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  1. So i found out there's a brand new elevator at the back of my orbiter that takes me up INTO my railjack, and then from there i can manually fly it into my dojo drydock with 100% no failure. Going up there was also added as an option to the escape main menu (and im a blind dummy) Sooooo if you have trouble getting your railjack into your drydock, try accessing it from your orbiter. Still, the "call my railjack" button shown at the TennoCon demo isn't functional, i guess that at least still counts as a bug.
  2. How did you get it back? Mine seems permanently gone, havent been able to make it come back even once
  3. Exactly this happened to me too. No Railjack in dojo, consoles for calling it / customizing it are completely dead. I can now watch it hover over my orbiter and absolutely nothing else. Can't host a squad, cant apply my upgrades, nothing 😞
  4. It's a bit ironic because magazine size inevitably WILL contribute ever so slightly to improved DPS... they'd have to limit that slot to purely gun mechanical things like Silence, Recoil, Holstering times
  5. Look at it this way: If the new melee LOOKS awesome but is utterly bad at getting rid of enemies (while it has to compete with stuff like Mesa, Saryn, Ignis Wraith, Beam Kitguns) then noone is going to use it. It'll look very cool. And noone is going to use it. Try using Melee RIGHT NOW in Arbitrations without getting oneshot the second you run into a batch of enemies with a shield drone you didn't take down fast enough. Fun innit? Now imagine doing that without Primed Reach long range melee weapons. Congratulations, now you see why the only way forward is going to be Mesa
  6. We all know it isn't. Why spent 5 seconds slicing up a single trooper (while his buddies are still shooting you!) if you can walk through hallways holding M1 on an Ignis Wraith? (Or on an Amprex, or a Braton Prime, or a Quanta, or whatever doesn't get nerfed after this LOL)
  7. If the goal is to make me hit every enemy five times to kill it with my melee, this sounds like a really stylish way to achieve that goal WIth one minor problem. Melee used to be the only form of damage output that could be scaled insanely enough to deal with the raw amount of health and the absolute one-hitscan-bullet-tap problem that high level enemies pose once they get high enough. We already have a problem with a dynamic in the game right now, where vs endgame loadouts enemies either uselessly melt, or they oneshot veteran players. Theres no middle ground. They pose no intriguing interaction, it's just "kill or be killed" (to quote my favorite flower) With these changes? You can bet i'll be running around with my Ignis Wraith a heck of a lot more. Why bother running into the range of an enemy one finger death punch if i don't get rewarded with sweeping clearance of multiple enemies for doing so? Considering you made it sound like you wanted to bring the rest of melee up to the power level of the typical slide&dice builds this is a surprisingly sweeping sum of nerfs. Each individual one might even make sense, but all at once? I cant see myself even killing Sortie level enemies in melee combat anymore. If i have to hit them half a dozen times, they WILL get a counterpunch in, and currently that counterpunch means most of my non-tank frames are flat on their back, floored by 600-1500 damage. I'll certainly film myself in quite a bit of simulacrum mode tomorrow to have a comparison, but this feels like the already dreaded "goodbye combo damage multiplier" nerf ON TOP of wrecking all the big meta damage mods. It's the stacked nature that makes it overbearing and intimidating. The day a Grineer Grunt with his Cleaver can out-melee my Excalibur, is the day i switch to dumb launcher primaries xD TL;DR read the underlined section
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