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  1. Don't we already have this? You down the Larvling and just don't press activate near it until you get a chance to check the floating box. If you don't like it, move on/abort/whatever. Just be careful to not "activate" near them
  2. Umbra mods trivialize it. It is rough normally, but I'm pretty sure I've facetanked it with Oberon or Inaros. Earlier today I facetanked with Umbra and it was laughable, it wasn't even active for 2s.
  3. For Hek, the Syndicate mod Scattered Justice from Steel Meridian. My build includes Hell's Chamber (no idea where to farm) and three Nightmare Mode Mods: Seeking Fury, Chilling Reload, and Blaze. Blaze is really nice because it boosts base damage.
  4. When I realised what it was, control points, I can't stop comparing it to games that did it better, like the old Battleflied games and the first two Star Wars Battlefront games. I get very annoyed at the fact enemies can just bypass the contested phase of capturing if there's a tanky enemy that pulls your fire for a few seconds while they push some buttons.Unless that got patched out, I have no idea. So I end up cheesing it with Nekros and Amprex. It's such a small thing, but it annoys me that much, because we're outnumbered by design. Agree on your other points 100%.
  5. Nope. Maybe it's what you enjoy, but that's an opinion. Why? Because you have to clear literally every node in the starchart (the "main content", if you will, the bulk of the game) to access it in the first place. That is not "main content", that is closer to "endgame content", even if most of your circle (or just you pubbing it, w/e floats your boat) run it exclusively for rewards/challenge/etc. The fact that you didn't bother to even check for the edit makes me sad. Defection does still exist as Dark Sectors, a whole two of em. But you ran those at least once, because you had to in order to unlock your "main content". I sure don't. Disruption is cool, yea. Interception I routinely call "interNOPEtion" because I just don't enjoy it. Kuva missions I only run for Requiems, and I avoid Flood missions (or rather, I did, might check em out with new scaling tweaks). Survival is kinda fun, depends on if the spawns behave.
  6. Encountered once earlier today and somehow it resolved itself, just encountered again and it did not. EDIT: Even though I got 0 Kuva, I got a Requiem Relic. I'm guessing that's a tied to objective completion.
  7. Huh? This was a thing? Body Count + Blood Rush + Berserker + Primed Heavy Trauma, and rip pretty much anything. It was my go-to heavy until GalatineP came out, and I'd still rather use War than GramP. If this really was a thing, I'll just cite my Claymore bias and see myself out.
  8. Yes Also, Yes. hunting the Lich gives you murmurs To my knowledge, once you guess a murmur correctly, it stays unlocked.
  9. I don't know if I hate these guys or not, but here's my 2 conflicted cents: The shield is bonkers, but they frequently leave their legs exposed so I guess that balances out. Sorta. The knockdown is annoying, but with the "timed recovery" that can make Handspring useless it's bearable on its own. That being said, when you add the Grineer Heavies to the mix, you spend a ton of time bouncing back up and not actually removing anything from the equation. Getting stuck in a loop of Bombard-ESL-Ground slam-Powerfist-Basic Shield Lancer was not uncommon in the MobDef I first encountered them. Then again, at that level, they weren't dealing a threatening level of damage so it was more annoying than "oh god, I'm gonna die before I can get up" They also didn't appear to spawn in at weirdly high ratios, there were more Napalms, Bombards, or other Heavies than Elite Shield Lancers. If they stay at their current (apparent) spawn rate, I don't mind them so far, but I will never be okay with a hard counter to the counter for their normal version. If my gun can rip a hole clean through a solid metal door (or two), why the stars not his shield?
  10. To my knowledge, you will hit a hard cap at 12x (bonus 11 from mods like Blood Rush), with all melee weapons, because it stops counting hits at 220. I don't see any reason you don't get the full amount (with the way the math works for Crit mods, anyways).
  11. I've not run into it and I already hate it. Also, they have bloody Tonkors now?!
  12. Don't worry, I'm on Lich 0, still. Hope something in here helps you, too.
  13. Dunno what you're on about, I sold 220ish plat of stuff in about an hour. Time between trades varies wildly, but I assure you people check.
  14. it can what?! Hope it doesn't need to be rank 40 for that, I stopped when i ran out of reasons beyond Rank 40, I don't need 30 extra capacity on it.
  15. Of those, I'd go Orthos Prime, comparable speed, better Crit and Status. Means you can build it either for Blood Rush or Condition Overload. My preference order is always Speed > CC > CM > Raw Dmg. I always felt Condition Overload was too much work, so I never bothered with it.
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