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  1. Hello DE. Can you please fix excalibur umbra transferring problem when i use operator to void dash to some distant location and as i activate transfer to umbra frame i was teleported back at the frame location, instead the frame was sopposed to be teleporting to the operator location as any other frame but the excalibur umbra is not doing that and i don't know why but this is big issue to make the movement bad as you use this frame. This problem is from very long time and it need a fix, so i BEG you DE to fix it and we will be very happy to play with this fantastic frame who very low percent of players are use him. THANKS for every support and fixes and i think that this game WARFRAME is the best if not the only one to listening the players response and you as developers of the game support us and help the game live forever, and we thank you for that. :) Best regards DE.
  2. Can you please fix Excalibur umbra transferring problem?!!!.
  3. Hello DE. i heave one simple request for fashion frame option that i think is need a little detail for more costumization on the frames, so as a RHINO player i was heaving hard time costumizing the colors of the colors for the rhinos IRON SKIN palette and i could't match the colors for the non activated iron skin and it is not affecting the attachments to mach the colors when activated. What i want to ask you is if you can add one more color palette or just for the iron skin color option witch will make it more better for visual standing point. There is one more option also to make the skin sparkles or glow and not affecting the normal colors. THANKS ahead... ;)
  4. well that's nice, thanks.. There is one big issue with excalibur umbra that whenever i use the operator form and travel far away from my umbra and as soon as i press the transfer to thew frame i get teleported back to the frame's position (???) instead the frame to teleport to the operator location it is reversed and this is just for excalibur umbra issue, i don't know why is like that but it makes the gameplay with umbra just not fun to play with this issue. DE please fix this problem because i want to play with my umbra as normal frame. THANKS!
  5. Nice, Thanks for fixing the bugs. there is other problem with the lures while hunting eidolon that they get stacked after hacking them with the operator while in void mode and it cannot follow and just staying on the place where they spawn and there is no way to make them to follow .... idk what is the problem, it get's anoying while you trying to build void strike and trying to hack the lures and it won't follow you after that ... DE please fix this bug THANKS
  6. Thanks for the fixes DE here is one happy tenno...
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