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  1. While it turns off some other things, Streamer mode should do what you need, but I don't know of just one button for what you're looking for.
  2. Not as drops, to my knowledge. Only the fixed rank rewards like the Harpak and Vulkar mods.
  3. I know, though it would be nice if mission reward (like from Survivals) counted towards the Rare Mods. It's a small tedium that's fine unless I have to specifically run it. Then it becomes a very small annoyance. Ayatans you can even stockpile 1 every week, if you aren't trying to just find them kicking around in missions.
  4. I was originally going to post this after Series 1 but forgot. I will have my feedback on that (that hasn't been addressed, or is still relevant) in addition to the overall feel of Nightwave, and Series 2 specific stuff. For reference, I play mostly solo, occasionally I'll pub it with Oberon or group with some clanmates (when they are actually on)... and I guess I'm technically a "Vet" if that matters. Also a lot of my criticisms come from the inability to opt out at any point in a series, I will explain where relevant. Overall: Series 1: The Wolf: Fugitives: Series 2: Zealoid Prelate: Special Derelicts: Zealots: That's it, my complete thoughts on Nightwave to date. Count me as "neutral" on anything I didn't expressly mention. I hope this is readable enough.
  5. I mean, my RhinoP is at 1200 Shields, which is more than enough with the combo I mentioned. And yes, I know it's % based, though I didn't know it drained health if there were no shields to begin with. Zephyr might be another alternative.
  6. Last time I bothered running a Star Chart Hijack it worked fine, though this was a while back. Does it not drain shields to power the thingamjig anymore? If it's energy instead of shields, literally any Rage/Adrenaline build will work. The whole reason Rhino + Redirection worked worked was a simple Guardian on the sentinel to refresh shields, and Iron Skin to do well... Iron Skin. EDIT: according to wiki, still shields "The objective will siphon power from a player's Shields in order to move, stopping when no shields are available, either when the players' shields are fully drained or when no players are close enough to the objective to siphon power. "
  7. As a primarily Solo player, I agree and disagree with you. 1) Eventually you will be able to pick frames that can cheese these no problem. Rhino with Redirection makes HIjack hilariously easy. Nekros (and Excalibul iirc) can cheese Interceptions. It generally kit that makes a difference. 2) I did the same thing to skip Spy missions, so some kind of alternate would be cool for most nodes. Back before the Star Chart got ultra-reduced, I would plan paths based on how many Interceptions and Spys I could avoid. 3) While I know we're not alone in this, there exist people who don't mind exploration. We're just a minority. Personally I just kinda plod towards objectives, neither going particularly slow or fast, just whatever the frame's non-sprint speed is. 4) Occasionally Solo player do get mentioned, but generally the game is catered towards the majority (or perceived majority) that is multiplayer co-op. It's how the game is shilled.
  8. 1) Will auto-block be removed when melee 3.0 hits? As it is, you can be prevented from melee-ing by auto-block, and the old "block button" combos almost don't work, because it now switches to your ranged weapon for aiming. 2) Are quests for new frames dead? Saint of Altra sounded like a fun quest to go on, but it doesn't seem to actually exist. It's just Leverian and some item descriptions.
  9. Seeing as I haven't quite yet gotten the solo cap down yet, It would be nice to get something more than "Oh, you can use this to rank up... and build Amps, maybe?" for my trouble.
  10. Gas is... complicated. I dunno how used it is, but the wiki shows why I use it for direct damage procs. Also, all of this. Just all of it. The precedent set by Season 1, that is continuing is not great. They "de-tankified" Wolf, what 3 times and he's still spongy as heck? The fire procs from the Fugitives and the Zealot damage are not fun. At best, they're irritating, at worse... well, what happened to your friend. Hope your friend is having fun elsewhere.
  11. Which still leaves my original point. If they scale to level range, they're punching much higher than that. If with 95% damage reduction they can delete over half of my MesaP's 1150-ish health in one burst, at lvl12-17, when the only enemies coming close to that are Bombards (and even they aren't hitting that hard). And this is compounded by the fact they just show up. If you are aiming when they spawn you can just miss them coming in. And with the OP specifically addressing newer players, while I can (with most of my frames) still recover and either stun, nuke, or heal (or some combination of), a newer player may just be nuked seemingly out of the blue. And you can't really avoid them and still play the game. They show up in literally any node, bosses and syndicates included. The only way to avoid them is to not play.
  12. Then why doesn't it bypass Frost's shields? It isn't Gas, that's for sure, because it leaves Toxin procs (at least I'm fairly sure it does). Or am I completely misremembering?
  13. Yes, but is their Torid a normal one? If so, then why does it deal damage like a normal weapon? Why when I run Frost does it hit my shields instead of ignoring like Toxin damage would?
  14. They do? I must say, while I was still wrapping up, the level may have matched, but they were punching above their weight, so to speak. Sudden burst from their Torid and I was suddenly about half dead... in a level 17 mission... with an Umbra kit MesaP... through Shatter Shield. And I do agree, Zealots are, shall we say a pain in the
  15. Stopped at 30, mostly because the things I could theoretically cash Emissary creds in for, I don't need yet/anymore. Alt helmets for frames I can't be bothered chasing down, skins I don't want, still more potatoes. And since Nightwave is basically inescapable once you log in, I've been checking the forums (which is unusual for me) and passing the time with other games. Just waiting for Episode 5 to air for the lore tidbit.
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