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  1. Went to my arsenal and found this Didn't know I'd see a Star Wars order 99 refrence XD
  2. The problem is that this spot should not be gray. It's in navigation of dojo. The primary color should change it, but doesnt. If DE is interested please comment because if you are I will take photos of each location and names of the rooms and post it here. If not then I really dont see the reason to do it. I also found other coloring problems too.
  3. Can you guys make it so that I can save the shawzin songs that I play on my shawin. Like it gets saved in my account so that i dont have to go to youtube to recopy them. Kinda like a playlist. kind regards sevdat
  4. So for the past year I didn't know you could switch to European servers and I was in Russian servers. It's really depressing there like not gonna lie. The moment I saw the option to switch I did and typed some sht to trade chat and started keking so hard. 5 min into the European servers and I already made a friend. Feels like I'm home again. I attached the photos. Enjoy! The first thing I did the moment I joined to European servers: And then right after someone texted me: and now we are friends XDD Fking Warframe man XD I love this game!
  5. so does the post die when it goes to page 2? Maybe should have made the title more interesting. Well I did what I came here to do. Im going to my 420 chill room. Im exited to see what will be on tennocon. Good luck DE
  6. Good morning, My name is Sevdat Tufanogullari. I was born on July 5 1999. I have been playing warframe since 2014. I love the game and that's why I never paid for it because I didn't need anything until 2021 when I wanted to support the reality which you all created. I even wrote a ticket about it. I already have everything in the game. What I want to say is that I paid because I wanted to support the game that made my childhood less depressing by letting me escape the cruel reality which I had to live in. I lived in warframe everyday and still do. My life back then was simple. I went to
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