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  1. absolutely adorable you may not believe it, but im not into beastiality, nor a furry oy when i attended high school i had someone in my class that really liked goats
  2. thx, and das a good boy
  3. i have the equipment, but am alone, i would get 1 of those machines, but i need a vroom vroom so i can do my work without stealing a family member's
  4. i'd get 1, but they cost precious money
  5. i dunno if it's called anything special, but the cleaver i used is hooked up to a tractor's hydrailic system, it's fairly small, and probably a little old. if it was a like the machine below i could just feed the trees into it instead of grabbing a few with a large claw, cutting them up into individual chuncks, then put it infront of a large blade. It would definantly be a lot faster, probably 4x as fast
  6. not this time, cleaved a bunch of wood last week. luckily i don't feel it as much anymore when standing still and straight, unluckily i'm not done with the cleaving nah, just hurts when i stand still and straight
  7. There is just too much dang work to do i am also trying to paint the rest of my miniatures
  8. i have a lil kitty sleeping on my wrist
  9. i have been summoned, and i have only 1 thing to say mooo
  10. People are posting cows and i don’t even get mentioned 😞
  11. when the enemy thinks they have a bigger flamethrower
  12. but, you're too human to fly SUPERIOR LONG RANGED FIREPOWER
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