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  1. I remember my very first time against the stalker YEARS ago. Lights start flicering, and some random starts boasting. Someone from the team puts a mark on the ground, and we wait. Stalker spawns, they all start shooting and so i join in. Then he gets up and...arrow to the face. The end. Yeah, not much of a fight. I also remember on this account when i still had the older stalker spawning, he turned invisible, and stayed invisible for the entire fight. I won, but it sucked. It seems that you have discovered the heart of the people obsessed with "challenge". Just add the new,
  2. There'll be little number tweaks at best, and nothing else. So, the answer is "no". And it sure as hell won't be for anything that would actually require it.
  3. You do realize that this is what people say about anything they are using in a game, regardless of it being true or not? After all, even a trained monkey can press a button, and the fact that you need to press more than one button (occasionally) doesn't change that.
  4. And that is way too much. But as always, the reason people join clans/guilds/whatever is the benefits, not any social interaction that one would expect from it. That's why all multiplayer games add some buffs or something less obvious to entice these people to join one.
  5. So what you're saying is that it DID have Digital Extremes "dedication".
  6. I don't know how long it took for me to try eidolons, but it got old real quick. If i could get all amp parts from the quills, maybe i would bother, but that's not the case. Not going to do it again on fortuna. Besides, any amp is a lot better than mote amp. Pubs don't care, since they most likely aren't any better equipped than you. So, seen any fishers?
  7. Well, first and foremost, turn off invicibility in spy vaults. Until that happens, anything else is pointless. I've never used warframes that have invisibility, and i've never used a silent weapons, so it's not like there is much challenge to begin with, but as long as the option exists, any attempt is just doomed to fail.
  8. No, it's not. It's to make it easier for the company to protect their own asses.
  9. Yeah, like me, i was never 10 years old. I was born fully grown and so i knew better than to do stupid things. /s But really, not everyone is a moron and we should all assume that they wilfully pretend not know better for their personal gain. So the less you interact with others, the better, and if you really want to do that, that's on you.
  10. Ah, indeed, it's the casual ruining your game again, eh? Just like clockwork. Funny, considering the easiest and fastest way to rewards is through cheesing, the best mate of wannabe "hardcore" players in any game. Cue raids and anything even remotely like it. DE will not rework the game to make it balanced, that much is certain. There will never be anything challenging in warframe, that's a fact. At most it will be the same old "more health and damage = difficulty" BS.
  11. Why do they default to dark souls?' Cause of the "difficulty" and how some mooks see it as some achievement. After dark souls, more and more games have totally counter-intuitive and just plain stupid designing, especially in combat, to make it "hard" and it all gets excused just for the sake of "difficulty" ...Yeah, i also hate it, but it's more than just the gaming communities. It's also the game developers. Players have something to prove, hence the BS "difficulty", and developers want to prove that they can make a dark souls, or a souls-like game.
  12. What we should ask DE is: What kind of density do daggers have to make them slower to swing than a heavy blade, a heavy blade that still does a lot more damage and has a longer reach? Yeah, the attack speed is based on max possible weapon damage with a meta build, and nothing else. Obviously even that seems to only hold true occasionally. So what did you expect? Logic and sense? Those things are unknown at DE. Imagine if DE just removed the mods that are the source of the problem. "BuT Muh AchiEveMEnt Of WinnIng AgAINst RNG AnD TIMe WaSTEd "FIGhting" RNG!" Yes, indeed...
  13. Well, it's been more than 7 years. Do you think DE will allow you to turn it off now? There is a point when complaining about it is pointless since they are obviously not listening or simply don't care. I'm sure i've said i want to turn it all off at some point though, and i haven't had this account for that long. Imagine all the people here asking for it for years. That's beating a dead horse that is now nothing but paste. I think the only reason Nora is shoved down our throat is that it cost a lot of money to pay that VA, and since they give her way too many lines than necessary, it cos
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