be able to get this with just a little effort and no less. They also should revisit the Deimos weapons. You should not need to do Arcana bounties or get Seriglass shards to build some weapons man. You should just be able to like kill some Deimos Infested Chargers and just get all the parts that way. I don't think anyone wants to do that standing grinding or conservation or really just playing any Warframe at all... and the daily cap makes you wait anyway! Everything should just drop like Ambassador... DE showed that it is willing to make impractically grindy items laughably easy to get and I see this as a potential new bright future for the game. Everything should be very easy to get with very little effort or waiting or grinding. Then we can really get back to the core of the game which is slaughtering hoards of enemies and farming missions repetitively for resources, standing and rare drops.
  20. This is probably the most underappreciated item of this patch note. I'm guessing more work went into this fix than any other item. Good job finding it!
  21. Yep... it's an oddity from since the release of Heart of Deimos. I see Heart of Deimos as a way to re-run an old event like Operation: Tubemen of Regor (it's an event from way before my time!)... modified of course (with new+more rewards). The family on Heart of Deimos think Tyl Regor's cure might help them free themselves of infestation, but the Grineer/Corpus/Sentients or some combination of these factions do not want you to help the family. The end of the story most probably would be either: Family victorious: The Infested on Deimos are too different and Sister fails to make Tyl Regor's cure work. Life goes on. Grineer/Corpus/Sentients victorious: Life goes on. The story could be modified to focus on Alad V rather than Tyl Regor's lab since, as OP noted, Alad V also knows the cure.
  22. How about something simpler? Make Sabotage/Exterminate caches way way way more rewarding... then, for sure, you will absolutely absorb the complete tileset's details without fail. There won't be anyone not scouring the map for these caches. And once you remember the hiding patterns? Well... you can bullet jump again, but you'll also have seen every single thing a tileset has to offer.
  23. Oh, you want to be a jerk about it? Here, let me rub this in your face: At least I got max intrinsics out of it, you got negative platinum out of it even if you did get a coupon. Thank god for Intrinsics, Void Storms, Corrupted Holokeys, Void Traces and a completely free way to grind for every item in the game. Take your bad Ambassador attitude and direct at DE, not me.
  24. I farmed it the original way amassing so much affinity in the process as to max every intrinsic to 10 (Gunnery was left at 9)... imagine how I feel! Now it drops left and right like Harrow Systems. Hema and Universal Medallion injustice I say!
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