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  1. 15 minutes ago, Soy77 said:

    i actually liked your reply a lot until this sentence.

    in my most honest personal opinion, people who already stop playing warframe should stop getting involved in warframe conversations as well. their replies will mostly be subjective opinions, and none based on current situations in the game.

    but please don't take it negatively. wish you a good day, mate.

    you like free stuff so much?

    gimme your email i'll send you a free virus.

    Not my fault i'm Legendary Rank 1 with most of stuff already owned and there's been like a two months and a half worth of new content in the last two years... You can only run in circles in your orbiter for so long watching recycled events like thermia fractures , ghoul invasions, balor fomorians and having intermissions repeat over and over again before moving on to games that get regular content through out the year... But yeah, I really have very little drive to watch Rebecca do a random 20 wave defense mission on stream for a grab bag that gives me the same floof five days in a row, let's leave it at that.

    If it's any consolation i still log on everyday, see there's nothing new to do , then log off... Which means i'm probably as active as 85% of the vets that still "play" this game...

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  2. I really despise grab bags myself. Stopped watching DE livestreams since they became the norm. In the past you simply checked the drops for the week, saw which streams had cool drops you really wanted (like the Teshin Statue,  a Shawzin you didn't have or a Warframe Articula), then you just had to watch the stream and get your drop. Simple, clean, efficient !! I was excited each week to check what drops were supposed to be there each day of the week, and would make sure not to miss any stream that had a cool deco I didn't own.

    With grab bags, you usually get a vague description like "Cetus grab bag"... And you have to google what's included in said bag, and if there's anything you care about in them. Rewards in the actual grab bag are usually rather terrible (small amount of common ressources, floofs, maybe a random lens, stuff you can usually get in-game with minimal effort) , and when you do want , let's say one specific decoration item in a grab bag like a Konzu Noggle , there's no way to ensure you get it either. It's all RNG... As if we didn't have enough RNG in our gaming sessions already !

    So you start watching a stream, only to get a duplicate of an item you already have 25 of. There's no duplicate protection either, so the next day, you get the same duplicate item , pissing you off even more... The Week ends, the grab bag is now gone and you simply didn't get that one item you wanted... Really sucks since you just essentially wasted a week watching streams only to miss out on the one item you really wanted to get...

    So yeah, I'm no longer even bothering to pretend to care about watching a bunch of WF devs playing a game I've already played to death and I can't bring myself to play anymore since there's no content for a small % chance the drop I get is relevant to me.

  3. 3 minutes ago, LillyRaccune said:

    I think you are mistaken. The game will only consume one charge from your requiems. When you go into the Saturn Proxima mission, you will not be using any of your requiems.

    Hmm , guess i'll try... Seems really strange tho to consume the requiems before you go fight the lich in his capital ship, especially considering it's the combination that's supposed to allow you to kill it for good, and in that case, I would be stabbing him with two broken mods.

  4. Just had this bug happened to me.

    Had the following combination before encountering my Lich to test the final combination: Fass (1 Charge) , Jahu (3 Charges) , Lokh (1 Charge).

    I get the right combination , and my lich flees to Saturn Proxima.

    When I get back to the ship, I check my lich's info page and I notice my Parazon has two broken mods. It now shows :

    Fass (Broken), Jahu ( 2 Charges), Lokh (Broken).

    My guess is that you guys forgot to remove the mod consumption when striking the Kuva Lich when you updated them to go to their Proxima Node... Meaning people are now double dipping in terms of requiems.

  5. TBH probably just need to remove the lowering of the anger bar when you stab your lich. Feel like the main reason why one would avoid to stab their lich is because of this, and it doesn't even really make any sense anyway (why does stabbing someone make them less angry at you) ?

    If that case, the only reason people would have not to stab their lich would be to avoid it getting stronger, which would be fine as an option for lower lvl players, especially if the other players were to get half the murmurs for downing it with the host's help.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, EmberStar said:

    If you're so entitled that you think PUG are there to serve your needs, just use Recruit Chat and form an Always Stab team.  Otherwise, you get what you get in a PUG.

    That's kind of a nonsensical argument.  It's like saying it's ok to AFK leech farm XP in places like Hydron and that people should not complain about it and make "No leeching" groups in Recruit Chat...

    People are angry about lich afkers because they are being selfish and bad sports, and this is exactly the topic to vent about this !

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  7. 16 minutes ago, EmberStar said:

    IF DE did not want people to be able to avoid stabbing, they wouldn't have ADDED the mechanic.  It didn't originally exist, it's something they deliberately chose to add retroactively once the Lich system was in-game.

    IE, if they didn't want people to do it, they wouldn't have written to code to make it possible.  This isn't some accidental discovery of some game mechanic interaction that isn't necessarily obvious (such as Larva being *really* good on Protea, because she can zoop enemies into a ball and her turrets will fire into that hitting multiple targets and scaling to crazy amounts of damage.)

    *Edit*  And again, there's an inherent trade-off.  Which is what I was discussing with TarnUnit above - according to them, I'm spending far LONGER than necessary gathering murmers in exchange for (on average) still probably fighting a level 3 Lich to beat the weapon out of them at the end.

    It's not exactly what happened though. When the released liches at first they didn't even consider the fact players would not stab their liches... Which caused problems because there was often an asshat that would not stab theirs , which would lead to players fighting the same lich over and over with no stabbing ever occuring , and would block the spawning of other player's liches.

    As a solution, they implemented a way for other players to down another player's lich a couple of times , leading him to vanish, allowing at least to stop the annoying lich from blocking the spawn from other players. At the end of the day it's a band-aid solution just because they can't force a player to stab their lich, but they have to find a way not to screw other players.

    Personally I would love it if other players would at least get the murmurs when stabbing another player's lich, but then again that would probably cause people to kill other player's liches before the lich's host even has time to get there, so there's no perfect solution here. I guess giving maybe half the murmurs for a kill versus a stab , but only for the player's that are not the lich's progenitor would be a good compromise.

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  8. Not stabbing her is a selfish, asshat move. You're deprieving other players of a decent amount of murmurs , some free kuva for liches and you're making it harder for their own lich to spawn. You're basically leeching on the other player's lich stabbing murmurs without contributing yourself. You're basically a parasite wasting everyone's time and hogging a slot that could be used by a proper lich-stabbing teammate that contributes to the effort.

    And for what, because you're scared of your lich being slightly stronger ? Or because you don't want to "waste a stab"... Well guess what, a stab is a stab, and you will still learn more from a couple blank stabs than just avoiding the lich, It's not like not stabbing her will guarantee she will spawn the next mission or anything either, sure there's an anger meter, but it's not as simple as that.

    So yeah , if you're too chicken to fight your lich or want not to stab her , just play solo or find a dedicated no stabbing group... But hey you won't do that because it's better to leech on other player's stabbing murmur progression, right !

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  9. Tbh the Tennos aren't exactly heroes.

    For one they toppled the Orokin Empire, essentially putting the origin system in the dark ages for quite a few years... Even though the Orokins were pretty corrupt and exploitative of the general population (especially the part when they basically kidnapped children from their colony to transfer their oro into their bodies through kuva in the continuity ritual) ... Still a pretty huge betrayal for them to outright murder the entire ruling hierarchy before going into cryosleep, letting the survivors fight for scraps in the ruins of the empire.

    Nowadays they perform "balance" aka murdering entire ships of corpus, grineer and infested to avoid one faction becoming too dominant, or so they say.

    They do help a couple of small settlements (fortuna, cetus) and a couple hostages or people from syndicates, but usually, it's essentially motivated by loot, just like how they will gladly slide with grineer or corpus if they offer to pay an orokin reactor.

  10. Simply put, if you're one of those asshats that don't stab your lich, then play solo . If you're playing Coop , and you're not stabbing your lich, you're just wasting everyone else's time and depriving them of a huge chunk of murmur progression / endo / kuva while keeping their own liches from spawning. Yes, the Grineer Kuva liches do spawn a couple murmurs during their boss fights, but it's no reason to avoid killing a lich, especially since you'll still be able to farm these guys after stabbing the big guy.

    So man up , learn to handle lvl 5 liches already and enjoy the fact you can start testing combinations every step of the way, instead of annoying everyone then getting the three requiems and having zero idea the order to put them in... The nerve some people have to go into a public game and not to stab their lich while everyone has to take them out three times for zero rewards just so they can get them out of the way for their own liches to spawn kills me !

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  11. Ash is still great. One of the rare frames in the game where you can pretty much have a viable build for all of his abilities.

    Armor Stripping Shurikens, one-hit-kill fatal teleports, stealth 4x multiplier killing, heck even bladestorm. It's a shame they nerfed marked for death, as it was was essentially an instant bladestorm that was less clunky to use, but imho bladestorm is fine although a little clunky to target with.

    Yes he's kinda lacking in crowd control, but you have good aoe Primaries and Secondaries to fix this anyway , so it's not such a big deal.

    And yes there's tons of broken "clear a whole room" frames that work better in some situations, but hey, some people actually want to play the game and use their frame's toolkit, and ASH is a pretty solid package overall (a pretty tanky stealth frame that can go invis, strip armor , oneshot high level enemies with teleport and last very long in endurance runs is nothing to scoff at). Imho Loki is the one that deserves some love, as his decoy is pretty crappy, his switch teleport is clunky and borderline useless, his irradiating disarm kinda makes high level enemies more dangerous leaving him with only a slightly longer invis than ash (but that cost more energy to cast and without the AOE smoke screen cc).

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  12. I think it's the Nox's death detonation that causes this... Pod went from 300 shield 40000 Hp to mission failed in a second at the end of wave 10...

    Also had a similar thing happen with a hostage in a Sister Mission. Reached the mission extraction and the hostage immediately got downed and died without even having a second to heal her back up...

  13. Honestly it's really underwhelming. Worse part, at a glance to most people it looks like you're a MR1, as the diamond logo isn't particularly visible on most glyphs... And the bronze logo really pushes this even deeper... Add to the fact the majority of people have no idea how each of the level's symbols look and you got recipie for MR31s feeling like they look like noobs. Liked being a MR30 Master with a cool gold icon way more than being a bronze MR 1 ^ Player

    Kinda regret doing the test now...

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  14. Honestly , now that everyone is running around with gigantic angel wings, it's hard to take the art style as seriously as before.

    But yeah it's best to accept it. There's alot of variety in this game when it comes to cosmetics and fashionframe, and if someone wants to play with a pink rhino with wings that has Wisp's ass sway animation, there's nothing to stop him from doing so.

    For Yareli, you can choose to fashionframe her in a non-anime way, and you can always use different idle animations if you find those too corny. Besides I doubt a Kdrive based frame will see much use after the initial week.

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  15. They definitively need to rework the Larvling part of the equation, as it's by far the worse part of the whole process nowadays, especially as they keep adding more weapons and diluting the pool. When you have to run the same mission 75 times in a row like I did a couple days ago to get the weapon you wanted (a bad roll at that too), and you realize they are adding three more weapons to an already bloated system where you can't influence the weapon the liches carry... Good luck getting the weapon you want when you have a 1/20 chance of it being the right weapon.

    And don't get me started on the Sisters version, which seems insanely more grindy. For one, you now have to do the mission AND a granuum void each time you want to roll the slot machine, and if you don't get the roll you wanted, you basically wasted a granuum crown and you have to wait like five minutes for the treasurer to spawn to recover it not to get into negative coins real fast... Making it impossible to do quick capture runs like you do with Kuva Larvlings to roll the slot machine every minute or so... It's one thing to run a one minute mission 75 times that you could also abort about rolling the lich, but running a five minutes mission 75 times... That's something entirely different... Especially since you can't even abort it since you need to recoup your granuum crown.

    Granted there will in theory be less Corpus Sister weapons at launch , but it's still a problem, especially once you have most of the weapons and you just need that last one.


    We need a way to influence what weapons the lich can carry, just like we can influence the element by using specific frames. Here's my proposal.

    • The game uses the weapon used for the larvling kill to determine the weapon that spawns.
    • For example, if you use a Karak on a Lich, he will have a X% chance of having the Kuva Karak. Percentage could depend on how much DE wants the process to be streamlined or not... Personally I would put 100%, but I could see them going for something like 60% or even lower to still require multiple runs, but give a way to target farm still.
    • For weapons that have no other pre-existing variations (like the Kuva Bramma, Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Chakkur, Kuva Hammer Thing ), the game would either check all weapons of that category , or a specific weapon that's close in spirit to the weapon in question (Ex: Either all bow kills would have a chance to get you a Kuva Bramma or all Daikyu kills would since it's probably the closest bow in shape and size with the Bramma ).
    • Or they could leave the new weapons as only being attainable as a random drop at first, then you could use your existing Kuva Bramma to farm further versions for Valence Fusion.
    • For weapons not on the list of weapons that influence the weapon probability, they would retain the current behaviour of generating random drops. Basically if there's no corpus Nikana, feel free to use a nikana to kill your larvling if you want a truly random weapon with no weighting.

    TLDR: Just allow us to kill the larvling with the weapon we want (ex: a karak) to give a large % chance of the lich having a Karak. There's nothing fun running the same mission over and over to reroll the weapon a guy has. And please no more giving Mastery Rank on each Sister Weapons formas. It's such a chore to level up all these weapons five times, even stuff we don't like... Make the 5 forma thing optional.


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  16. Doubt that's gonna happen since it would cut off in their business model too much. This would affect the sales of weapon slots , formas, reactors, catalysts, exiluses and other similar things), as people could just try out everything with perfect rolls, then only actually buy the cream of the crop weapons that "pass the test" so to speak. Would also kinda devaluate the need to keep alot of the stuff in your arsenal if you can just play with it whenever you want in the simulacrum to see if it's worth rebuilding when the meta changes. Plus it would render 90% of existing WF youtube content pointless since well, everyone can test that new gun at max potential anyway ,so  no need to watch youtubers that put the time and effort on reviewing the builds.

    Also it's pretty clear from interviews with Scott he's not a big fan of the simulacrum and he would prefer testing to be done in-game than in a staged environment , so I doubt there will be that much further developments on making simulacrum ... gasp... even better at not forcing anyone to level up stuff and put the efforts on leveling their builds.


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  17. Really not a big fan of Command 10 Either, for the following reasons:

    • For one it makes all the time and resources we spend farming our current crew meaningless, as they will become instantly obsolete the second the update drops. I literally checked Ticker daily since pretty much the launch of the corpus railjack, collecting what is essentially a perfect crew of at least one member of each faction that looks cool / has a nice name / had good hp values / had a cool voice and the stats I wanted... Now all of them will be thrown in the garbage to make room for a new crew with similar stats , but with a perk !!! Wow exciting ! ... Especially after you guys said you would eventually be able to train and level up our crewmembers, was expecting to at least be able to keep improving my existing crew that I was attached with....
    • Speaking of which , it totally devaluates the roleplay and attachment we have with our crew. Why even make a system where you can build a crew with personalities if you force your players to get rid of the crews with each update ... I mean, I like my engineer with the Fett surname, I've colored her like Boba Fett and I like having her around my ship... Well, time to end her contract so I get a 10% damage increase on my turret... I'll surely care as much about the new random that takes her place.
    • We talk alot about band-aid mods and similar situations where you put essential core features on niche clunky to use item or feature for no reason, but I feel this is should be a core feature and not something tied to a Command 10 Intrinsic. Why can't all 10 stat current existing crewmembers just get a new perk and just ditch this whole "reward that's not really a reward" thing. Rank 10 should be gamechangers, I can think of tons of cooler ideas, like the following:

    Suggestion for Rank 10 Command :  Specter AI Control Module - Hitting your deployed Necramech with void energy will activate it and it will fight alongsides the player (with more hp since it probably will have trouble staying alive and possibly a feature where it goes back to idle / cooldown repair mode after taking too much damage instead of dying). Can also use void energy to activate your Warframe to give it umbra-like sentience for the rest of the mission, allowing you to have your frame / necramech / lich and operator fighting at once in some situations.

    Best part : It's already pretty much implemented... I mean we can already summon specters of our frames with our consumables, and there's some rudimentary Necramech AI that's being used by them when you meet them in the wild in Deimos which I assume could work to some extent when expended on factions other than infested... maybe...

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  18. I don't really see how this is a huge problem, it's a pretty niche playstyle / combo that doesn't really see much use in the community.

    There's tons of combos that makes frames nearly immortal, and although this one is probably cheaper to set up than some more expensive combos requiring arcanes and multiple mods, and the shield gating combo requires constant rolls to refresh and tight shield gating timings to work, which is a playstyle most people don't really want to use...

    Add to the fact 95% of the game's content is easy anyway and doesn't require such tactics and it does seem like it's such a big deal. I mean it's your call if you want to forgo other survivability mods and rely on perfectly timed rolls and shield gating to survive, personally I would rather have other mods and combos that don't force me to roll all the time to survive.

    As for long endurance runs, tbh it's good that there are combos that can work there... Since part of the community wants to do this. No need to nerf the few builds that can handle such content.

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