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  1. need mooooooooore tooooooooooooyyysssssss
  2. i need more orokin stuff, like movable shinies, other shinies and argon decorations
  3. am praysing the void, my orbiter is full of orokin stuff and sentient trophies
  4. dunno, but youtube keep recommending me these post apocalypse short videos
  5. a dominatrix, a mommy, what fetish will be the 3rd orb have?
  6. i knew i wasn't the only one that thought that the exploit orb has a mommy fetish
  7. But how will i profit from his profit orb or exploit from his exploit orb?
  8. but i only know what their steam profile says
  9. i have someone on steam that calls me senpai, and i don't know what to do
  10. how can you do something so cruel, snow much be free!
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