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  1. I just experienced the same thing except the group I was with immediately went into the granum void as soon as the mission started, myself excluded since I don't have the quest done. They spent 2 minutes in there, all the while enemies would still spawn but no storms/fissures and not a single reactant dropped. Once they returned from the void the enemies barely spawned at all and with only 30 seconds to go out of the 5 minutes the entire group had only managed to get four reactant.
  2. The last few excavation missions I've run I've noticed that the health bars for the excavators will just randomly start disappearing. Not exactly sure what's causing it as sometimes it'll show them and other times it won't. Seems to be really prevalent with the void fissure missions.
  3. Have been trying to farm toroids at the space port and enrichment labs for little duck but it's seems like no matter what I do the mobs always stop spawning at the locations after just a few minutes, even with alert level 4 and beacons all over the place. The only way I've found to get them to start spawning again, is to break all the beacons and completely leave the area and then return. Essentially restarting it all. But the spawns once again just stop after a few minutes. Even with a resource booster and nekros, it's becoming incredibly time-consuming trying to farm these toroids.
  4. Forgot to post this the other day when it happened. A couple of days ago, half way through the boss fight with her, she disappeared behind one of the doors and completely locked the fight. All three of us ended up having to quit out because there was simply no way to attack her while she was stuck behind the door.
  5. Just ran a nightmare mission that was the exterminate in Deimos. Brought the vault keys and opened the vault. At mission end, I received the corrupted mod but no nightmare mod for completing the nightmare mission. Only received the corrupted mod from the vault.
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