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  1. Has Conner reared yet to explain these changes yet? I stopped playing when the nerfaning happened. Haven't even bothered farming the new Primes yet, as all my time currently is invested in Elder Scrolls Online. The new Prime gear would get me to the next MR, but I just don't care enough right now since eventually my time playing will be devalued. Really curious as to why he thinks these changes were just though. As others have said, there's no reason to use the Hind or Pyrana over other weapons, like the Soma or Catchmoon, Riven or not. The Hind has piss poor stats, even WITH a Riven, when compared to even the base Soma WITHOUT a Riven. A 300% crit chance Riven doesn't even get it to 50% crit chance, whereas a base 150% crit chance gets Soma to 75% crit chance. This is why we don't use the Hind. Other, better options exist. You can say the Hind is a MR 0 weapon all you want, but @Fire2box Riven is MR16. Doesn't matter if the weapon itself is MR 0, when the Riven for said weapon is at minimum MR 8. The Soma is MR 6. Someone whose MR 6 can use the Soma with a fully maxed out Point Strike long before they could use the Hind with a MR 16 Riven, or even the Hind with a MR 8 Riven. It makes no sense, as by the time you DO reach MR 16, you could be using BETTER weapons, like the Opticor or Arca Plasmor, instead of the Hind.
  2. Hawk197

    Update Failures

    I had to completely uninstall all traces of the game, then reinstall. Nothing else worked.
  3. I reply when people fail to understand something. Which seems I have to try and explain again. 1: It's been known for awhile that video games require time and effort. Like, it's been like that since the 6th century, when Chess was invented. If you want to be good at something, you put time into it. Yes, games are meant to be fun, but when you put time into that game, your time should be valued. My math shows why it should be valued to. Now, I may not be the right person to talk about the other side of gaming, but for people like AGGP, DKDiamanties, Quite Shy, Rahetalius, and other content creators, a game is also work, as not only do you have to spend time playing said game, you now have to spend time editing a video to upload. If you spent a week farming Kuva to make a video about a Riven, only for that Riven to then be nerfed, you not only had your time in game wasted, but now you have editing hours wasted too, as you could've spent that time on another video. 2: This game is full of grind. If you don't want to spend money, you grind. That simple. If you want Frost but aren't willing to pay, you farm the parts, then the materials to make the parts. Nothing in this game is handed to you for free. Grinding/Farming is just a word to describe the action in which you are wasting your time. This game is designed on the principle that you have to spend time on it, and when you spend time on it, you get rewarded. These changes are not rewarding the effort that was given. 3: Rather I'm right or wrong is personal opinion. But mature? Please, I've yet to attack anyone. Instead of trying to evaluate my maturity, why don't you instead debate like an adult, and leave the mud flinging to children and politicians? I've given my reasons as to why these changes are bad, and how to fix these issues. If you need a quick refresher, here you go. A: We need to know the whys certain things are changed, not some vague statement about some mysterious power scale that only DE knows about. B: We need to be compensated in some fashion, like how we are refunded or given extra Forma when Warframes and Weapons are changed. C : Current Rivens should be locked to their current owners, and new Rivens should be created, or Rivens for certain weapons should be locked to owners and removed from the pool. Any of these three would be acceptable. And believe me, if I were to attack someone, you'd know. I'm not one for discretion. I'm not politically correct either. If I'm attacking someone, I tell it like it is, even if my statements offend someone or gets me in trouble.
  4. Work is the correct term, and it's a real term. Here's some simple math for you. Let's say you have really bad luck, and you have to roll a single Riven 70+ times to get decent stats for it, like +Critical Chance and +Infested Damage. It costs 19,959 Kuva to go from 0 to 10 rolls. At 11 to 70 rolls, you're spending 210,000 Kuva, plus the original 19,950 Kuva to get to 10, for a grand total of 229,950 Kuva. For the sake of easy math, let's say you get 200 Kuva every minute in Kuva Survival, and you run for 1 hour, giving you 12,000 Kuva per run. To get 229,950 Kuva, you would need to do 19.1 runs, or 19 hours and 10 minutes. Let's assume you're a high school or college student, so you have things like Homework, football practice, and such, leaving you 3 hours a day to play Warframe. You would need to play just over 6 days to get 229,950 Kuva. And just for comparison, let's take a no lifer like me, who doesn't have children, a wife/girlfriend, or any other responsibilities except a job, and can play 8 hours a day. At 8 hours a day, I would need to farm just over 2 days. Doing nothing but Kuva Survival. Working on a single Riven. And that's just a basic example, I've not even used my Lenz Riven, which has 106 rolls, or my Opticor Riven which has 325 rolls. If we take my 325 Riven, that's 1,122,450 Kuva, which is 93.5 hours, or 11.6 days no life'ing, or 31.1 days at 3 hours a day, just to get a Riven with A SINGLE DECENT STAT. And that's assuming you get 200 Kuva a minute, which we all know isn't the pay rate. Pay rate is closer to 90 seconds to 120 seconds due to how slow the life towers spawn, running between them, getting a canister to put in it, the load times in and out of missions, and such. [DE]Conner just told someone who spent a month of a single Riven "Your time isn't important to me". He just told someone "I don't value the effort you put into our game". So yeah, sitting in a chair for 3 hours a day, risking blood clots forming in your legs, might not sound like work to you, but it takes mental power to not lose focus, or to go insane from the monotony, when the only thing you're doing for hours on end is killing a bunch of low level trash mobs that can't kill you unless you lose focus. Finally, if we just assume we buy the Riven out right... If we assume prices are fair and don't peak 2,000 Plat for a Godly Riven, a minimum wage of 7.25 USD, and an average 8 hours per day, that one Riven would cost me a third of my pay check. That's a full 2 days spent flipping burgers, or ringing up the belligerent customer, or stocking shelves, or whatever. This is a problem with the Market, not DE, but there are ways to protect the players from these scalpers, like locking down these current Rivens and releasing new ones, or offering more ways to farm Rivens over than a once daily mission with low odds, or allowing us control over what we roll on our Rivens.
  5. How about those of us who farm Sortie day after day to get Veiled Rivens, then pray that those Rivens unveil to a decent weapon, and then farm Kuva Survival for hours per day to get enough Kuva to roll decent stats, like +Critical Chance, +Damage, +Multishot, or such? How about those of us who don't spend platinum on Rivens, but time? No one wants to use the Kraken, or Viper, or such, because those weapons are simply trash weapons when we have weapons that don't need Rivens and do better than those weapons with Rivens. I don't need my Opticor Riven for my Opticor Vandal to be superior to the Ignis Wraith WITH an Ignis Riven. So instead of trying to act like we all buy our Rivens, why not look at it from the perspective of a player like me, who farms for these Rivens? Because honestly, the players who are hurt most by these nerfs are us. Instead of playing Smash Ultimate, Elder Scrolls Online, or even some Warhammer, I chose to sit in front of my computer, and farm Kuva for 3 hours a day at minimum in order to gather enough Kuva to roll a piece of digital code three or four times. When I go on the EU server, there's a friendly little reminder that pops up after an hour of play time asking us to take a break every now and then, yet this game requires you to grind and grind and grind, so you CAN'T take a break if you want to get anywhere.
  6. For me, it's not about when, but why. Why did some weapons get nerfed, and others buffed? The only reason people even started using the Glaxion was because of the Vandal version. Now with it being nerfed, people may toss it aside again. Why was Tetra nerfed? I've not seen a single person in random use a Tetra to date. Why was Soma buffed? It's a well loved weapon and does really good damage. If we're going to get these continuous changes, we should also have reasons behind those changes. When other companies, like Riot, or even the scum of the Earth Epic, change stuff around, they at least give a reason as to why those things were nerfed or buffed. The reasons might not be good, but at least we got exact reasons. With Rivens, we're told about some "power scale" in the office, but we don't know what that scale consists of. Is one of the criteria "How likely the weapon is to one shot a lv 60 Butcher"? Or "How likely the weapon is to be colored pink"? Or even "How likely is Scott going to butcher the name during the next livestream"? What are the reasons. DE doesn't even need to go through the exact reasons with each weapon, a simple "Here's how we gauge the power of each weapon. We feel like X weapon was dealing with enemies too quickly, so we nerfed the disposition" would suffice. I also agree that if DE is going to constantly ruin our hard work, we should have more control over how the Kuva is spent. I own several Rivens that are at 70+ rolls, with a 106 roll Lenz, and a 300+ Opticor. We shouldn't have to spend hours and hours and hours farming the same boring ass mission for Kuva just to roll stats that aren't +Zoom, +Reload, +Grineer Damage, and other useless stats, or rolling stats like +Critical Chance on a weapon like the Nukor, which doesn't have a decent Critical Chance. I'd gladly spend 10k Kuva on a single roll if it meant I could guarantee a single positive roll. At the very least, we should be refunded an amount of Kuva during each of these cycles. We get our Forma refunded when Warframes and Weapons receive changes, why not Kuva as well?
  7. Hawk197

    Update Failures

    Had update failure since 25.1.2. Tried verifying my cache as suggested a few times. Process is stuck at 99% since Friday.
  8. I want Wisp as much as the next person, but to play... Uh... god's advocate? angel's advocate? Whatever, just to counter your point, hype is built up over time. Like with ESO, Elsweyr and Necromancer are being hyped up and this expansion isn't even released yet. Super Smash Ultimate built hype up for Joker months before he was released. Hype isn't something that just happens. Fighters hype themselves up the locker room, not the moment they're about to throw down. Yes, it should be released if it's ready, but only if there is a team ready to fix any bugs and glitches that slipped through the cracks. What good is releasing product when you can't monitor how it's been receipted? It will come when it comes. For now, follow your mates over to ESO for some raids or CP grinding. Heck, I've been doing some ESO myself, getting prepared for Necromancer, leveling up spirits on Smash Ultimate, going through rounds of Enter the Gungeon, and even revisiting Airmech (The game that actually introduced me to Warframe during the 2014 MMOBOMB Ultimate F2P Showdown). DE has said Warframe is a game you quit and come back to. Like many here, I take umbrage with that because Warframe shouldn't be a game I log into once or twice a month or once every few months, or a game that lacks content compared to other games, but I see why DE wants this game to be like that. It's a passion project. It was the little darling that could. And when you burn away the hours, you burn away that passion as well. And I'd rather DE keep that passion burning bright. I'd like it if DE would do major releases like Fortuna or Gas City Rework once every 1 to 2 months of course, but they might not have the man power to do so.
  9. Maybe I'm thinking of another mod, I don't know. There's some mod that increases resistance to cold effects on shields. Either way the comparison I'm making is this, why band-aid for something minor, when a better band-aid exists? In that regard, Warm Coat, or whatever the mod is called, was phased out because reducing the effects on shields isn't as good as ignoring the effects on shield. Maybe that's not exactly how these two function, I've only ever bothered with Nullify against Orb Mother and Eidolons, but I can't recall any mods that have a similar effect to Nullify, so had to use the next closest thing. Also, if Staticor isn't a grenade style projectile, why can Fulmination be equipped on it? Fulmination literally says "blast radius", something most people wouldn't use to describe air pressure. And Staticor fulfills the same function in missions, to clear packs of enemies with as little ammo spent as possible. Even if we took this weapon out of the discussion, there's still Scourge, Corinth, Atomos, Amprex, Ignis, Quanta, Torid, Astilla, and maybe a few more weapons I'm forgetting that either describe their shots as "exploding" or is designed to shoot it's projectile in various directions (Like a tesla coil that shoots lightning bolts all around the barrel, or a flamethrower that should be burning you alive as soon as something or someone steps in front of you), as well as powers like Ember's World on Fire, Gara's Splinter Storm, Hildryn's Balrefire, and other powers that leave patches behind, explode when used, or surrounds the player/enemy. DE can't make up their minds about self damage. Maybe Triburos can explain it better than I can, he's already gone in depth a around a year ago on the topic of self damage with the Corinth. But whatever, I'm firmly on the side that self damage should be removed, or at the minimum have them have an innate Cautious Shot. Because as it stands, a Rivenless Opticor Vandal deals 10k less sustained compared to the Tonkor, but I got more range, and no self damage. The advantages of Opticor Vandal far outweights those of Tonkor. And Lenz. Because unless Lenz, I have more than 5 shots, and unlike Tonkor, I have more range. Even if my damage is slightly less, I can deal more damage over a longer period of time, at further ranges. Even if I'm expending 2 to 3 more shots to kill the lv 150 heavy with my Vandal, I'll still have more ammo to use on the next heavy, where you'd have to reload, wait for the explosion, and possibly run around looking for ammo packs or use a restore. Don't forget that this game is movement based. You'll get charged by a Butcher or Charger, you'll be ducking for cover to avoid getting shredded by a Heavy, doors will lag because of a crumby connection. All things that will lead you to death by self damage. Launcher weapons are meant to be used when you can line a shot up, my Soma Prime is designed so I can walk in front of you and kill the enemy quicker than Lenz can be drawn, shot, and explode.
  10. And the fact that almost no one uses explosive weapons or Thunderbolt shows us self damage is a bad thing. If we're going to have self damage on explosive weapons, we should also have self damage on Ignis, Amprex, Atomos, Sonicor, Staticor, Scourge, Corinth, Ember's World on Fire, Rhino's Stomp, and other weapons, mods, and powers that have a explosive radius or innate heat damage. Removing self damage doesn't bring these weapons to god tier, they bring them up to the levels of other used weapons. Instead of just using Opticor for high damage, I may decide to take Penta or Zarr for a spin. Instead of Rubico to kill a boss, I may take Penta or Kulstar. The last time I've used an explosive weapons seriously was when I was Defy~I mean Wukong. Cautious Shot is trash, and it doesn't make me want to use explosive weapons, since I have to waste a mod slot. Band-Aid mods aren't useful. People don't use Warm Coat, they use Arcane Warmth. If someone needs sprint speed, they don't turn to Rush, they turn to Armored Agility and/or Amalgam Serration. And if I want to use explosive weapons, I don't use Tonkor, I use Staticor. It really seems like DE doesn't like the idea of Band-Aids and self damage either, as they have been slowly phasing them out. Tonkor was 16.4 and Staticor was 18.4. Warm Coat was 8, Arcane Enhancements were 16. Handspring was 7, Atlas was 17, and Valkyr got her passive around 17 as well. We use to have Stamina Bars for Melee and Sprinting, now we don't. Things change, and it's time for self damage to change as well.
  11. The two factor security is rather concerning. I, like many on here, don't have a personal cellphone, or a smartphone. Just from the surface, it appears to be the same two factor we have already, just DE is tying it into trading, but I could be wrong. If this is to combat illegal activities like RMT's, then not much will come of it. A RMT can easily create new accounts over and over again as needed, and hide their IPs with each account. This seems more like a punishment for honest players more so than a deterrent or punishment for the bad ones. I hope DE either reconsiders how two factor is done, or changes how the Market works entirely (Because seriously, we need an auction house with a wait to receive function, not a risky player to player trade where the buyer might have fraudulent plat). Anyways, can we get a price on the new weapons, cosmetics, and Wisp, and any bundles? Also, will Wisp have a Universal Aura slot pre-installed, or will we need to use an Aura Forma on her? Just asking some questions to know how much plat I'll need for everything.
  12. Buggy either way? Yes. But it would be better to have the team available when something DOES go wrong, than to wait 3 to 4 days while parts of the game are potentially unplayable. No good in having Wisp now if you can't play her without the game crashing after every mission, right? It does suck it did get DElayed, but I understand. And honestly, I'm not too mad about it. Gives me more time for the daily tributes to grace me with a 40% or higher discount. And I can continue hunting the shiny Celebi in Pokemon Crystal, or learn new tricks for Joker in Smash Ultimate. Having different games to play is a great thing to have.
  13. To those who are saying "Just use a different weapon", keep in mind that there's more to it than the weapon. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOkAuxWIJVsFSmHPkY2Zkq-q1iZ3bWGE69I_JFE Here's my Opticor riven that has 300 rolls, or 1 million Kuva, invested in it. If Opticor got nerfed, I would've wasted 1 million Kuva, weeks and weeks of farming said Kuva, and the time spent putting 7 Forma on my Opticor Vandal, should the Opticor receive a nerf. Could I use a different weapon? Sure. I'm MR 26, I have tons of weapons to choose from. But not all weapons are created equal. Some weapons like Convectrix or Javlok are too weak and won't take me through someone as easy as a Sortie. Other weapons like Latron or Karak are just boring to shoot. It's that simple. Like I originally said, I'm happy when balances are issued, but only when they make sense and don't affect the time and energy put into the game. That's why I like buffs instead of nerfs. When you nerf stuff, you literally make the time and energy put into that thing wasted. When you buff stuff, you make that thing look more appealing. When the Amprex was buffed, I literally picked up my Amprex again and started using it. No nerf could ever do that. If a weapon I like get's a nerf, I'm not looking at my 10th side girl and thinking "Yeah, you'll do". And I still want some answers as to why some of these things got nerfed, and some got buffed. Doesn't make any sense to nerf the Angsturm.
  14. I'm normally happy that balance is being made... But WTF? Lato was nerfed... Why? And Sicarus? Twin Gremlins? Angstrum? Give us a reason please. Vague answers like "It was an internal ranking" doesn't mean anything. Did you guys rank based on base stats? How the weapon functioned? How easy it was to Fashion Frame it? Come on, you got feedback from us, give us feedback in return. And some of these buffs don't matter much either. You could give the Tonkor a perfect 5 Disposition and it still wouldn't be a fan favorite again. I know you said "Only 1 pip at a time" and all, but some of these buffs don't matter. So again, feedback please. Why were these buffs given? Will there be more buffs for the weapon? When you go messing with the Economy, you need to give answers as to the why. When you change a 5,000 platinum Riven to 3,000 platinum, you need to say why you nerfed. The Canadian Government wouldn't out of the blue say "The Canadian Dollar is now worth American Pennies", would they? So give us reasons please.
  15. Since we're all on Melee 2.9 right now, how about a change to how Ammo Mutation mods work? Back in Melee 2.0, you could do quick melee to keep your weapon pulled out, and still get ammo for whatever gun ran dry. Now if you run out, you have to either: Stop, pick up some ammo, reload, and if you didn't get a full magazine, kill for more ammo packs. Be mindful of exactly how much ammo you gave, how much ammo Ammo Mutation restores and how much is restored with each ammo type, and calculate how many ammo packs it will take to keep you going. I know Carrier exists, but that doesn't help players who like to use Kavats, Kubrows, MOAs, or other types of Sentinels like Helios, or Wyrm. Can Ammo Mutations just restore ammo to your gun, no matter what weapon you're holding? That's really my only major gripe with Melee 2.9 right now. Well, that and aiming and blocking being the same button, but I'm content to just spamming E right now.
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