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  1. It's not hard, but INSANELY EXPENSIVE. I think that all game developers should stop wasting tons and Tons and TOns and TONs and TONS of money on it. Of course it won't happen, which is really sad.
  2. All i want to hear is the final screm/whimper/grunt of pain as the mooks suddenly misplace their legs. Which is to say, why can't we just turn all pop-up window monologue off? Yes, this includes that the pop-up window never even pops up.
  3. Yes, insted nerf based on how it makes the game boring for everyone, including the one using the warframe/weapon. Maybe when they finally push saryn and friends into the dirt, i will return, just to see how every single mission is filled with people using AoE guns to get to the rewards with the same ease. DE should just rework relic missions so i never have to deal with anyone ever again. Ah, that would be beautiful. I can already tell that someone is going to say "you don't HAVE to do it" but we all know that. Should encourage DE to stop obsessively "encouraging" co-op, which is a slimy,
  4. If you are aware of this, why do you act surprised? The only way nobody would complain is that we would all be connected to each other, all sharing the same thoughts as a single unified mind. Seems like a redundent thread.
  5. Ah, dark souls, where some people take their best guess, make a video about it, and everyone who watches it recites it like gospel. Your best guess is still just a guess(i really wish it is YOUR guess). If you enjoy that, then more power to you. I would rather have even a lick of consistency, because the kind of "writing" that dark souls/warframe/japanese crap in general has is just so easy to retcon anything and everything at any time and it won't change anything, because nothing was clear anyway. "Writing" trash like that is as easy as breathing.
  6. I was thinking "maybe i should check what DE did for halloween". Turns out, more deimos, and so i will not return yet. Maybe next time. Thanks for the warning people, saved me from wasting my time.
  7. That's how it always goes. An unknown company that most people don't know about or don't care about who have their cultlike fanbase where the people working at the company want to know what the players want and are intrested in how to improve the game for them. Not exactly like the players want, but they still pay attention to what they request. Then the game becomes popular and all that disappears for trying to milk every dime they possibly can, while ignoring everything the players say, unless they make some social media uproar about it. The cultlike fanbase get replaced with people who
  8. Hey, some people get paid to create drama about every update. Think of the streamers! /s
  9. Hah! That's rich, coming from you. Will "casuals" ruins something in the next update, or is that just your answer to everything? Let me guess: If DE makes the nukers even slightly worse at deleting the entire tileset, "casuals are to blame! ROAR!". Now that is hilarious!
  10. I'm sad to say that it is dead and there isn't really anything worth doing anymore. Maybe when nezha prime comes out i will try to get that because the original was pretty good (never tried the rework, so this is the perfect time) but that propably won't last very long.
  11. In most games, difficulty simply means pumping the enemies full of damage and/or health. This is true for most games, but especially popular in online games. Since it's so easy, and lets people with something to prove flaunt how they did it, it will be recycled until the gaming industry ends. Of course, warframe is no different. The real problem isn't the good ol' "casuals" but the fact that game developers want to get as big of a playerbase as possible to milk as much money as quickly as possible, which means that the games aren't designed properly for anyone, Warframe is a perfect examp
  12. Heh, do you know why this is hilarious? Because the super powerful warframes still swing them like they had never lifted anything heavier than a teacup. Maybe a little exaggeration, but still accurate.
  13. But it's some much faster and cheaper to just throw whatever in there and let people speculate all day long. Then some players can take their best guess and get people to watch their "lore explained" video(HAH!), so they can all pretend they know more than the people who expect some consistency. This is REALLY popular in game "writing". I think i said this on some other post, but soon DE will add time travel and multiverse so they can just forget even the pretence of any sense. After all, game writers love fondling the low-hanging fruit.
  14. The leader of them, Amaryn, is as far from pure humanity as can be. Humans aren't giants and they surely can't float above water/ground. The "purity" simply means what they want it to believe, like all fanatics. More accurately, what Amaryn wants it to mean. In other words, they are a bunch of unhinged people, especially Amaryn. Maybe Amaryn is secretly an orokin who just wants "pure" humanity as a race of slaves for her benefit/amusement?
  15. Hah! Inaros' sarcophagus fall from the ceiling and inaros gets up all wobbly, as is his wont.
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