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  1. I checked the wiki, you were exactly right. Yeah, I wanted better scaling, but theres also literally no difficulty now
  2. I generally dont do long enough runs to get level 9999, if they only have 470k hp that sounds like a serious issue of difficulty
  3. I can kill level 145's and 170s without bramma, and im an atlas main, i dont use saryn. You went after me instead of the argument. Anyway, if you dont like the WeAk EnEmIeS, just quit playing. The way they used to scale before was absurd, and now its more even. What youre upset about is that enemies of the same level before are weaker. Thats because they now scale differently. So, getting a new star chart starting at a high level sounds like a perfect solution. I advise you to stop whining on every post until the new star map drops, if you clear it all and still have a problem, then call DE. Until then, just either do nothing or fight enemies you claim are too weak. Edit: I might also add I mean no disrespect in any way. This is simply an argument, I for one want a higher enemy challenge since nothings really hard anymore. Im excited for this new star map, and Im hoping its everything most people are hoping itll be.
  4. So because you find the game easy everyone else should suffer by getting worse scaling enemies and lack of fun back?
  5. So I did the weeklys, farmed 10 cephalite, used it on the *redacted*, and i fell off the edge. I was trying to see if I could explore. My issue is I spent hours getting that mere 10, and you have to unlock it with 10 EVERY TIME you enter the scene. Is this a bug or did you intend the unlock to be non-permanent?
  6. There adding a new hardmode, they wont be pathetic anymore.
  7. Why would you add stance forma to her claws? All the stances are the same polarity LOL
  8. Updated, but trying to play says "please restart to update", despite being updated.
  9. I cant even install it. It keeps starting from 1000mb, INSTANTLY going to 1mb, then failing. This isnt my internet, its never happened before in the 7 years I've played. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. I think basmu would be perfect if the cc was increased by 5% on both modes, make it reset sentient resistance on health drain, and a bigger magazine of 35 instead of 21, thats all it needs IMO, either way you guys oughtta really take a look at it and redo it, cuz its kinda bad.
  11. When people are invited to my dojo to trade for a riven, and they try to trade with me/i trade with them, itll say both players need to be MR8, despite both players being MR8+. This has been here already since railjack dropped, and you havent fixed it yet. Please fix
  12. This hotfix broke simulacrum and nobody can enter it now. Cant wait to not enter it for a month.
  13. This update broke kuva again, i keep getting stuck in loading screens for like 7 minutes and having to relog, siphons wont spawn clouds no matter how long the limbs are up for, basmu is still broke buggy and in need of a buff, secondary beam consumes 1 ammo insead of .5 like all other beams, the event is still broke and sends me to scarlet spear lobbies i didnt pick. Also octavia is bugged, her 1 works, but using her 2 on top of it will cause enemies to take no damage.
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