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  1. Even if we get duplicates on an A-B rotation, it still means we're getting duplicates, and we're having to waste our charges on our Parazon mods to get rid of that Lich. I don't see how this is so hard to understand. What's worse is the fact that once you get to say, 12 of the 13 weapons, you still have 13 weapons in the drop table. That means if you need the Kuva Brakk, and your current Lich has the Kuva Karak and you kill it, there are STILL 11 other weapons plus yours that can drop next. I forgot the exact numbers, but I believe you "increased" the chances of getting the Kuva Brakk by 0.3. Normally I'd go through all the math, because that's kind of my thing, but at this point I just don't care enough. The Kuva Liches are "on the right track", but the amount of grind and RNG these things have kinda kills it. If I'm going to grind, I want my grind to be worth while. That's the main reason I don't do Bora Snorewave anymore. The only reward she has of value is the Umbra Forma, and her cred offerings don't appeal to me since I've been around long enough to have those already. She isn't rewarding, and sadly the Liches are in a similar position right now. Their weapons, while unique, aren't enough of an improvement to warrant this level of frustration. We waited over 2 years for this system to come out. And what we got is... Half baked.
  2. Yeah, there are lots of bugs in this game. Last I checked, projectile weapons weren't dealing damage for some reason, and none of Ivaras powers were working. One would think after 2 years and some amount of months, an update like the Kingpin system would've been polished before release. To each their own on these Exilus I guess. I never found use in them. Would rather spend less ammo killing something than the ability to refresh my reserves after emptying an entire mag into a sponge. Or use Ivara instead of Hush. Or use Sonicor for specific situations than everything under the sun. Yeah, I too dismantle basically everything. If it's not Rampage, High-Impact Reserves, specific barrels and mags, it's being trashed for the shards. But there are still worthwhile grinds. Some weapons are under Y1 and can't be modded, while another weapon of similar RPM can be since it's Y2 or Y3. Stuff like that. And of course there are the Exotics. But I bring those games up because they give you power so you can take on more powerful things. Anyways, speaking of D2, I kind of wish the Lich system copied the Menagerie system. Slot 1 will determine if you get a Primary, Secondary, Melee, or Archgun. Slot 2 will determine the type of gun, like Shotgun, Launcher, Pistol, etc. Slot 3 will determine the damage bonuses, like Radiation, Impact, Heat, etc. It would remove alot of grinding for sure. Sure, you may still get duplicates of the Karak, but at least you can keep farming for the weapons in the Primary category without worrying about getting a Brakk or whatever.
  3. 1: I said most because most do when you account for the MR10+ weapons, or even some of the Dojo weapons. Yes, there are weapons that don't have an innate polarity, but these weapons aren't meant for vets. Like you said, there are some weapons aimed at the MR20+ who do Lv 120s. The Soma Prime, which DE has gone on record to state on livestream, was meant to be a weapon that anyone can use. It's not great, but it's not garbage. But weapons like Opticor or Arca Plasmor are weapons that are powerful and have specific uses. Are they used for everything? Yeah, because the uses these weapons are meant to fulfill aren't being implemented in meaningful ways. You could use the Opticor to kill Eidolons, but it works just as well killing Alad V for the Nonillionth time. You could use the Arca Plasmor to deal with Arbitration drones hiding behind a bunch of invul enemies, but it also works for speed running a basic mission. 2: Before we got Weapon Exilus, would you have needed the 4th? And outside of a mutation or projectile speed Exilus, what is there to use? It's nice to have the option to slap these normally useless mods onto our weapons, but in most cases they aren't needed. Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon need the speed one, great. What about the Tonkor? Opticor? Boltor? Euphona Prime? Before this update, the ONLY weapons I used a mutation or speed mod for was the Sonicor. I either used Carrier for ammo case, or I used all 3 of my weapons in mission. 3: The weapons aren't hard to get. Day 1 I burned through around 7 Liches trying to get a Tonkor. These weapons are RNG drops, nothing more or less. There's no challenge there. If I really wanted to, I could grind out every single Kuva weapon before this week ends. I don't feel like bashing my head against the wall for that long though. I've gotten burned out on this game so many times, I can guarantee that would do it. 4: Yes, Warframe needs a name change to Grindframe. But when you look at other games, like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Destiny 2, Archeage, and various other MMOs, they make the grind WORTH something. They give us raids, which aren't limited to once a day, and the rewards from those raids are actually good. Warframe gives us a giant meat shield that drops Arcanes that helps us kill more enemies we're already too powerful for. These Arcanes don't help us with raids, because we don't have those anymore. And even if they did help us with raids, they would only be once a day things. They don't help us with sorties, because they don't have any special enemies or require special tactics. And even if they did help us with sorties, they are only once a day things. 5: I'm MR27, with nothing to do. I could easily take an unranked, unmodified frame and weapon through the star chart solo and crush it on the large majority of things. Only "issues" would be the bosses with more invul phases I care to deal with. But my original point still stands regardless. Viral+Slash kills things, and quickly. Soma Prime with Hunter Munition and Viral. Plenty of killing power right there.
  4. If my current Kohm has 55% radiation, and the Kohm my current Lich has is only 30% radiation, how does transfer help me? Just curious, as the way I understand it, transfer only transfers the stats to the weapon, not combine the stats, which means the 30% radiation weapon I would receive from vanquishing my current Lich would be weaker than the Kohm I got from my previous Lich. DE, right now we brute force the Parazon combinations because farming Murmurs takes longer than it needs to. Great, you reduced the first 2 phases to 60%, but then to "compensate" for that, you made the third phase 140%. That literally changes nothing. I'm still going to brute force the third Parazon, because it's faster to go through 6 mods than 20 Thralls. I can literally go into a mission solo, wait for my Lich to spawn, try a combination out on it, then either abort the mission if my combination was wrong, or finish the mission if I was right. If I'm farming Murmurs, I have to kill Thralls and finish the mission in order for the progress to count, and depending on the mission type, it's faster to abort when wrong than to finish Thralls.
  5. Acceltra has a Dash. Burston has a V. Nagantaka has a V. Three quick examples I know that don't require a Forma to build or are variations. If I really wanted to find more, I'm sure I could, I just chose these at random from the Wiki. And even if we go with the whole "It costs a Forma" angle with Dojo weapons, the Arca Plasmor, another weapon I picked at random, has 2 Vs, not 1 V, thus making the Forma basically free. If we want to compare weapon to weapon, Kuva Kohm has no polarities, while the normal one has a D. Both Karaks have a V. Boltor has a D, Prime has a V and D. And I already addressed the fact we might have to change polarities. But the point still remains the same. Maybe I can't build Corrosive, but I can go Viral until I can get rid of the D.
  6. Ya'll gonna do anything about duplicate Kuva weapons? I got a Kuva Kohm at 55% radiation a few days ago. My current Lich has a Kuva Kohm at 35% radiation. Infusion doesn't help unless I can give my current Kuva Kohm a full 90% radiation through infusion. I don't even like the Kohm to begin with, it wastes so much ammo, but if I want a new Lich I have kill or convert my current one. That's no good DE. Grinding should be worthwhile. And getting a weapon that's weaker than what you currently have isn't worthwhile. I've all but abandoned the Kuva Lich system until it gets overhauled. Would rather grind out Vitus Essence and Kuva, the only two things I've been doing and the things that cause me to get burned out and bored, than play a slot machine that gives garbage when you do eventually win the "jackpot".
  7. So... The weapon fusion thing is nice and all, but what happens if you don't get a better version of a weapon you own? We STILL have to burn our Parazon mods to get rid of the Lich. Most people solo the Larvaling as is, so the whole opt-in thing won't change much. If anything, it'll just make things MORE toxic than they are already. Let' say me and the Host are wanting a new Lich. Let's say I end up getting the kill. The Host can easily quit the mission, cause a migration, which may end up not granting you a new Lich. If people want Liches, they solo the creation. If they don't, then yeah, this is a good change. But for those that want the Lich, this will just cause kill steals. Can you address people not dealing with their Liches in a mission somehow? Too many people ignore their Lich in mission and allow it to cause chaos. I've failed way too many Interceptions, Defenses, Mobile Defenses, and Excavations because the owner doesn't want to rank up their Lich, and let's the Lich kill the objective. It also prevents other players from spawning their Lich when they know the Parazons they need to kill theirs. Make it so the Lich constantly teleports to it's owner so they're forced to deal with it, or make the Lich vanish after 30 seconds of ignoring, anything.
  8. That's NOT a bonus. Most weapons have innate polarities, which saves us Forma. For example, the Pyrana Prime comes with 2 V slots, which means I only need 3 Forma to fit on my Amalgam, both crit primes, hornet strike, a riven, with 24 capacity left over. That's THREE Forma, not FIVE. If I want to add on an Exilus, I could just use a FOURTH to get the capacity needed. That's still an entire Forma cheaper. The Chakkhurr I have is only 2 Forma and I already have enough capacity to fit on basically everything I need for it. Maybe I use a third to add on Zoom or some garbage to fill the Exilus slot. Most of us have hundreds of Forma saved up, and players like Rahetalis use up dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands now, of Forma on their stuff. Rank 40 weapons go up to 80 capacity with a potato installed. Not everyone is going to use a riven, or prime mods. I have this stuff, so I use them. Nothing to use my endgame gear against granted, but I still use them. But joe blow might not want to mortgage his car to buy a Tonkor riven. Or maybe he doesn't like the Tonkor. Do you honestly expect him to waste Forma for the sake of wasting it? Rahetalis loves to waste Forma, but joe blow might not. Now look at the Paracisis. At rank 40, it has a special passive that deals with Sentient enemies. There's a REASON to get it to rank 40 beyond mastery fodder. Kuva weapons have NO REASON. Once you put 3, maybe 4 Forma into one of the weapons, you don't need anymore, unless you need to burn a Forma getting rid of a crap exilus polarity (Seriously DE, why not make them blank? Warframe Exilus slots are blank). My Tonkor was exactly like that. I had to burn my fifth Forma to correct the Exilus slot. Had it been blank, I could've saved it for another weapon.
  9. Remember, Paracesis has this function too. But at least that weapon had a reason to put 5 Forma in it, namely the innate bonus against Sentients per rank. I feel like these Kuva weapons should have a bonus similarly. Maybe each rank will allow it to deal more damage against Grineer enemies, or at least against the Kuva based variants? What DE seemed to forget is that for each rank gear get, the gear gets 1 to 2 capacity, At 5 Forma, with maxed out Prime mods, a maxed out Riven, an Exilus, and 5 blank slots, my Tonkor has 3 capacity left over, which may not sound like a lot, but I could easily replace both 90% elementals with the 60% versions to save 8 capacity.
  10. Grendel needs some massive buffs... And I don't mean upgrading to the all you can eat buffet either. First, why does his 1 need to vomit up enemies, when his 3 does that already? Second, why does his 2 need to have random buffs? Third, why does his 3 have like no damage or utility? Fourth, why is his 4 so weak and useless? Fifth, if 2-4 require his 1 to activate, why not make them synergize more? I'd suggest changing his hold 1 from vomitting to a small self heal based on the amount of enemies in his stomach. Something like 5 health per enemy. I don't really think having 10 enemies in your stomach to heal 50 health would be worth it, but it would be better than what it is now. I'd also make his 2 give buffs based on the amount of enemies in his stomach. Something like 3 enemies gives buff A, 6 enemies will give buffs A and B, 9+ enemies will give buffs A, B, and C, that way you're rewarded for eating more than one enemy. I'd also make his 3 leave a bile patch on impact, that way his 3 can have more utility and be used for more than yeeting enemies off the map. His 4, I've no idea how to make it decent. Right now it's just a meme. Maybe instead of a meatball of moderate annoyance, it could be a stomp similar to Rhinos, but instead of suspending stuff in the air Grendel could knock enemies over and open them up to ground finishers?
  11. Well, DE only has around 25 or so hours to get this update out. Considering everything thats happened already *coughcoughroadmapcough* I wouldn't be surprised if the release date is pused back yet again. To those annoyed at all the demanding and complaining, remember that this game hasn't received content in at least 6 months, and many would argue we haven't had meaningful content in about a year or longer. We want to shoot Grineer, not play a space themed version of IMVU or Google Chat.
  12. @[DE]Connor Once again, you show your folly or flagrant disregard for actual stats. Pyrana nerfed? Rattleguts nerfed? As many have already stated, the majority of people right use now the Catchmoon, so why nerf these two weapons? That makes no damn sense. Nerfing the Zhuge the day Wukong Prime Access goes away is a slap in the face to people who bought the package. You're outright saying "Well, this weapon isn't going to bring us any money now, time to nerf it and move onto the next". Again, give us REASONS. Why are you making these changes, both good and bad? Many of us will say some of these changes are needed, because the weapons in question are strong enough without a riven, or needs the help of a riven. But when you make these odd changes, you leave us confused and angry. Conner, I'm challenging you to do some livestreams where all you do is test rivens. Do some hour long survivals, do some Infested Emissary, do some Arbitrations. Go gather some meaningful data instead of looking at popularity of x weapon in y mission type. You may be surprised at how weapons you thought were really powerful actually preform in a broader use case.
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