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  1. And then watch as anyone who knows anything about Linux laughs at you for paying for it.
  2. So, for years now, I've not had much issue with Warframe updates. Then, Deimos Arcana hit. Now, with each Update or Hotfix, I flip a coin (figuratively). If it's heads, I have to add/remove Admin permissions to both the launcher and updater in order to update. It it's tails, whatever setting it happens to be on is fine. I don't know why it only sometimes requires a change, and I don't know why actively removing admin permissions is sometimes required. Warframe isn't installed on my OS drive, so I can only guess that sometimes you have to update something in AppData? Can I get some
  3. Disagree, partially because "nobody" is a lot of people when you think about. Mostly, though, because there exists a catharsis (at least for me) in hopping on with some mates, just wrecking shop for a few hours, and maybe even getting a few good drops. Only the whiny ones, I'm over here derping around and having fun. To be fair, though, one thing I do love about Warfframe is the lack of "true endgame", because it's a thing I hated about MMORPGs I've played. I'd play what I thought was the meat of the game, only to be told that "you need X gear set to do any further content, and it
  4. Overall: Solid Sound Design: Excellent. As usual. Story: Solid. As usual. Missions: Good. Complaint, Minor: Was not permitted to adjust loadout before Spy segment. Forced to abort and restart with a different companion to prevent... issues. Cinematics: Excellent. As usual. End of report.
  5. Yes, especially with Phoenix Renewal or one of his other augments Depends. If you have one small ring and one large ring most enemies will never reach your Defense target, and if they do you can cast Splinter Storm on the objective, too. I'd run Frost for the aerial coverage to complement Gara (but Frost is also one of my top 5 fav frames)
  6. Good news, there aren't any. Once you get your mods squared away you can run literally anything for most of the game. Probably beyond 60 if your build is good. Gara and Frost both excel in Defense. Gara hard stops enemies from reaching the target, but Frost offers 360 degree bubbles to protect from incoming fire. I can't recommend Oberon for multi-role now that they've bumped him out into Railjack, but he's great for it. Sayrn and Mesa are meta dps, I may not be the "best" at this, but I have run 60+ with: Wukong, Atlas, Valkyr, Frost, Inaros, Mesa, Sayrn, Limbo, Loki, Ob
  7. Closest thing I'm aware of was a clanmate of mine who manned the guns or did engineer stuff while I flew. Iirc he was confirmed beforehand to have issues with motion sickness. I'm not the best person to ask about motion sickness. I can't be inside a real boat, but with RJ and flight sims I make everyone else nauseous. >.>
  8. Yes, I read your post in its entirety. I do realise that's unusual for the forums. I'll be honest, I tried doing the "pop ship, kill in freefall" just because it sounded like a challenge, and was kinda fun. No, I didn't use a cheese frame, just LatronP and no bounty active. Given how nuts some of the challenges are, I usually err on the side of "more absurd" if I'm unsure.
  9. I believe that challenge requires you to destroy the Dargyn (leaving the pilot alive) and getting the Pilot before they hit the ground. Bramma is not good for this due to flight time, though you might be able to get them with the cluster bomb. I recommend using a sniper or some other semi-auto with good accuracy.
  10. From my perspective, the reason melee is so good is scaling damage. No amount of Punch Through, Skipping Arrows or anything is gonna bring ranged into the same playing field, imo. Since Blood Rush, Body Count, and Condition Overload were released, the damage ceiling on melee is bonkers. By comparison, the best examples ranged has either: don't stack (I think? Dunno if Argon Scope stacks), has a hard limit (Latron Augment), punishes you for missing (Snipers, Latron Augment), requires something specific (headshots), or some penalty (Split Flights, which also has a limit). So, without n
  11. It's different for each: Twirling Spire's is the forward The other two use the same moveset/animations but for one it's the neutral and the other it's the forward. The first horizontal slash, as I said. That's just it, it's not going into a different combo, the combo is just stopping. It wouldn't bug me if I ran into it in any other weaponset, but I don't (or don't remember, at least)
  12. So the horizontal slash in Lethal Gust (Bleeding Willow), Slashing Wind (Shimmering Blight), and the first slash in Spiraling Pinnacle (Twirling Spire) have something I cannot describe sufficiently and really want to figure out. What it feels like is that there's a forced pause or some timing window I miss (running all at 1.55 speed, since it feels the most fluid). I can have several successive combos and then just seemingly out of nowhere I'm mysteriously off cadence. I'll just be doing that opening slash instead of rest of the combo, and it's really starting to get to me since I love Po
  13. I'm not sure what this is the bonus for, mostly because I don't run POE that often. Is this the "just kill things" objective? I've personally not run into an issue with that, since any enemies seemed to count, and I usually try and engage enemies at really long range. No, not running Mesa or anything like that. I can pull it off with Oberon and (depending on level range) TiberonP, Argonak, Kuva Karak, and Opticor. I will say that the spawn rate is frequently abysmal. The only reason Opticor can do it is by blowing up the dropships. (Sorry if I guessed wrong)
  14. Speaking form experience, that's messier than "is it fair use". I conceded on an actual WB-owned song that played from a jukebox in Bioshock (it's always jukeboxes). But it's ridiculous to get hit with content ID over ambient music in the middle of a Human Revolution LP, where it's being talked over. Nobody's going to an LP for that.
  15. LImbo Prime, Pyrana Prime, and Destreza Prime are still vaulted, for the time being.
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