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  1. Can't wait for the day operator swapping becomes client authoritative, super painful to swap to operator and use void dash when you're not host.
  2. Quest was great except for the fact that my chat box kept showing up during cut scenes. Really annoying and breaks the mood.
  3. Spore changes are nice but the issue with spore not spreading comes from the difficulty that the last enemies are usually too far away for you to reach in-time and hit. Miasma is pretty short range, but I guess it does it make it easier to ping some targets near but out of line of sight. I'll reserve some judgement until I can play with the new decaying change and the guaranteed spread on initial spore.
  4. Oh boy, no more losing my +10k damage ticks.
  5. While you guys are at it, can you make Molt peel off any homing projectiles following the caster? Stuff like Phorid's projectiles, napalms/bombard projectiles.
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