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  1. As the title says, a new breed of kubrow and kavat, kavat and kubrow sentient. The way to get them would be: 1) either to fight a sentient and that the animal absorbs the energy of the sentient. It will therefore be necessary to make footprints of this animal. 2) Either during the incubation give it a sentient heart. therefore different versions depending on the heart.
  2. if it is the elite dropship vape then I recommend the Ananke mission and if it is the aquilla vape then I also recommend the Ananke mission
  3. why the codex bug on pc are not fixed? Its date of 2020 therefore 1 year and still not fixed.
  4. so it's something that is no longer in the game but still in the codex?
  5. In the codex there is an infest to scan and in the wiki they say it's the J3 Jordas Golem but I don't know what it is. this is not the Jordas Golem.
  6. I can't find the diploid rex. On the wiki they say assasnat mission I can't find the diploid rex one. I looked everywhere. I did not find any. if anyone could tell me where to find it in deimos that would be nice.
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