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  1. Oddly enough, I main Xaku, but I like Hildryn a lot.
  2. I had some mod ideas in mind, so I would like to show them. Reinforcement: +120% Shield Capacity, +80% Armor Anger: Converts 50% of Damage on Shields to Energy Intense Rage (Exilus): +10% Strength, Converts 15% of Damage on Health to Energy Undying Vitality: +120% Maximum Health, +100% Bleedout Reduction High Condensor: +50% Duration of Shieldgating, +80% Shield Capacity Charged Steps: +20% Sprint Speed, +40% Shield Capacity Heavy Armor: +180% Armor, -30% Sprint Speed Intense Combo: +5% Strength for each Melee Multiplier Firearm Master: -50% Melee Damage, +50% Primary and Secondary Damage Impedance (Aura): +90% Shield Capacity
  3. It's been over a month since Yareli released and almost a month since Tennocon. I know the devs needed vacations and they're working on the New War quest, but leaving Yareli in her current state is disheartening. DE, you have the feedback you needed and a lot of ideas, use it and make her at least useable.
  4. She's not even good at K-Drive races because Merulina can't be modded, so currently she's basically useless. Even Grendel and Hydroid, despite being pretty bad, have their uses and niches. Yareli has nothing worth using her over other frames.
  5. Ok, so with this I'll take a guess classifying the ephemeras into these categories. Particles: Bleeding Body, Smoking Body, Corposant Prime, Obsidian, Naberus, Vengeful Charge, Vengeful Flame, Vengeful Pull, Vengeful Toxin, Vengeful Trickster, Vengeful Chill, Tenebrous, Festering, Zarina, Gloriana, Sybillina, Lucretia. Effects: Blazing Step, Seeding Step, Freezing Step, Shocking Step, Spring Step, Fae Path, Eidolon, Spore. Solids: Lotus, Vengeful Shockwave, Ki'Teer, Crania, Trio Orbit, Spinneret, Frostfall, Baurahn Prime, Eros Wings, Catena Prime, Dog Days, Kyruna, Solena, Hypatia.
  6. Good idea on paper, until players with old PCs start getting issues with the sheer amounts of particle effects, and not including how ridiculously bright it would get. I think ephemeras should be classified in 3 categories: Particles, Effects and Solids. That way people can put more than one ephemera within reasonable amounts of particle effects. Particles would be ones that just add particle effects around the Warframe, like the Kuva Lich ephemeras (except the Impact one). Effects would be ones that add effects to the ground when walking or standing, like the OG ephemeras, the Infested one and the Eidolon one. Solids would be effects that look solid, like the wings and the Sisters of Parvos orbital ephemeras.
  7. The Galvanized Multishot mods doesn't activate if the projectile that killed an enemy is from Mirage's Hall of Mirror's doppelganger. I think this must be a bug, that projectile is technically from the weapon.
  8. Xaku: Weapon Whisper: Coverts half of the Void damage of Xata's Whisper into the damage types of the weapon. Adds 3% extra base damage to the ability. Disarming Grasp: Recasting Grasp of Lohk with the capped amount of stealed weapons will add duration to them, 0.5 seconds for each enemy affected. Further Loss: The Lost abilities ignore nullifiers. Blasted Armor: The Vast Untime has the initial explosion damage halfed, but Xaku's armor will float around them, reflecting 50% of enemies projectiles. Lavos: Ophidian Lash: Ophidian Bite will grab the nearest enemy to Lavos. Half of the damage taken by Lavos will be redirected to that enemy for 20 seconds in a 20 meters radius. Vial Sprint: Vial Rush won't make Lavos slide forward, instead the vial charges will be dropped while moving. Cancelling the ability will make all vial charges drop in the same place. Ethereal Probe: Transmutation Probe will go through obstables and go 50% faster, but the duration will be reduced by 1.5 seconds. Concentrated Catalyze: Catalyze will be thrown only forward instead, dealing 100% more damage. Sevagoth: Reaping Embrace: Reap will cast Embrace towards the Shadow. Embrace will give Reap's damage vulnerability debuff to enemies. Consuming Sow: Sow's damage overtime will have Consume's lifesteal. Consume will deal Sow's damage overtime. Glooming Harvest: Enemies in Gloom's range will be affected by Death's Harvest damage vulnerability. Death's Harvest will leave a Gloom area for 15 seconds. Boosted Reunion: When Sevagoth reunites with his Shadow, any amount of Death Well will be consumed and transformed into energy for Sevagoth.
  9. But that bonus is Yareli's passive (the only useful thing she has) and not an ability that the weapon has when Yareli uses it.
  10. This is my idea for a buff/rework for Yareli, but please DE, make her useful. She has trouble taking out level 30 enemies with her abilities and they don't have any synergy and almost zero utility.
  11. Yeah, not only her abilities are really, really bad (they struggle to deal with some level 30 units at base strength), but Merulina not being moddable is the salt in the wound. There's some K-Drive mods that could be cool to have in Merulina, like one that restores the Warframe's energy when doing tricks, but DE just gave us the middle finger.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. The original plan was that, but I think they dropped that idea.
  13. I guess I can describe this concept with two phrases from a song. "I like them big! I like them chonky!"
  14. Arcane helmets existed and were basically a cosmetic with stats. However, DE removed their obtention because that meant that players would need some cosmetic that they didn't like to have better stats. So I don't think we can get an armor with Arcane slots, sorry.
  15. Ok, but when are you going to buff Yareli significantly? She's in a deplorable state. I have this as a little idea to buff her and make her usable in higher levels than 30. Just as an idea.
  16. With Kompressa released in this update and being a bit similar with the Stug, I want to leave a concept of a Kuva Stug. If we got a Kuva Kraken that is a good weapon, then we can get a hugely better version of the worst weapon in the game, right? So, my idea: - Change the trigger type from Charge to Auto. - Make the blobs of the weapon to not combine and explode on contact. - Make the Status and Crit stats actually useful. - Make the collision with the blobs to do forced Impact procs, the explosion dealing Corrosive. - Largely buff the damage. The stats would be something like this: Mastery: 14 Slot: Secondary Type: Pistol Trigger Type: Auto Ammo Type: Pistol Projectile Type: Projectile Projectile Speed: 40 m/s Fire Rate: 8 Magazine Size: 40 Max Ammo: 190 Reload Time: 2.4 s Blob Impact: Damage: 100 Impact Status Chance: 25% Crit Chance: 35% Crit Multiplier: 2.2x Blob Explosion: Damage: 200 Corrosive Projectile Type: AoE Status Chance: 35% Crit Chance: 25% Crit Multiplier: 2.0x Radius: 1 m Damage Falloff: 75% past 1 meter Exilus Polarity: Madurai Polarities: None
  17. To be honest, I feel like this is how an infested lich should approximately be like.
  18. That should be in all K-Drives, not just Merulina.
  19. We all know Yareli in her current state, well... let's say that she's not the best. Her abilities lack the effectiveness and synergies that other Warframes have. So, I'll give an idea on how I would buff her. If you have other ideas you can leave them. Maybe with a bit of luck DE reads this and we demonstrate that listening to the community can be good sometimes. - Passive: After Yareli moves for at least 1.5 seconds she gets a buff that increases the Critical Chance of her Secondary weapons by 200%. I shouldn't explain why this passive need no changes. - Sea Snares: Enemies grabbed by the globules lose 6% of their defenses per second. Sea Snares isn't a bad ability, it's just a bit underwhelming. With this, enemies would be easier to kill the longer that they're grabbed by this ability, with reaching a 100% defense loss by adding some Duration. - Merulina: While Aquablades are active, Merulina will get an extra 15% damage redirection. Merulina can be modded with K-Drive mods. First, adding a little synergy to this ability, making one of the main functions of Merulina better while Aquablades are active. Also, making Merulina moddable would add some spice and variety. - Aquablades: Buff the damage to 1000 Slash damage, deals extra 500 Slash damage to enemies grabbed by Sea Snares and Riptide. Tapping the ability while active will throw an aquablade to an enemy that's pointed at, making a water explosion that deals a critical hit with a 3x multiplier at the cost of 25 energy. Buffing the damage is something that has to be done, as the damage that it deals is pityful in the current state. I added synergies with two of her abilities for extra damage, as well as the Merulina synergy. I also think that having a function of throwing Aquablades similarly to a Glaive makes sense, with a higher damage potential. This would make this ability more interesting for Yareli and other Warframes. - Riptide: Enemies dragged into Riptide will be suspended inside for a duration of 10s, after that Riptide explodes like how currently does. Nearby enemies grabbed by Sea Snares will get sucked inside Riptide, enhancing the damage overtime by 250 Cold damage for each enemy that was grabbed by Sea Snares. In the current state, Riptide isn't effective as a CC ability due to not having a duration, just ragdolling enemies in a place (and sometimes badly). With this idea, Riptide not only would work better as a CC ability, but would have a potential nuking capability. Hopefully you like these ideas. And you can leave your own if you want. Let's suggest changes so we can hopefully get a better surfer idol in the near future!
  20. OF COURSE! Let's readd self-damage so we can do the Tenno Space Program with a Kuva Bramma again!
  21. DE change that to prevent players to "accidentally disable the ability". Basically they made this ability Parkinson-friendly, because those would be the only players that would accidentally press the same button two times without meaning to do that. ...wait, what the hell I'm saying, half of the playerbase can't count to 2, I bet DE just heared that half complain about an issue that didn't existed.
  22. Yeah, compared to Voidrig, Bonewidow is pretty awful. Yeah, she can tank a lot, but her Ironbride is really awful. She needs a buff and a complete rework of her exalted weapon.
  23. So, we had MOA companions with Fortuna and we will have Hyena-like companions when the Sisters of Parvos get released. So I thought "why we don't have one of the cooler Corpus robots as companions?" Connecting the Raknoid Companion with the Third Mother Orb This could be easy to do. The Third Mother Orb would be the source of information for how to make Raknoids in Fortuna via the Toroid that would drop. After the Solaris analyze this Toroid they would be able to give you blueprints so you can start building your new robotic friend! The resources needed would be more expensive than a MOA, needing the Toroid that the Third Mother Orb drops, as well as Vega, Calda and Sola Toroids. So, for building a Racknoid you would need: Core: 1 Third Mother Orb Toroid, 2 Vega Toroids, 2 Calda Toroids, 2 Sola Toroids. Legs: 5000 Ferrite, 10 Gallium, 5000 Alloy Plates, 10 Intact Sentient Cores. Top: 5000 Alloy Plates, 10000 Circuits, 5000 Ferrite, 10000 Salvage. Bottom: 5 Tellurium, 5000 Rubedo, 15 Hexenon, 100 Oxium. Raknoid Companion stats and capabilities Statwise I like to imagine a Raknoid to be really bulky to compensate for the large size (for reference, I imagine them being the size of an Aurax Atloc Raknoid), with a specially high amount of armor. So the base stats would be similar to these: 250 Shields 250 Health 750 Armor Of course, depending on the pieces that are used, these stats may be different, but the idea is the same, a big bulky companion that is centered in soaking damage and protect you. Raknoids would be able to use sentinel weapons like a MOA, and a new sentinel weapon could be introduced that fire volleys of seeking missiles, exacly like the weapons that an Aurax Atloc Raknoid have (as well as Grineer's Hellions). As for the abilities, Raknoids would come with their own set of mods, centered in tanking and support. Some of them could be: Magnetized Shields: For 5 seconds, the Raknoid will attract all projectiles to itself. This doesn't prevent the damage to the Raknoid, but its shields will be instantly recovered when this ability is active, with an extra 3000 overshields. Improved Healing Ray: The Raknoid heals the Warframe for 25% of its health and restores its shields. Coolant Shot: The Raknoid shoots coolant to an area near the Warframe, preventing Heat from affecting the Warframe and doing Cold damage to enemies in a 5 meters area for 15 seconds. Charged Tackle: The Racknoid charges forward, dealing 1000 Electric damage to enemies in front of it in 5 meters, ragdolling them. For each enemy ragdolled by the Raknoid, the Racknoid gets 150 extra shields. Profit-Taker Immunity: The Rachnoid is immune to 2 random damage types for every 30 seconds. Exploiter Burst: The Rachnoid heats over the course of 60 seconds and explodes, dealing 5000 Heat damage to enemies in a 7.5 meter radius at the cost of its shields. While heating, the Raknoid will leave poodles of Thermia that deal 100 Heat damage in a 1 meter radius each 5 seconds.
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