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  1. Still no fix for 'graphics settings resetting to default EVERY. TIME. YOU RELOG' bug? Also, 'the longer you stay in orphix venom mission, the buggier your warframe would be' still haven't been patched out even after one month of PC release, I see. I'm stuck at A-posing while jumping around after exiting necramech, other times attack and ability got locked and I can only jump, one time the animation reversed so when I'm jumping forwards the frame looks like it's jumping backward... And guess who's not getting that gold trophy because I'm a solo ghost clan? The event's not even
  2. Please remove Relics from the vaults. They're NOT DESIRABLE at the least in this type of time-consuming content. For comparison: you can farm unvaulted relics in Fortuna missions for rate of about 1 relic in 5-10 minutes, depending on what relic you want. In Plains of Eidolon, it would be longer because the difference of mission types, but it would generally take 10-20 minutes to reliably get one you want (again, depending on what relic). But Deimos Vaults? You are here NOT because of the relics. You wanted specific drops (weapon parts, necramech parts, necramech mods, scintillan
  3. I don't really participate in this type of gifting often, but it sure would be better if we have a compiled list of who wanted which so people can browse that post and gift instead of browsing 10+ pages to see who can they gift to. That being said, my NSW username's the same as this forum username, in all caps. My wishlist is mainly tennogen and deluxe skins (Frost Emperor/Hisame/Ion, Oberon Youkai, Wukong Mithra, Excalibur Zato collection), and syndanas like Joutenheim, Mithra, Naru or Night Hunter, but riven slots would be much appreciated, too!
  4. Oh look, another update that I'm gonna miss for a day or two because my Switch doesn't have enough storage available. Oh, you deleted Warframe and thought 'A fresh download SHOULD download the update too, right?' WRONG. Now it's two days and a half to download the basegame, buy the necessary SD card through Amazon because my city is in total lockdown, and download the 20gigs file. Please DE, every time you do this kind of update, UPDATE THE ESHOP DOWNLOADABLE VERSION TOO. It's far easier to download the already patched version than needing to do this twice.
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