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  1. https://semlar.com/deathlog This will tell you something about what killed you. It might not make a lot of sense, but it should tell you what killed you.
  2. SP is not a good metric, my "best"(?) melee can't do that either. Sorties or SImulacrum is your best test bet if you're concerned about damage output, Rank 5 is in the 100s, which is still much less tanky than SP. As for actual hunting, here's my tips: 1) make sure you have one weapon built specifically for the Lich's weakness and one as a "general anti-Grineer" weapon 2) avoid melee vs the Lich, it will just grapple and oneshot you 3) save Exterminate nodes for fighting the Lich, and do some of your least favourite nodes while the rage meter is low 4) if you want, you can ignore the Lich for a bit when they drop in and get bonus Murmurs off the Thralls they'll make while "fighting" you. otherwise, nuke and stab 5) when the Lich takes over a Corpus rescue the Wardens remain Corpus and will trigger as soon as any Grineer pops in, same with cameras Last note, if you clear your Lich off a planet, it ranks up. So if you have one node left, go ahead and stab to test your sequence, it will only level up once.
  3. To borrow a friend's wording: Ghoulsaw is "aggressively fine". Details below, includes Butcher's Revelry stance feedback. Stance Animations: I like that they feel appropriately hefty, but the post-swing recovery time could be trimmed back for better flow. It feels perfect what what you're doing: swinging an oversized table saw around, and it's not designed for that, so the balance would be all weird and wrong. Primed Fury solves it being fairly slow, so I don't mind the base speed all that much. Stance Moveset: I love the Guard+Forward, it's just so satisfying to ride a saw into your enemies, the Neutral combo is fine (the previously mentioned recovery time kinda works against it, but it's overall fine), and the Neutral Guard is incredibly fun/satisfying. That said, the Forward combo is very lackluster, I'm fine with the first move being "rev the engine and walk forward", but not the entirety of the combo being that on repeat. I think adding some animations to replace the other 3 movements in the Forward combo would bring it up to the other combos. Weapon Design: No strong opinions here, it's a saw big enough to ride that looks Grineer. Which is exactly what it is. That said, the Accent colour doesn't seem to do anything, I hovered over all manner of bright colours and didn't see a difference. Weapon Stats: While I've not settled on how I'm modding this, the good status, high Slash are nice. Crit... exists on this thing, but it's nothing to write home about. Again, it seems fine. So again, Ghoulsaw is "fine", it's not great, it's not terrible, it's "fine". At least from where I'm standing.
  4. If memory serves, when they were hot off the presses, you could get a Lich by simply killing the Larvling, no Parazon required. I could be wrong. With how things go now, it's not a huge deal to dispatch a Lich. You do you, but I'd dispatch and sell the weapon for creds and get back to what I enjoy about the game. The new iteration is 100% opt-in, so you can just ignore the Larvlings and Corpus Candidates once you do this one.
  5. I've not checked the log when they shoot your rocket. Even still, no explosion, and usually there's an explosion. Usually. Also, I still don't know if their ability to shoot your rocket is a bug or not, iirc we can do the same to them. Never tried it, though. Never dropped into Operator, and I don't have that unlocked.
  6. I was running PStar solo, with an OberonP that can facetank the Hemocyte (among other things, could probably run SP, but I prefer Atlas there). My shields drop, I think "okay, I'm fine here, under level 40 and I'm not standing on the boil itself." Then out of seemingly nowhere (no bullets, explosions, nothing), a shock eximus aura goes off (still not a big deal yet, but self explanatory at least), then a fire proc (source truly unknown, fire Eximus don't proc fire on you, nothing exploded, I just combusted), and then I dropped from almost full health. Confused, I went over the Semlar's parser to see what it was, at least. Not that any info would likely help, procs just happened. I am now more confused: 1) My Kuva Ogris is pure fire, so even if I got rad procced, it's the wrong element 2) I wasn't rad procced, the only procs on me were fire and shock 3) I've not seen a shock proc like that on SP Anyone got a clue what went off?
  7. Trading the weapon itself or the Lich? I've not tried trading a Lich, but to my knowledge you can't trade a Kuva variant by itself.
  8. 120% agree. I've heard tell it'd be OP, but in comparison to what? You mean to tell me that Kuva Hek with Scattered Justice will outpace cramming a fully built Exergis or Tigris Prime down someone's throat? Also, let's not forget that non-syndicate "augments" (Dera's status mod, Tonkor's "on direct hit", etc) still work for their variants, leaving out Hek just feels odd. And if the measure of "OP" is vs all guns, Bramma would like a word about it, it's got old school CS:S AWP syndrome (and, spoiler alert, it's just as easy to work around, if not easier).
  9. I'd vote for some tactical gear. A better rebreather than Baro's would be nice, esp if it pairs well with either the Eye Guard or Jotunheim Oculus. I'm already running what has been described as "post apoc combat armor" (Zauba Pauldrons, Smelter Armor, no Tassles, Haztech Greaves, Jotunheim Oculus, and Ki'Teer Atmos).
  10. You've got me very curious, after the Nightwave reset, I'll see how it looks on my end with Mara Detron. I'll edit this post with results. EDIT: Results: Mara Detron performed exactly as OP describes. For some reason the yellow energy that is Mara Detron's default energy colour prevents the usual array of colours for status effects. Blast, Radiation, and Corrosive all got painted yellow. When I ran my recoloured one, the energy matched the proc colours. Meanwhile, Battacor, with default energy colours gave the licks of orange for Fire and rings of blue for Magnetic (couldn't verify Radiation, even on one stack the beam was too strong for the level I ran). So, for some reason there are weapons whose default energy colour doesn't use the default status colours. Imo, this needs to be straight corrected, default means default.
  11. I wonder if this is related to an issue I noticed with Supra Vandal (and one other I don't remember atm). No matter what Energy colour I set (yes, forma'd and both colours changed on both Emissive and Energy). there's a glow that's cast on the floor and walls that is always blue, but only for me. I have never noticed this, my Mara Detron is outfitted with purple, and iirc, it works with what I give it. I don't know about default energy colours, though. You could "force" the coours you want via the customization, but you'd be limited to one dual-element if the colour is that important (not saying it's not important, I insist on mucking around with colours till I'm happy with it).
  12. No idea, but I'm always under 5.
  13. So exercise patience? I know it's kind of a tired "vet thing" to say, but WF is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm not saying I enjoy the 23h build time, I've just gotten accustomed to it, and it absolutely hasn't stopped people from building so many they want to to trade Forma BP for ducats because ducats would be more useful. There's a lot of stuff in WF, take your time. Maybe do a Forma a day doing something other than E/SO and work on something else. I'm also talking as someone who, despite what you might think at thousands of hours played, is overjoyed to have 5 whole forma at any given time because of how fast I burn through them. I'd be okay with this, though supposedly one of the puzzles on Lua spawns in a rare Orokin crate, with a good chance of getting Forma (BP? I forget, haven't tried). I'm constantly out of unvaulted, Forma BP containing relics.
  14. Disabling screen shake worked for me, though not for recoil/muzzle climb. Was one of the first things I turned off. I don't notice menu sway, but I know sometimes the camera loves spinning with certain things (Arsenal is most noticeable for me). To be fair, though, I don't have much issue with menu cameras going bonkers or muzzle climb shaking the camera.
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