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  1. The emblem attachment point of Oberon Prime's right shoulder armor is moved slightly to the front, or rather - when viewing from his right side - to the right. His left shoulder armor has the attachment point properly centered. A horrible image for your consideration. Using the Old Blood emblem because it's nice and angular to help show the misalignment:
  2. Titania's Razorflies have a trail. This trail effect can bug out if the Razorflies lock onto a target they cannot reach or pathfind to, because they are stuck behind some geometry that they are too stupid to maneuver around. The trail will 'fling' itself from where the Razorfly is to the destination it wants to be at, but cannot reach. This produces long rays that can stretch across the map. Video examples:
  3. I've managed to get a clearer recording, though I still don't know why this happens. I also made a recording with the map open, showing that the shadows who fail to teleport are stuck in a different tile. What I didn't record though, is when I went to that tile to check what they were doing, but before I could reach them, they spontaneously teleported to the terminal where I tried to summon them earlier.
  4. Mods reliant on the Combo Counter mechanic - Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, Gladiator set - sometimes have the chance to have their buffs wiped completely and then start gaining stacks from scratch, despite the Combo Counter still being up and nowhere near expiration. This bug has two flavors - one triggered by Exalted melee and the other native to Glaive weapons. Both have been reported quite often. As a reminder - the way these mods work is by giving you a stacking buff. The amount of stacks should always be equal to your (Combo Counter - 1). Any deviation is a bug. Keep an eye on both the
  5. Yes, but power throw also gives you +300% damage bonus on consecutive attacks.
  6. I've managed to recreate this with the Halikar Wraith. It's a bug that has been reported here few times before. For some reason, mods that depend on the combo counter(Blood rush, Gladiator set) break, and their buffs expire despite the counter still being up. When this happens, the buffs start counting up from scratch, and fall out of sync with the combo counter. And if this happens when you're at 220/x12 combo, the buffs will not update at all because you can't gain combo at that point.
  7. Any updates to this? It's been 4 months and nothing happened. It triggers regardless of mission and is heavily inconsistent outside of exocrine. This bug also fully extends to the shrapnel grenades - when improperly deployed they hover in midair at their spawning point, ignoring mods. Some examples in this post here, and in videos in the spoiler below - built for comically small radius to showcase bugged grenades ignoring range mods:
  8. A small update, shrapnel nades also ignore mods when improperly deployed. It happens when they collide with something at the moment of spawn. It is very inconsistent.
  9. I've reported a similar/this same exact bug last year, but with a focus on the shields. It seems to be a weird interaction with level geometry/entities or whatever. Possibly when the grenades hit something immediately as they spawn, maybe the player even. Occurs 99% of times when standing in Deimos exocrine. As a bonus frustration, when this happens to your shield grenades, they will ignore all scaling from mods, Protea's passive or other effects, resulting in 50 shields/second for 13 seconds. I got a response from DE in January but nothing has happened yet. Should probably bump the topic
  10. When the Shadow is active, it siphons all affinity from kills. This goes against any other Exalted equipment, where they quite literally clone experience from the parent frame. The Shadow itself should not have the ability to gain any affinity - everything it gets should be transferred to Sevagoth, then duplicated by the Shadow, as any other Exalted ability does. In its current iteration, it is literally impossible to level the Claws by killing with them, because the Shadow takes it all for itself. More details here:
  11. Any chance you could look at affinity sharing between Sevagoth and his Shadow? Its behavior does not follow other Exalted weapons, not even his own claws. More detailed explanation here:
  12. Affinity gain on Sevagoth and his Shadow is unlike any other Exalted in the game, and is very counter-intuitive, possibly very much broken. The way it works with regular Exalted weapons and abilities is like this: The Exalted weapon counts as an ability kill, thus 100% of affinity goes to the Warframe. The weapon is unable to earn affinity via other means, as all is siphoned by the Warframe. The weapon instead gains levels by essentially duplicating the XP gained by the Warframe, on a 1:1 scale. This is why you cannot put lenses on Exalted equipment, as it would
  13. Reproduction and what 'destroy' means: Equip Hildryn. Make sure to also have a secondary weapon equipped. Or only a secondary. Launch any RJ mission. Free Flight works just fine. Cast Hildryn's 1, Balefire. Open the game's menu and look at the rank of your secondary weapon in top left corner of your screen. Leave the Railjack. Enter the Railjack or any POI. You will now notice that you cannot switch to your secondary weapon. It has been temporarily destroyed. If you had only a secondary weapon equipped, you will now be 'U
  14. Yes, there are two invasions on the same node, and yes, only one is visible. Once the first invasion ends, the other one will begin immediately. This seems to be intended. For whatever reason.
  15. Complaint/Rant Constructive criticism incoming: If you absolutely, 100% need an arbitrary tag to post a new topic/edit an existing one, then we'll need a tag for almost every single aspect of the game. And to order existing tags. Otherwise confusion will ensue. Because PC Bugs is really the only forum I use here, I'll start with things I noticed there. New bugs are being posted with the 'Performance' tag, even if they have nothing to do with game hiccups, frame rate issues, crashes or similar. The existing tags for the root PC Bugs forum are being misused because they are very
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