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  1. Yes normally you're limited to something like (MR/2 + 20 extra purchasable) slots. But you do get an extra bunch of slots once you hit 30, which is kinda an incentive i guess.
  2. If you reeeaaallly like to hear her laugh, you could just cancel the mission start countdown after she stops talking and restart the whole dialogue to hear it again without doing the run. Repeat as many times as it takes to get sick of her laugh.
  3. It's mostly luck of the draw with your team, i guess. I've been in fissure missions where everyone decided to stay for an hour, and many more where at least one decided to bail after 5 or 10 minutes. As to whether your mirage build is liked or hated, it also depends on the individual. Some do indeed dislike another player wiping everything clean before they get to it, others are cool with it. So just run whatever build you like i guess, can never please everyone.
  4. Explosive legerdemain is probably the best map wiper at low levels but it doesn't scale well. Past a certain point (level 50 or so) it falls off badly. It's really efficient if you just want a quick mission clear. But I think the issue here is that you're expecting a long mission with everyone staying an hour in a pub. Not everyone joins a pub mission with that in mind, so if you're thinking of something beyond 20 minutes or so you'd best be prepared to solo eventually once everyone else leaves, or form a party that plans to stay long.
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