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  1. This was my first thought, too! I did a double take when her face popped up.
  2. Wait so you really bought it, but claimed you stole it? I was about to get all salty because someone DID steal my fundraiser candy once in high school and I had to pay it back and didn't have lunch money for a week.
  3. Just opened up my Nightwave menu, and my frame is just chilling in the background. Reasonably sure it doesn't belong there.
  4. Not DIRECTLY related to Corpus Railjack but I never had it happen before the update: TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Using Oxylus with the Botanist mod equipped, a Morphics resource node was scanned as a plant. VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: It only happened on one node, on a Grineer Mobile Defense tileset (galleon, I think?) EXPECTED RESULT: Morphics should not have been scanned, as Botanist should only scan plant nodes OBSERVED RESULT: Morphics was scanned REPRODUCTION RATE: Only happened once
  5. Upon blessing the relay in Kronia and Orcus relays, I've had several visual bugs, mostly with my frame's head disappearing (or, in Gauss's case, his "skirt" flaps, giving him a shiny metal diaper). Seems to be reproducable in both relays with pretty good reliability.
  6. Can I ask the dumb question? Is there a way to record video IN Captura, or are you using screen recording software? EDIT: Okay, I figured out the camera placement and zooming around! Still don't know if Captura records it itself or?
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