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  1. Just had this same problem. I was running with my husband and a random public player. My husband didn't get his 8th relic reward (we stayed for 40 minutes) despite having equipped a relic (and since traces are shared, there's no way the rando and I could have opened our relics but not him) and none of us got Nightwave task completion, despite the mission type clearly being Survival.
  2. Susurrus of the Void is a casual and friendly clan just looking for active players to fill out our ranks. Our Dojo is gorgeous (but in need of a new decorator!) and all our research is done, including the Bash Lab and Yareli. We have international members in most time zones, an active (but optional) Discord, and a 60-day login requirement. New and returning players are more than welcome - we have some pretty experienced players to help you out with any questions. Also, while we are not specifically a LGBT+ clan, you will be safe and welcome in this clan. To join: You can comment here, or message me in game or on Discord (Twirly#5160). Looking forward to inviting you!
  3. I'm not sure there's a solution, but I figured I'd point out he literally reaches through his cowl for this emote. (I have an image, but I can't add it for some reason?)
  4. Had the same thing happen twice tonight. Had to Alt+F4 the second time.
  5. Sorry, didn't get a ping for your reply! Just sent the invite.
  6. No problem! Feel free to add me in game if you'd like, either way, I'm also L1 and sometimes I think I know the game pretty well, haha.
  7. Have you found one yet? I've got a friendly, casual R11 Mountain Clan with all research done.
  8. If you change your mind about the top tier thing, I've got a really friendly, more casual clan. We're definitely not for you if you want "elitism" but wanted to let you know the option exists. Full dojo, etc etc.
  9. But it isn't, because these were added to ranged weapons to try and bring them up to the level of melee, so why would you then add it to melee?
  10. I don't think that's the case because when I relogged and got it, the "time left" was counting down as if it had showed up at the same time as the normal refresh.
  11. Just came to post the same thing, I also have this issue.
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