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  1. I know this ain’t got nothing to do with the hotfix, but I tried to order the Lotus Raglan Sleeve Shirt, but it said that there’s no shipping to Denmark. I have ordered eight times without that happening, so I’m a bit confused.
  2. Where will the TennoCon Relay be and when? sorry… I’m hyped 😁
  3. What happened to Interact with kubrow/kavat/pretesite/vulpaphyla? I ask as my vulpaphyla didn’t leave the incubator and I couldn’t interact to get her unstuck.
  4. I saw that the leaded of Perrin Sequence takes a special kind of payment for those weapons he has. Can anyone tell me where to get that stuff?
  5. Got just the decoration i needed to complete the little look at my Arsenal 😁
  6. I just received this on Messenger. I doubt it’s real since i have never heard about this here, on WarFrame’s Facebook or their Twitter… “Congratulations To You Dear Winner You Are One Of The Selected Fans. Your profile has been selected randomly among the lucky fans that will be winning special Cash Explosion Giveaway from our team. And thanks for liking and commenting on our post's Are you ready to claim your prize?”
  7. https://twitter.com/nekrosthereaper/status/1409078073593581571?s=21 I couldn’t help but to notice this full grown Goopolla who’s stranded on PoE. It hurts a shark lover to see that. Will there be a quest in future update where it’s possible to save her from the Grineer?
  8. Exactly. I’m so happy that another Tenno sees this the same way as i do.
  9. I think they mean the skin. It’s for selected rifles only.
  10. Does Basmu accept skins at all? I have a Komorex who’s sentinel weapon just like Basmu, and it doesn’t seem to accept skins.
  11. I saw that Maroo will have some sort of looking for clan thing. Can that be turned off? My leader wants to know.
  12. I have some trouble with my Pirrin crew member. Each time i train him, it keeps resetting after i exit the Crew thing. I am clicking the assign of accept or what it’s called… Anyone else having this problem?
  13. So i buy event stuff from Nakak like with Ticker’s Star Days?
  14. Seeing as requiem mod is the drop Monday, i want to ask this. My current and most likely last Lich has a gun i want, but i also want to keep him as an ally. Should i kill or keep?
  15. This will be my 2nd TennoCon. I bought the digital and merch pack as soon as they came out
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