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  1. This is a horrible bug that existed for like almost 4 years/more and still not fixed yet, until today I have to really post it again since it annoys me horribly whenever this bug reappears. Steps to reproduce: Whenever u roll using shift and u manage to pick up a key/power either during excavation/disruption mission, you have a chance to trigger this bug. Steps to fix: Killing self, but doesn't work well for a tank warframe. Problem: You can't do anything until u die, only walk around. Suggestions: Give us a command that reset all our shoo
  2. Every time I started walking, it always seems like the animation is stuttering until I pressed shift then it turns back to normal. Same applies to operator but instead of animation stuttering its the movement. It only happens at the beginning of walk. EDIT: Holding tab in mission cause massive lag for some reason too.
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