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  1. So that's why i notice today that im playing excavation, A lot of join, then quit again until we're only 2 players left..
  2. You don't need to close in kuva nukor.. what matter is how the weapons work...and the modding is avoid huge diminish return Look for high status pistol to put galvanized status mod there is nothing can beat kuva nukor, the alternative is high status pistol
  3. Use kuva chakkur, go to Onslaught if you have khora use ensnare then aim glide or use zephyr, use 1, then aim at head
  4. The Galvanized status mods is the only left need to repair yet they reach until this update.... and when the patch is done, some comment say the mods is not working again, then until next patch again....And so on and so on....until they reach december then next year... HAYST..
  5. Is either Banshee or Loki....use sonar + gloom and invi avoid attacking you & stealth multiplier which is use Glaive Prime I use bubonico cause of ammo recharge, im not a fan of beam weapon Level 5 seems the weakness is doesn't matter, what matter is body multiplier...
  6. AOE spam on primary guns is a meta now, what about single target, are you plan to make useful on any situation?
  7. You don't need damage abilities, Just use Primary or melee as source of damage Ensnare, Shooting Gallery, and Gloom Ensnare - good grouping enemies and use AOE primary Shooting Gallery - for guns enemy like Grineer and Corpus, they jam enemy guns Gloom - for Infested, cause it's melee they come close to you, so make it slow...
  8. I see this changes is not today but a few weeks, looks another patch again
  9. I see, never try that Condition Overlord, my first Steel Path is the time when Gun buff release
  10. THanks for the fix galvanize status mod, works in projectile now, TESTED IT not in simulacrum but in steel path as well.... but what i notice is that this is following hits to apply the buff And can please increase the drops of Holokeys?
  11. For me my feedback is Fire Rate & Multishot is a THING now... Because heavy units easily beat with this build...Your Riven must be is either critical damage or fire rate...Also that hunter munition proc in 200% critical chance mod with this build
  12. I am now entering Mastery Rank 20, so i decided to do practice instead watch in youtube. and after i experience success on practice and ready to head on qualify button, i have cooldown.. Any encounter this... Maybe i watch on youtube instead practice, Now im gonna wait 24hrs.
  13. This is standard build for Star Chart Mission.. This is Standard Steel Path build That's It..you damaging so well
  14. I have Vastilok and Tannuki set but no Loki Prime, i checked twitch drop only vastilok but no prime...i watch on twitch in about 30mins..Also already have Loki Prime, IS the drop only get Once?
  15. Honestly, i previously got Tenet Tetra before this Hotfix...the red chat appear when im in wave 2 ESO, so this weapon is mastery fodder now...
  16. Thanks..It works and im use the bat. file
  17. Seems I understand that these galvanized mods seperate on each projectile types.. Galvanized (multishot) - these works of all projectile weapons and cannot combine another Galvanized (status) Galvanized (Status) - these works of all Hitscan weapons and cannot combine another Galvanized (multishot) These two galvanized mods is seperate base on players weapon choice I Don't know about Galvanized Headshot...no time to do headshot on Steel Path...
  18. Hi, i don't know if anyone should try this.. Im using Shotgun Kuva Drakgoon + Arcane Dexterity (Primary) + Galvanized Savy + GAS Element and use Ensnare for group enemies pic
  19. Hmmm....i manage to spawn sister in the morning but i ignore the weapon cause i don't like that, and when i try to do it again it won't spawn no matter how many try to repeat the capture mission in pluto>hydra node... is there a limit spawning sister? Same
  20. I Try Galvanized mod Savvy Rank 0 using shotgun on my kuva drakgoon with hunter munition & Viral its good just aim at head... Use Ensnare I try level 115 heavy griner at Simulacrum but never try in Steel Path...
  21. So the next Livestream will be a Sisters of Parvos Update...great
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